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No Military Tribunals...Trump Does Not Get Re-Elected, America Spins-Out-of-Control: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

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Meme Tweeted by President Trump

BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

Are we getting closer to Military Tribunals or are we Patriots out-of-our friggin minds and delusional?

If that is true….then the nay sayers need to add Trump and the “Q” team to that delusion. Obviously, there are those that truly believe that either Hillary, Comey, Lynch et al did nothing wrong, or Trump is not going to proceed against these criminals and if he does, “nothing will happen to Hillary.”

Yesterday’s BDR Report suggested backroom logistics planning by several levels of government at Columbia S. Carolina (IMO) could have been the planning stage for upcoming Military Tribunals. That analysis is based-on the puzzle the Patriots continue to put together, but yet not complete. In-order to get the picture of what seems very likely as a logistics meeting, a puzzle does not have to be finished to see what the picture is going to be.

The puzzle continues and more pieces are coming to light…..

President Trump’s latest TWEET meme of top treasonous criminals behind bars is a clear indication of what is coming. His latest Tweets appear to be edging closer to criminal action against these Deep State players.

“Q” has confirmed many times the team’s legitimacy and has mentioned tribunals coming.

Former CIA Case Officer Robert Steele says the Military Tribunals are coming. (See Video mark 12:30min)

GITMO renovations are complete with 4,000 beds. Several chartered United Airline flights into GITMO one year ago were suspicious. Military uses State Department contract airlines, i.e. Atlas Air and World Airways.

(Un-verified) Military sources say, GITMO will not be taking-in Middle Eastern terrorists and one comment suggested, the “renovations look like a Club Med setting.” CIA Robert Steele says” the renovations look like a Marriot Courtyard.”

Others say there have already been a few tribunal hearings and it is alleged that McCain was sentenced to death for Treason reference his providing weapons, missiles and millions of dollars to al Qaida / ISIS terrorists…..pictured with 5 al Qaida terrorists during a secret clandestine meeting in Syria (on behalf of the Deep State’s CIA, Obama and HRC).

John McCain ISIS photo 2

“Q” posted 31 days before [No Name] McCain died the date that McCain would die to the minute with a post [Every Dog Has It's Day]. He died the day before the holiday “Dog Day.” It is theorized, his sentencing to death (agreement) would allow him to go-out as the fake hero he was, thus his family used his funeral as a major anti-Trump charade from beginning to end.

Q Confirms Foreknowledge of John McCain’s Death?

“No name’s time of death was reportedly at 4:28 Mountain time on August 25th, exactly 31 days to the minute after the original Q post. Cause and manner of death are in question. The fact that Q could pinpoint the time of death with accuracy suggests that No Name did not die of cancer as reported.”

Prior to McCain’s death, he wore a therapeutic boot on his right foot which was alleged to be hiding a GPS tracker in case he decided to leave the country un-expectantly, and at one point, he switched the boot over to his left foot, saying…he wanted to “give his right foot a break”(???).

Hillary wore a boot during that same period. Was it to sympathize with McCain’s predicament, or was it just a [coincidence] ?

The day before he died (supposedly executed by chemical means) his family makes a statement that “McCain decided to stop chemotherapy.” Nobody dies the day after they stop chemotherapy….

Following [No Name]‘s execution, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) does a 180 degree turn from being part of McCain’s anti-Trump team of NEOCONS to (overnight) being one of Trump’s number one supporters(????)

Was Lindsey Graham pardoned by a tribunal??

Then…on top of that, Lindsey Graham addresses questions to Kavanaugh (SCOTUS) on LIVE television the legitimacy of a military tribunal as it applies to constitutional law. WHY?????

Because the Military Tribunals for the top Treasonous perps are coming…..they just might be held in two locations, Columbia S.C. where U.S. Army Ft. Jackson is and where Lindsey Graham is a senator from, along with military flights back and forth from Shaw AFB to GITMO.

“Q” says there are no [Coincidences] and how ironic will it be (if the above is true) for the planned GOP Republican Convention to be held in Columbia South Carolina? What a backdrop that would be !

Emotions are running high, both with the Deep State knowing what’s coming and the Patriots wanting the “perp walk now.”

Trump’s latest Tweets have stated (basically), he will release the FISA [DECLAS] if the Dems begin their impeachment / investigations against him and his family and it will be “big.” He also added, he will release the documents at a time that is politically beneficial and decided not to recently because it would now be “old news.” That essentially means….the [DECLAS] will be at the last moment before a major event, or shortly thereafter.

WE all thought it would happen before the midterms, as an advantage (tactic) for both the House and Senate, but as “Q” has pointed-out, well in advance of the midterms, a [53-47] lead in the senate would be the final outcome.

How did “Q” know that??? The senate was the cherry on top and with a Dem controlled House, it is still alleged that certain Dems will be wrapped-up around December 21st when DHS completes their Voter Fraud investigation and could easily turn the House over to the Republicans.

“Never interfere with an enemy that is self destructing.”

Now….many of you are NOT going to like what I think would be a good strategy for the [DECLAS] release.

WE do know the release of FISA and other revealing documents will destroy many Deep State operatives, from Congress to the CIA and many in between. However…..there are two countries resisting the release because it will implicate their intelligence agencies. (UK and Australia).

There has to be a balance, because it will also reveal CIA and George H.W. Bush involvement in the JFK assassination, according to political insiders…and will open a can of worms about who and what was behind the 9/11 false flag. Therefore…..there might be many exclusions UNLESS, the Deep State goes full scale anti-Trump and all indicators point to that happening anyway.

The question in everyone’s mind should be……

If the [DECLAS] could save this Republic from a Democrat Socialist taking the presidency in 2020 or 2024, wouldn’t make sense to hold-off the [DECLAS] at a time just before the 2020 election?

Or….a partial disclosure for 2020 and the final (big one) before 2024 to assure a Republican win in 2024.

The drawback is if the Dems take power back in 2020 and/or 2024.

The ultimate goal should be to destroy the Democrat Party at any cost and the tribunals will help, but if not done properly…it could backfire on this Republic. President Trump has to move and plan cautiously, while at the same time remain safe.

As for the logistics meeting in Columbia South Carolina 11/28/18, by several agencies, including military NCIS and the IRS, tells me….if the plan was to discuss (behind closed doors) logistics for how to proceed with what would be bigger and more complicated than the Nuremburg Trials, it would require these agencies to understand the complexity by designating the proper individuals from each agency tasked with compiling their case(s) as a joint effort for the prosecution to proceed in a Military Tribunal setting.

Note: U.S. Marshal’s Service attended the logistics meeting and are only tasked with going after fugitives and picking them up!!! The criminals mentioned in the media report yesterday are already in prison !!! IRS?? How about investigations concerning (Clinton Foundation) and money laundering as detailed in Trump’s National ‘Emergency / Executive Order’ signed into law December 2017 ? IRS investigating inmates in prison??

Why wasn’t that meeting held in Washington D.C. yesterday instead of Columbia South Carolina?

Why bring all these agencies together under the guise / ruse of an investigation against a couple inmates creating apps to extort military personnel in a porn scheme? THEY’RE already in prison and adding additional charges and time is very easy to do with less than what the logistics planning team could do !

If THEY were in-fact meeting behind closed doors about tribunals (near the military prison), and had no cover story for the media, the cat would be out-of-the-bag for one….and anything and everything would begin to happen with a Deep State counter-attack.

Keeping the Deep State criminals confused by fake news, but knowing what is probably happening, forces them to NOT come-out and tell the world in-order to gain sympathy from the Left….plus they would look like paranoid conspiracy theorists, which would be used against them.

A prime example are the numerous false flag media reports such as…the Las Vegas Massacre about a lone shooter, which is an absolute lie, or the many cover stories for 9/11 and others like Sandy Hook.

What (WE) do is provide an analysis of what it actually appears to be based-on the puzzle scenario. We have many pieces of the puzzle and the picture is looking obvious.

Consider this….

According to my source, there is a large military prison at Ft. Jackson (Columbia S. Carolina) and he just delivered supplies there and will keep me updated.

If Ft. Jackson is to be used as a permanent or temporary facility for hundreds of top level criminals being charged for Treason….that is where they would be held while Comey, Lynch, Mueller, Clinton, and Obama, et al would need to be at GITMO in-order to avoid a Deep State take-over of a prison on U.S. land by an ANTIFA generated Civil War.

Seems logical to me, but I could be very wrong and everything could fall apart and if that were to happen…Trump does not get re-elected and we lose to a Socialist / Communist and that’s when things get really nasty for America.

Under the (next) Socialist / Communist U.S. President….you will have only two choices:

Either give-up your 1st and 2nd amendment rights or plan to fight and possibly die.

–Dave Bertrand

X22 Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals, (CIA) Robert David Steele


Mark Brander

I wish it was true… however I researched it and this press conference was about some inmates who who extorted hundreds of military personnel across the US using contraband phones and posing online as young girls wanting sex. They sent nude photos to men requesting photos back and then pretended to be upset fathers of the girls wanting bribes not to go to the police.

SC, NC inmates busted in ‘Operation Surprise Party’ sextortion scheme of military members linked to contraband cellphones


We need to stop this thinking that there will be military tribunals. Not going to happen.

No more will this happen than the lies spread years ago and debunked about FEMA camps and the guillotines and the threat Obama was going to put us all in a camp.

All BS.

Military and Law Enforcement Logistics Planning Underway for Tribunals? +Video

“Represented at the press conference will be members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS), U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID), Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Services (DCIS), Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigations (IRS-CI), United States Marshals Service (USMS), the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC), the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

Must Watch – Sean Hannity Fox News (Corsi & Stone Legal Analysis)

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid From Arizona to Montana Each Year.

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    • Anonymous

      You guys are totally delusional if you think ANY of this is going to happen. :eek:

    • Warped

      This article had so much potential to be good but once again it was ruined by rediculous Q crap.

    • HTLIII

      The main objective of the past 5 presidents and more was to sacrifice the American military and working class to support the British Empire and in particular the British royal family.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      i don’t think the patriots will be the ones dying? there is a fate worse than death! if you can’t talk or defend yourself your already dead!

      viva le revolution!

      under my plan there are no taxes a gun on every hip, gun safety starts at birth! the 10 commandments are the only law, no satanic corporations to infect the colony with there toxins! :idea:

    • rmstock

      Keep a close eye on what is happening with George Soros. If I’m not
      mistaken, he dictates what Pope Francis is writing and telling, in
      effect taking control of the Vatican. Bergoglio is a compromised
      person, possibly Soros has blackmail material on him. The stepping down
      of Benedict XVI and the election of Francis was also a premeditated
      event, possibly by using blackmail. Soros also took control over the
      European Union during the last EU elections of 2014. In October 2004
      Soros took over the Democratic Party when Hillary Clinton introduced
      Soros as her angel financier. This is the extend at which Soros
      currently has his influence with his Open Society Foundations, rolling
      out a globalist agenda, engulfing America and Europe with illegal
      immigrants, military age men from Central America, Northern Africa and
      the Middle East. Trump’s main foe is George Soros. But also realize
      how Trump’s support to take down Soros is growing around the world.
      Military Tribunals are a scenario, when the reinstitution of the rule
      of law has no other possibility. The current Attorney General Matthew
      Whitaker will do what is needed to be done, also the new Senate
      Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham for 2019 has pledged that he will ensure
      the release of the FISA Documents and related materials. When `Q’
      makes predictions about Military Tribunals, the date of death of the
      High Crimes Criminals, and next fails to make exact predictions, `Q’
      and Dave Bertrand have no reason to start yelling around that Trump
      will also fail, and will not be reelected. Mueller is one of these High
      Crimes individuals, who is hailed and glorified by the Deep state media
      and Soros funded organizations. But in reality Mueller is supported by
      a limited number of people at the top. Some of these happen to be
      executives at large Corporations, like GM, who no doubt in retaliation
      and support for the old guard, The Deep State, ordered the lay off of
      14,000 of its employees in America. The fight and battle has become
      mean and grit, but thats exactly why America elected Donald J. Trump.

    • Slimey

      Let’s get this straight.

      It is not YOU who should give up your rights or for YOU to die. IT IS THEY that must give up their WRONGS and it is they that MUST DIE if they refuse.

      You are NEVER to die for their WRONG. NEVER!!

      ONE SHOT – ONE KILL! :cool:

    • Anonymous

      blah blah blah
      cheers to some real swamp training!!

    • patann

      Ironic, like a return to Pres Bush making war on Hussein, only to placed a Dan 12 to Rev 10, to Rev 13-17/18 fulfilling Hussein in the Whitehouse as world reign until Jesus Millennium Reign be fulfilled. Again it’s a coincidence you would use US leads behind prison bars, well all gone before Cnrist Jesus, are thieves and robbers as these, ALL, again ALL, let none deceive you, said JCON.
      -Those prison bars I equally saw 2003, produce a fire, like a sword that target again Pres Bush/West World, 2003, the first to be aligned to 50 million US soil related deaths, then Obama’s 2013, then yes, beloved Trump, 2017, inaguration. Further meaning you guys couldn’t get this right even if it was all prewritten in a book called the Genesis to the Apocalypse, these six millennia now, beware, Apb

      -God Alone Is God, Jesus’ Holy Blood Is The Way, Truth And The Life God’s Throne/Heir, Only Narrow Path To Holy Elohim, This Is Where You Screen An Exist, Sneak Out Unnoticed And Find And Get Jesus, Then, RUN!!!!!!!!!!

      Evacuations Ordered Along Holy Fire Burn Scar

      Prophecy Links

      Hearing in my ear, 2005, smiling faces don’t last (religion/politics, aligned Trump’s to Gog and Magog), don’t last wipe Canada from the map, Britain, America went off the map as well, when predicted, disaster Hawaii began to blow, 05/04/2018, a 16th Matrix/Rev 16, beware Apb

      Wave of energy, Blood Moon and I heard 2003/2013-01/22/2017, 50 million will die, US soil, get Jesus, get out!

      Nov. 11, 2018, wave of energy, a 33rd Matrix,1-22 Rev books open; Lambs book open to roll call, census taking, 2015; huge martyred blood pink offer of Mansions in heaven, done, 2016; invitations sent out, March 13 2018, revisited Oct 15, 2018, get ye out of US states of barbecue, from disaster Hawaii inland, get into Georgia, even as far as Africa, for when Hawaii shall begin to blow, (May 4 a 16th Matrix/Rev 16), this shall be the end. Right into Dan 9, 7 final years and Dan 4:4, complete seizure and removal of now king of king Mystery Babylon America, West Rule until these 7 years be done, then I witnessed Jesus Millennium Reign, 2016/2025/26, Beware, Apb

      Prophecy Link

      -Seen to be hearing Pres Bush’s 2003, one error, into a new fear factor, on to be aligned to 50 million US soil deaths;
      -Seen to be seeing Pres Trump’s 2017, in bold, black, lowercase letters, the single word error, on to be aligned to Eze 38, 39 Gog and Magog and 50 million US soil deaths
      – Seen to be hearing Senator/Pres Obama’s 2008-2016, he’s the one, two weeks and seven years, 534 BC -May 2004, AD, Angel Gabriel, on to be aligned to through heaven’s roof, death tolls, US soil, then Jesus reigned for a 1000 years, beware, Apb, see,

      ERROR/ERA/ERROR (hearing Matrix 10, Rev 10, by a Matrix, 32rd, 1-22 Rev Chapts, Invitations from barbecue states to forewarning, Jan 2018, no further delays revisited; Eze 9, type slayers, now bearing swordlike syringes/the end of world America and the little Miya girl of posts, present apocalypse target all procrastination, (including Pastors, churches, flee said Jesus), even your autos are targeted, use them before you lose them a predicted 2001-2015/18 EMP to CME, attack, looms, 190 years instantly lost, back to 1811, 1912, New Madrid huge quakes reactivated, possibly a 10 plus, also see Jer 37;8, 1998, to Rev 17;16-18, Jan 13-29, 2018) beware, Apb

    • Jamison

      The Andrea Huspeni ad (on the right) is really…really annoying!

    • Jamison

      Not sure the indictments will succeed… Not sure Trump will succeed… He will need A LOT of help…the Deep States suckers have lots of money, lots of political and military power, and lots of influence economically all around the world and you bet they will defend themselves tooth and nails not to get caught and realize their sick agenda which is to control the planet and enslave us all…

    • 2QIK4U


    • zee7667

      The ultimate goal should be to destroy the Democrat Party at any cost and the tribunals will help, but if not done properly…it could backfire on this Republic. President Trump has to move and plan cautiously, while at the same time remain safe.

    • Laser Guided Loogie

      Meanwhile, in Real World:

      “Q” is a larp, and most probably a government psyop.
      Michael Cohen just plead guilty to a stupid process crime.
      The FBI just raided a Clinton Foundation whistleblower.
      The POTUS can’t get his new AG to do anything more than Sessions did (i.e. nothing)
      The new AG just insulted POTUS and claimed he may be a liar.
      The POTUS is hoping for AT BEST 20% of his wall, which after December is all he will ever get for it.
      The POTUS is reduced to retweeting poor quality photoships of his political enemies behind bars

      In short,Trump and the good guys are losing, and the bad guys are winning, and at this rate Trump wont finish his First Term much less make it to 2020.





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