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Appears FBI Strzok Might Be a Foreign Muslim Plant

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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

The take-down and destruction of America is a coordinated effort by the Muslim Brotherhood, career politicians, intelligence heads….with a Marxist ideology.
Within the last 10 hours, we are now learning who disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok actually is and his connection to FBI Communist John Brennan and Obama’s Iranian “pay-off.”
“Strzok was the main operative in “Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” a Deep State plot to run legal attacks on President Trump’s team.”
“Now we know that Strzok was really a CIA agent. He only held a ceremonial title in the Bureau, but was really operating under the leadership of the CIA, including Obama’s vindictive CIA director John Brennan.”
intellihub reports: “A sheep-dipped Peter Strzok has been covertly operating as the Section Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counterespionage Group during his secret 24 year tenure with the agency while masquerading as Deputy Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Division where he was in charge of investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server along with the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.
But that’s not all…..
Strzok grew-up in Iran and Saudi Arabia and was present in Iran during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. His father Strzok Sr. was supportive of the radical Muslim over-throw of Iran.
Well of course, Obama could swing a deal with Iran and send tons of cash aboard three cargo jets to Iran and get away with it while probably getting a kick-back (referral fee?). Both Strzok and Brennan approved….
The scam also involves alleged European Union heads of state, according to an Iranian official threatening to reveal all…but in the meanwhile, the guilty on both sides of the political aisle are going after Trump and his meeting with Putin. It’s their desperate attempt to keep Trump “at-bay” and divert attention away from Strzok.
It’s time for Trump’s DoJ to take a hard look at all financial records of Obama, Hillary, Brennan and Strzok.

—Dave Bertrand

The Deep State rabbit hole just got a little deeper. Did you know anti-Trump FBI official Peter Strzok grew up in Iran and Saudi Arabia? Strzok’s father, Peter Strzok Sr. was in Iran when Muslim hardliners stormed the U.S. embassy, took hostages, and overthrew the U.S. friendly government. Since that time Iran has been a “death to America” fixture in the Middle East. Strzok Sr. was supportive of the Iranian revolution. Fast forward several decades later and you want to know who headed the Obama-era outreach to Iran where hundreds of millions of dollars were given to the radical Islamic regime and a nuclear green light granted? None other than Peter Strzok.
What the hell is going on here?
EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime
…Peter Strzok was born in the late 1960’s – he attended the American School in Iran up until 1978 when it closed down and then he attended the American School in Saudi Arabia. He supposedly attended a Catholic School, St. John’s Prep in Minneapolis (the school refused to confirm or deny attendance) and then completed a Bachelors at Georgetown and some form of graduate degree after that.
Did you know that Peter Strzok II (Strzok’s father) and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common? It turns out after advocating for Khomeni in Iran and then working in Saudi Arabia to calm the waters of an Iranian government (appeasing them with anti-Semitic rhetoric), Strzok’s father Strzok II also dabbled in “charity work.” Strzok’s father was involved in so-called charity work in Haiti but also helped dismantle and reassemble Upper known as Burkina Faso.
The Clinton Foundation and The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) seem to work in tangent. Coincidence? Peter Strzok Sr. was actually the director of CRS in Haiti. If we look into CRS financials they seem to overlap and feed into Clinton Global initiatives and balance sheets.
…Peter Strzok III is the key Middle Eastern Intel operative for the Iranian airline Mahan Air’s purchase of United States government planes during the Obama administration from 2011 to 2013 (when Iran sanctions were in place). He handled the Iranian relations from start to finish.
One thing that is constant in modern history over the last five decades with anything involving Iran: There is a Peter Paul Strzok involved.

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From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int’l Airline Freight Captain on the DC-8 stretch jet / B-727 series 200 jet & First Officer DC-6 prop & DC-10 wide-body jet), 72′ to 76′ U.S. Army Veteran (Military Police) ‘Comms Sergeant’ (Korea), Law Enforcement (State), DHS Trained Counter-Terrorism Instructor for HWW, Border Security Specialist, Political Analyst and Activist to help “Make America Great Again” while exposing the “Deep State” shadow government enemy.
My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.
Opinions and discussion of today’s hard hitting topics. If you wish to be removed….reply within by typing “REMOVE” in the header, or please forward.


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    • CUB4DK

      Now We have to figure out if Mr. Strokz is a good Muslim or a Radical Muslim…there is a big difference. :mrgreen:

    • unidentified

      some dual agents are self proclaimed muslims not christian jewish or atheists, they have strong ‘paternal’ instincts and very serious laws where those that do no accept regional ‘law’ and have nothing to contribute are killed never to be seen or heard from again :twisted:

    • Slimey

      No wonder he acted so cRaZy with DISTORTED faces when testifying to Congogress. His covert operations was about to be exposed and so will be his EXECUTION for sedition, aiding and abetting the enemy and treason. :twisted:

    • jdpent01

      Don’t forget that Vallery Jerrett was born in Iran, Strzok born in Iran, Brennan Irabn envoy, Abedin family ties to HAMASS, Awan BROS ties to Pakistan and beyond, is there enough here to run relays of classifed info to foreign entities? Treason under obama allowed DNC AND HILLARY AND HUMA to have uncleared computers that passed classified info to off site off Givernment systems DNC Schultz and Brazill Aallowed Awan bros access to passwords they were stealing congressional inf. DNC chair knew of the system hacking but let it continue for 39 days to garner Hillary a win.Corrupt FBI STRZOK/ COMEY WOULD NOT TAKE THE DNC SERVER for evidence instead trusted DNC LEADERSHIP TO SELF CHECK THE SERVER. Yrs, Treason setup with all these fotreign American actors Obama, Jarrett, Strzok, Brennan, Awan bros (4-people) w/o spouces, Its no wonder O had trouble calling radical Islam for what ithe t was, he was to wrapped up in it himself to be forceful in to delcaring the obivious, but Schultz continued to keep Imran on the pay roll after they were all fired, She needs to repay America the salary he received after being fired. They stoled information, computer equipment etc. Her accountability for her contractor needs to be raised in court.

    • Ideas Time

      Everyone of these people need to be rounded up and tried in a common law real court of people and not one of the corporate kangaroo courts set up by the criminals and traitors for themselves.




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