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Pure Insanity: UN Migrants and Refugees Compact Is an Open Borders Suicide Compact for the West - Video

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Published on Nov 25, 2018

Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Australia, Switzerland, Poland and Israel were the latest countries to reject the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.


I have said about two years ago that there is not 11 million illegals that the Libtards want people to believe! It’s really 40 million here, but now I believe it’s more like 50 in America 2018…Connecting the dots 360!


Colleen Wasner

Colleen Wasner12 hours ago

the UN is UNAmerican!

Alex Stewart

Alex Stewart17 hours ago

Thank God we have a President with courage. Obama and Hillary would have sent a welcoming committee .


ftra198717 hours ago (edited)

Time for U.S to kick the U.N and it socialist out. No more handouts!

Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson17 hours ago

Time to pull the plug on the UN’s life support. It’s already brain dead, so pulling the plug is just the compassionate thing to do.



UN must be closed and ordered off United States soil!

Betty Safos

Betty Safos17 hours ago

They have all worn out there welcome mat, send back where they have come from. They have there own government for them to get there house in order.. Enough is enough all already

christopher Manning

christopher Manning17 hours ago

Thank you Donald Trump. I am black and we blacks need to wake up.

James Dean

James Dean15 hours ago

Never ever ever join the UN in anyway shape or form! The UN is the most corrupt organization in the world! The Un makes the Mafia look like a church choir, and I say this having done two 6 month tours with the UN, as well as having flown 1000′s of missions under UN control. Never ever trust anything that comes out of any UN reps mouth and if your country is a member of the UN demand your government to with draw from the UN!

Jenny Maxwell

Jenny Maxwell13 hours ago

Not only is the UN useless, they’re dangerous!

Candace Torres

Candace Torres10 hours ago

Why do you think at the so called last minute the mayor in Mexico called the U.N. in…..they are pushing open borders!!!We need to kick the U.N. out of the U.S.A.!!!!

Kel R

Kel R12 hours ago

Well done rejecting this BS Global Migration Pact to all those countries. The UN has NO right to dictate how we run our countries.

Lydia Gonzalez

Lydia Gonzalez17 hours ago


Mega Jcprincess

Mega Jcprincess17 hours ago

I currently live in Canada and I’m concerned for us. Turdy is a dictator.. Please pray for us 🙏

Nikola Bijeliti

Nikola Bijeliti16 hours ago

Can you think of an Asian country where Asians are predicted to become a minority in the near future? Probably not. Can you think of an African country where Blacks are predicted to become a minority in the near future? I didn’t think so. Can you think of a White country where Whites are NOT predicted to become a minority in the near future? Did you ever wonder why? The reason is that there is a program of genocide going on in EVERY White country and ONLY in White countries. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are just codewords for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Giovonna C.

Giovonna C.14 hours ago (edited)

The migrants are just passing through Mexico and are putting economic pressure on Mexico! Then these Animals have the nerve to complain about the hand outs they are receiving, am I missing something⁉️ What the HECK would they do if they received asylum in our Country! They want a free ride. What happened to America first? We have been a Country of push overs for decades we must tighten our immigration vetting. They must come to our country with their own bank roll, speak fluent English, have a trade, schooling and know American history proven with a test! Along with any current vetting process… This is pathetic they were offered asylum in Mexico and did not take it. Why? Because they are Not a cash cow and we are. Taken from Social Security recipients and Vets, Americans first we need more money. Not to give it to moochers. Wake up Washington DC get your ACT together and stop the redoric. This is a Country not a county dog park. Darn it already put up the friggen WALL already‼️😡

Arthur Poulos

Arthur Poulos17 hours ago

The UN is the biggest scam

Phil Dawson

Phil Dawson10 hours ago

Not migrants they are invaders/isis soldiers

Kenneth Cox

Kenneth Cox12 hours ago

Thanks to every Nation who has seen through this and refused to sign , Every country that let them in has had serious problems at their costs , the EU is the ruin of the whole of the west, true saying ( if you have one rotten apple in a barrel you might just as well throw the lot away, ) Germany and France Leaders are a Disgrace to all decent people ,

Karl Dunne

Karl Dunne10 hours ago

The UN immigration compact doesn’t smell good!!!!………..


winterweib12 hours ago

We fight and struggle in Germany. They even refused to let us bring this to Petition, what is our right by law. They say it would ‘not be good for the intercultural dialogue’. The satanic hag Merkull MADE this contract; we just learned about it. The butch will destroy and kill us. She hates the west her complete life. You are blessed. Please stay strong. God’s bless

Arthur Zettel

Arthur Zettel16 hours ago

The U.S. Constitution Does not allow for this Compact. So it is disallowed in the U.S.A. .

Crystal Martinez

Crystal Martinez16 hours ago

Yup, it’s safe to say that it’s becoming easier and easier to LOATHE these invaders 😣😤

Heinrich smith

Heinrich smith16 hours ago

No country should be forced to admit law breaking migrants. They are putting the natives at risk as seen in Sweden,Germany and so many nations.


MontanaMountainMen10 hours ago

The US needs to tell the UN to piss off, we are not the garbage can of the world that needs to take everyone else rabble.

Maria Anglin

Maria Anglin16 hours ago

Close the border.

Kenneth Cox

Kenneth Cox12 hours ago

Borders are there to keep unwanted people and enemy forces out, these insane rules would mean your borders may be left open for all to enter at will ,at your costs, anyone signing up to this is in urgent need of mental treatment , or an enemy of their own country ,


stachovan1117 hours ago


Jose ago

Jose ago16 hours ago (edited)

The U.N. need to be defunded. Was created by globalist run by globalist un elected billioners with eutopia wet dreams and in complete disregard disregard of reality or people.


TheBillytheJack201017 hours ago


James Beliveau

James Beliveau9 hours ago

WOW! The globalist lucerferianism cabal will go to any means to bring down the West. Throw the U.N. out of NY.

Roger Gibbs

Roger Gibbs17 hours ago

From Australia. Well done in bringing the UN’s idea to the fore. Unfortunately the bleeding hearts can’t see the Globalist roll out of their insidious plan. Although this is nothing new, the Kalergi Plan and the Barcelona Declaration made it quite plain what their agenda was/is. Bring the West down financially, create civil unrest until the countries are ripe for the picking. The UN is becoming impatient for this to happen so we see the uncontrolled mass movement of fighting age men hiding behind women and children. The UN has to be disbanded, as it is now out of control.

JoseJose Jose

JoseJose Jose12 hours ago

When is the government going to prosecute George Soros for causing anarchy in this country ? He helped pay for these caravans!… Helped finance Antifa and Black Lives Matter!

nazi frog

nazi frog16 hours ago

The UN is total trash and needs to be stopped!

Trixie Totz

Trixie Totz10 hours ago

The UN can go to hell!!!

truth watcher

truth watcher17 hours ago

Get rid of U.N.

J Be

J Be10 hours ago

Why do the people have to migrate? Why not fix the issues causing the people to leave their countries. Stabilize the countries. Over throw the dictators, imprison the drug dealers.

Paul Greening

Paul Greening10 hours ago (edited)

Any politician that agrees this utter nonsense is a hypocrite and traitor to the country they claim to represent. They’re globalist puppet politicians!

Alfred Capelle

Alfred Capelle14 hours ago

Josh I 100% agree with you. I don’t want migration into into my home country. It’s overcrowded already as is.

David Matos

David Matos17 hours ago

I agree…good reporting guys.



UN=UNITED NAZIS!! Why these far left morons don’t get it, is beyond me! Thank you president Trump, and God bless you sir!!

Nor Cal** MexicanZ for Trump

Nor Cal** MexicanZ for Trump16 hours ago

Remove the UN

Bionic Paul

Bionic Paul16 hours ago

The UN is to out of touch with the times time to get out! And send those illegals back to where they came from!

Master Tracker

Master Tracker9 hours ago

There is nothing “united” about the UN and it has morphed from its’ original mission of curbing (then) Soviet ambitions . You must give the socialist globalist credit however . They are succeeding in crapping up every institution whose original intent was the sovereignty and self interests of individual nations . They think they can dictate and supersede existing laws of sovereign nations and only fools with a death wish will join their various   clubs which have a blatantly nefarious agenda . The UN is a flaming joke full of dictators – criminals and some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet . As for America -> They sure as hell don’t need the UN . America can make its’ own and various military defense and trade treaties with whomever they wish on a one on one basis . Get out of the UN and don’t bankroll it . Let it dissolve on its’ own .

sharp mind

sharp mind17 hours ago (edited)

United Nations building should be used for senior citizen,s to live in. Poor elderly people have nowhere to go, lots of them on the waiting list for years, and they cannot afford to pay rent, because it is too high !!! Those UN representatives live and work in beautiful building,s and live in a beautiful apartment,s and all of the S.O.B,s are against our president Trump and our people !!! Do we need this enemy on our soil ??? It is time to get rid of UN !!! And the money we spend on them ??? Yes, it is another story !!! MAGA 🇺🇸. God bless and protect our president Trump and his family and American people 🇺🇸


TheSpiral0110 hours ago

Hope Trump runs again, he’s go my VOTE!

Curtis 007

Curtis 00710 hours ago

This is a Satanic move to establish the infrastructure for a one world government. The Dragon wants to open it’s mouth and flood the world with migrants who are pagans that hate Christianity. This flood of migrants will drown out orthodox Christianity. Their will be a culture war, creating world chaos and anarchy leading the powers to be to call for mass world Marshal law and introduce a new form of law, a one world government of Communism, headed by the Anti-Christ. Just my observation.

Nor Cal** MexicanZ for Trump

Nor Cal** MexicanZ for Trump16 hours ago

We must fight or our kids future is screwed

Alma Brasileira Ene

Alma Brasileira Ene9 hours ago (edited)


Sapsaol Ortega

Sapsaol Ortega16 hours ago

U. R. Soo Right…indeed

Zenobio Oibonez

Zenobio Oibonez17 hours ago

Un has nothing to do with this side of the world. Who do they think they are.

Running Grass

Running Grass17 hours ago

Oh hell no. NWO globalist to tear up the west, TO DESTROY WESTERN COUNTRIES to .nwo plan is to destroy individual countries. The countries then beg the un / eu military to beget order. The military order will do a nwo version of Marshall law. No more nation governments. When all is under nwo Marshall law, a singular govt , NEW WORLD ORDER will be born

Magdala Tiberias

Magdala Tiberias12 hours ago (edited)

Everyone needs to ask Jesus Christ to come into there heart, this is your wake up call 🕊🕊🕊

Above the Lies

Above the Lies12 hours ago (edited)

Ive been investigating these so called immigrants and i gotta say without a doubt the deep state is responsible for this in fact soros is paying semi truck drivers to haul caravaners to certain points of the border. In fact i found 2 different trucks showed up at 2 opposite borders numerous times as if it was done tactically. Im trying to figure it out now but someone is on the ground telling immagrants where to go and who to drive them. This is a huge funded operation that’s being paid by multi nationalist, deep state officials, Clinton’s, Obama, soros and even some of our senators. These people are going to be arrested mark my words, i even sent the white house a post report and a full view of evidence, pics exc..all those who organized this are gonna pay for crimes against the USA….God bless trump, god bless the usa

Tiger Masters

Tiger Masters12 hours ago

Go Australia 🇦🇺

Frank Wall

Frank Wall15 hours ago (edited)

Shut down the borders N & S permanently, and any immigrant is subject to full battery of tests including health, occupation and background checks. If no documentation then no entry even on temporary status.

Mary LG

Mary LG17 hours ago



ROB F12 hours ago


Ronn W

Ronn W17 hours ago

I don’t understand why we just going to gas the crap out of them. Just go nuts with a pepper spray and tear gas.I doubt they have gas masks. And if they do have gas masks, then there are definitely not migrates. and by the way don’t we have some type of infrared heat weapon and directed sound weapons that will make them feel like they’re on fire and there are drums are about ready to burst. I’m pretty sure we have those at some of our embassies in the middle East. Why don’t we use that? oh yeah there was one other thing I saw on one of the jackass movies. It was some type of rubber ball mortar explosive. It was non-lethal but it made ypu feel like you were going to die if you got hit with it.

Joseph Colburn

Joseph Colburn11 hours ago

it won’t do any good about gold or silver Book of Revelation said they will cast their money into the streets there gold in there silver it will become cankerous it will be worth nothing…

Master of Disaster

Master of Disaster10 hours ago

Hell yes the migration issue needs to stop use deadly force or whatever is needed The USA needs to be fixed before we open our boarders to these scum

Mary LG

Mary LG17 hours ago


Juan Amaro

Juan Amaro10 hours ago

I agree with you 100 percent that we can’t allow for any migrant to just pass over the boarder. When my family came from Cuba in 1968 we came due to communist killing the non-communist people and imprison them for false accusations. When we thank God came to this great country my family worked hard and never applied for any government help we had two jobs all the adults to support us.

Delia Codums

Delia Codums16 hours ago

Who gave the UN the power to dictate the policies of nation states? No citizen was informed, no citizen was asked if they agree to this, no one had an opportunity to vote on it. The Un has become corrupt.

Tammy Wines

Tammy Wines12 hours ago

I have been saying for 10 years it is 40 plus million illegals in the United states of America. These ppl all send back thousands of dollars back to Mexico, and other countries every single week adding up to billions a month!! This money isnt being added to our own economy, it is taking care of Mexico, el Salvador, Honduras, China, Haiti, yes all illegals. We have thousands more getting in every week. Think of the billions of dollars in taxes there getting from the United states citizens and taxpayers. Free education , free rent, free clothing vouchers for there kids free healthcare services, free school lunches, help with free internet, Obama phones, they work tax free all while stealing someone’s identity. Millions of us know wth there being allowed to do and now were about to quit paying our taxes too. I mean if 40 million illegals can break all the laws and businesses can break the laws by hiring illegals, then real United states citizens and taxpayers should have the same rights !!

Frances Van Siclen

Frances Van Siclen7 hours ago

I want the USA to remain a country of laws and BORDERS !!! I want the UN disbanded and turned into a condo complex ! (if I recall, wasn’t there a scandal years ago about the “diplomats” at the UN)!!!!!

Jess Shipton

Jess Shipton10 hours ago

Kick the United Nations out of your countries you don’t need their evil

Mae West

Mae West16 hours ago

100% Josh !!!

Don B

Don B10 hours ago

Kick the UN OUT OF THE USA! And defund them immediately!!!

Les Burge

Les Burge16 hours ago

Why is the American tax payer expected to pay the welfare costs for illegal aliens and non-citizens, that is pure idiocy. What is their home country doing. Pocketing the foreign aid the U.S. gives the crooked politicians???


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    • gumby

      the UNs plans are to open the US to illegals and negate our sovereign status as a free nation. we cannot as a republic allow the UN to compromise this country and jt’s status as a independent country ruled by our constitution bought and paid for by the blood of patriots. the UN needs to leave this country and re focus their attempt’s to tear down our borders and overwhelm our welfare system an go back to Europe where the borders are already open and the OLD WORLD has now be given up to muslim immigrants. this country has millions of patriots who are willing to die to keep our sovereignty and our status as a free country. THE UN MUST LEAVE NOW!




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