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X22Report: It's Coming, Economic Transition, Unsealed Indictments, Arrests, Martial Law & The Truth: Bix Weir Video

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X22Report Spotlight

wesley shanklin1 week ago

The day we’ll end the Fed is the day we truly become free again. But make no mistake about it. There will be a painful transition.

Ian Myers

Ian Myers1 week ago

I am convinced there are NO GOOD GUYs, just “OTHER GUY’s. None of them care about the Average Joe.


MrB3LAC1 week ago

Instead of bailing out the banks how about they bail out the people. Wipe the debt of every citizen.


hbeachrealist1 week ago

I feel like I will be dead by the time the PMs will stop being suppressed….listening to speculation has gotten so old…

Brendan Wright

Brendan Wright1 week ago

Dangling the carrot is getting a little long in the tooth.

Trace Young

Trace Young1 week ago (edited)

I normally watch a video before commenting but I make an exception when I see ‘Bix Weir’ as the guest. Probably not worth watching, probably a mix of unhinged speculation and half truths, definitely ‘low brow’. Of course that is only my opinion but an opinion that has been reached after many years of actually listening to the increasingly manic predictions of Bix that never come true.

Jon T

Jon T1 week ago

Bix Weir…no matter what channel or what day will always get a flying down vote from me. Bix don’t know Jack.

Mkultra90 K

Mkultra90 K1 week ago

I’m honestly sick of Bix Weir

Russell Sharp

Russell Sharp1 week ago

Ugggg, please stop having Bix on..

Joseph W

Joseph W1 week ago

Not meaning to be rude, but after following you for better part of 2 years, you continue to state the exact same thing, with nothing (i’ve found) coming to fruition. Do you cover anything you’ve stated actually happening, or continue to warn of the same ole, same ole?

Roger Hendy

Roger Hendy1 week ago

Here we go again…. lol. It’s a never ending rotating carousel echo chamber of ‘Red Pill Truth’ on this channel. 6 years ago X22 report was telling everyone the crash was closer than ever and it was all falling apart, fast forward 6 years and nothing has changed lol Woops sorry, this time we have Q (the anonymous entity) telling us the ‘Deep State’ are on the ropes. This channel should be renamed to “Ground Hog Day”. And then he regurgitates a fantasist by the name of Bix Weir from The Road To Ruin Ya who says silver will be 1:1 ratio to Gold price ??? Don’t worry guys, X22 sees plenty of Google Adsense revenue from the fairy tales he presents, so it’s all good, his family gets to eat very well each night.

Pagrator Tersot

Pagrator Tersot1 week ago

X22 has, sadly, become nothing more than clickbait.



GHOULARDI Arizona1 week ago

Unsealed documents? We have been hearing this for months? We want action now!!


skratchmyass1 week ago

We’re still talking about Q?.. the “good guys?”… Eh.. To each his own.. Looks like horse Shit to me tho.

Rob Perry

Rob Perry1 week ago

You don’t put this man on for any reason. Shame on you for insulting your audience!

Kirsten Tait

Kirsten Tait1 week ago

I disagree with Bix here (unusual because I really like him). The whole truth will be soundly rejected by the public. On the whole, they are not ready for it and would be way too upsetting. I think Trump is right to go little by little dropping mild truth bombs and building it up slow in people’s minds.
William Nedbalek

William Nedbalek1 week ago

I appreciate you having Bix on. I had never heard him before. It makes me wonder about the negative comments here.

Wendy Koval

Wendy Koval1 week ago

Lots of TROLLS commenting below . That’s a GOOD Sign actually. They’re SCARED silly !!

Patrick London

Patrick London1 week ago

Q said Sessions was part of the plan. Trust the plan. So do nothing Senior Executive Service Sessions was part of the plan? What kind of screwed up plan is that?

PivotalPoint aka SofaKing

PivotalPoint aka SofaKing1 week ago

Cryptos to save humanity?…. more like the final nail in the coffin = Checkmate, game over, your individuality and personal sovereignty -Poof!

Bill Jones

Bill Jones1 week ago

When are you going to stop having Bix on your program. When I see he is your guest, I give you a thumbs down and exit your page.

Willow Dreams

Willow Dreams1 week ago (edited)

I hope something changes because I’ve only lost money from buying crypto (last year) and silver as they have only gone down. I wonder how an everyday person can sell their silver when needed. It seems like you can’t exchange or sell something without losing your profit due to transaction fees. Can you do a show on the manipulation of Cryptocurrencies? I totally agree with Bix that they need to shut down the MSM as they are a powerful brainwashing DS tool.

Justin Sanders

Justin Sanders1 week ago

Its been “happening” forever now. still no gold trade note as of yet so we are still years away imo

Brenda Watkins

Brenda Watkins1 week ago

Yes – LET THE PEOPLE KNOW EVERYTHING!!!..Hold Emergency Address To The People & Tell The American People The TRUTH!!!..Also let them know the truth about Human Trafficking, Rape, Torture & Sacrifice of Many People, Children, Babies :’( The People Need To Be Told The Truth!

Wendy Koval

Wendy Koval1 week ago

Trump’s FOCUSing on ‘Jim Acosta’ is probably the FIRST STEP in EXPOSING & Bringing DOWN CNN, MSNBC will surely be NEXT. People WILL be READY for The TRUTH very SOON !

michael mangan

michael mangan1 week ago

You guys make alot through patreon selling these theories

Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson1 week ago

promises, promises… where’s my Hopium pipe…


Shadowcruise991 week ago

If you were told that relocating to a Patriot Induction Facility (FEMA Camp) was for your own protection and was “Part of the Plan”, would you go? How Many Lemmings Does It Take to Form a Movement? WYG1YGA

Jack Flak

Jack Flak1 week ago

More click bait for the live action role play cult.

wesley shanklin

wesley shanklin1 week ago

Unleash the PAIN….

Andreas Maier

Andreas Maier1 week ago

This is a voice from Germany: Unsealing the indictments. Well, my opinion is, that this is the acid test for Q. If this does not happen in the near future, well ….. no further comments. It is now 5 minutes past midnight, Q! The World and I am as German wait for ‘dramatic’ events taking place NOW! Hope that your Mr. President will grab Mrs Merkel as rude as he can. :-) in this processe may be coming forward. Not only put Hillary to jail. Merkel should follow her immediatly. And let these women never become free of jail. :-) ))

Top Smokie

Top Smokie1 week ago

Christmas is coming!


Woodyminator1 week ago

Here in Germany we have a politician named Peter Böhringer from the AFD party. He started the campagne bring back our gold. Each produced goldbar has its own unique barnumber. He asked the Fed to give him a barnumber list of the german gold bars which stored by the Fed. But they refused to give him such a list and instead they gave him an inventory list, which concerned him very much. An inventory list is not the evidence to you secure that all bars are original and wear bar numbers. He started thinking obout that issue. Imagine that a gold bar with the same number would exist more than once. They are deceivers I would think. Think about that different banks with the same gold bar numbers in their stocks. Thats the reason why he got so concerned when they offered him only an unverified inventory list from the bars. From that moment on he pushed all levers forward to return the german gold. They betrayed us so often why should the banksters suddenly stop to continue with their dirty tricks? Trust nobody untill you can proof it is true. Regards from Germany trust the plan we here in Germany are sure it will work.

June Martin

June Martin1 week ago

Remember Trump Administration is freezing assets.

Susie Q

Susie Q1 week ago

Trump knows what he has to do this has been planned for at least 3 years, military plan.


GR8FORU1 week ago

Summation – Bix doesn’t have a clue what is going to happen, l like the comment “ the FED are the bad guys” but then Bix totally believes in the “Road to Roota” magazine issued by the FED! Very weird!

Susie Q

Susie Q1 week ago

If Rothschilds are arrested, their gold etc can be confiscated by the government.

Renzokuken Leneyoyo

Renzokuken Leneyoyo1 week ago (edited)

Andy Hoffmann, Bix, V, Jsnip and Cliff High should all get together and put a burger stand which seems is as good a business and a narrative they could handle without flip flopping or missing entirely the point. The burger shack can be about aliens in Antarctica or machines that can create gold out of thin air but cryptos being impervious to manipulation… or the billions of tons of gold in the grand canyon… these guys can go crazy with their food stop

Yahkema J

Yahkema J1 week ago

If Trump is ever going to drain the swamp he had better do it now because the Democrats have 85 investigations lined up against Trump this is why I did not vote Democrat because of all of this investigating they are doing on Trump instead healing the country and getting things done for the country. The Democrats don’t give a damn about America they just want Trump to go away better yet to impeach him. All the brain dead people that went out there and voted for The Democrats are responsible for the mess they are getting ready to create and wasted money for useless investigations and all of these recounts people still thing the Democrats are for the people nothing could be the farthest from the truth they are for the Deep State.

The Truth Behind the Lies

The Truth Behind the Lies1 week ago (edited)

Nothing will ever change until there’s big names in shackles and orange jump suits! Q is a joke and always excuses and delays when nothing happens. Let me understand this you now trying to justify Marshall Law next you’ll be asking for fema camps.

Donna Haight

Donna Haight1 week ago

Bix is a crypto altcoin scam pusher or scammer! Don’t listen to a flipping thing this creature says.

Jack Viper

Jack Viper1 week ago

It’s coming coming, nothing happens, year from now its coming its coming. 2 years from now its coming its coming 5 years from now Nothing as always.

Anita A

Anita A1 week ago (edited)

They have a plan alright but it is not what you are saying. Though it might appear that way. Q is a psyop, dream land for Q followers.

Independent Thinker

Independent Thinker1 week ago

Love Bix…thanks for having him on. Excellent video.


gemini2320031 week ago

A crypto standard would be a joke, no better than the fiat dollar system.


daorange3701 week ago

All you people against bix, why aren’t you on YouTube stating facts or what you believe!?! Its simple, you dont Know!?!

Jim Logan

Jim Logan1 week ago

Fantasy Land talks to La La Land in this video. Result: Dreams and Nightmares.

Taylor Van Buskirk

Taylor Van Buskirk1 week ago

I agree with Bix Weir! Tell us the truth…ALL OF IT!!

Salvator Mundi

Salvator Mundi1 week ago

I agree, rip the band-aid off already.. The low cognitive functioning are never going to come around “on their own”


adoracle11 week ago

Martial law is a bad idea. curfews would be temporarily fine, National guard where needed, temporarily would be fine, again, specifically as needed in areas of particular issue, for ex: right now, the border, outlawing masked faced violent gangs and arresting/prosecuting them feels necessary right now, breaking up monopolies of tech giants and media would be awesome, but It will be beyond hard to convince me that martial law will end up being anything more than a set up, intended or not, trap for the people. Do not let the factual presence of an ongoing Hegelian Dialectic in progress get lost in all the chaos. trojan horses are a bad thing. remember that.

Alan Watson

Alan Watson1 week ago

When it comes to National Politicians and Big Bankers, there are no “Good Guys”.

Ivan Trowbridge

Ivan Trowbridge1 week ago

Keep up the great work, all my research shows the same path you present 💪 WAKE UP PEOPLE before it’s too late 😎🚬💨

Chris Bova

Chris Bova1 week ago

Enough with the bull dave.


Momonoski1 week ago

Bix Weir equates to exaggeration & wrongful predictions! So why have him on, really!

Rick Cea

Rick Cea1 week ago

Dustin Nemos’ channel is excellent…Try him!!!

Dennis Anschau

Dennis Anschau1 week ago (edited)

This has been COMING for several years!!!! When is IT! going to start!??? I have heard that by the end of the year we will DEFINITELY start the arrests!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

Cmore Butts

Cmore Butts1 week ago

X22 i do like ur news updates but ur interpretations are off much of the time, especially with Q. Then to add insult to injury u put bix weird on to push his BS. Put on lynette zang. at least she has a history in government and talks matter of fact.

Diana Ashton

Diana Ashton1 week ago

This man is 100 % correct. trump must begin to tell us what has really been happening, but how can we expose the truth if Trumo doesn’t do it. When or how will we hear the truth?


JOHN ROHANA1 week ago

♦️CNN treason..that’s prob been Jake Tappers plan..get pointed out by Trump ,then scream political payback when the treason charges come. Sorry to say there isn’t a gallow high enough or rope long enough for his demise. Cuban commie plant♦️

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