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Dan Bongino: Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History - Must-See Video

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TJ Singh

Published on Nov 22, 2018

Agent Dan Bongino brought up this video today in his podcast, He and the crew are quite surprised how it exploded viral. Other news channel sites have now posted the direct video link to here as well. One is forced to hit stop every 11 seconds to Take notes, download it, and it will obviously educate everyone that never had a clue, or at least update as it unfolds further. No Doubt, everyone Bongino noted,,, watch now, as they scramble & bail packing as others did. Oh the hell, another one suddenly retires. Someone claimed Dan’s knowledge _ is for some reason, he’s deep state,,, clearly, they have no idea about the 7th floor. I’ll just leave it there. Cheers


Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr2 days ago

What an epic speech! Thanks for uploading this

Micah Edwards

Micah Edwards2 days ago

PLEASE let there be justice. Restore American faith


madminute2 days ago

Mr. Bongino is a breath of fresh air, a voice of logic and reason.

Styx Fan

Styx Fan2 days ago

Obama pulled off the biggest scam in American political history period.

Harmonious Universe

Harmonious Universe2 days ago

Please people check out SGTreport….NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING, they show tens of thousands of English people all chanting WE LOVE TRUMP on the 25/11/18 and not anything on fake news about this.


Jimmy2 days ago (edited)

When Hillary Clinton pivoted to Russia hacking her campaign during the 2016 Presidential debates after she was caught in lie after lie after more Wikileaks lies, she said that 17 intel agencies confirm Russia did the hacking…she said so but provided not one source or name. We now know she lied because nobody knows (aside from Assange) who leaked or hacked the emails. But when she kept blaming Russia for “interfering in our elections and democracy” because her campaign was hit and exposed I knew she would further the Putin-Trump narrative. You can actually see these wheels spinning in her head as Trump says he doesn’t know Putin, but it’d be good to get along with Russia…she and those protecting her are a scourge a cancer in America. I say this as someone mentally healthy and if I were suicided I just want it on record that I am no way no how ever going to commit suicide. That said Russia Investigation and Mueller are a political hit job, a concerted effort with their media to cloud and confuse the average American who has no clue what is going on.

Tina Boyd

Tina Boyd1 day ago

cosmic justice? send them ALL to jail

Cathie Austin

Cathie Austin2 days ago

Dan is absolutely great!!! have always liked him. he’s like the energizer bunny!!

Floyd Maxwell

Floyd Maxwell2 days ago

Dan is the Gatling gun spraying truth


PECOSO1 day ago

Everything leads back to Obama and Clinton. Follow the money and power

Killshot Kelly

Killshot Kelly2 days ago

I’m not satisfied with cosmic justice and neither should anyone be. We the people have an obligation to uphold the law when justice fails.

Chew Chew Train

Chew Chew Train2 days ago

WOW! This guy is a terrific public speaker. EVERY American of every political party should listen to this talk.


Slyfox682 days ago

Dan bongino is awesome! He is a down to earth real hardworking Patriotic American. God Bless him & keep him safe, we need him in this fight! If you have Amazon Prime, watch this documentary: “Enemy Of The State”. It was written by a New Zealander, and is about the Communists hiding in plain sight in America. Very eye opening, and scary!

South African - Future US citizen

South African – Future US citizen1 week ago

I’m black from South Africa – and believe me, the USA is the last hope for mankind, if the day ever comes that the USA dies – I wanna be long dead by then… MAGA❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸

Wilson Poss

Wilson Poss1 day ago

Obama ,Hilary , should get the death penalty! To betray the American people and ABUSE there authority. That is the lowest of lows. Trump is the best thing that has happened in the USA, EVER!

Miche Mehall

Miche Mehall1 day ago (edited)

Thank you Dan Bongino!!! We know that if you keep exposing the lies and liars, your life will be in jeopardy, so I’m praying God’s DEVINE protection over your life, family and property…and calling ALL GOD-FEARING BELIEVERS do likewise!

philip horner

philip horner2 days ago

FISA court lack of corroboration is the crux of the problem.

Big Troll

Big Troll1 day ago

Dan Bongino is the truth!! Sheriff Clark is the truth, too. They need to team up!

victor Batista

victor Batista2 days ago

And the truth shall set you free…. JOHN 8:31 – 34 . Than you Mr Dan Bongino for bring the truth once again.

JD plus

JD plus1 day ago

They should all be in jail, enough said!!!


THESHOMROM2 days ago

Dan Bongino is Brilliant. If only the Press, including FOX, was as good as Bongino. The MSM first needs to be honest before needing a brain transplant. FOX, at least attempts to be truthful, but some aren’t doing their homework. If you don’t know the facts don’t try to debate a Liberal.

marc Brunson

marc Brunson2 days ago

the left owns the media and education,we have to keep judicial conservative.

Trumpshe honors

Trumpshe honors1 day ago

The question still remains: when do we do something about the corruption. So far only the good guys are being punished.

wayne mcclory

wayne mcclory1 day ago

So funny then got the wrong Michel Cohen ! Haaa this is so good thank you DAN !


THESHOMROM2 days ago

I hope Dan that you made out a chart showing the connections of these people. I sincerely believe that a concise easily read chart with page references would make it damn impossible for anyone to ignore, even the media. A chart is easily passed around and shared and page references helps to quickly find the area of the book in order to learn the supporting background. When you first began speaking up I felt encouraged. You haven’t disappointed.


Josh1 day ago

funny how some of these liberals are for open borders but live in a gated ,guarded community .With an additional fence around their houses. hypocrites

Alexei Voloshin

Alexei Voloshin2 days ago

If you notice the biggest vulnerability here is the FISA court. FISA court should be permanently shut down immediately. It should have never existed in the first place in a free democratic society.

Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott1 week ago

Absolutely fascinating, every detail, want to see all these assholes in jail.

KelMaster Construction

KelMaster Construction1 day ago (edited)

With all of this verifiable information out there, and yet there are still so many that believe even more of fabricated lies propagated by the Bush, Obama and Clinton crime families. At some point you must ask yourself who was more likely to have enough power, influence and connections to collude with foreign governments. Now remember, all of this started long before anyone thought Donald J. Trump would even win the primaries, let alone the Presidency. Realizing that Santa Claus was just a fairy tale was a difficult disillusionment for children, but at some point, they had to grow up. Barrack, Hillary, and all of these high level government employees all reek of criminal activity, and if you cannot see this, you likely still believe in fairy tales.


LD NOTW1 day ago

Will we ever see justice done?

todd Brewer

todd Brewer1 day ago

I hope hillary doesn’t have Dan killed like she has so many others.

Dorota Galas

Dorota Galas1 day ago

Nothing can be done ???!! Why….tons of evidence…its pretty obvious…and nothing can be done ? One party who lost can do everthing and get oway with it ..and conservatives cant do anything about it ???! Strange….conservatives won….they have evidence…they have conservative meda…and still nothing can be done ? Why ????! Somehow i just cannot buy it…!!! Dems can do everything..and u can do nothing ??? Sometning is wrong with it ….UNLESS….AND THIS IS MY GUT FEELING….UNLESS THE LEFT WING AND THE RIGHT WING…BELONGS TO THE SAME BIRD…..!!!!????!!!!

Age OF Reason

Age OF Reason1 week ago

They have to be exposed, and in our lifetime.

hella good

hella good1 day ago

This guy is a hero a HERO PATRIOT

Roy Loeffler

Roy Loeffler1 day ago

OMG You can’t make this stuff up. its crazy, crazy stuff

Charles Harrison

Charles Harrison1 day ago

Perfectly laid out… that’s what I like ,,,facts and no fat… love it.

S Erick

S Erick1 day ago

Thank God Republicans have control of the senate. We can get this investigated and prosecuted. Release the classifieds Trump!

Jet Jeti

Jet Jeti6 days ago

Love finding stuff like this on YouTube. I can’t stand cable news anymore

Steve Trueblue

Steve Trueblue1 day ago

Military court obvious solution

Not You

Not You1 day ago

Mueller has been destroying evidence since day one. That is his primary job.

LeBronda James

LeBronda James1 day ago

Plz don’t wind up dead dan


Geronimo5531 day ago

Knew Obama’s admin was dirty with everything they kept trying to hide. Now their exposed yet again and they cannot hide the evidence this time.


Philscbx1 week ago (edited)

Dan’s the Man. Saved to file, images of Dan from 10-15 years ago standing behind Hillary as agent to protecting them. There is nothing Dan doesn’t know. We owe Dan huge respect of his knowledge – I’d be first shaking his hand. Those watching, you’d be smart to download this, to play back from any device, even if just a sound file. Cheers

Jon Doe

Jon Doe1 day ago

God bless you Mr. Bongino


Methadras1 day ago

Dan, I don’t want divine justice. Let God deal with it. I want to see these jokers dealt with now.


DTrueView1 day ago

Having served in the military and currently being a Federal Officer, I was able read rough the media camouflage to protect Obama, Hillary, Comie, and the rest. I have been able to put the players on the board, but not see how it all fit together. This speech made it all crystal clear. Thank you Dan; for your service and God bless your courage.

Jim Scott

Jim Scott1 day ago

Thank God for men like you! Hillary for Prison 2019!!!

Michael Maman

Michael Maman6 days ago

All Americans should be enraged at what the Obama administration did. Left, right, center, it shouldn’t matter. Our Republic is at stake





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    • Slimey

      A great speech and recommend everyone watch it about Democrap TREASON betrayal and their mental illness. He NAILS IT!

      You may not like the part that he says Hillaryous will never get indicted because that’s the way it is. I really wish he did not say that. That’s like giving up as soon as you see the enemy coming.

      Look, she broke some serious Federal laws, committed treason and collaborated with the enemy to bring this country down. That calls for a HANGING. :twisted:




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