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The Swedish Government Is Warning Citizens: Be Prepared for at Least a Week Without Help

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Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

The Swedish government is warning its citizens to be prepared to survive on their own for at least a week,  which is unusual advice for Sweden to dispense. Is there trouble on the horizon?

Shortly before Christmas, the Swedish government quietly published a paper called “Resilience.” Initially, the requirement had been for people to be prepared for 3 days without help, but it seems like that was a baby step. The government itself wants to be prepared for a 3-month long civil emergency and they’re urging citizens to take responsibility, too.

It really makes you wonder what is looming ahead, doesn’t it?

A publication called SVT reported today:

“Because we have the security policy situation we have today, we say that we will make our planning at government level to face a security crisis for three months,” says Eva-Lena Fjällström, Deputy Director of the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten.

Previously, it has been said that citizens will be able to cope for three days in the event of a crisis. Now it’s extended to one week.

“I think it’s important that you can manage yourself. Society has changed and is vulnerable and complex with many dependencies. It can easily be a disturbance so we have to manage ourselves, “says Eva-Lena Fjällström. (source)

The same publication provided video instructions for putting together a “crisis box.”

The Swedish government is also urging young people to get better prepared.

It’s also interesting to note that back in November, an article introducing the idea of preparedness was published and geared toward 18-year-olds. (One must also wonder if this is a gentle nudge toward a potential draft?) It referenced a study done to measure the preparedness levels of the country’s young people.

In order to strengthen Swedish emergency preparedness, it is important that as many people as possible be prepared to cope with themselves during a crisis. Therefore, it is gratifying that almost nine out of ten 18-year-olds believe that they should take responsibility for themselves and their relatives in a crisis, “says Nils Svartz, Deputy Director General at MSB.

Nevertheless, the survey shows that many young people are not prepared for a crisis. Only one in three has water for three days and even fewer have prepared to communicate and receive important information from the radio if the electricity is lost. (source)

Some Swedes will see this as a different way of life.

The YouTube channel Swedish Homestead (find it here) recently released a video that discussed the national government’s warning for Swedes to be prepared to handle life for at least a week without the help of the government. According to the vlogger, this is not the norm there and the government is “the Big Brother who handles everything.”

There were mentions of “war” and “crisis” but it appears that not many details were given as to the exact nature of the threat.

Many people in Sweden would be incredibly vulnerable in a situation in which they were forced to be independent. Plus, an influx of migrants has to have put a further strain on resources. Nearly 20% of the population has immigrated from another country – 1.7 million people in Sweden are foreign-born in a country with a population of 9.9 million.

Sweden isn’t alone in unpreparedness

But wouldn’t we see the same types of issues described in the video here in America? How many Americans could go for weeks or months with the food they had on hand and the food they could produce? How many Americans make their land work for them? How many Americans have the skills to actually produce food for themselves and procure safe drinking water?

Sadly, not very many.

Just like Sweden, many Americans are locked into a system where we are reliant on imported goods, municipal water, and a reliable transportation system to bring us supplies on a regular basis.

While we may not like to think about it, a vast majority of our own population would not be able to be self-sufficient in an emergency that lasted for more than a few days.

The world seems to be becoming increasingly dangerous every year, with threats of nuclear devastation, petro-wars, economic collapse, and religious differences. Our own country has become rigidly divided in a right vs. left paradigm. While none of us personally can fix those issues, we CAN be prepared to take care of our own families, protect our property, and stay informed.

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    • Black Humor

      Sweden is on it’s way to become a failed state. Other Nordic countrys are making quiet preparations in case Sweden collapses. Norway already closed borders once and was not shy to share their scepticism about Swedish ”progress”.

      • Man

        Yes it is worse than North Korea….

        • Andy

          it is indeed !!! North Korea doesn’t have muslim manimals to deal with

    • Mike

      Order out of chaos, your watching it in real time.


      How about a little background.. was quite a year. When did news of the problem with Sweden first arise??

      There was a Trump rally.. Florida.. “Last night in Sweden.”. haha.. Remember how Trump got slammed for that?
      maybe not.. but I do.

      I remember BEFORE that day….. and now perhaps others will UNDERSTAND>

      Det Sjunde Inseglet


      FEB 9, 2017, 11:53 AM Like Dislike Report SPAM 0Reply
      Why Swedish? Now you know.

      FEB 22, 2017, 11:31 AM Like Dislike Report SPAM 0Reply

      FEB 22, 2017, 12:02 PM

      So let’s check back to 2016…

      Sweden’s unethical – and unlawful – arms deals with ‘ISIS-backing’ Saudis

      This secret arms deal between Sweden and the Saudis [6] has also been exposed by the organization WikiLeaks. This occasioned the Swedish military react preposterously against the WikiLeaks founder, accusing Mr Assange and WikiLeaks on Swedish TV of “blackmailing Sweden”. [7]

      The secret arms deal was about the Swedes constructing a weapon factory in Saudi Arabia. The armaments would consist of “weapons of point”, which is also the type of weaponry used by ISIS forces against Syrian army’s armoured vehicles. [8] As these vehicles are of Russian fabrication, also gives NATO-prone Sweden an opportunity to test in combat their weaponry technique.

      When the deal was exposed, the Swedish prosecutors had to initiate an investigation, for as I pointed above, it was law-against. However, the prosecutors rapidly closed the investigation and in spite of the evidence the case was shutdown because “there was no reason to prosecute“. [9] Meanwhile, the phony, no-evidence case against the WikiLeaks founder Mr Julian Assange was tightened even more by the Swedish prosecutors; meaning, they ostracised the case to a complete abandonment for years.


    • patann

      Article…The Swedish government is warning its citizens to be prepared to survive on their own for at least a week, which is unusual advice for Sweden to dispense. Is there trouble on the horizon? Article

      Prophecy Link

      -And I heard in my hearing, the antichrist will kill millions as millions go broke, 2005, (beware, Trump’s promise of billions is just another form of declarations of peace and safety that is no longer America’s, that will never again be her’s, nor this world, until Jesus Himself sat his feet atop mount olivet, beware, Apb,

      -Yes, for many this wide world, and only Trump America are the only ones who seem to be it’s most oblivious, are they lackadaisical or just plain arrogant? Where the prepping without the escaping is just not gonna do it, altars of Christ and grab bags, escape, millions are threaten US soil! Remember the cry, I have a bear in 120 counties? As in a bear market. this was after i witnessed carnivore beast tearing through their pulpits and pews, through their peace getting porches while they sat, their stock and money markets, all gone. I just lord want to know is there somewhere, any divine place of your making I can go so I don’t have to watch this anymore it’s just too heartbreaking, please. I mean it’s not like I haven’t it, this outbreak of mortuary now these thirty one springs, as in been there father, done that.
      -I just had my youngest son by a dream this morning just look at me and say, nonma your searching after me got the down town news papers ringing, as in downtown memphis. As in Americans pending another ten day count, it’s US soil an Asian invasion, a Yellowstone eruption. Even a New Madrid, Memphis TN, that can act as a dominion effect along a Yellowstone erupting along 99 bowls of molten lava, All these calculated troubles not counting the warning to all those persons procrastinating America’s escape staying west of of the mid atlantic that they virtually run for their souls sake. I hope that’s what ascension, the marriage supper to the mansions in heaven is truly about, although I witness mammoth celebration there brought to a screeching halt.
      -It was the sunlight of God, this Mountain God’s throne just having something to add, something to add I say and next I know we’re like the days of Moses, and his prep to go, to command Egypt’s slavery the world, just as I head in my ears, to “let my, HIS People go, into exodus i guess, I mean he did cry Apostle john witnessed that his come out right, get out of the sin the great whore of end time kingdom, nations are in. Not only as god going to judge them once, but double their abomination, right along a pending of five more disasters and not even ascension is escape. I don’t know, only it would seem the only true rest heaven and earth, is gonna come, only when Jesus sat his millennium down here, so, come, come and come, Jesus Millennium reign, Come God’ Kingdom Rule! Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see more here the trouble men are in…

    • Pink Slime

      I would put it better at SEVERAL WEEKS, minimum. A week is a good start, but realistically you need to go as LOOONG as you can. Shoot for SEVERAL months or more.

      Something BIG is coming…… :twisted:

    • raisnbran

      nut job

      • raisnbran

        pee tan,the nut job suprememo

    • Sue Rosenorn

      Sweden went from being the happiest country before accepting all those Islam refugees tonot being able to protect its citizens.






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