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Destroying the SPLC Is a Priority; Their Hate Mongering Must Be Stopped

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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
The 47 Lawsuits expected to be filed against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the REAL HATE organization against MOSTLY WHITES, hiding an estimated $92 million dollars in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere, is about to face a financial crisis.
The FBI no longer relies on the SPLC to direct them to “HATE GROUPS” because their perception(s) and Intel is way out in Left field and very inaccurate.
Google and Amazon both rely on so-called intel and advice from the SPLC which actually targets WHITES with Conservative viewpoints.
Algorithms are then created to stifle Free Speech. If you sell MAGA Trump T-Shirts, forget Amazon. If you are WHITE and you push Christian values and/or want Border Security, you are labeled by the SPLC as a White Extremist, White-Supremacists, or a Neo-Nazi.
My experience with the SPLC, during my days at the border with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as Media Relations Director, battled SPLC rhetoric concerning our mission to Observe, Assess and Report (ILLEGAL ACTIVITY) i.e., Illegal Aliens entering ranch properties along the border, destroying fences, leaving huge amounts of trash (dangerous to cattle) and the trafficking of children, women, and drugs while we saved many lives in the process….being nothing more than a typical Neighborhood Watch group, the SPLC went after MCDC with vengeance labeling us a “Racists Hate Organization.”
One organization, still classified as a “Hate Group” by the SPLC is a very low key / high tech border watch group, the American Border Patrol (ABP) under direction of Glenn Spence, out of Bisbee, Arizona, of whom works closely with the U.S. Border Patrol by providing extra eyes in the sky by airplanes and through sensors / cameras along the border in Southeast Arizona.
Glenn Spence and his volunteers DO NOT care if you are White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian crossing the border. The ABP views everyone illegally crossing the border as a target that needs to be intercepted for prosecution. They do NOT apprehend or detain, but ONLY contact USBP which responds to most every call by the ABP.
Because Glenn Spence is White…..the SPLC considers Glenn a White-Supremacist / Neo-Nazi Racist.
While Glenn has not gone after the SPLC, because he finds them basically irrelevant, all it took for us at the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) to shutdown SPLC reports about how racist MCDC volunteers were and to retract their categorization of MCDC as a “Hate Group” was the lawsuit threat we were preparing against the SPLC. Now we are seeing at least 47 organizations preparing lawsuits and the impact should be substantial.
So why is it that this so-righteous group, the SPLC, doesn’t go after every Neighborhood Watch group in every White dominated neighborhood that always reports unusual activity, or those driving slowly through a neighborhood with 3 to 4 Black or Hispanic males, or White males that are not known to neighbors? Isn’t that racist? Or is it unusual activity no matter your race?
From San Diego to Brownsville, neighborhoods and ranches along the border have the same exact concerns as any Neighborhood Watch group in America. Yet the SPLC attempts to play a bogus role that supports open borders and anti-Constitutional laws in America. The SPLC is truly an Anti-American Communist Organization.
Why does the Left, purporting to be “Human Rights” activists, with the SPLC pushing that agenda, continue to support the Left’s extreme racist organization ‘Planned Parenthood’ that actively murders babies within seconds of being born while selling baby body parts to cosmetic companies for the #MeToo movement to put on their faces? Where is the SPLC on this outrageous anti-Black organization funded by White and Black taxpayers?
The insanity by the Left is over-the-top!
“Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood) “advocated for the extermination of African-Americans.” It’s not the first time Sanger has faced this accusation. During this past primary season, Ben Carson proclaimed that Sanger “believed that people like me should be eliminated” —later clarifying, per PolitiFact, that he was “talking about the black race”—and in 2011, Herman Cain alleged that Sanger’s original goal for Planned Parenthood was to “help kill black babies before they came into the world.” “
The SPLC is worth about $477 million dollars in assets, much of those funds coming from U.S. tax payers and grants.
The real “Black Eye” in America was created by the SPLC and their hypocritical stand of what a “Hate Group” actually is….. and ONLY supports anything and everything the Democrats are fighting in-order to stay in power against (MOST WHITES).
The Left’s weaponized (by Obama) ANTIFA haters of Christianity and Free Speech by attacking those that oppose Socialism and Communism in America are not listed as a “HATE GROUP” by the SPLC.
“Rep. Scott Perry, Pennsylvania Republican, blasted the SPLC for failing to include ANTIFA, saying it “reduces your credibility,” and accused the group of picking and choosing its targets based not on empirical data but “only your opinion.” “
Now….let’s get this straight for the BIN Comments coming.
I am a White (born in America) male with ancestors that came to America from Quebec and Ireland / France legally and my children are both American born from two international mothers, of which my Japanese wife died in 1994 and I subsequently married a Colombian woman. I have close Hispanic friends and I voted for Obama of whom declared himself Black, when actually he is half White and half Black. There was no way in hell I could vote for McCain, a treasonous conspirator, even though I am a declared Independent.
As a White American, I have watched over the years, the White population become demonized, marginalized, and reduced to being paranoid of saying anything against those that push “race baiting” as their agenda. I personally thought that Obama would solve that problem, but instead, he mobilized his following, (mostly minorities) into action against Whites.
Therefore….because WE decided that WE had enough, WE voted for Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, a White woman that uses minorities as her platform against Whites ! Her hypocritical statements against Donna Brazile, a Black woman, is evident of that fact.
WE saw in the last decade of what the Democrat Party have become because they themselves began to show the world exactly what they actually are…..the haters, the anti-Constitutionalists, open borders, and together DO NOT want to Make America Great Again while they follow Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the Marxist ideology. (Keep Americans poor and dependent on government in-order to broaden the political base).
The Democrat Left are becoming extremely dangerous, a hijacked party by the globalist eugenic elite, influenced and maneuvered by the CIA “Deep State” operatives for the destruction of America in-order to help rein-in a New World Order under control of what many conclude would be the actual “Anti-Christ.”
Not on our watch…..the “Deep State’s” Achilles’ heel is their worldwide pedophilia networks that worship Satan with what they term is “Spirit Cooking” the cannibalism of babies and those tortured for their adrenochrome properties produced in the blood of children.
President Trump initiated a “National Emergency” Executive Order to begin the battle against pedophile networks worldwide…including, right up to the Vatican !
Thousands worldwide have been arrested…..and continues. Interpol and U.S. Military Special Forces are working quietly behind the scenes.
“Spirit Cooking” and child abuse discovered by the NYPD of this activity on Weiner’s laptop via stored emails between Hillary, Huma and Podesta have come to light in the latest IG Report “Crimes Against Children.”
“Satanists extract adrenochrome through torture and blood-letting. The psychological torture produces the chemical in the victim’s bloodstream and can be ingested just like anything else. It is said to produce a feeling of intense euphoria and power.”
And where is the SPLC on these outrageous Human Rights violations against children? The U.S. just pulled-out from the United Nations Human Rights Council due to extreme hypocrisy by other countries that condone pedophilia activity while covering-up for globalist elites.
The Dems have proven to a majority of Whites of how racist and bigoted they actually are and it WILL come to an end [one way or another] in MY lifetime when Whites will have to get a backbone and take a stand, no matter the label the true haters of Liberty want to place on us, but in the meanwhile, it will NOT affect the friendships I have with Hispanics, Asians or Blacks of those that want the same thing for their families….safety, security, freedom and the Right To Be Left Alone.
By marginalizing and promoting Whites to second class status while destroying the middle class, is the goal by the Left.
The boost for the Far Left…was when Obama, the first minority elected as president, set the stage for extreme racism in America. It has become “Reverse Discrimination” of ALL Whites in America.
PC control of Free Speech about any race, gender or otherwise, including women and their #MeToo movement, television shows and social media….. have together maneuvered America into selective corners of a cage the Dems want to control.
That was the plan before Obama was elected and what we have learned, Obama was groomed by the CIA and his card carrying communist (real) father…Frank Marshall Davis and later Obama’s mentor and terrorist Bill Ayers.
When ALL RACES in America learn who or what is the REAL ENEMY, only then can we take action and save America from destruction by the Left.
Dems are the pathetic result of a hijacked political party by the Globalists using Socialism and Communism as a new and exciting Progressive way of life for the poor, illegal immigrants, all races other than White, and the illusion that a Democrat elected presidency and congress will make their lives better while the rest of America turns into a Third World cesspool.
The way to shutdown the SPLC is to defund them, sue them, and expose them at every turn. Now is the time….
—Dave Bertrand

47 Groups Weighing SPLC Lawsuit Warn ‘Editors, CEOs’: ‘You Are Complicit’ in Hate Group ‘Defamation’

On Wednesday, no fewer than 47 nonprofit leaders maligned by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — many if not most of whom are considering a lawsuit against the organization — warned a vast array of executives and leaders that if they parrot the SPLC’s damaging “hate group” labels, they would be “complicit” in “defamation.”
“Editors, CEOs, shareholders and consumers alike are on notice: anyone relying upon and repeating its misrepresentations is complicit in the SPLC’s harmful defamation of large numbers of American citizens who, like the undersigned, have been vilified simply for working to protect our country and freedoms,” the signatories wrote.
The letter followed news — broken at PJ Media — that no fewer than 60 organizations are considering suing the SPLC following a groundbreaking settlement in which the organization formally apologized to a Muslim reformer, Maajid Nawaz, for branding him an “anti-Muslim extremist.”
In 2016, the SPLC published its “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists,” listing Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim, as one such extremist. The left-wing group listed various and changing reasons for including him, even at one point mentioning that he had gone to a strip club for his bachelor party. On Monday, the SPLC apologized and paid $3.375 million to settle a lawsuit Nawaz had filed.
“We haven’t filed anything against the SPLC, but I think a number of organizations have been considering filing lawsuits against the SPLC because they have been doing to a lot of organizations exactly what they did to Maajid Nawaz,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, told PJ Media on Tuesday.
Representatives of the Family Research Council (FRC), the Ruth Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) told PJ Media they were considering “legal options.”
Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit against the charity navigation organization GuideStar for defamation after GuideStar adopted the SPLC’s “hate group” list. That lawsuit is ongoing.
Staver further told PJ Media, “There are probably about 60 organizations that we’re talking to — there’s at least 60.”
The letter published Wednesday featured roughly the same list of groups that denounced the SPLC’s “hate list” in an open letter to the media last year. The SPLC has admitted that its “hate group” list is based on “opinion.”
Worse, in 2012, a terrorist broke into the Family Research Council (FRC) with a semi-automatic pistol, aiming to kill everyone in the building. In later FBI testimony, he admitted to targeting FRC because it was on the SPLC’s “hate map,” and that he intended to shoot up other organizations once he finished there.
The letter’s legal threat should be abundantly clear. Ken Cuccinelli, former attorney general of Virginia, signed the letter, as did PJ Media’s J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. Michael P. Farris, president, CEO, and general counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), represents an organization that has won eight Supreme Court cases in the past seven years.
From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int’l Airline Freight Captain on the DC-8 stretch jet / B-727 series 200 jet & First Officer DC-6 prop & DC-10 wide-body jet), 72′ to 76′ U.S. Army Veteran (Military Police) ‘Comms Sergeant’ (Korea), Law Enforcement (State), DHS Trained Counter-Terrorism Instructor for HWW, Border Security Specialist, Political Analyst and Activist to help “Make America Great Again” while exposing the “Deep State” shadow government enemy.
My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.
Opinions and discussion of today’s hard hitting topics. If you wish to be removed….reply within by typing “REMOVE” in the header, or please forward.
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