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Molecule That "Turns On Immortality Gene"!

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[Via Eutimes ]

T.A. SCIENCES INC. TA-65. A pioneering study published in the Rejuvenation Research Journal today shows that TA-65, a natural Telomerase Activator made and marketed by Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. (“T.A. Sciences”), reduces the percentage of short telomeres in immune cells and restores and remodels the aging human immune system to be more like that of a younger individual.

When expressed (turned on), the gene (hTERT) located on Chromosome number 5p15.33 activates the enzyme telomerase. Human cells can keep living and dividing indefinitely when telomerase is continually present; i.e. the cells become immortal. Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. (T.A. Sciences®) announces TA-65® can extend human cell life indefinitely. TA-65® is a single molecule telomerase activator that turns on the Immortality Gene under controlled laboratory conditions.

Telomere Biology has become the most relevant topic in 21st century anti-aging research. Recently, doctors across the country have been administrating a blood test that measures the length of your telomeres. Telomeres indicate biological age as compared to chronological age.

In the journal Nature, a study released on November 28th, 2010, a team of researchers at Harvard Medical School reported the first aging process reversal in a mammal. By reactivating telomerase, they rejuvenated worn out organs in mice which were the equivalent in biological age to 80 year old humans. The result was an age reversal in certain organ systems of these old mice to display the characteristics of organs belonging to young adult mice. This and other recent studies following the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine (awarded for the discovery of telomerase) confirm the emergence of telomeres and telomerase as the foundation of a major scientific platform.

There have been over 8,000 scientific articles relating to Telomere Biology, but only one peer reviewed study published where humans were given a telomerase activator. In September 2010, a Rejuvenation Research article called “A Natural Product Telomerase Activator as Part of a Health Maintenance Program” reported that “In humans, TA-65 lengthens critically short telomeres and remodels the relative proportions of circulating leukocytes of [immunocompromised subjects] toward the more ‘youthful’ profile of [non compromised subjects]… [Further,] there were a number of striking changes from baseline in the adaptive and innate immune system of subjects on [TA-65] …We saw statistically significant [age-reversal] effects…”

On April 12 2011, the well-respected biomedical research journal, Aging Cell, followed up with another important article on TA-65® titled “Telomerase activator TA-65® elongates short telomeres and increases health span of adult/old mice without increasing cancer incidence.” This research adds to the growing evidence that TA-65® lengthens very short telomeres and extends the healthy portion of lifespan referred to as “Healthspan”. Short telomeres are associated with aging, cardiovascular problems and cognitive decline, as well as oxidative and psychological stress. Positive measurements of glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, bone density, and skin condition were reported with TA-65® use. The bottom line is the researchers concluded that TA-65® appears to improve health measures in aging mice without significantly increasing cancer risk.

All of the recent research relating to Telomere Biology confirms the importance of short telomeres in the aging process. It has ushered in a new approach to how we tackle aging in humans. While aging is immensely complicated, the approach to slowing it down is much more simple and straightforward: lead a healthy lifestyle and activate telomerase to stop telomere shortening. And now, TA-65® is the first and only product available in the world shown to effectively turn on the “Immortality Gene” and activate the telomerase enzyme to stabilize and lengthen telomeres.

Please visit for more information on TA-65® and how you can have your telomeres measured.


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    • John L Sullivan

      Could I have a lifetimes supply please ;-)

    • Enigmanonymous

      Why would you want to be immortal? This world is full of evil nasty people.

      Humanity isn’t ready for immortality.

    • Maryjo

      Maybe the world isn’t ready, but I am. Where do I get my lifetime supply :O)

    • Celestial Warrior

      This could be good news for those who are at risk for Alzheimers, Trisomy 21 ( Down Syndrome), etc.

      Don’t know if I’d want to live forever but it could prolong the lives of those who are at risk with their cells dying before they reach old age.

      Alzheimer’s patients could stave off the debilitating disease and still be functioning.

      Trisomy 21 also has a shorter life span due to their cells not being able to duplicate due to the toxin build-up in their bodies.

    • Paris

      Of course this is only meant to improve the lives of the wealthy…a six month supply costs $1600- $4000, depending on the dose.

    • Anonymous

      There is no Nature publication on November 28. There are ones for Nov 18 and 25 and I can’t find this studies they refer to in neither volumes.

    • Anonymous

      This is pure quackery based on nothing at all.




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