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Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency

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It was just yesterday when we documented the continuing slide in the loonie, which is suffering mightily in the face of oil’s inexorable decline.

As regular readers are no doubt acutely aware, Canada is struggling through a dramatic economic adjustment, especially in Alberta, the heart of the country’s oil patch. Amid the ongoing crude carnage the province has seen soaring property crime, rising food bank usage and, sadly, elevated suicide rates, as Albertans struggle to comprehend how things up north could have gone south (so to speak) so quickly.

The plunging loonie “can only serve to worsen the death of the ‘Canadian Dream’” we said on Tuesday.

As it turns out, we were exactly right.

The currency’s decline is having a pronounced effect on Canadians’ grocery bills. As Bloomberg reminds us, Canada imports around 80% of its fresh fruits and vegetables. When the loonie slides, prices for those goods soar. “With lower-income households tending to spend a larger portion of income on food, this side effect of a soft currency brings them the most acute stress,” Bloomberg continues.

Of course with the layoffs piling up, you can expect more households to fall into the “lower-income” category where they will have to fight to afford things like $3 cucumbers, $8 cauliflower, and $15 Frosted Flakes. Have a look at the following tweets which underscore just how bad it is in Canada’s grocery aisles.

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No “Jack Nasty” it’s not The Great Depression, but as we highlighted three weeks ago, it is Canada’s depression and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. “Last year, fruits and veggies jumped in price between 9.1 and 10.1 per cent, according to an annual report by the Food Institute at the University of Guelph,” CBC said on Tuesday. “The study predicts these foods will continue to increase above inflation this year, by up to 4.5 per cent for some items.”


An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


Imagine what will happen here.

David DeGerolamo

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    • Redeemer

      Yes the agenda is in full flow.

      The elite will soon run and hide in the bunkers paid for with citizens taxes, after engineering a full economic collapse as well as starting WW3, plus will they make sure that there are enough Jihadi’s in the West to start a race war.

      That should be enough to cover up the failed fiat ponzi scheme and take care of the excessive population……

      • Problem, Reaction, Solution

        We are next…Wake up!

    • GuitarLots

      This is accelerating much faster than what I expected, and this new development is very serious. Pray for our good neighbors to the north … and get prepared … we’re next. Enjoy the my original music to calm the stress …

      • vaalix

        Its right on que for what I have expected. Listen to Jim willie.
        After listening to him since August, I have been predicitng the crash in late feb/march to be in full swing.

        We might see riots by spring time. I am in canada but I think the u.s is about to erupt into a massive civil war.. They haven’t been disarmed yet so they are trying to hold on but the global rejection of the petro dollar is speeding all of this up big time.. By spring you won’t believe what your seeing/living through it will be that bad.

        Stock up:
        canned beans/canned foods.
        alcohol-for barter
        smokes-for barter
        E-cigs and juicees-for barter
        Medications, start saving pills for diabetes/hearth isseus etc..
        OTC meds- asprin, ibuprofen etc..
        VITAMINS- Very essential to have. multu vitamisn, whey powder etc.

        And pray to god we don’t lose power but if you have money to burn, invest into solar power now even if you don’t set it up, have it stored with your supplies and have a mobile version in case you need to head out of the cities..
        And make sure you get a CB radio and side bands with good antennas.
        Also make sure you have some basic hand tools like hand saws, axes etc..

        And I would prepare a emergency grab bag just in case you have no time in a real disaster..
        be safe.

      • Razor

        Not sure where you American’s have been for the past 8 years or so, but?….CANADA ALREADY DIED!…. WE HAVE NO EMPLOYMENT ….ALL JOBS EVEN ALL ENGINEERING IS BEING DONE OUTSIDE CANADA OR BY TFW’s “Imported treasonous SCUM usually from India, China or some other 3rd world ASIAN “money chasing” CORRUPT COUNTRY! Canadian’s have NOT worked in over 10 years. WE MAKE NOTHING IN CANADA ANYMORE!……NOTHING! But we DO have a city called “Toronto” we call it “CRACK TOWN” and there you will find A PERSON FROM EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH, except CANADA. Amazing isn’t it? So if you think Toronto is Canada THINK AGAIN!….NO CANADIAN’s LIVE THERE, so if you do business in this IMPORTED TOWN, expect to be scammed!,,,,,Enjoy America.

    • Kvek It

      Ok, That’s very funny. I live in Canada andI could agree if this article would talk about Brocolli at 5$ or cauliflowers at 6$, But black pepper at 18$? C’mon, give me a break. I was just telling my wife yesterday how pork meat was at an incredibly low price this week. I get 22 lbs of flour for 12$ as usual. Soap for 32$? You must be kidding, right?

      • sitrep

        Kvek It
        What are you talking about, can you understand what if anything that you just posted?
        run that stuff through your translator then post it, ok

        • truthlovingsoul


          as usual, the most illiterate, rude a$$hole in the room critiques others’ grammar…..


      • equal eyes

        I agree Kvek It, someone is giving the Americans false info about Canadian food prices.
        No-one i know pays those prices reported in the article.
        Here’s what I pay;
        broccoli bunch, $1.99
        black pepper 100grams, $.99

        My advice is to ditch all those expensive Brand name products (Club House, Tide) and buy house brands associated with different grocery chains, or buy at bulk food stores for big savings.

    • Razor

      Yes we Canadian’s have been putting up with “TREASON” for some time now. Looks like you American’s have NOT been paying attention, and it appears YOU are FOLLOWING our DEMONIC BILDERBERGER SUPPORTER STEPHEN HARPER, you know the guy, we KICKED HIS BUTT OUT, but?????…The DAMAGE done by these DEMON worshippers is beyond repair now. You see, we IMPORTED ALL LABOUR FOR THE PAST !) YEARS, not one single Canadian born citizen was considered. The TFW program was used as a means to DRIVE SALARIES INTO PROVERTY LEVELS! Than to add INSULT to injury, a Canadian is REJECTED to get any assistance welfare wise or FOOD wise, because these Temporary Foreign get priority. Why you ask? because our TREASONIST GOVERNMENT pays 4 dollars an hour of their salary, making it very NON attracted to hire a REAL CANADIAN! If you look at the following industries here in Canada at the moment, you will notice the following FACTS!
      1, All hotel staff are IMPORTED TFW’s
      2, All restaurant staff are IMPORTED TFW’s
      3, All Government jobs are offered to IMPORTED TFW’s ONLY!
      4, ALL CABS are driven by IMPORTED Individuals.
      5, ALL TRUCKING is done by IMPORTED individuals.
      6, All Municipal JOBS are going ONLY to IMPORTED TFW’s.
      7, ALL NEW HOSPITAL EMPLOYMENT, imported individuals usually from ASIA. Canadian nurses are OVERLOOKED!
      8, City construction jobs, Bus driving jobs, New police hires, etc etc….ALL IMPORTED individuals….

      • Debbie

        Same thing going on here, just because we are a bigger country it’s not as easy to recognize…Obama has been importing millions of third worlders to take jobs and get refugee assistance which is way more than most working Americans even ear anymore – I read he pays refugees $40K year FOR EACH FAMILY MEMBER, they also get free medical and dental which Americans who are working can’t afford…Obamacare only worked for the lowest wage earners and they get 87% of the premiums paid by the government – if you make more than $60k your Obamacare premiums will exceed your mortgage payment and then some…but it doesn’t stop there…you still can’t afford to use you medical insurance because the deductibles run another 6 -10K…Obamacare is a tax on the middle class – a very hefty, backbreaking tax…designed to wipe out the middle class…American has been engineered to only work for the third worlders who Obama is flooding the country with….it is white genocide for sure.
        This will not end until 100s of millions of Americans are genocide one way or another. How do I know this? because we are getting a big dose of Bolshevik Communism right now…just like the Soviets did…and until you throw the Khazar Zionist Bankers out of your country you will have only poverty, famine and fatalities…Putin calls the American government the Great Satan…indeed.

    • incanada

      Oh come on. I’ve seen some pretty silly stories on here before and can tell you that I live in Canada and this article is ridiculous. Food prices where I am in BC are pretty much the same – yes, they creep up slowly like everything else. I think those black pepper prices and laundry soap are in Nunavut. Anyway, the sky is not falling. We have not all lost our jobs. There are jobs here. We have a booming housing market. Canada is manufacturing things again. We have food to eat. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • truthlovingsoul

        in canada,

        yep, the people up north have been paying out the nose for food, and everything else, forever.
        the rest of us see moderate increases for sure, some decreases too, but nothing too crazy…yet.

    • Tempest33

      Ah, so that explains why TransCanada is now suing the U.S. for $15billion. Won’t do ‘em any good, the U.S. is broke too. Fracking was supposed to give us energy independence and create millions of jobs. All it did was saturate the market and undermine what was left of the economy. Did I forget to mention earthquakes?

    • Ambicatus

      PANIC EH

    • Luxx

      Why are you using Nunavut photos? on the laundry and spice??? That’s not all of Canada. Get your facts straight.

    • Luxx

      Why are you using Nunavut photos/grocery prices? on the laundry and spice??? That’s not all of Canada. Get your facts straight. Nunavut is always this expensive. Stop fear mongering!!!

    • Didianna

      No reason to panic, you can make your own “food” by making Keshe Nano food energisers. Even myself I have made one, although I’m not yet sure if it is feeding me. Anyhow it is good if you can have a job that is needed in crises time and try to become more self sufficient. People are also already making functioning Keshe Magrav Power Units by themself and also Pain Aid Pens for healing oneself and others. (Even I made one). All this would mean that people would not be anymore under government, Monsanto, big pharma etc controll. If you want to read more here;

      Let’s hope people will start getting self sufficient and new winds blowing in Canada too!

    • VirusGuard

      The banking elite of the world see us all as slaves and will back of Canadians when they seem to be at breaking point and then pick on someone else before returned to make Canadians even poorer in a few years down the road.

      it’s the old game of boiling the frog, don’t go too fast

      We are all getting stuffed by farmers who are watching the flock of us sheep and the farmer himself is being controlled by the bankers, he’s in debt because they have black-mail material to be used on him if he does not play along with their plans.

      Burn the farms down and the bankers will go bust and go hungry too.

    • antibaptist

      this is utter rubbish, I live in canada and you should be slapped stupid for lying in this egregious manner. Stick to your side of the border. We are fine

      • Razor

        By the way you use the word “RUBBISH” you appear to be BRITISH!…NOT A CANADIAN! and as a TRUE Canadian, we DO NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING BRITISH….GOT IT?……Your LIZARD QUEEN is of NO interest to us Human’s.

        • Sean

          GOOD LUCK IN THAT :lol:

          The Queen has a unique relationship with Canada, entirely separate from her role as Queen of the United Kingdom or any of her other realms.

          As in all her realms, The Queen of Canada is a constitutional monarch, acting entirely on the advice of Canadian Government ministers. She is fully briefed by means of regular communications from her ministers, and has face-to-face audiences with them where possible.

          The Queen personifies the state and is the personal symbol of allegiance, unity and authority for all Canadians. Legislators, ministers, public services and members of the military and police all swear allegiance to The Queen. It is for this reason that all new Canadian citizens swear allegiance to The Queen of Canada. Elections are called and laws are promulgated in The Queen’s name.

          The Queen is represented in Canada on a day-to-day basis by a Governor General at the federal level and by a Lieutenant Governor in each of the ten provinces. The Governor General is appointed by The Queen upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister of Canada while the Lieutenant Governors are appointed by the Governor General upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

          By granting honours, Canada pays tribute to outstanding people. The Governor-General, representing The Queen as the fount of the Canadian honours system, presents a variety of orders, decorations and medals, headed by the Order of Canada. Each province also has a series of honours that are, as well, awarded to deserving citizens in the name of Her Majesty by her representative the Lieutenant Governor.

          The Queen retains a special relationship with The Canadian Armed Forces, acting as Colonel-in-Chief of various regiments: the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery; the King’s Own Calgary Regiment; Le Royal 22e Régiment; the Governor-General’s Foot Guards; the Governor-General’s Horse Guards; The Canadian Grenadier Guards; Le Régiment de la Chaudière; the Calgary Highlanders; The Royal New Brunswick Regiment; 48thHighlanders of Canada; The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada; Canadian Forces Military Engineers Branch; the Air Reserve and the Canadian Armed Forces Legal Services Branch .

    • THOTH

      I am a Canadian and I am not panicking about anything. Panicking is the worst thing anyone can do when things get tough. It limits critical thinking skills and arises the barbaric, animalistic nature of the lower self. All economic depressions have been engineered to create panic and desperation, so panicking is exactly what they want us to do. Don’t do it. TPTB intentionally engineer crisis so that they can offer their agenda as the solution. Instead of panicking, I suggest we try to help our neighbors in need however we can. Panicking has never solved anything. On the contrary, cooperation of large groups of people is what solves problems.

      It’s time we realize that our politicians have been intentionally causing problems on behalf of sadistic lobbyists and bankers who intend on robbing our valuable resources and purchasing our profitable, publicly owned industries, making us completely dependent on private corporations and banks owned by a handful of men.. Our politicians use the debt as an excuse to sell off our valuable resources and industry to private corporations. The debt which was racked up by their predecessors. The debt which is unjustifiable, usurious and fraudulent. The debt could literally be abolished by the stroke of a pen being wielded by a prime minister that has enough balls to tell the banks, “we are not paying you a dime, instead we are seizing your assets to recover the unjustifiable interest you have stolen from taxpayers, to cover for decades fraudulent loans issued by your banks.”

      A legitimate loan requires that each party involved shares an equal risk of loss. The banks risk nothing when they create close to 300 billion out of thin air every year and lend it to the government with compounded interest attached. Even at 5% interest, that’s 15 billion dollars of pure profit, for risking absolutely nothing. The currency didn’t exist before the government asked for it, so if it was never paid back, the banks would lose nothing, except of course their usurious, unjustifiable 15 billion dollar interest payment, courtesy of the taxpayer. The point is, Canada has the right to issue its own interest free national currency. All it would take is a prime minister with some balls to tell the bankers to GTFO, now! There is absolutely no logical reason why one of the world’s only potentially self sustainable nations should find itself in debt, or financial crisis. It is clear that our politicians have sold us out. They know there is no fixing our currency crisis, without restructuring the banking system. They all talk about the severity of the debt and the financial crisis, but none of them have the spine to do what is necessary.

    • westgate

      Well, I can tell you as someone who has lived on the US side of the Port Huron/Sarnia area for 22 years that, when coming over the Blue Water bridge, at the first big supermarket (Meijer on the North End of Port Huron) there are more Canadian license plates in the lot than Michigan plates. I can’t say I blame them either. They are here to purchase prescription drugs, fill up the car on cheap gas, and the Walpole Indians buy out all the centerfire rifle ammo on a regular basis. Haven’t been on the Canadian side since a passport was required upon return ( don’t want to subject myself to a random search again on the US side). However, when in Canada, fuel is sold by the liter for the same price as a gallon here in the states, it’s worth it for the Canucks to cross the bridge to fill up even if they’re coming from 50 miles away. While they’re here, why not stock up on scripts, veggies and laundry soap? I also have plenty of Canadian friends who cross the bridge for work every day and have done so for decades. God Bless you guys.

      • westgate

        The only beef I have is with our lawmakers who allow millions of tons of garbage and hazmat waste to come across the border and be dumped in landfills here near the border, (Richmond MI for example) every week. David Bonior tried to stop it years ago, but was stonewalled in congress. It is done under a federal mandate which the state of Michigan has no say in. There millions of square miles of absolute unpopulated wasteland in Northern Ontario where this garbage can go – why not dump it there? I am talking about ALL the waste from Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton coming across. We are accepting all the waste from major metropolises in southern Canada for what? That’s what I want to know.

    • On the ridge

      I live in Canada and have been retired for a few weeks. I have been asked to work for more than one place after I retired and don’t think I really want to or need to, and because of this and also seeing signs for “Help wanted” at many places, this story doesn’t seem to apply here in B.C. We have a hobby farm, support many animals, go out for lunches and dinners several times a week, buy what we want, and don’t feel we are suffering, as this article suggests. In the past several months I have paid 78 cents for a pound of apples, $14 for laundry soap (64 loads), and have bought cukes, but would not have if they’d been $6. I have not heard of suicides and have many relatives in Alberta. The falling dollar has been good for us, as the companies that we had in the US are moving back to Canada and US shoppers are flocking here.

    • Krusty3

      The story about prices of groceries in Canada is a total herring that appeared in Zero hedge and all of you lemmings just got sucked in. Where ever the pictures were taken it was not in any of the major populated areas of Canada. I suspect these may be from from the far north where everything has to be flown in. Think about it, over 80 % of Canadians live within driving distance to the US border. If there was this kind of difference people would be lined up for miles. The reality is that since the drop in the dollar very few people are cross border shopping. Sorry guys, in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver the price of 1.95 litres of tide is about $18.00 not $31.00. i would back to reporting about Michel Obama being a man.

    • Doccus

      It appears to be a somewhat deceptive article by showing prices from the far north.. where a tomato can be $8.
      However, the problem is REAL. We’ve always had bad prices compared to the US.. the equivelant we pay for gas is, now it’s gotten so cheap, $4 a Gallon. That’s still much more than y’all pay across the border. The crunch is especially hard for those on fixed incomes. We don’t have food stampops like you deo, and the rental allowance hasn’t gone up more than a few dollats since 1988. The average one rpooom apartment with an enclosed bathroom is $550 minimum unless you want to live in a crackhouse. Since the complete social services allowance for a regular person is $480, it follows that we have had a huge increase in crime by about four times since the rates were lowered and the 2 year maximum was introduced. This has caused local and provincial taxes to skyrocklet so now local prices are also much higher.
      Things are much more comfortable for those of us on a disabiolity pension, as we have at least $200 for food and car insurance after rent and utilities. That leaves $120 per month, after paying the cheapest car insurance. . Of course living on such a low budget causes is to get serious ilnessesses but thanklfully the government is willing to spend thousands of $ on that . It doesn’t bother these legislators that the price of every dollar cutback to the handicapped is $500 down the line.. because they’ll be out of office when the pidgeons comne home to roost.
      Unfoetunately, the current crisis means that medical costs will skyrocket even more. It’s an absolute goldmine for the drug cmpanies.. ever since they introduced the “generic drugs act” all prescriptions have tripled in price.
      You see. Canada is the very worst example of a soft communist government. There is, and has NEVER been, any “Canadian dream”. Except in the minds of the deluded.
      Got to go fill my tank up now. Budget car so it only cost 80$ to fill it up these days. Gonna scrape up 17$ for milk bread and eggs too.. But can’t go to my regular station because theyre doing work converting the tanks from straight gas to and gasohol. Why pay 30$ a barrel for gas wghen the gas companies can obtain ethanol from former food grain crops for the equivelsnt of 70$ a barrel. After all, it’s not as if we can use the grain for food. Oh. Wait. We can. Not anymore though.
      The Canadian dream. Pffft…

      • Doccus

        Sorry bout the typos y’all. Bad coordination due to illness…

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      I live in QC, CDN and the grocery article that has hiked up more than anything else? The price of beef. Fruits you have to buy the week of specials ($3.99 a pineapple for example). So don’t generalize.

    • underdog

      The liberals are in power . ( sadly ) that is more then enough to bankrupt this country . Let know prices in food .




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