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Barack Hussein Obama: Con Man and Criminal Admits He Is Foreign-Born +Videos

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By Bradlee Dean  /  News With Views

“Three years ago, I visited Kenya as The first sitting president to come from Kenya.” -Barack Hussein Obama

While many Americans are still waiting on indictments and prosecution of the Clintons, and rightfully so, don’t forget about the crimes of Barrack Hussein Obama who has yet to be lawfully dealt with as well.

This criminal not only was given a free hand by the American people to transgress the United States Constitution 1,180 times, but he had the audacity to play it down by lying (John 8:44) over and over again that he was not a foreign-born citizen.

As a matter of fact anyone who dared point out that he was a foreigner (I was one of them) and ineligible for the presidency of the United States (Article 2, Clause 5) was called by the CIA-controlled media, today’s conservatives (yesterday’s lawless liberals) and the professed Christians, a conspiracy theorist or a “birther.” Names, of course, were used to demean and discredit anyone and everyone that dared call out the obvious when it came to Barack Hussein Obama because they were unwilling to deal with him themselves.

I guess that when the foreign criminal served 143 days in the Illinois Senate, and mysteriously becomes the United States President, then takes a break after his “57 state U.S. Tour”, you would think that was enough to tell on himself, and the American people would then lawfully respond.

Apparently not!

Instead of putting a stop to his campaign run, the American people simply laughed it off so they themselves did not have to lift a finger to put a stop to this criminal (Jeremiah 5:19).

Even when his wife (?) blurted out the truth in her confusion, that was not good enough for Americans.  They still ignored his ineligibility.

Think of this, even with all of the information concerning Barack’s falsified birth certificate, his falsified social security numbers, and his falsified college records all filed way, literally every conservative radio talking head or otherwise avoided to confront and address the issue concerning this criminal’s eligibility.  They literally stayed as far away from the topic as they possibly could. Cowards!

Even when Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s team clearly exposed the fraudulent document for what it was, and is, the conservatives were found to be derelict of duty when it came to taking a stand against the crimes of Barrack Hussein Obama’s criminal administration, even while all the well knowing that Barack’s effeminate and criminal czars were entertaining America’s sworn enemies within the people’s White House (Jeremiah 5:31).

And of course, now that Barack Hussein Obama finally admits to the truth that he is foreign-born, you can rest assured that today’s conservatives will remain silent, hoping that you just forget that they are just as treasonous to you and your country as Barack Hussein Obama (Luke 22:48).

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    • unidentified

      he didnt really win the election, just like trump

      • Anonymous

        Sun says, or Bush 43.

      • faithbrother

        Oh please, President Trump
        Fair And Square.
        Blaming Obama’s Treasonous Actions on the Conservatives .
        Is a farce.
        WE watched for 8 years while Christians
        burned in cages by Obama’s ISIS armed Terrorists .
        Now is the Time to Jail these DEMOCRAT Traitors.
        He is still Trying to undermine Our President .He was behind All the Phone tapping Him Jihadkillary and the DNC conspired to Use Our Intelligence agencies
        in such a Lawless manner with these now FIRED Corrupt Top Cops.
        Lock them All up .

    • Andy

      love the fairy-tale references :eek:

    • AmericaWakeUpNow

      Obama is a globalist CIA puppet, Manchurian candidate!!!

    • Slimey

      I have long called for the arrest of this PHONY Negro and reprehensible sodomite. THIS was one of the most EGREGIOUS treason EVER committed on this Republic.

      And to think it was the law-making body of this country. 535 cowardly Congogressmen fell for the “trick” Negro and someone is laughing really hard about it.

      They knew what a goofy Negro “President” would do to this country. Set it back 8 years for Hillaryous effect. But she ended up losing anyway. :twisted:

    • LindaJoyAdams

      DO NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN FOLKS! As the birthers did to promote Obama UN Sec General fake info be out.. He was born in Topeka Ks at Forbes Air force Base hospital and Kris Kobach has his real birth record and did not tell the truth in court in 9/12 And the media had the info back in 2008 and admits they suppressed it.. They all had the Topeka papers birth announcements back then. THE PLOT FOR OVER 50 YEARS: was never President but UN SEC GEN and over the last decade a lot of our sovereign rights are npw under them and the international cabal of contractors for us, UN and over a hundred nations now with no govt oversight is in charge His real dad, Jim T Parks ,16 was lynched in 3/61 in attack that was to have ended his life, unborn and his mothers my second cousin, age 15 said that Jim fought back so she could get free and ran for help and e died that day.. Her dad , on duty in African arranged the marriage to Obama Sr of all the ‘right blood lines?”
      The UN head is to be passed around areas of the world and past due for one from North America and who could win African and Muslim votes now?? THE FAKE BIO THAT WAS CREATED to do so as for Hawaii, that state said he was not born there back in 1961 when they never certified his grandmother’s forgery. There is an open FBII case since 3/61 as on land under federal jurisdiction at the time.and no justice to day and the soul of a baby was of no concern to all the plotters especially since 1975 …..The attempt on my life in 5/61at age 16 when it became known my parents had gdnshp of my dad’s great niece had me wanting to forget a scary time.. and had rare contact after his mother and he a few weeks after birth left Topeka for her to finish HS at mercer island and did in 1963. I never knew Obama Sr ever to live with her. PS GET REAL CONFUSED FOR BIOS OF 2 STANLEY DUNHAM FAMILIES IN AJUMBLE His grandfather , my first cousin was Daniel Wayne Pope from Colorado who took the ID of the older Stanley Dunham from KS to go to WWii AT AGE 14 WHEN THE OLDER ONE WASCALLED BACK FOR D- Day and his wife and dttr took the names of the older and another took the name of Dan. When Dan came tour home in winter of 53 in his Army Uniform with the name Dunham on it.. He needed to speak to my dad, to get the codes to get in as he was being sent to Russia m he told me when he walked up to me. and understood later was to get rid of Stalin as Pres Eisenhower ‘s first? act in office . I am in this for justice for those who died and Jim was written out of history in Topeka and Justice DENIED ONE DENIES IT TO ALL AND MURDERERS WHO WORE HOODS MAY STILL BE ALIVE.. should any one care.. I pray for Obama daily . and I did try to get past Valorie Jarret to no avail as many high level have covered up the truth of Topeka birth and horror… so I began sharing details on line in the last 1/2 of 2012 Daily Recaps “EVERY ONE ” KNEW AND ONE TALK TOTHISDAY AS I found SCARED WITNESSES EARLY ON UNWILLING TO SPEAK OUT.. AFTER THE FIRST ONES DID AND I THOUGHT THE]E TRUTH WAS OUT UNITL I Got ON LINE IN 12/08 for more than pay bill.etc I actually voted for in-law and another relative of Obama’s and mine on the other ticket back in 2008 and did not pay much attn. but to vote When I went fully public I never said who for 2012 but another in-law of us was in opposition ….Our part of the family was never in what some got into in politics and not part of any special or secret powerful group…. After all the corruption that has now been found out while they had everyone trying to find his KS birth records all over the world, I really have no wish to be part of much and pray for Pres Trump that he keeps faith and does not forget the one among all the issues we all face now. The one denied, is a child of the Almighty and precious in HIs sight..and a BLOOD CURSE OF 3/61 for the world is what I wish I would not truly believe exists. And needs to be removed from the world by the whole truth being known and a soul of a baby allowed to be his own person as important when one has leadership position of any kind Linda Joy Adams

    • Canderson

      The whole person Barack Hussein Obama is a forgery. Mary Ann Dunham is not his real mother.




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