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Fukushima: Did You Know There Were Four Meltdowns? 10 Reasons Our Planet is Doomed - Great Video!

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Decagon TV


The Fukushima disaster was the most significant nuclear incident since the April 26, 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the second disaster to be given the Level 7 event classification of the International Nuclear Event Scale. The disaster was initiated primarily by the tsunami following the Tōhoku earthquake on 11 March 2011. Immediately after the earthquake, the active reactors automatically shut down their sustained fission reactions. However, the tsunami disabled the emergency generators that would have provided power to control and operate the pumps necessary to cool the reactors. The insufficient cooling led to three nuclear meltdowns, hydrogen-air explosions, and the release of radioactive material. But the danger didn’t end there… Here are 10 Reasons Fukushima Doomed the Planet.

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AnthonyG8 months ago

World governments are going to destroy this planet.

Maximus Prometheus

Maximus Prometheus8 months ago

Earth will survive…We humans on the other hand won’t.

Anthony Murphy

Anthony Murphy6 months ago

My God this is probably worse then Chernobyl and its been covered up, only years from now we will know the full truth.


horsefaceemily2 months ago

Nuke`s were placed on the sea bed , there was no earth quake and the result disaster done by YOU KNOW WHO !.

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith7 months ago

This is just one nuclear power station and it’s poisoning half the world, the US has around 140 i believe! I have never liked nuclear power its NOT clean, it certainly doesnt give us the almost free electricity that was promised! I laugh at people who prepare for some SHTF situation because if nobody is looking after these plants, globally they will fail and there will be no place safe anywhere.

steve coley

steve coley8 months ago

Something invisible with no mass and weight called “greed” is working in the dark to insidiously suck the joy out of life and devour the planet. Physical solutions from the physical plane are useless. The corner stone of life called “love” (truth) has been removed and replaced with a cornerstone of “greed” (ignorance). Humanity is doomed. Doesn’t get any more stupid than that. Greed worshipping haters can pat themselves on the back and give themselves a medal for destroying this beautiful paradise planet lifeboat and the miraculous works of fine art called “life” that inhabit it.

dinosaur complaints

dinosaur complaints4 months ago

Is it worse than we’ve been told? Yes, most definitely. Read the “Plutonium Files”. Declassified information from the Manhattan Project. Here’s glowing you!

Art Grovér

Art Grovér8 months ago

Obama & Bush need to be put in jail

Tyler Crain

Tyler Crain6 months ago

And nothing will be done until it’s too late.

Ashley B

Ashley B8 months ago

Try to bring up the concept of Fukishima radiation to average people, they’ll say oh that happened so long ago and think it’s just a conspiracy theory

Paul West

Paul West6 months ago

What will be our loving governments course of action? They will build more million-dollar cancer treatment clinics and quadruple the number of FEMA caskets….

VITA kyo

VITA kyo4 months ago

Situation in the Pacific ocean is alarming .

ze d

ze d10 months ago

Nobody talks about this anymore


ART WILMETH8 months ago

I have documented the dead tidal pools along the PCH. They are devoid of all starfish, sea anenomes, crabs, and other lower food chain life forms in the tidal pools. Kevin Blanch has also walked the entire coastline of California and documented the dead tidal pools as well.

Planet McHanic

Planet McHanic9 months ago

Ya, the ocean is dead already. Smells bad. Now what?


D1craigRob6 months ago (edited)

Does this not make sense to anybody else – “fukushima is dumping out so much strontium the effect won’t be seen for decades”?

Rebel with a cause

Rebel with a cause6 months ago (edited)

Not to worry..The Govt. assures us that glowing in the dark and growing extra eyes is normal . The only things that can survive this mega disaster are cockroaches and Keith Richards.


kobehal6 months ago

CPMs showing about 400 in Reno, Nevada. Remember when post Fukushima CPM measurements over 100 was considered a cause for alarm.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Miscellaneous Stuff8 months ago (edited)

Someone said that term “We’ve been fukushimed” will be a good substitute for “We’ve been lied to”, so we have been fukushimed to believe that reactors are in a state of cold shutdown whereas reactors are in a melted state deep under ground cooled by underground water which sends tons of highly radioactive poison into the Pacific, slowly murdering all living creatures of the ocean. Media is not reporting the truth on Fukushima because nuclear power plants are owned and operated by the same corporations that own and operate the media. So, what now?

Norman Bates

Norman Bates6 months ago

The size and nature of the “accident” should have brought the worlds top nuclear scientists to Fukushima immediately. Depending on TEPCO to deal with the problem is equivalent to applying a band aid to a decapitation. TEPCO isn’t concerned with the waste water going into the sea or the melt down. It’s gone on so long that they don’t see it as a problem any more.


teceyS36 months ago

wow, it’s refreshing to see that somebody actually is telling the truth about the Israeli connection, about what happened at Fukushima

Anthony Diridoni

Anthony Diridoni8 months ago

Will people wake UP. We are screwed.

Ocean House

Ocean House8 months ago

Would not have happened in a non water cooled reactor, a molten salt reactor would have already been back online and producing power without a disaster of any kind…….water cooled reactors are insanely dangerous why still use them…

Nothing Less Than Epic

Nothing Less Than Epic8 months ago

Why else would people be turning up dead along with all the other messed up things you mentioned if it wasn’t really bad?


wranglercjseven698 months ago

The answer is its always 100 s of times worse than we imagine we have no control of our goverment so you dont really think that they are going to tell us right ?????

Frances Van Siclen

Frances Van Siclen6 months ago

Don’t worry; nobody is getting out of this life alive !!!!!

Steve Smith

Steve Smith4 months ago

Serve our political class with some fukushima fish and crab…. This would solve alot of problems 😉

Dave Plu

Dave Plu8 months ago

1. Godzilla? 2. Godzilla !! 3. Godzilla ? 4. Godzilla !! 5. Godzilla ? 6. Godzilla !! 7. Godzilla ? 8. Godzilla !! 9. Godzilla ? 10. Mecha-Godzilla !!


THE Q8 months ago

Nature: GOOD! Man: BAD!

Peter Moygannon

Peter Moygannon3 months ago

it’s probably melted that deep into the ground that there is no possible way to retrieve it so naturally they just keep saying it’s all good…they are not going to say it’s got away from them are they

Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper6 months ago

Seen my own eyes hundreds of thousands of dead wolf eels. HUGE piles of them on the Washington coast like they were bulldozed up into a berm hundreds of feet long and many many of them still not piled up. The stench was unbelievable. NO mention of this in mainstream media…

Fukushima is Revelation

Fukushima is Revelation9 months ago (edited)

Fukushima is the Biblical apocalyptic fulfillment of the 6 billion copies of the book of Revelation in Print, 6th seal earthquake, 1st trumpet fire blood lumps(nodule, tumors, cancer), grass burning on atomic level, trees dying, 2nd trumpet 1/3rd of sea creatures dying, 1/3rd of ships corrupted contaminated with fallout, 3rd trumpet fallout in the rivers, etc by the time of the 2nd bowl of Revelation chapter 16 the whole sea dies. Fukushima diachi was a complete station blackout on 3/11/2011 meaning there was no way to circulate the water to cool the 26 reactor cores of fuel onsite at fukushima /watch?v=HWZIGHv3khE /watch?v=beoP1xzIzWE

Zzzz Dddd

Zzzz Dddd5 months ago

If any country is going to manage a radiation disaster, I’m glad it’s Japan. They have more integrity and culture of working together than most countries. Go to Japan and see for yourself how they treat each other.



David Salopek

David Salopek6 months ago

This is horrible, life’s dying in the sea, everything else follows including us


scratch8 months ago

“may have”? Honor and respect Mother Earth.

john brandenburg

john brandenburg6 months ago

Were the hell is the E,P.A ! they should not be aloud to pour this stuff in the ocean it effects us all ! must be stopped NOW !

Jason Cougar

Jason Cougar6 months ago

That’s B’S before it meltdown anywhere near the center of the earth the temp will level out


FREEMAN DECKER6 months ago

Whatever the case, the Radnet will arrive to late to reverse anything… on top of that… those in charge on the U.S. Nuclear Commission disavoy everything. They want to keep those Paychecks coming in.

Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker7 months ago

I dont want to be fear mongering but it could be extinction level. Like what was said the government only tells us what they want us to hear not the truth. May God help us all.

Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris1 month ago

I do not believe this was a natural disaster, but an insidious attack on mankind by demonic entities who possess world power.


rendezvouswithpablo2 months ago

The first Robot in the reactor died after 60 seconds. The radiation was 100 times higher than chernobyl. But hey nothing to worry

Fukai Kokoro

Fukai Kokoro8 months ago

What if the earthquake itself was a sattilite weapon. Like a laser that heated up the tectonic plates to get them to shift…

Bruce Askin

Bruce Askin4 months ago

Strontium also one of the main elements in chemtrails

old school gamer

old school gamer8 months ago

Stupid people let’s build this nuclear power plant rate on the shore rite on a huge fault line. And if something goes wrong will just use the Pacific Ocean as a cooler and send the waste to America. Brilliant, nuclear war made legal. And take our jobs and sell us shit back for more.

scott taylor

scott taylor8 months ago

the fact that nuclear waste in the us has been refused by nevada and is being stored on site of reactors functional and shutdown has not been mentioned here and may be the worst threat of all.the waste has been stored in casks that were poorly made by companies non certified and made with materials that degrade after short periods of time. they were made with the idea that they would be relocated to underground facilities far away in a safe place. this is not happening and the storage casks are reaching or surpassing their expiration dates . they were built with helium inside which is an inert gas to keep them cool but are in danger of leaking due to failure of welds or metals breaking down. most people do not know that nuclear waste is perhaps a million more dangerous than the uranium that drives these plants because of the elements generated are man made and worse than anything in nature. no problem bring the materials to the plants but taking away the still hot used elements is a completely different story. it takes five years worth of cold water being pumped on them to cool them enough to finally be put in dangerous casks that are left on site to rot! what if the cooling waters somehow stop in those five years while they sit directly above the reactor in the cooling pools? what if the pools leak ? the elements are still about five hundred degrees when put into the casks and could get much hotter if the helium leaks out and further damage the casks. their is no plan put in place to deal with these casks sitting all over our nation . after seeing what has happened in japan this should be of great concern to the entire world. our politicians and nuclear energy department wash their hands of anything that happens to the casks by making it the power companies problem to deal with when they have clearly created the entire situation by allowing and approving poor designs that have many leaks and failures that constantly push us closer to disaster . in addition to this nuclear plants are being recommissioned that have poor designs just like the ones that have already failed in japan and are past their safe operating time of designers specifications .remember if a cask in your area starts leaking there is no plan to deal with it.the casks are like ticking time bombs that are being completely ignored. whats more important is the russia investigation,global,warming, fake wars and stormy daniels.


M M6 months ago

We shouldn’t need radnet in the first place. Crazy.

Nothing Less Than Epic

Nothing Less Than Epic1 month ago

All on purpose to sell chemo and everything else that goes with it.

Duncan Mac

Duncan Mac2 months ago

I just moved from Vancouver to the East. This one major reason.

Steve Miner

Steve Miner6 months ago

Well if it destroys us it will kill the upper powers too.

Bendik Meraki

Bendik Meraki7 months ago

the planet isnt screwed… we are

J Hendricks

J Hendricks6 months ago

Nuclear power does NOT save us money, but it will kill us all.

Jim Serrano

Jim Serrano1 week ago (edited)

Lets appreciate right now and realize this is just ONE MORE thing that will harm us. Upsetting to know BAD humans allowed this to happen to our world. SHAMEFULL.


grE686 months ago (edited)

You would not want to know about the radiation levels they are picking up in the US already caused by Fukushima disaster. And you won’t hear a thing about it in the media.

Mike Anyone

Mike Anyone8 months ago

check out what’s happening to the Pacific. These things should never have more than a 30 day supply of fuel. This thing will maybe burn for 40 years. And think of every reactor currently stocked with that much fuel. If a reactor had a meltdown in the US every energy company would be scratching their heads as to how to unstock it with a 40 year supply of uranium when then need the meltdown to stop yesterday. And a 40 year feul supply in a reactor built on a vault line at the shore of an ocean had to be the worst zoning ever A 40 year feul supply in a reactor is a way to kill the future Selling 40 years worth of feul at once to get paid today due what you won’t be alive to seek about in 40 years, no problem, but then it should be stored separately and away from the reactor: off-site Or maybe we’ll all learn after the next 5 meltdowns…


Kanthius6 months ago

@9:23 that colorful diagram’s scale is in ‘cm’. It depicts wave height.


jrag10005 months ago (edited)

Fukushima had 4 meltdowns, it’s horrendous. The Pacific Ocean is dead. There are also high radiation levels all over portions of the West and MidWest almost all the way to the East Coast.


NibiruLives3 months ago

The jooze program of world destruction is complete!

Nye Spriggs

Nye Spriggs10 months ago

This needs to be discussed far more, the entire planet is headed for an ELE if not already.

Julie Kruger

Julie Kruger6 months ago

Not producing documents that show contaminated sites that homes are built on or around is a crime. Everyone involved in concealing information should be prosecuted. Whats the matter with humanity.

ryan r

ryan r2 months ago

for the last time we do not live on a planet!

Patrick Mace

Patrick Mace6 months ago

Only 10???? Blame who you want for this, it doesn’t change it was the Japanese government that okayed this and every government is okay with the risk


SpiritGirlSF3 months ago

Can you do a video about the unNarural California “wild”fires of 2017-18? Thank you for all you do!


David Bain

David Bain6 months ago

Unclear power is on the surface of it ,looks more efficient (Like aircraft are statistical a safer way to travel, than cars) But when they crash every body dies !!!

Kenneth Hutchison

Kenneth Hutchison8 months ago

…”The Big Pay Back”! Y’all do know the Japanese consider suicide as “honorable”!!!

Derrick Curry

Derrick Curry2 months ago

Focus on this and Not who I am cumming with!!! The Titanic…👻👀 That’s my business. .💀

Jeff Garrett

Jeff Garrett5 days ago



Lucia Tilyard

Lucia Tilyard8 months ago

Good video, but I think Putin doesn’t believe in climate change, so I think someone else’s pic would be better in that bit.

David Handley

David Handley4 months ago

Well Decagon. I see you have 13k subscribers. I doubt you will get any more after this load of bs.


carsonmcnair6 months ago (edited)

Your video will further global warming more than all of the coal being burned in the world. Your lack of nuclear isotopes and their potential to cause energy and react makes you look extremely stupid. You should try and back up your claims with science and math. Most people with a basic knowledge of nuclear power will know that all of your claims and theories are simply that, claims and conspiracy theories.

Nathan Blades

Nathan Blades6 months ago

Game Over hope u impressed God and dont go to hell for killing the planet

David Harness

David Harness5 months ago

Your last sentence made no sense. If the lesions are indicative of oil then why would you blame radiation exposure.

All Senses Firing

All Senses Firing8 months ago

It’s too late…..

alex jones

alex jones1 month ago

Can we just drop a nuke there and consume the radio active material in a nuclear blast it would be turned into light and heat

Gopher Cakes

Gopher Cakes7 months ago

I like how you sneak in “may” after click-baiting me with the title. Good show, sir.

Owdeez Strauz

Owdeez Strauz6 months ago

our planet is not doomed because of a little radiation, the planet will be here looooooong after us, WE are the ones that are doomed, not the planet.

taylor escobar

taylor escobar8 months ago

Great video earned new sub!


xXHerrZockXx3 months ago

Why even bother to subscribe??? We are doomed!!!

Boston Bmx

Boston Bmx8 months ago

Global warming was started because carbon credits were introduced to every country Google it

Ryan gst

Ryan gst8 months ago

sub’d👍 thanks for sharing. something needs to be done. 😕 it really hurts when i see those species dyin out and human life being affected by the disaster. =/





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  • grayeagle40

    Revelation 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
    Planet X is the real cause of climate change. What the PTB don’t want you to know. “Elenin, Planet X, Nibiru, is Wormwood: The logic is Undeniable” Prophecy page video:




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