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Los Angeles Battle Ground Zero, Military Operations & Signs of What's Coming: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

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Army Night Stalkers helicopter Los Angeles

BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

After Obama ended his socialist regime of selected Deep State military, (after the purge of Admirals and Generals)….selected intelligence personnel and the 7,000 Senior Executive Service (SES) types that dictate government policies and presidential transition training, etc…..WE thought that military (Urban Warfare) exercises, like ‘Operation Jade Helm15′ encompassing 7 southwest states, alleged to be Obama’s gig for rounding-up Patriots would end with the election of Donald Trump….so what happened?

JADE HELM actually stands for the amazingly obtuse Joint Assistance for Deployment Execution Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. It was 2015 when numerous Wal*Marts closed and were converted to hold prisoners…..they still exist and under control by FEMA.

This week’s major military operations, in and around downtown Los Angeles (Feb 4th – Feb 9th), has certain segments of society on-edge as to why this is happening on our streets in America again. There are several theories floating around and we will address a few here.

“The nature of warfare is always changing and U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests.” –The Army Times

We’ve talked about [predictive programming] and we know the psyop is happening on a greater scale now, more than ever before. We can conclude one fact…..the military operation is for Americans to feel comfortable with military helicopters, one after another with lights off, landing and extracting numbers of troops on Wilshire Blvd this week. The more that a population experiences these operations, the more they will accept these operations when the time comes…..

Military Helicopters in DTLA 2/4/19 – Video

Not seen, but high above at 20,000 feet was the Navy’s electronics’ surveillance jet, A Navy P-8 Poseidon Jet Has Been Flying Mysterious Circles … capable of monitoring every cell phone or other communications in and around a target zone….the same type spy jet used nearly everyday to antagonize the Chinese Navy operating in the disputed man-made islands in the South China Sea lately.

The latest military operation is not limited to just Los Angeles, I intercepted military communications in Arizona with groups of tactical fighters practicing electronic targeting of civilian landmarks and RV parks no less. One RV park “on an island with a bridge” was completely destroyed electronically, and I can only assume it was in the Lake Havasu area along the California / Arizona border on the Colorado River where an island with an RV park exists.

The tactical fighters were tasked with a team leader, or AWAC jet, pointing-out landmarks, their description and cross roads, requiring the attack pilot to identify and discuss other related structures in-order to confirm the main target….followed by authority to launch missiles on the specified and identified target. Several fighter jets were spaced one minute apart for the fake attack.

Combine the rural and urban military operations….together suggests the training and operations are for something specific coming our way, or there are plans for actual military operations in another country, possibly Iran or Venezuela. Between Iran and Venezuela, Iran is the one in the hot seat.

The last time I listened to everyday military operations / communications I suspected the training was for an upcoming event (war) and it turned-out to be Syria.

Today’s latest threats are (two)….Iran and Venezuela, but considering the most threatening, besides China….we’re hearing that Iran has or will launch a test missile very soon. President Trump at his SOTU speech addressed the need for the U.S. to maintain troops in Iraq for the specific purpose to “monitor Iran.”

In 1999, my flight(s) from Paris to Mumbai India always routed our DC-10 over Tehran, and the size of the city (then) appeared to be much smaller than Los Angeles, the (possible) template for such an operation, and this raises another point that needs to be made.

In a military base in Virginia or Maryland, Infowars reported a full blown American looking city with all the bells and whistles needed for the military to effectively train in.

In Nevada, on a military base, there is a large Middle Eastern built city with volunteers paid to act aggressive and threatening to U.S. military troops. In the Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona, there is another Middle Eastern town built for training…..

Therefore…why Los Angeles?

Again….a psyop to acclimate citizens to an event that WE suspect is coming and could very well involve Los Angeles.

The Deep State (still) have hundreds, if not thousands of rogue elements inside the military and the intelligence agencies, and what THEY tell Trump as to why a military operation in Los Angeles is necessary for training, might not be the underlining truth of what is coming. Could it be training for Iran, China, or for a threat that is (biblically) natural or extraterrestrial?

Latest reports about earthquakes show an extraordinary increase along the San Andreas Fault, including volcano activity from California to Alaska. (Feb 7th) Earthquakes Rattle Westwood, Twentynine Palms……

Ok, so….earthquakes and Los Angeles being destroyed should have nothing to do with full blown military operations on the streets of downtown L.A. with fake bombs exploding here and there for realism as helicopters land one after another extracting troops, but what could happen as a result of massive earthquakes would be absolute chaos and civil unrest in the days following.

Is the United States vulnerable to an attack with foreign troops landing on the shores of California…well, under a Hillary Clinton presidency and the ’16 Year Plan’ we know the goal was to set-up the United States for destruction by a foreign origin, likely China.

Under Trump, the ‘White Hat Patriots’ of our U.S. Military (The Alliance) are prepared to counter an attack, contrary to the Communist plan that is STILL somewhat evident in what the Deep State is capable of creating, or causing.

Then of course, the possibility the Deep State takes-out Trump, one way or another, the Deep State and all their operatives will become immediate targets by an element of the U.S. military as opposing sides of the military and Americans go into an all out bloody civil war. Does the CIA / NSA algorithms (A.I.) see the future??

Now….we can weigh that strong possibility against an outer space encounter with meteors or the latest report by a Harvard Professor astronomer suggesting a very large, long and as big as the Empire State Building has been sighted (again) near Jupiter and he emphatically believes it is from an intelligent origin.

Is this the same one, a cigar shaped looking rock that passed-by earth not very long ago, while some believe it is was an ancient alien ship. Is there another one coming now? Cigar shaped meteors (lately) have no commonality to regular meteors ever seen.

“Considering an artificial origin, one possibility is that ‘Oumuamua” – pronounced Oh-mooah-mooah – “is a lightsail, floating in interstellar space as a debris from an advanced technological equipment,” Loeb wrote with his colleague Shmuel Bialy in Astrophysical Journal Letters in November – thrilling E.T. enthusiasts and upsetting the fragile orbits of space academia.”

Whatever it is and if (WE) destroy it, what would be the percussions of debris rocks or metal slamming into earth? The bigger question….is there intelligence to suggest the rogue extraterrestrial existence on earth, or under the earth in caverns preparing an attack? WE do know, the Illuminati / Deep State and the Secret Space Program (SSP) are very much involved with the Nordics and Greys among at least 7 other entities.

“A bizarre interstellar object called ‘Oumuamua continues to perplex astronomers a year after it vanished. Here’s why a few scientists still wonder if it was alien.”


UFO Sighting in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 2018-05-13 13:28:00 – Doughnut turning to cylinder

UFO Stalker 6 hours ago

UFO Sighting in Angier, North Carolina on 2019-02-05 00:00:00 – It came over my backyard, very low. very low. it hovered. it continued on path and disappeared.

UFO Stalker 7 hours ago

UFO Sighting in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania on 1966-06-30 21:10:00 – Hovering ufo above church steeple. after about 2 mins, slowly started to move, then shot away at speeds never again observed by any craft since then, even military jets.

UFO Stalker 7 hours ago

UFO Sighting in Oakland, Maine on 2019-02-07 18:50:00 – North on 95 ,before the 124 exit , object traveling east to west , two really bright lights with other smaller lights , no strobes

UFO Stalker 8 hours ago

UFO Sighting in Reno, Nevada on 2018-06-30 00:00:00 – Looked like a larger pearl – observed 2 spheres in formation

UFO Stalker 8 hours ago

If we were under attack, or to be attacked…. we can expect the fakestream media to be very vague about the REAL threat, and as for [predictive programming]….. have THEY been setting us up for such an event? You decide….

CNN Fake News…..Get Your Popcorn Out !

(Battle Los Angeles) Military prepares for Deployment into L.A. (Threat Con-Delta) – Video

CBS Los Angeles (Real Time) This Week

Military Exercises In Downtown LA – Video

How about a fake alien attack (false flag) under the decades old ‘Project Blue Beam’ on standby to rein-in the New World Order? ‘Project Blue Beam’ is a planned invasion of [fake] alien attack from space and/or the ‘Second Coming of Christ.’

Was the recent use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) with streaks of blue beams from above on the Paradise fires, or the New York and Louisiana major transformer explosion events a test of ‘Project Blue Beam?’

Every time we turn around there’s some type of event, created by the Deep State, and because of the internet and everyone with a cellphone camera, we often discover it was a false flag…..just as 9/11 was a false flag that killed over 3,000 people in the blink of an eye. [Problem-Reaction-Solution]

On 9/11, we saw scripted reports, i.e., the BBC reporter with WTC 7 (still) standing behind her, she reports “the building has collapsed” 23 minutes before it actually fell in it’s own footprint in less than 7 seconds, a controlled demolition. WE have now learned from Dr. Dave Janda, George W. Bush has “Flipped” on those (and himself) responsible for 9/11.

The media lies and are told what to report by rogue elements within the CIA and DIA. Some say it’s to “not cause alarm to the real reason(s)’ but we know that’s absolute horse shit…..

Whatever is [planned] and coming our way, there will be little to no truth, just as the Las Vegas Massacre and the “lone gunman” is still NOT being reported as to what really happened behind the scenes as several gunman were firing from different locations and the attempted assassination of a Saudi Prince….a Deep State operation. The local police and FBI refuse to release any and all reports, except to say…”we found no motive as to why the shooter decided to kill concert goers.” No shit Sherlock !!

The question remains….what does the Deep State have up their sleeve as a finale to either make Trump look like he instigated an event, or war, or will it be their final episode as a last ditch effort to show Trump and the Patriots, the Deep State / Illuminati are still in-control? Here’s the latest report from Russia’s Sputnik News concerning the Los Angeles military operation…..

Like ‘Jade Helm15′ and the similarities of military operations in Los Angeles, the mission statement is the same…..monitor, surveillance, strategize, mobilize, deployment, execute the plan, and extraction.

However, combined with electronic laser air attacks on RV parks in Arizona and operations in Los Angeles, there appears to be a combined effort by the military to counter something much broader than learning how to fly helicopters into and between tall buildings.

A mission that can work for most anything coming our way, or Iran’s way, an important [optic] for those that threaten the United States. But this time….it’s not for Patriots a.k.a. ‘militants’ that want to overthrow the [Obama] government of the United States, but (I guess) that depends on what type of government we will have in 2020.

Most every analyst says, the Deep State will attempt to pull-off another 9/11 event….and if it is WWIII, the Deep State knows that a sitting ‘war president’ is never a one term president, therefore….look for something, so bizarre…maybe out-of-this-world….more murder and mayhem that will kill thousands, if not millions for an agenda that can destroy this president, including the well known (coming) worldwide economic collapse.

As for me, I am seeing way too much [predictive programing] of a coming event out west, therefore…I have decided to MOVE deeper into the Arizona landscape very soon…..if anything, to avoid the massive departures of Californians into western Arizona if and when.

—Dave Bertrand

MYSTERY booming sounds have been shaking houses and terrifying residents after “flashes of light” were spotted across America

Feb 8th, 2019

Experts have been left baffled by a spate of seismic booms from Arizona to New York that appear to have gathered pace over the past week.

The string of phenomena was first reported last Thursday morning when locals in three separate Tennessee counties reported hearing loud booming noises.

On the same day, North Carolinians contacted police reporting unexplained loud blasts and booms that kept them awake at night.

Two homeowners said the booms were so powerful that they briefly lost power as a result of the tremors, Mysterious Universe reported.

Mary Buck told The Sun Online: “There was a loud boom heard in Gum Spring, Virginia, on Wednesday February 7 around 7pm.

“My neighbours and I heard it. We live close to interstate 64 so we just assumed something happened but there were no reported incidents.

“It sounded like an explosion. Could be related to other ‘mysterious boom’ noises reported?”

Similarly unexplained explosions have been reported happening in isolation over the past years, but rarely with this frequency.

On Saturday, loud bangs were reported in Rhode Island, where Jeremy Braza’s doorbell captured a video and audio of a loud noise over a three minute period.

READ MORE…………………………….

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

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  • jdpent01

    I think Q needs to move up his broad arrest dates, if not already done so. A hundred plus members in congress , drain the swamp.

  • Justin Case

    Whatever it is, it is not business as usual…

  • Windwarrior7777

    AS crazy as it sounds to the unknowing and uninitiated….my best guess on the large Booms originating from under ground is that secretly our military is doing battle with the multi dimensionsl reptilian and Satanic forces that have been our true masters and living beneath our feet for milleniums. They have been appearing in large numbers coming up to the earths surface in remote areas that haturally have tube or cave systems. They are definitely closely tied to the World Satanic Cabal and Deep State that is currently being uprooted and systematically destroyed by Trump, the Patriots and with the hidden cooperation of other world leaders such as Putin. Since 99.9% of the american and world public is completely unaware of this interterrestrial demonic hordes existence within our planet the military would be forced to take military action to block their planned surface invasion and destroy them in complete secrecy or the world would be consumed by a shocking chaotic dysfunctional state of mind blown panic. Trump and the boys know they are there. For that matter so do there counterparts and allies within the reptilian based World Satanic Deep State Cabal. Time for the worlds Humanity to wake up. THIS IS THE HOUR OF THE GREAT AWAKENING TO MANY MANY HIDDEN TRUTHS THAT HAVE BEEN SECRETED AND USED AGAINST US. Our continued belief in an archane and prevaricating fabrication of Christian dogma and religious practices has been the most effective “Dumb Bomb” in Satan/ Lucifers arsenal of W.O.D.D.’s Weapons of Destructive Deception. The average Humans state of “higher consciousness” has just barely managed to raise itself a hairsbreadth above our stone age ancestors and with the intentional mind controlling propaganda of television and the Mass Media Fake News….we may actually be at a minus factor….. The eyes cannot see…what the mind refuses to conceive or believe.

  • Redheadedlady63

    I find it interesting that there have been no news reports of this on any of the MSM channels. Perhaps this “drill” is only being discussed on local California TV news stations?

  • bill.crismon

    Wehner Von Braun was right…The last tactic will be a Fake Alien Invasion to usher in a One World government…




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