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Victims of Illegal Alien Violence Rally for Stronger Border Security - Must-See Video

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One America News Network

Published on Dec 17, 2018


Angel moms and victims of violence from illegal aliens rally at the border in San Diego, supporting President Trump’s efforts to build the wall. One America’s Pearson Sharp reports.


Bryan Oliver22 hours ago

What a waste of time Pelosi is , she lied to get her job , promises mean nothing to that Nancy Pelosi . “Build That Wall ” !

A Klein

A Klein23 hours ago

No borders, no country.

Jane Young

Jane Young21 hours ago

Our Taxpayer dollars! Build the damn wall! Our Country! WALL and Immigration reform! NOW!

mobile star

mobile star22 hours ago

Truly sad these democrats needs to vacate all govt offices. These dumb ppl keep voting them in

Ghaz Man

Ghaz Man22 hours ago

My condolences to those who have lost loved ones at the hands of these criminal scum.


TheBillytheJack201022 hours ago

It will be alright. When war starts they’ll be wanting to leave this country!! God bless America!!

Chief Bigstick

Chief Bigstick22 hours ago

The even scarier realization is that our U.S./Canada Border is less secure than our U.S./Mexico Border. The truth is that we Americans have no idea how many sleeper cells of the radical muslim extremist are in Canada and Mexico calculating to wage more attacks on us Americans. Our world has become an international simmering powder keg. These people DO NOT assimilate with NON muslim cultures and we’re fools to think otherwise. The 2016 U.S. Census of MIGRANT muslims living in the United States was 1,167,000. What percentage of the 1.167MILLION migrant muslims are radical, extremist, terrorist and non assimilating? If there are REAL people seeking refuge THAT sincerely are in need of help, we should be sending foreign aid to them in their own countries to help them stabilize their country and themselves. Thousands of Americans were KILLED BY ONLY 19 radical muslim terrorist in N.Y on Sept. 11, 2001; resulting in drastic legislation KNOWN as THE PATRIOT ACT and other drastic security changes such as our airports and air travel. Allowing these radicals and extremist to come into our countries so they can disrespect everything we believe in and stand for, is a disservice and disgrace to everyone that fought (some seriously injured, the thousands that were killed in action ) and those who continue to fight for the VERY BLANKET OF FREEDOM THAT WE ALL ENJOY NOW!!! SECURE OUR NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN BORDERS NOW. THE RISK IS TO GREAT TO IGNORE AND AN EVEN BIGGER DISSERVICE TO THE AMERICANS KILLED SEPTEMBER 11, 2001..


Whipsaw23 hours ago (edited)

The left hones in on 1 death of an illegal child whose fault was the father’s for dragging that poor child a thousand miles with little provision, all in attempt to break American immigration laws yet they ignore all the deaths of American citizens at the hand of these “dreamers”. The left is deplorable. I despise these unAmerican, hypocritical libtards.


takethepowerback8322 hours ago

Good job Angel 👼 Moms 😇


S B22 hours ago

Build the damn wall.

andi lee

andi lee21 hours ago (edited)

No taxation without representation. Illegal migration is trafficking!

Mary Matejka

Mary Matejka22 hours ago

God bless you moms my heart is with you I mourn with you 🙏🏻 our President will not let us down his promises will be kept he is a patriot as we are 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA Q+ Q0

Earth Mother

Earth Mother22 hours ago

Close the southern border until that wall is in place, then re-open it only with many more security personnel guarding it and reformed immigration policies already in place as irrefutable law. For heaven’s sake, America, demonstrate some common sense for once!

mr peanut

mr peanut21 hours ago


Valerie H

Valerie H21 hours ago

These people who are dedicating their lives to the memories of their loved ones so that they won’t have died in vain are the REAL DREAMERS who dream of a safer, brighter future for Americans. Damn! To think that citizens of other countries are our #1 priority right now is absolutely vomit inducing!

Mr flatspace

Mr flatspace23 hours ago

Unless foreign aid is limited to food with foolproof😎contraception, foreign aid incentivizes population🔥explosions of 3rd world pestilence and predatory👹migration.


Mugs20 hours ago

Those ladies need to go and speak before Congress in the Capitol. I’m at the point where I no longer trust people to REPRESENT us. If we want Congress to hear something from us, then WE need to tell them OURSELVES—live and IN THE CONGRESS!!! That is OUR Capitol building, NOT the property of those robbing thieves who work there. It’s time WE SPOKE FOR OURSELVES THERE!!!

Sebastian Ortega

Sebastian Ortega21 hours ago

God bless those people

Gary Daniel

Gary Daniel15 hours ago

Chinese manufactured Fentanyl is killing people and it’s flowing over the border if not coming by mail order. Doctors are afraid to prescribe pain meds to those that need them based on overdoses of illicit drug users not overdoses of chronic pain sufferers. We don’t OD because we use it to kill pain. If that border had been secured as had been agreed in 1986 we would not have most of these Illegal Alien and drug flooding problem.

Ned Walport

Ned Walport21 hours ago

Fantastics. Certainly wont see this reported by the Chickenhead News Network.

John Thompson

John Thompson12 hours ago

Odd… I just tried to Share this video on Facebook but all I get is ” Check your connection and try again”….. I’m watching this video online, so it’s obviously being blocked. I’ll keep trying all the same.

Adriel Lightvale

Adriel Lightvale23 hours ago

I’m sure someone out there wants the U.S. to go N. Korea on its southern border. I understand them, to be honest.

Barrett Kettle

Barrett Kettle19 hours ago

Good job folks!! Dont quit!

Patriotic Justice

Patriotic Justice19 hours ago


Michael Healy

Michael Healy19 hours ago

The left is all about the votes and power and the hell with Americans, throw in the thousands of over dose deaths.

John Thompson

John Thompson12 hours ago

Building the Wall saves Lives on BOTH sides of the Border! #BuildTheWall!

Rene Cobos

Rene Cobos19 hours ago (edited)

You’ll never see this on the globalist media. Not even Fox news.

Slanus Greenstreet

Slanus Greenstreet17 hours ago

Why a government shut down? I think it’s time for President Trump to just close the borders till this issue can get resolved!! Congress needs to know He’s not playing anymore!! Political manuvering is not gonna work! Why even have a President? How ’bout an executive order for “NO IMMIGRATION!” at all!? No one in, or out!! The sign on the door should read….”The Floodgates of American kindness and generosity have been suspended till further notice”! I’ve seen illegals laff, while their telling me how Stupid our Government is! The United States is so giving, and accommodating, makes me want to immigrate there! Where’s my American Dream? Where’s my DACA?


Noah Count

Noah Count18 hours ago

The lying, self-serving, corrupt Washington establishment cares ONLY about the members of their clique.  Period.



Finally Awakening

Finally Awakening11 hours ago (edited)

More normal people like this need to show up, it’s nice to here from the real victims for once.

Badplus 017

Badplus 01713 hours ago

We need to protect our own citizens first






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