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Outbreak: 'Nightmare Bacteria' In Chicago, "Huge Cluster" Says Medical Expert (Video)

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In the past 12 years, this “nightmare bacteria” has spread from one to 46 states, affecting medical facilities in practically the entire U.S.
The threat of CRE is considered important because the organisms are often resistant to multiple classes of antimicrobials, substantially limiting treatment options. 
Some Enterobacteriaceae are resistant to nearly all antibiotics, including carbapenems, which are often considered the antibiotics of last resort. Infections caused by this bacteria are associated with high mortality rates and are common in both community and healthcare settings
Nightmare Bacteria
There is currently an outbreak of the ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ in a Chicago suburb hospital.  It has infected 44 people in the last year there.  The bug, known as carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, bears a rare enzyme that breaks down antibiotics.  ”This is a huge cluster,” said Alex Kallen, a medical officer with the CDC and supervisor for the Illinois outbreak investigation, noting that only 97 cases of the infection have been reported to the agency since 2009. 
It was only a matter of time before nature caught up with Big Pharma.  Once that happens, humanity is in real trouble.  Its been almost a century now since the last real epidemic this world has had.  The Spanish Flu as it was called infected 500 million people and killed 50-100 million of them.  Compare that to H1N1 swine flu that infected 600,000+ and killed 18,000+.  Although other estimates put the death toll at 200,000, the 18,000 number is lab tested from WHO.  Expect drug resistant bacteria and/or viruses to be the next major pandemic.  

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    • Moirraine

      These people aren’t even recognizing nor talking about probiotics and the need for enzymes in food as well as EXERCISE to strengthen T cell responses. :mad:

    • Boxed in Freight

      Be Prepared

      Biological Medicine kit.

      Colloidal Silver:

      Silver is a powerful, natural prophylactic/antibiotic that has been used for thousands of years, with no known side effects. It is a catalyst to disable the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi, and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. Without this enzyme, they suffocate. Yet silver is of no harm to human enzymes or any part of the human body chemistry. It kills all
      disease-causing organisms in six minutes or less, upon contact even those that are pleomorphic no matter how they mutate. Resistant strains fail to develop and the body doesn’t develop a tolerance to silver. Colloidal silver is both a remedy and a prevention of infections of any kind. Having sufficient colloidal silver in your body is to have a superior, second immune system. It was in common use until 1938, when antibiotics began to be used to accomplish the same thing. But unlike antibiotics, the body does not build up a tolerance to Colloidal Silver. (Silver Biotics) –

      Also, have the following available in your home:

      1. Natural Vitamin C with bioflavanoids – 1000 mg every two hours, along with natural fruit juices.
      2. Raw garlic (Crush into tomato juice) – one small clove every six hours.
      3. Echinacea – one capsule three times a day.
      4. Goldenseal – one capsule three times a day.
      5. Olive leaf extract – one capsule three times a day.
      6. Grape seed extract. – one capsule three times a day.

      Colloidal Silver – for pets?

      My friend’s cat came down with a nasty cold, diarrhea, cough, congestion, and had zero appetite. Her Veterinarian bill from a similar malady last winter was $150. She put one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver in the drinking water and two days later, her cat was eating, the cough had gone, and he had no congestion.

      Colloidal Silver – What does Dr. Oz think about Colloidal Silver?

      • Awaken

        I made my first batch of Colloidal Silver last week after coming down with a bug. After the first tablespoon, I was no longer sick. My whole family takes this now. I recommend it to everyone. All you need to make it is 3 9 volt batteries, a foot of 99.9999 pure silver, 4 alligator clamps, a foot of electrical wire and distilled water. You can find videos on youtube on how to make it. :grin:

        • Mirabolin

          No Sale.

    • slamdance13

      Cool. Let ALL of Chicago die.

    • W. Willow

      Good post! People can do a lot for themselves preventive-wise too. It’s not hard to find out how to support the immune system with lifestyle choices. Sometimes it’s just a matter of biting the bullet and riding out the cold/flu as best as can. Too many thoughtlessly keep spreading viruses.

      Socially, just being able to lay low is frowned on by employers. My neighbor’s simple cold turned into pneumonia because he couldn’t take anymore time off from work. He pushed until he finally collapsed but still lost his job. That’s just backwards! Our culture has no mercy because the employer’s idea is to just get some medicine and carry on.

    • slamdance13

      And Mort…you’re becoming another one of those fearporn ppl that seem to be all over BIN.

    • WTX

      No Problem.
      There is a cure for all bacteria and viruses.

      I saw results by my own eyes.
      Destructive resonance.

      Big Pharma is dead already.

    • energymight

      I wonder if they ever considered something as simple and cheap (still need to be careful with) food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide. Nothing withstands it. At least nothing I have put it on. From a mole, wart, zit (I know TMI dude!!!) to the algae in my pool that the expensive chemicals struggled to kill – GONE! These idiots are so pigeon holed on their options b/c the powers that be have brain washed us to think DRUGS that THEY make are the only option. They are panicing that they may not work anymore. What did WE do before you BIG PHARMA?? I will tell you: we lived better and healthier naturally.

      Also, do not forget that keeping your body alkaline is key to health. Lemon water in the morning will be a good start.

    • back_up_for_the_boys

      My family’s answer to all of this:

      colloidal silver
      olive leaf extract – 20% standardized oleuropein caps morning and evening, extract on hand for any acute symptoms
      nascent iodine

      home made disinfectant cleaner (good for hands and surfaces):colloidal silver, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea trea, thyme essential oils. I use this in my clinic.
      moisten 4×4 gause squares from the drug store and keep them in a zip lock bag in your purse or brief case to disinfect public surfaces(groc. cart handles, rest room)

      a drop of dawn(no other brand will work) will keep your oils suspended in the liquid instead of floating on the suface. Or you can just shake up spray bottle(when using for home cleaner) before each use.

    • Rufus Juice

      old news ~ the bacteria from Chicago made it to Washington DC years ago. What was a localized thing spread to the whole country.

    • Anonymous

      I still won’t be taking their poison vaccinations.




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