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American Socialism Now and in 1620

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By Bill Wilson  /  Rapture Ready

My grandfather 13 generations back was William Bradford, co-writer of the Mayflower Compact and eventual leader of the Pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620. There were some 102 passengers and about 30 crewmen on that ship that braved horrible weather, disease, and other hardships to come to this new place that later would become the greatest Christian nation in the world. Bradford wrote, “So they committed themselves to the will of God, and resolved to proceed. In several of these storms, the wind was so strong and the seas so high that they could not carry a knot of sail, but were forced to hull for many days.” The trip in and of itself to find a place to worship without persecution was most difficult.

Once landed, it was no picnic either. Bradford says, “But soon a most lamentable blow fell upon them. In two or three months’ time, half of their company died…scarcely 50 remained, and sometimes two or three persons died in a day. In the time of worst distress, there were but six or seven sound persons, who, to their great commendation be it spoken, spared no pains night or day, but with great toil and at the risk of their own health, fetched wood, made fires, prepared food for the sick, made their beds, washed their infected clothes, dressed and undressed them; in a word did all the homely and necessary services for them which dainty and queasy stomachs cannot endure to hear mentioned.”

“…And what I have said of these few, I should say of many others who died in this general visitation, and others yet living, that while they had health or strength, they forsook none that had need of them. I doubt not that their recompense is with the Lord.”

Their Virginia Company Charter, however, called for common ownership of land, property, food, drink, clothing, and provisions. Bradford saw that this socialist experiment was detrimental to the colony because it inspired laziness and a lack of productivity. Bradford then did away with this structure, giving ownership of land to each person and two days a week for “their own private employment.” This was the first capitalist system, and the colony then prospered.

The headlines 398 years later are that nearly 39 million Americans (the total population of California and Connecticut combined) likely will eat their Thanksgiving dinner purchased by food stamps. Liberals say, without the government, these people would starve. In reality, without the government, the citizens across the land would be blessed as the Pilgrims were by reaching out and helping their neighbor from the goodness of their hearts.

As written in 2 Corinthians 9:11-12, “Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God. For the administration of this service not only supplies the want of the saints, but is abundant also by many thanksgivings unto God.”

Bradford knew in 1620 that government won’t save you. Only the Lord will save you. He chooses to do it through his people.

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    • DK

      Cognative Dissonace, since the entire venture failed from day 1 and the settlers were saved by the Native Wampanoag tribe, the charter itself was insanity not because of the common aspect – the Natives had that very concept, but governance was put above essential skills and knowledge required to keep the settlement alive, most of which required them to UNLEARN statism and order from above and seek out the help of the tibes, socailism came 200 years later. The tribes shared their land tools knowledge and food which is ‘socailist’ – they were not part of any trading economy or religious Christian sect, the settlers gave thanks to god – not their deliverers and made sure they dissapeared in oh so many ways, including from this very article.

    • deano

      No mention these PROTEST-ant pilgrims were escaping the Catholic Hell of Europe…..being burned ALIVE at the stake for Heresy!

      No MARYlander seems to realize that CATHOLICISM(papist popery) , was BANNED(illegal) in the colonys. Lord Baltimore started a Catholic “New Lisa Haven” , and it finally was allowed to build a cathedral……after FREEDOM of RELIGION was granted via Independance.

      It seems BIN is pushing this new “Anti-SOCIALISM” agenda…….and using failed colony experiments as evidence it doesnt work.

      Anti-scocial? We all know these Jesuit Plantation owners would rather use slaves than pay for labour…Hell, the Civil War proves that.

      Jesus Christ Virgin-ian Mary-landers you are in a giant game of MONOPOLY. In a CAPITALIST system……the owner of all the assets wins, sending everyone else broke and destitute in the process……….or “GO Directly to Jail”(stealing a loaf of bread).

      Get RICH, or DIE trying?……..Money creates greed, then apathy towards poorer people…..and unfortuneately, a persons “SUCCESS” in this life is measured by how much money or assetts they can accumalate.
      NO! Its how one treats others, and did u leave a better “Earth/home” for the next generations.

      If Jesuit IHS Fordham trained TRUMP had his way……..YOURE FIRED!!…….(do not pick up $200, go directly to jail!).

      Jesuits sell all their worldly possessions and give to the poor?……ROT!! Jesuit Universitys are the most prestigious and costly.

      When the Jesuits were EXILED and BANNED from Europe, they fled to the Colonys, or Russia. Their church COMMUNE, community, eventually tried the COMMUNISM experiment, after killing and stealing from the last Czars family they assassinated.

      Aussie is a SOCIALIST country, but still run by Jesuits. At least they have done the Christian good works thing and provided free medical health for every citizen. Good luck living under that Bridge VIRGIN-ian MARY-landers…..then u will learn what a ‘good samaratin’ really means.

      Red? Commie? Pinko?…….= SOCIALIST ?………Try Humanitarian, Compassionate, Caring and helping the less fortunate. Just like those Indian Natives that came and even gave the Pilgrims food when they could see they were starving………and they WERE NOT Christians!!

      We need FREEDOM FROM RELIGION……….not FREEDOM to be a Catholic,Jesuit, Monopolist…….who are Tax-Exempt, and have sworn dagger oaths to secret societys. :cry:




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