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Hamas says Trump has opened ‘the gates of hell’ and calls for ‘day of rage’

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Bring it on. Time these savages were crushed.

In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.

I am sure Hamas groups such as CAIR will be agitating in the USA as well. It’s time the Department of Justice moved forward on the “mountain of evidence” against Hamas groups CAIR, ISNA, et al.

Jerusalem latest: Hamas says Trump has opened ‘the gates of hell’ and calls for ‘day of rage’

The US President recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will move the US embassy to the city

Hamas has said US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the decision to move the US embassy there, “opens the gates of hell”.

“Trump’s decision on Jerusalem will not succeed in changing the fact that Jerusalem is an Arab Muslim land,” a spokesperson for the militant group running Gaza noted.

The group has also repeatedly called for a Palestinian “day of rage” on 8 December as well.

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Live updates as Trump expected to say Jerusalem is Israel’s capital

“The youth and the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank need to respond with all means available to the US decision that harms our Jerusalem,” the statement read.

Hamas called the decision about the city – home to holy sites for Jews, Muslims, and Christians – “a red line”.

The statement was unequivocal: “The resistance will not allow any desecration of it.”

The spokesperson said that “this decision is foolish and time will prove a that the biggest losers [from it] are” Mr Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The embassy will not move for at least another six months per a waiver the President signed, if not longer but the recognition of the capital breaks with US foreign policy practise of the last 70 years.

“It would be folly to assume repeating the exact same formula” would yield different results said Mr Trump, adding that the parties are no closer to a peace agreement.

Mr Trump called the decisions “long overdue” because Jerusalem is the “seat of the modern Israeli government.”

The Knesset parliament, supreme court, and several ministries are located there.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham immediately tweeted his support of the President’s decision, writing: “I fully support the Trump Administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel because this statement reflects the reality on the ground for the last 3,000 years.”

Palestinian leaders were seeking to rally diplomatic support to persuade Mr Trump not to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital after he first floated the possibility.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavasoglu was also quick to respond via Twitter, posting that the decision was “irresponsible” and “is against international law and relevant UN Resolutions.”

East Jerusalem was under Jordanian control from Israel’s creation in 1948 until Israeli forces captured it during the 1967 Six-Day War.

Israel later annexed it in a move not recognised by the international community, including its historical ally, the US.

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    • Pink Slime

      Day of rage?? So childish! What about days of calmness and collective thinking? :lol:

    • harry

      3000 years ago Jerusalem was built as the Capital of Israel. It has been attacked 52 times, besieged 23 times, ransacked 39 times, completely destroyed and rebuilt 3 times, and captured and re-captured 44 times, and in 3000 years it still remains as the Capital of Israel. Finally, a President has recognized it as their capital. Why appease and bow down to those who oppose just to avoid conflict? Jerusalem is the birthplace of Jesus, and just as important it is the birthplace of freedom.

    • Pinto Beans

      Muslims always talkin’ crap, then go out and blow themselves up.

      • Pink Slime

        The religion of piece through explosions. :lol:

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          “Where’s your son?”
          “Here, there, over there, up there….”
          Rather sad , really.
          The Religion of Peace! :roll:
          The peace of the grave. :wink:
          The Religion of Peace… When has that CULT known peace?
          Even among themselves?

    • adam

      First of all let’s be factual,lately all one sees is people’s likes and dislikes but not actual truth.Lindsey Graham would not have a clue about religious be Jewish one has to have Hebrew blood which was proven genetically most in the state of Israel do not have,but genetically proven Palestinians do have and there are twelve tribes which reside today in Lebanon,Jordan Sumerian not those residing in today’s Israel the would be known as fake jews.israelis have merely adopted the title .It has also become apparent that many Christian’s are merely adopting the title also as if it’s a birthright when Christianity is a doctrine.Netenyahu has states he wants to make the talmud law which is not the words of God but the words of Pharisees the same Pharisees Jesus called evil where the talmud claims Jesus to be a blasphemous sorcerer and marium a whore what true Christian’s could stand with one that condemns the was Jesus who made a new covenant showing those who follow his doctrine are chosen which is clear that zionists are not.if one takes the time to read Judaism and their laws which today’s Israel has broken every Jewish law and Moses laws.jewish are forbidden to hold hate in the heart but Israelis do,forbidden to have weapons in or around a holy site but Israelis do,forbidden to harm children or widows but again Israelis do,lie,cheat,steal,cover all these Israelis have done and there is not a scholar on the planet that would find where God sided with one that broke all his laws,it would be merely a person’s own prejudice and hate that would allow one to think otherwise.trickery and deceit cannot cover truth,when Jesus said in the end days the house of Israel needs to be uprooted one should ask why,when so many in Christianity follow the only thing Jesus hated which is the teaching of a nicolatian which so many have been tricked to follow one might want to seek the teaching of a nicolatian and seek if they are the ones claiming the mere title of a Christian but not actually following anything Jesus taught.israel masses their worldly riches,massing gold,pillaging artifacts hiding and altering religious text it was not God who promised worldly riches ,it was Satan who promised those things ,if one breaks all religious laws it’s not hard to see you will never get good seeds from thorns.when the Messiah said you can’t have two masters without harming one then one needs to choose would you make your own hate or prejudice or worldly riches supercede God and think it won’t harm God,one only has to follow what the Messiah said when he said don’t listen to man for he will be the first to lead you astray,he said seek an ye shall find,find and ye shall be disturbed,didturbed then ye shall marvel .today’s Bible is not complete also many texts were altered.Ceasars son omitted many texts since he refused to have a religion that refused him to have his red meat and strong drink.tnere is no question that Satan and evil are very deceptive but one can seek the original texts instead of what was altered for example Revelations 2 is far from the complete papyrus text …..The rich ones,the ones who think they are immune to prosecution,immune to harm,those who say they are Jewish,but they are not,they are fake.They shall make war on my city,those who think they are poor,but they are not,the are rich,rich with God.They shall split my city into three parts and steal the land,many of you shall be imprisoned and martyred.but my people come out of there,for I have warned them many times to stop killing my children,but they refuse to listen so I shall gather them,and as soon as I have gathered them I shall burn them……when Jesus spoke of the parable of the fig tree when Jesus told Thomas in the end days when you see the fig tree in the middle of the garden who’s branches reach far and wide but yet it bares no fruit you must uproot this tree as not to spoil the rest of the garden,Thomas said master what is we water this tree to see if it will bear fruit then if not we shall dig it out by it’s roots, Jesus said do you not understand the parable I speak, the fig tree is the house of Israel……scholars would have one believe that was the Roman days but it clearly states the end times,Roman days were chaotic times but not end times.or the Messiah would have returned.I pray people will seek the truth because right now it’s easy to understand when it says the line to hell is wide but to heaven narrow,one out of a thousand,two out of ten thousand.dont listen to me nor your teachers but seek the truth yourself

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s the Antichrist, just reminding those who aren’t up to speed.
      Waking up is painful.
      But it’s better to be up to speed and know what’s going on.

      I’m absolutely, positively 100% certain Obama’s the Antichrist and the proof of it is clear to see for anyone with the right eyes needed to see and to understand the facts.

      Indeed yes, any intelligent person can understand the sign of 666 indicating that Obama’s the Antichrist which occurred in this way:
      the number 666 (which is the Bible’s “Mark of the Beast” which everybody knows means the Antichrist) appeared by miracle in a way that logic cannot explain: the lottery in Obama’s homestate drew 666 on the day of his election celebration.

      And so at least 50 million people saw it in the media and tv news in the 5 states of the Great lakes which all play the Illinois Lottery and get the lottery results blaring on their medias all day long during the newscasts of the day.

    • The Sherminator

      Screw Israel. I live in the u.s…not Israel..let the tranny cowards fend for themselves

    • The Sherminator

      The so called “civilized man” terrorizes he world. You people are off ur rockers

    • The Sherminator

      For people who project the notion of being “awake” or having some knowledge. Most on this site are seriously lacking. One…if you think D.Trump is any different from Obama,Bushes,Clintons and all the rest, you are as gullible as the day is long. They are in the club and no one gets those positions unless they are in the club. Claim trump is an outsider or underdog all you want but D.Trump has known that “he” would be president since childhood. These things do not occur by chance. Also…notice I put quotation marks around the word “he”….if you have any common sense and a set of eyeballs…it is blatantly obvious the majority, if not all, of the so called “elite” are transgenders…including your hero president. Nothing against people making their own choices. But I am against making great efforts to deceive the people one is supposed to protect. None of them are trustworthy. Not a single person in politics is trustworthy. All this NK b.s. is a lie. NK is a CIA operation and has been since the “Korean” war. Yall know nada

    • Anonymous

      Bibi will thank Trump and Congress for moving our embassy to Jerulesam by keeping his promise to the USA;

      Netanyahu’s promise:

      “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” — Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu
      (Benjamin Netanyahu was in a meeting at Finks bar in Jerusalem, a well-known Mossad watering-hole. Here is what he said as taken directly from the transcript of the recording, which was witnessed and which has been 100% fully authenticated.)

      Congress has complied with Netanyahu’s wishes by moving the USA’s manufacturing to China and India, and the federal reserve bank has diluted our money until it is virtually worthless by ‘quantitative easing’. The USA is being ‘chopped up’ and sold to India and China, and all that is left is a giant welfare state to care for illgal aliens and Muslims.

      Thank our House and Senate for making this possible.

    • We 1

      “Those who call themselves Jews, but are of the Synagogue of Satan” This ZIO Israel brought to you by Hitler, Rothschilds, and US war machine is not the same Israel of Jesus’ time. The fake Jews control Israel, the real Hebrews are proven to be more Palestinian than modern day ZIONIST Israelites. Funny the ones claiming others as “Anti Semites” are not Semites themselves! Don’t fall for the Devil’s traps. Many Christians, I have noticed are sleeping on this one and also supporting Trump aka Drumpf, another Fake Jewish family. Chabad and Lubvitch (fake jews) control Trump and Putin. They are playing end times chess if you will. Be keen to the Alien deception while we’re at it. We 1

    • Infidel762X51

      The intolerant, violent, and perpetually offended followers of the pedophile false prophet don’t want peace and never have. They have been at war with the rest of the world since 610 AD and have no intention of living peacefully with anyone. They even kill each other because they don’t interpret the koran the same way.

    • kletus_ledbetter

      Islam is but a boil on the ass of humanity.


      How will we be able to tell they are having a day of rage? I mean what are they going to do, they aren’t already doing? Inbred fanatic morons!




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