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Biometric Chip Implants in Consumer Products, Foods and its Associated Health Issues

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Sovereign Empire: July 13, 2018  [The Dawn] thru Beginningless Time

Worldwide Announcement: Nations-States Investigate Biometric Chip Implants in Consumer Products, Foods and its Associated Health Issues

The attached interview is from the late William Pawelec from 2001. In the interview he details some information on projects he worked on relating to human implants and microchips.

From the interview:
Interviewer: What agencies and corporations are involved?

William Pawelec: “At the corporate level, I’d say we need look first to, if you are talking about propulsion technology. We would first only look to the Aerospace Industry”.

During the interview he states he believe the microchip implant technology was shared with the wrong people. Highlighting the fact we have millions of missing people and a rise in degenerative disease, the question becomes, are “Nation-States” investors and governments doing their due diligence to investigate consumer products, new technologies, and medical wonders drugs.
I, Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:EL order the following:
All “Nations-States” expand upon the question of Corporate involvement.
Which Industries and/or companies are using those chips? What consumer products have this particular type of technology installed in them? Include clothing as well as electronics and other industries.
What technologies have been developed to engage those chips?
What information is gathered (stored) on the chips?
Who are the end-users and what benefits are received from these chips?
What are the physical effects from having the chips in the body? Present timeline 1-5 year, 10-15 years,etc.
Is there a decrease in bodily function for those who are chipped? 
What, if any, is the correlation between the chips’ usage and rise in diseases? Medical disease diagnosis? And Pharmaceutical drugs for those chipped, and end-user?
Do these Investors, governments, do their due diligence publicly and privately to investigate these products, new technologies, and “medical wonders”?
All activities must be investigated, and research shutdown, if an individual is threatened, or mysteriously dies who is working on, researching, investigating these chip related technologies and medical wonder drugs.
This  order pertaining to the investigation of Biometric Implants in Consumer Products, Foods and its Associated Health Issues is effective immediately.
END of STATEment
[So it is. Thus, thus.]
Decreed on July 13, 2018 [The Dawn] thru Beginningless Time
I AM, Sovereign Crown Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:EL, Creator, God, ELOHIM.
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