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Yes, USA Descending into Civil War Scenario Because Radical Left Refuses to Participate in Civil Society

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Image: Yes, America is descending into a civil war scenario because the radical Left refuses to participate in civil society

By: Ethan Huff  /  Natural News

As you’ve probably noticed, liberal outrage over the fact that anyone other than Donald Trump didn’t win the 2016 presidential election is about as strong today as it was on November 8, 2016 – if not stronger. And many observers believe that the writing on the wall is clear, pointing to impending civil war.

There has admittedly been a civil war taking place in America for many decades now, though primarily confined to the mainstream media, the halls of academia, and other typical liberal enclaves. But all of this is now progressively spilling over into all areas of civil society, which has many people worried.

Among these are even some mainstream commentators like Kevin Williamson from the National Review and John Podhoretz from the New York Post, both of whom have writtenabout what they see as an intensifying unraveling of American society.

By continuously stoking the flames of ire against our sitting president with hysterical and baseless claims of “Russian collusion,” the powers that be are raising an army of radicals with one thing on their mind: revolution.

Even if no tangible evidence is ever produced to even suggest that President Trump worked with the Russians to “hack” the American election, it won’t matter to the raging Trotskyites who are increasingly willing to do whatever it takes to unseat the Commander-in-Chief.

It’s become the modus operandi of the modern-day Left, and the endgame is not only a political coup, but a complete overthrow of free society in order to transform it into the communist “utopia” envisioned by the puppeteers of the leftist brown-shirts.

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“We could see anything from civil war to social atrophy,” says Roger Simon, adding that describing what’s currently unfolding as a coup isn’t at all hyperbolic. “Who knows if our country will survive it?”

Should the Democrats ever regain power, all Hell is sure to break loose

Seeing how maniacal leftists are already behaving while Republicans hold most of the power should make every conservative patriot cringe with consternation over what they’ll do should the pendulum ever swing back to the Democrats.

It’s a frightening thought that serves as a call to action – assuming it’s not already too late. The inroads that liberals have already made over the past century suggest that escaping the clutches of leftist totalitarianism may be an impossibility at this point.

Despite the recent political trends towards conservatism, liberals still control the media, education, and many social institutions that perpetuate anti-conservative ideals. Radical feminism, abortion on demand, and censorship of the internet and social media are other areas of power and social control held by liberals.

If conservatives are to have even a chance of reversing this overwhelming tide, they’re going to have to organize – and quickly.

“Let’s hope we can recover our liberty without [a revolution],” writes Sarah Hoyt from in optimism. “The other side will still win some battles, but we’re winning the war,” she suggests, perhaps simply in the hopes of a miracle.

Others, however, aren’t so sure. David Holway, also from, says there isn’t even a glass to measure in terms of fullness or emptiness because the leftists, in his personal view, have basically already won.

“Since at least the time of Woodrow Wilson, the Left has been carving longer and deeper inroads into the culture and the political landscape, and is now occupying the citadel,” Holway comments.

“It is not about to go away or shrivel into a benign archaism. Despite the election of a people’s candidate like Donald Trump, the Left’s power continues to grow and consolidate,”

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    • raburgeson

      They would have acted the same if any other Republican got office. They made pay for play promises they could not keep. They got stopped and can’t cash in the nations resources. They did not get their play to pay either. Let me explain how that works. You do this and we will no longer blackmail you on this item. So, if they have a guy on the pedo hook and he assassinates someone for them they conveniently forget to tell him that they will start blackmailing him for murder. They are getting their illegal cash flow shut down. The drug money and trafficking, smuggling and money laundering days are not going unchecked. They do not have control of the DOJ, DOD, and, they are being discovered for what they are. In short Clinton was right, they are all going to hang. Agenda 21 and the crooked trade deals and the illegal treason through wars declared or otherwise and international meddling are in jeopardy. They are no longer in a position to sell out the country and they are crying like 2 year olds. The quicker they find themselves singing through prison bars the better including the Republicans that go caught up in this mess.

    • Slimey

      We are seeing the TRUE side of the Democrap FINALLY REVEALED. One speech that did them in was when Hillaryous virtually SCOLDED America for her being 50 points (or something) behind.

      This lady always talked to America like we didn’t make our beds in the morning. What a BWITCH! :mad:

      I don’t know why anybody is paying Robert “Mugabe” Mueller any money for his time. The witch hunt is over and we need instead the bwitch hunt of Hillaryous and one Negro sodomite.

      Both of them should be looked into Robert “Mugabe”, there is nothing in Donald Trump. You know it, I know it, we ALL know it.
      You damn WHITE Negro!! :cool:

    • Man

      blah blah blah fearporn

      and that from a republican part that can’t build a wall. Reform or remove obama care

      • Just me

        What makes you think Trump actually wanted to do any of those things. The left right thing is a farce. There is only one political party – the NWO. And if you think Trump is any less a part of it than Hillary, you’ve been drinking the Kool Aid.




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