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Socialized Medicine In England Steals Children From Their Families, Pumps Them Full Of Drugs And Forcibly Institutionalizes Them

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Jade has been held in lonely seclusion, forced to wear just a rubber gown and pumped full of powerful drugs. She has piled on weight and her state of mind is deteriorating, trapped amid the tumult and chaos of a secure psychiatric unit, say her family.

Here in America, in an attempt at European-style, government run socialized medicine, we have the disastrous Obamacare which was recently ruled to be in violation of the US Constitution. Socialized medicine is a terrible healthcare scheme which ultimately does much more harm than good. Why? Because when your government is picking up the tab for your healthcare, they also get to decide what happens to you. Meet Jade Hutchings. Her life was destroyed by socialized medicine.

Imagine you have a child who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, and feels socially awkward in school. I was a lot like that when I was a young teen, as I am sure many of you now reading this can relate as well. But now imagine, as you struggle to cope with these issues, that instead of getting real, compassionate medical care, you are whisked away ala One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, locked in a cell like a prisoner, and pumped full of drugs till your brain is fried. That’s what they do your children in jolly, old England. That’s what you get when the government pays for your healthcare and makes the decisions. Like the human batteries in The Matrix, socialized medicine demands warm bodies to generate the revenue.

Jade Hutchings has been locked away in a maximum security mental health hospital for 13 long years, the toxic drugs forced down her throat have rendered her little more than a vegetable. Jade Hutchings is not an ‘isolated example’ of someone falling through the cracks in the UK NHS system, this IS the system! There are hundreds and hundreds more just like her, enduring a living hell at the hands of their own government. This is current government policy in the UK, this is how socialized medicine really works, people. But as repugnant as this story may be, heed it well. For it is the future of any nation and any people who think that healthcare is a right, and that that right must be provided by their government.

Run, and don’t look back. For it is where the nightmares live.

Horrifying story of autistic woman locked up in secure unit for more than a decade ‘forced to wear a rubber gown and pumped full of drugs’

FROM DAILY MAIL UK: Jade Hutchings was a child who adored acting and animals, friends and family. But she suffered from anxiety and sometimes struggled to fit in socially, so her loving family rallied round with trips to the seaside, community events and outings to historic attractions.

After she hit adolescence, she became a target for bullying by a group of boys at her school in Birmingham.

The attacks sent the teenager spiralling into depression and made her feel suicidal, so her parents sought medical help. At 14 she ended up in a psychiatric hospital, where she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome – a form of autism often missed in young women that can leave them with severe emotional and social difficulties.

Her parents were told she would be away six months at most.

But 13 years later, Jade is still locked away – like the many others with autism and learning disabilities as reported by this newspaper.

‘It’s like a bereavement except our daughter is not dead,’ Linda, her distraught mother, told me.

Jade has been held in lonely seclusion, forced to wear just a rubber gown and pumped full of powerful drugs. She has piled on weight and her state of mind is deteriorating, trapped amid the tumult and chaos of a secure psychiatric unit, say her family.

She was allowed to leave one unit briefly when she travelled to Abu Dhabi and Paris on foreign holidays, which she calls her last time of freedom.

She has self-harmed while locked up but never attacked anyone else – yet is seen to be such a risk she has not been allowed outside beyond a tiny courtyard for four years. She was not permitted to visit her beloved grandfather as he lay dying from cancer, nor even allowed out for a short walk in the park with her family and their dog.

When her parents visit her at the psychiatric unit in Newark, Nottinghamshire, after travelling almost two hours to see and talk with their distressed daughter, they must sit crammed in a small room with two staff present.

Linda, 54, a support worker for people with acquired brain injuries, said: ‘When she went in at first we were desperate, but they have taken away her childhood. She went in as a teenager and now she is 27 years old. Where is the humanity in what they are doing to her? ‘It is so painful seeing her friends go to university and settle down with partners. One has a young daughter.

‘Jade has missed all these things, which she desperately wants and I am so scared for her future.’

Her story is a tragedy. Yet she is just one among hundreds of teenagers and young adults with autism and learning disabilities torn from their families and forced into secure mental health units that make massive profits for their distant owners.

The Mail on Sunday has revealed that, despite repeated Government pledges to reduce the numbers of such people in secure units, private firms are opening up new centres and fast expanding their share of a lucrative health sector.

Jade’s current home is Farndon, a secure unit owned by Elysium with beds for up to 48 women.

Latest accounts show that last year Elysium Healthcare (Farndon) earned revenues from the NHS of £7 million, giving them operating profits of £1.6 million. READ MORE

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest:

Want a graphic picture of what Elysium Healthcare and the England NHS did to the brain of Jade Hutchings? This ought to do it for you. This is socialized medicine. 

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