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Revelation Movie Exclusive Full-Length Viewing For The Next 9 Days – Must See +Video

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Image: REVELATION Movie exclusive full-length viewing for the next 9 days – must see

By:   /  Natural News

 Thanks to an arrangement with the film producers, for the next nine days you can watch the full length documentary, “REVELATION: Dawn of Global Government.” Click here to watch the movie trailer.

This documentary film features music legend Charlie Daniels, plus Gerald Celente, G. Edward Griffin, Sheriff Mack, Joel Skousen and other guests who unveil the dark truth about the push for global government that actively seeks to enslave humanity.

With historically accurate re-enactment scenes starring “George Washington,” the film reveals a powerful look inside the agenda of global authoritarianism (and why all who love humanity’s freedom must resist globalism).

Register at this link to watch the full documentary right now.

See the Mike Adams interview with the film producers

I recently invited the film producers to my Austin studio for an interview. We discussed the origins of the project, the importance of the issues covered in the film and why America stands at a crossroads of liberty vs. tyranny.

Watch the full interview below, or go to the following link at, the new video site alternative to YouTube:

Don’t miss the full documentary. Register at this link to watch it now.

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    • beLIEve

      “Bible” prophecies……..AGENDA of the NRW WORLD ODOUR………. rather than……….FOREsight. :idea:


      Christian organizations have totally IGNORED the HI$TORY behind the book of Revelation and its AUTHOR, a gnostic RABBI named CERINTHU$. :idea:
      The simple fact that ALL SCRIPTURE HA$ PA$$ED THROUGH the hands of the canonical decrees of the Roman CATHOLIC CHURCH Catholic (SATAN’$ COUNTERFEIT version of Christianity), should raise a flag to proceed with caution to use our God given Spirit of discernment specially when it comes to future PROPHETIC EVENTS. The version that was canonized into the bible was a version that was authored BY CERINTHU$.

      Here’s the TRUE HISTORY behind the book of REVELATION ……… :idea:

      Historian Eusebius was commissioned by Roman Emperor Constantine and given the responsibility of creating the OFFICIAL CHRISTIAN BIBLE and BY 331 AD :idea: the first 50 bibles were created and delivered to the Churches of Constantinople.
      The Bibles DID NOT CONTAIN the Apocalypse of John (REVELATION).

      Eusebius recorded the words of Dionysius, BISHOP of ALEXANDRIA in the LATE 200′s AD CAIMING that REVELATION WAS A FORGERY. :idea:
      There were OTHER SCHOLARS and WRITERS of the first three centuries who were also on record TESTIFYING in regards to the FALSEHOOD and authenticity of the book of Revelation and TO the INVOLVEMENT OF of a Gnostic RABBI named CERINTHU$.

      A Christian sect called the Alogi stated that it was clear that CERINTHU$ WA$ THE TRUE AUTHOR of the BOOK of REVELATIONafter analyzing and comparing his writing style to that of Johns.
      “Additional light has been shown on the matter VI, p. 397″ Caius maintained that the APOCALYPSE OF JOHN WA$ THE WORK OF the Gnostic CERINTHU$”

      CERINTHUS, a man who was educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians, operated a school that followed and used the Gospel of Cerinthus. He DENIED that THE SUPREME GOD HAD MADE the PHYSICAL WORLD and, and denied the divinity of Jesus.
      CERINTHU$ WA$ A follower of the ZEALOT party, a group which had A STRONG POLITICAL AGENDA. The ZEALOTS TAUGHT that :idea: A MILITARY-POLITICAL ME$$IAH…WOULD SOON appear to…CONQUER the WORLD and rule for a thousand years from Jerusalem.

      This CONCEPT of MILLENIALI$M was PROMOTED DURING THE SECOND CENTURY BY MONTANUS who according to historian Eusebius of Caesarea entered into an ecstatic state of convulsions and began prophesying that the NEW JERUSALEM WOULD shortly DESCEND OUT OF THE CLOUDS…AND LAND IN A TOWN CALLED PHRYGIA. :idea: thus becoming one of the first “Prophet” to PREDICT when THE END OF THE WORLD would occur.

      MONT ANUS….WA$ A PRIE$T OF the Oriental ecstatic cult of CYBELE, the mother goddess of fertility. She was partially assimilated to aspects of the Earth-goddess Gaia, her Minoan equivalent Rhea, and the Harvest-Mother goddess Demeter. Some city-states, notably Athens, evoked her as a protector, but her most celebrated Greek rites and processions show her as an exotic mystery-goddess who arrives in a lion-drawn chariot to the accompaniment of wild music, wine, and a disorderly, ecstatic following.

      Uniquely in Greek religion, she had A TRANSGENDER PRIE$THOOD. Many of her Greek cults included rites to a divine Phrygian castrate shepherd-consort Atis. In Rome, Cybele was known as Magna Mater (“Great Mother”). The Roman State adopted and developed a particular form of her cult after the Sibylline oracle recommended her conscription as a key religious component in Rome’s second war against Carthage. Roman mythographers reinvented her as a Trojan goddess, and thus an ancestral goddess of the Roman people by way of the Trojan prince Aeneas. With Rome’s eventual hegemony over the Mediterranean world, Romanised forms of Cybele’s cults spread throughout the Roman Empire.

      Ultimately, 35 years of fierce opposition and multiple Councils, the book of Revelation was included at the Council of Laodicea in 367 AD and 30 years later under the tutelage of the Bishop of Carthage and with imperial and papal approval, issued a definitive canon (legal decree) of Scripture setting out all the texts that form what is now universally called “The Bible” at the Council of Carthage, held on 28 August 397. This canon has remained unchallenged for over a thousand years.

      The Roman CATHOLIC CHURCH WA$ SUCCESSFUL in PU$HING…CERINTHU$’$ REVELATION….INTO THE BIBLE CANON which would eventually ALLOW the powers that be, BLOODLINE OF THE $ERPENT $EED…TO EXECUTE THEIR NWO DEPOPULATION AGENDA….and…CRIMES AGAIN$T HUMANITY…..with minimum resistance from the Christian community.


      * * *

      God Denies Satan’s Book of Revelation – The Organic Gospel has been Reinstated

      • beLIEve


        AGENDA of the NRW WORLD ODOUR…..should read………………NEW WORLD ODOUR :idea:

    • beLIEve

      WHAT is…THEIR….. END GAME :?:

      As Armin Risi describes it in “TranscEnding the Global Power Game“, various secretive organizations have always believed in A COMING…POLITICAL ME$$IAH….. that WOULD RUN THEIR PLANNED world government / NEW WORLD ODOUR, stating of course that Jesus was not the announced messiah. BELIEF IN ALIEN Gods as well as etherial entities IS A CORE COMPONENT of their “secret knowledge” and rituals, as well as the key masonic and apocalyptic principal, “Out of Chaos Comes Order”.

      * * *

      DOUBLE SPEAK and thieving DUPLICITY from Illuminati “iCON”….Maurice Strong…………..


      Global Warming Scam Born In San Fransisco By ROTH$CHILD BANKING Cartel’s……MAURICE STRONG
      June 20th 2017

      MaximsNewsNetwork, a….UN NEWS OUTLET…. posted an interview with MAURICE STRONG on October 14, 2009, in which POWER-BEHIND the THRONE….. CHIEFTAIN….and current Chinese national Maurice Strong talks about the Copenhagen conference.

      In the interview Strong stated- among other things- that “WHAT I$ NECE$$ARY I$ A GLO-BAAL SYSTEM of GOVERNANCE through which the nations of the world cooperate to address issues which none can deal with alone.”

      In a spectacular example of doublethink, STRONG proves himself a MA$TER-CONjurer: after STATING that “GLOBAL GOVERNMENT IS NEITHER NECESSARY NOR PRACTICAL” he actually says: “(…) the role of global government would be to provide the framework of principles and contexts required to facilitate actions which can be best taken at the local, national or regional levels.”

      * * *

      :?: TIME CONSTRAINTS…….Are THEY running OUT of TIME :?:


      One such ILLUMINATI member is DAVID ROCKEFELLER, who is the Chairman of The Council On Foreign Relations. It was David Rockefeller in 1994 was stated . . .

      “This PRESENT WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, WILL NOT BE OPEN FOR TOO LONG- We are on the verge of a global transformation. ALL WE NEED I$ THE…RITE….MAJOR CRI$I$….. and the nations will accept the New World Order.” —David ROCKEFELLER speaking at the UN, Sept. 14, 1994.

      Satan’s Counterfeit ISRAEL, Antichrist & WORLD RULE

      * * *


      So……THEY LACK……….ANY so-called “authority” :idea:

      It appears that politicians are BEING PAID to ACT OUT a fAR$E :!:


      Now Hiring Citizen MILITIA … (Video)

      Friday, October 26, 2018

    • Slimey

      You have to register? Nahhhh…… Don’t know if it has speed buttons, CC capture, etc., like Youtube. :arrow: :neutral:

    • nomorelabels

      “why America stands at a crossroads of liberty vs. tyranny.”

      Too late…that all changed 17 years ago and since then, liberties and freedoms continue to be removed via “the patriot act”.

      This cannot be turned into yet another left vs. right issue. It is absolutely an issue of tyranny and oppression under the guise of
      “terror” that began 17 years ago and it is far too late to undo the damage of the Bush Jr. and Obama admin’s.

      Stunning how folks forget what started it all in regards to our liberties, etc. PNAC (look it up) was crafted by so called conservatives
      in the late 1990′s and the plan is long begun to take hold under most folks noses.

      While shallow men and women argue about and fight each other over various political ideologies, the distraction has been useful
      for the crimes of the century against the American people.

      The division and distraction are on PURPOSE…both sides play the game against you and most jump right in thinking they are
      helping to make America great again…forgetting and willingly denying how it started down this path 17 years ago.




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