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They've Been Scamming Us The Whole Time - Must-See Video

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End Times Productions

Published on Nov 25, 2018


This is the reason why people don’t trust the TV anymore. Thank you for watching, God Bless you all! ” Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Television (TV), sometimes shortened to tele or telly, is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome (black and white), or in colour, and in two or three dimensions and sound. The term can refer to a television set, a television program (“TV show”), or the medium of television transmission. Television is a mass medium for advertising, entertainment and news.

Television became available in crude experimental forms in the late 1920s, but it would still be several years before the new technology would be marketed to consumers. After World War II, an improved form of black-and-white TV broadcasting became popular in the United States and Britain, and television sets became commonplace in homes, businesses, and institutions. During the 1950s, television was the primary medium for influencing public opinion.[1] In the mid-1960s, color broadcasting was introduced in the US and most other developed countries. The availability of multiple types of archival storage media such as BetamaxVHS tape, local disks, DVDs, flash drives, high-definition Blu-ray Discs, and cloud digital video recorders has enabled viewers to watch pre-recorded material—such as movies— at home on their own time schedule. For many reasons, especially the convenience of remote retrieval, the storage of television and video programming now occurs on the cloud. At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, digital television transmissions greatly increased in popularity. Another development was the move from standard-definition television (SDTV) (576i, with 576 interlaced lines of resolution and 480i) to high-definition television(HDTV), which provides a resolution that is substantially higher. HDTV may be transmitted in various formats: 1080p1080i and 720p. Since 2010, with the invention of smart televisionInternet television has increased the availability of television programs and movies via the Internet through streaming video services such as NetflixAmazon VideoiPlayerHuluRoku and Chromecast.

In 2013, 79% of the world’s households owned a television set.[2] The replacement of early bulky, high-voltage cathode ray tube (CRT) screen displays with compact, energy-efficient, flat-panel alternative technologies such as LCDs (both fluorescent-backlit and LED), OLED displays, and plasma displays was a hardware revolution that began with computer monitors in the late 1990s. Most TV sets sold in the 2000s were flat-panel, mainly LEDs. Major manufacturers announced the discontinuation of CRT, DLP, plasma, and even fluorescent-backlit LCDs by the mid-2010s.[3][4] In the near future, LEDs are expected to be gradually replaced by OLEDs.[5] Also, major manufacturers have announced that they will increasingly produce smart TVs in the mid-2010s.[6][7][8] Smart TVs with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 functions became the dominant form of television by the late 2010s.[9]

Television signals were initially distributed only as terrestrial television using high-powered radio-frequency transmitters to broadcast the signal to individual television receivers. Alternatively television signals are distributed by coaxial cable or optical fibersatellite systems and, since the 2000s via the Internet. Until the early 2000s, these were transmitted as analog signals, but a transition to digital television is expected to be completed worldwide by the late 2010s. A standard television set is composed of multiple internal electronic circuits, including a tuner for receiving and decoding broadcast signals. A visual display device which lacks a tuner is correctly called a video monitor rather than a television.


Jeremiah Kirby2 days ago (edited)

If you’re in pain you’re not alone. If it seems like the world is crushing you you’re not alone. If you’ve wasted ten years you’re not alone. If your future is uncertain you’re not alone. If you’re thinking of killing yourself you’re not alone. If nothing seems to work out you’re not alone. If you’re at your limit and you’re ready to throw in the towel you’re not alone. When you’re alone you’re NOT ALONE! If you relate to anything I just wrote you’re not alone. I’m right here with you and so is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Everyday is ONE day closer. One day closer. Lord Jesus!


RichieFromBoston2 days ago

I ran the monsanto fox milk story when I first started my channel and copyright strike channel down. lol

Kelly U

Kelly U2 days ago

We’ve been lied to about everything! And it gets worse every single day!

Klem Kaddlehopper

Klem Kaddlehopper2 days ago

The news is nothing but a “ Reality Show” for the braindead masses. I cannot watch any of their crap anymore.

Jeremy Noway

Jeremy Noway2 days ago

And people believe everything they see on these so called news stations. Sad.

Matthew Aislabie

Matthew Aislabie2 days ago

Only immunity is follow Jesus Christ.

Glenn Robards

Glenn Robards2 days ago

corporate news = propaganda

James Harken

James Harken2 days ago

All you luciferians are doomed.


mtnsmoke2 days ago

Times are bad and getting worse! Time to look up folks!!!

roger woodard

roger woodard2 days ago

Do as I’m going to! Quit cable, and satellite false news!

Christian e.g.

Christian e.g.2 days ago

I have hated the gov’t controlled phony media since long before President Trump gave us all the phrase “fake news”

Christian e.g.

Christian e.g.2 days ago

Monsanto will answer to God for their crimes

Saul Of Tarsus

Saul Of Tarsus2 days ago

It’s one of Lucifer’s best weapons it’s his way to program the minds of the asleep it’s not only the news it’s every show that comes on it’s nothing but nonsense to keep people distracted and decieved

Space Cat

Space Cat2 days ago

The Brady Bunch style news clip there is scary, all those talking heads, saying the same things at the same time.

Phoenix Butterfly

Phoenix Butterfly2 days ago

This is gold! I knew it but you proved it. I will try to spread this video!

tWeeb the Lerker

tWeeb the Lerker2 days ago

The smartphone/computer has been the greatest weapon ever invented. Television a very close second.

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom2 days ago

Today’s giant’s are big corporations that control everything with no concern for the public’s welfare just profit . Is this the generation Jesus has warned us about that shall not pass . Iniquity ( lies ) shall abound in the last day’s . How hard is it to find a person who doesn’t lie these days much less follow the ten commandments . Is money that important to some that they would sell their very soul to obtain it .


huffandpoot2 days ago


Hh Hh

Hh Hh2 days ago

Already two dislikes and the videos been out for two minutes! 🤔something doesn’t make sense!

James Harken

James Harken2 days ago

Please forgive me god. I love you.

Erin James

Erin James2 days ago

A class action lawsuit for fraud would stop this…just sayin.

Nicole Ready

Nicole Ready2 days ago (edited)

How did you put this information together? I 💘 your videos. I’m showing this to everybody.

Christian e.g.

Christian e.g.2 days ago

VERY good and courageous reporting about the most wicked corporation in the world, Monsanto (Monsatan). Everyone in the world should HATE Monsanto with all their might !!

Keep America Great

Keep America Great2 days ago

I’ve been saying for years the biggest deception into the minds of Americans is the media

Mr. Stano

Mr. Stano2 days ago (edited)

Dear Father…forgive me my sins 😔

Dawn Has Broken

Dawn Has Broken2 days ago

I just yelled at my local news for talking about how much climate change will cost us blah blah blah…I NEVER watch it but it was on after what I was watching. I shut it off and turned this on. Talk about perfect!

Calling All Hands On Deck!

Calling All Hands On Deck!2 days ago

Lies, lies, lie they all lie like a rug.

George Jenkins

George Jenkins2 days ago

It is time to hang them from a tree

Answers in The Bible

Answers in The Bible2 days ago

Deception deception. It’s here and we knew it would come. Expect it!

Lee Jennifer Corlew Ayres

Lee Jennifer Corlew Ayres2 days ago

Remote mind control hubs and satellites need to be found and shut down.

Cheryl Clark

Cheryl Clark2 days ago

You’re videos are always packed with the best compilations! So many people are STILL walking around asleep, blind leading the blind, they need to see this and seek Jesus fervently! I’ve been trying to explain to my parents the way MSM, elites, and politicians have been deceiving us to ultimately usher in the AntiChrist, and I never know which subject to start on first, so I’m going to be certain to show them your videos, because there is no denying that you have talent in exposing their evil intentions. Satan is using willing people like pawns in a chess match, and it’s time the blind realized it, turned to Jesus, then put the spiritual discernment the Holy Spirit gives them to PROPER use. Thank you for all you do, may God bless you and yours and cover you in His loving light❤️

Caroline 2017

Caroline 20172 days ago

Spread this to everybody you know and I would suggest that people record this video because I am sure it will be scrubbed very soon thank you so much for providing this I have known this for a long long time but I’ve never seen it all put together in a video like this!! GOD BLESS YOU.

Jason LeBlanc

Jason LeBlanc2 days ago

YES! All the publishing companies. That includes our school text books. Yes that’s right for those that didn’t know. They literally wrote our history over the past century!

Amunah BatYAH

Amunah BatYAH2 days ago (edited)

😂😂😂 👑💎YAHUAH laughs at these evil ones because He knows their demise. . APTYAHUAH forever and ever!🔥!🔥

The rant 2.0

The rant 2.02 days ago

That’s what will be so backward to people when jesus comes . It will be judgement for people that distracted others from Jesus . My Lord my Love forever . He never let’s me go . He is wonderful

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall2 days ago

Netflix is the new TV, don’t watch it!

David Pavely

David Pavely2 days ago

I’ve seen this but it should be put out again.

Samantha Hudson-Kemp

Samantha Hudson-Kemp2 days ago

I wish I Could ‘Like’ this like ten more times 😁

Blocked User

Blocked User2 days ago (edited)

The zionist bank cartels are the ones who have actually been dropping bombs all over the midddle east for the last 100+ years. The corrupt clowns in Washington DC work for them and relay the FAKE NEWS to the public…

James L

James L2 days ago

The Morning ‘News’ of all the networks is nothing more than entertainment, They put on scripted ‘human interest stories’ ie: Reality TV. They sell products of selected merchandisers; this is in addition to the paid advertising we have to suffer through. They use Green Screens in order to enhance Their “truth” to the viewers. And they Never report the Real Issues that are going on in the country and/or the world. Unless it’s a “Disaster” movie! TOTAL YELLOW JOURNALISM.


shoot_the_moon2 days ago

we stopped our paid tv 2 years ago and we feel better

Nikola Krcic

Nikola Krcic2 days ago

Truth seeking is great, but if u find out all the truth in the world, without finding the most important truth of all, it’s then all for nothing. It’s the truth of Truth itself, the truth of the creator, he is also love, good, and amazing. His book the Bible and the historicity of Jesus Christ proves all. Follow Jesus Christ for the most important truth of all.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson1 day ago

I don’t even bother with the weather channel. For they’re all a bunch of drama queens.


pimpjuicedp2 days ago

People please except GOD into your heart and life please pray JESUS is coming

all iknow

all iknow2 days ago

Yes, Even Fox.

Kevin Cronin

Kevin Cronin2 days ago

stop watching the news and reading newspapers..

ed sweitzer

ed sweitzer2 days ago

First they play you Now they want you to understand you’re being played and though your blood might begin to boil, it will cool and you will be more tolerant because of it.

Brenda Lanza

Brenda Lanza2 days ago

Now you know why we get fake news all the time they tell us what they allowed to tell us and don’t show things that they’re not allowed to show you even though it’s true

Maurice Hansel

Maurice Hansel2 days ago

Real news is on YouTube.

abe perdomo

abe perdomo2 days ago

Lol Rothschild let’s theses sport man play with their amazing and on so dam pointless


MrHotbulldozer2 days ago

There will be those who won’t be able to walk down the street when their evil is reveled.

donna taylor

donna taylor2 days ago (edited)

Repetitive no wonder I don’t watch telly anymore The odds dvd now and again It’s quite worrying that parents give there young kids tablets to keep them amused , they can’t settle without them It kinda makes me angry that they fall for the bullshit that’s being fed to them on a daily basis When I was small I was always out playing, Would rather read a gd book

Jimmy Jarvis

Jimmy Jarvis2 days ago

The satanic Rothschild family 😈 all of them. You control the money. You control the world

Australian SkyWatch

Australian SkyWatch2 days ago

Completely smashed it, very informative upload thanks!

Lupe Nunez

Lupe Nunez2 days ago


Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews1 day ago

Soooo…. Our history is fake news and all systems designed to manipulate, profit from, and destroy the user. Leave the matrix. Giving thanks always in all things unto GOD the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:20

Mike Burke

Mike Burke2 days ago

wow. What a video. God will get them. He always does.

John B

John B2 days ago


Ipso Facto

Ipso Facto1 day ago

America was destroyed by feminism. They used the television, (not just the news) to poison the mind’s of people into thinking that it’s a females’ right to murder her own child. That was all that was needed to sow the seeds of our destruction and enslavement. Once you legalize the murder of the most defenseless among us, no one is safe, no one will retain their rights.


sametriaellison272 days ago

We are coming closer and closer to the Antichrist coming.. New world order agenda has begun years ago! But the best thing about it, is that for the Believer, it’s a joyous time of the Lord’s coming soon and very soon. God will destroy those who destroy the earth! His judgement will be severe.. God bless all of you who are woke to this type of information.


M G B2 days ago

Many will come in my name. Do not go with them in the desert. Obviously the valley or pasture is preferred. Psalms 23-27.

John Pratt

John Pratt2 days ago

Lucifer is a defeated foe his time is short

fun Harry

fun Harry2 days ago

I don’t watch TV to be entertained, I watch to analyze, my mind blocks out their mind programming

Julio Pinon

Julio Pinon2 days ago

Truth be told…..

Charles Gilley

Charles Gilley2 days ago


Joe Santorini

Joe Santorini2 days ago

Remember people, God is in control and He has a plan for all this evil. His judgement on all these evil deeds will be harsh – their days are numbered. In the meantime keep your focus on Jesus our saviour and God Almighty , creator of all things.

Elena Caddell

Elena Caddell2 days ago

Monsanto as well as other companies don’t care one way or the other. They just want THIER $$$$. They don’t care about the Animals they torture! WHY? Would they care for humans?? Try to eat as organic. Naturally. As you can. Go to Holistic Drs. They ARE! The 1st Drs to begin with. Shalom

Judy Fradger

Judy Fradger1 day ago

“The news is what we say it is”, Wow. They work for goat Lucy and they’re proud of it! They’ll be in the lake off 🔥 brodcasting bull crap news for all eternity.Wow. Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang. Now before someone comment to my post, those that watch the “conspiracy channel” will know what I mean. Good day.


MASTER-BEVS1 day ago


Par Gok

Par Gok1 day ago

I feel like everyone needs to spread the word about this video how fake these news people are I knew they liked but damn they had to publicly apologize SMH Americans lost their brains and their backbones

J baby

J baby1 day ago

Smh.. crisis actors false flags and fake shootings green screens and movies with predictive programming cartoons with sex act’s… The list goes on these damn people are crazy and sick.. Time to go off grid. The hole world is built of lies..🤔

Jamie Curry

Jamie Curry2 days ago

The “red shield” zionists have to usher in an economic collapse soon to cover up their mistakes of breaking law. for the wise can discern the times and are woke whilst combating against them with use of truth against them. therefore, the elite need a very short but very intense war so that we cannot spread the truth to others and keep all nations in a state of confusion and depression in their hope they forget what they have been told for the elite know they have been caught out in which they need to usher in a NWO of “peace and safety” soon after for the 1% (red shield zionists) to be appointed as slave masters of all those who brand themselves with their mark. Their new proposed system will have every intentions of being good to those of worldly desires, however will be slavery, the carrot on the stick for the donkey to be taken away when they change rules and regulations only realized when its too late in which only then they know they cannot rebel against them. All that is needed below to understand the events at hand, an invitation to all. A stern warning for His church when read in columns also encouragement to all those who not or lack understanding in a fight and spiritual battle for love.Let not your heart be troubled for we have true understanding of what has and what is to be, we have His answer, His confidence, His trust and his commands to go against spiritual wickedness.When the third temple arises don’t be fooled by their surprises. Awake thou that sleepest. JPG: Front: Back: PDF: Front: Back:


beasty2 days ago

JESUS CHRIST saves all and loves all


jpoley12 days ago

CFR your days are numbered, the Lion of Judah is roaring!

Jim Rr

Jim Rr2 days ago

Imam Obama’s Qur’an says this of his god; “Allah is the best of deceivers”. The Bible says Lucifer is the father of all lies. More information about the deception of Islam in America at Acts 17 Apologetics and Usama Dakdok on You Tube.

Uncle Freddy

Uncle Freddy1 day ago

I pulled the plug on TV 14 years ago. What a difference in perspective, their spells don’t work on me at all any more and I can see through their BS miles away.

coco cornflake

coco cornflake2 days ago

thank you for spreading this.

Madi Lee

Madi Lee1 day ago

At least they told the truth for the first time but didn’t complete the sentence, “I scream you scream you know the rest” YES, I do know rest matter the fact Jesus told me “there will be screaming yelling and gnashing of teeth I the LAKE OF FIRE and brimstone.

Don Diego Pelluchi

Don Diego Pelluchi2 days ago

Those who dislike this video should never have existed, they are the problem, not the solution

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    • nomorelabels

      “Fake news” was around LONG before Trump got everyone repeating the buzz phrase, and also the “deep state” phrase that everyone now repeats is still in charge.

      Yes, we were lied to about much, politics and religion are the worst offenders. People get wary of it all and tired of the constant diet of fear and doom.




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