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X22Report: Something Public Should Not See, Start the Clock --Trump Warns Declass Bad - Must-See Video

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Published on Nov 30, 2018

Comey is now suing to get out of the closed door hearings, predictable. Adam Schiff projects fear and John Brennan is screaming and lashing out at Trump. Feds raid Trumps former tax attorney. The Feds raid a Clinton whistleblower, the deep state is trying to cover all tracks, but they are to late, we have it all. Q post decoded.MS13 gang member in caravan has been arrested. Bombs found outside the G20 meeting. Facebook and Instagram go dark again, coincidence not according to Q, this has been planned for the declas, most likely the deep state is testing their ability to bring down social media.


LindaLee EVPeace1 day ago



Barbie1 day ago

I’m a bit confused here. Why does Comey even have a choice about where he testifies?


1998bluedog1 day ago

Comey is a total weasel and needs to be in jail.

CyndiLu Stone

CyndiLu Stone1 day ago

only the Truth can set us free Mr.President.

Q Anon

Q Anon1 day ago


Kurt Kieffer

Kurt Kieffer1 day ago

Comey is a Sissy and a Coward! Guilty as Hell!

pina C

pina C1 day ago

let’s get this party started

Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt1 day ago

I think as a nation we deserve to see this. This nation has seen and encountered enough.What is on paper can’t be any worse that any of us has already endured. Our politicians has fed us enough shit over the years.

CC Bean

CC Bean1 day ago

The Clintons have been selling US out since Slick Willy was in office.

Sister Liberty

Sister Liberty1 day ago

Shine the light! Truth wins the fight. Amen!

Lifer Patriot & Veteran Don’t tread on me.

Lifer Patriot & Veteran Don’t tread on me.1 day ago (edited)

53/47 We voted, we voted for Trump & want to know ALL of it! Nobody cares WHAT COMEY WANTS. WE WANT JUSTICE!

Scott Novak

Scott Novak1 day ago

Hillary will hide behind the 5th amendment. She is a slimy POS. My question is, where is Anthony wiener’s laptop?

Brendan Wright

Brendan Wright1 day ago

Less talk, more action.

Jo Jo

Jo Jo1 day ago

Comey is such an EVIL man…..

Trees Pottingchic

Trees Pottingchic1 day ago

If it is that bad then we should see it; who wants them walking around free.

Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks1 day ago

I purchased 10 patriot flashlights but not a single FISA was declassified. What did I do wrong?

susan gort

susan gort1 day ago

DECLASSIFY it already!

Keith Holloman

Keith Holloman1 day ago

Declas it ALL. We can handle it. They should be veeeery afraid🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔

Young Blood

Young Blood1 day ago

With the FBI raid on Dennis Cain, the whistleblower on Uranium 1, Huber CANNOT testify on Dec 5 because NOW IT IS AN ACTIVE INVESTIGATION. This crap has got to stop……declassification is the only way.


IoN1 day ago

No ! Keeping public in the dark only draws suspicion that your not being honest with us. Declassify is the only way this country is going to get back on track and regain trust in the current establishment; DECLASSIFY NOW!

Thomas Longhway

Thomas Longhway1 day ago (edited)

No want to see it now, we are sick of these people, put it out now

Fin1960 Gin

Fin1960 Gin1 day ago

I want to know it all !! Mr President. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

Diana Ashton

Diana Ashton1 day ago

Why can’t a judge order Comey to also testify under oath.

freethinker 45

freethinker 451 day ago (edited)


Larry Viator

Larry Viator1 day ago

every one who has been following this for the past year or so knows the corruption in the justice department, cia, fbi and even congress. what we do not see is any move to round up these people but what we do see is deep state players controlling the action still. why would fbi raid whistle blowers office if he handed over evidence to congress or huber? if something was left there that means the job was not done right by investigators. the noose seams to be getting tighter on trump and his kids so why hasnt trump released the damning reports? explain to me that if rosenstein is guilty in the fisa report then why not bring this to court where what ever he did in appointing mueller should be null and void in this whole witch hunt should not be allowed to surface.

Gwen Henson

Gwen Henson1 day ago

2 years investigating and these crooks, pedophile treasonous clowns are still walking around free…. Trump is gonna lose his base if arrests dont start happening in the next 60 days.

BBD 61

BBD 611 day ago

We have a right to see it.

Judy Gagnon

Judy Gagnon1 day ago

Trump we have the right to freaking know what is in the declass.


MrGchiasson1 day ago

When so much is deemed classified and the citizens should not know..we have truly lost control of the gov’t. They see us as nothing but manipulated drones.

Tim Miller

Tim Miller1 day ago

Basically, there should be no classified information.

Burt Bronson

Burt Bronson1 day ago

Trump better DECLASS before they take him out.

Catherine McCandless

Catherine McCandless1 day ago

just look at all this crap going on right now, cal set fires, austraillian fires 500 miles of fires yesterday, russia ukrane, the invasion on the border. massive voter fraud. all chaos

Nicholas Griffith

Nicholas Griffith1 day ago

Time to come clean..We Vote in 2020 Expect Us🇺🇸

Me and Missy

Me and Missy1 day ago

Why are we being treated like little children? Release everything for God’s sake. I’m sick of this. All those different dates to prepare ourselves for, 11/11, moabs, and nothing will happen on December 5th. Nothing………

Deborah Eisenmenger

Deborah Eisenmenger1 day ago

I just lived through a major earthquake. My house is totaled. Not in the mood to hear no declassification We want to know.


Nikotromus1 day ago

Tomorrow is December 1st. The election has long since finished. When are you people going to finally give up on these sealed indictments? It’s never going to happen. The laws only apply to the slaves, i.e. you and me.

paul dye

paul dye1 day ago

Where’s the server? It’s gone…who cares? Everything that was ever on that server resides in the NSA database…what’s the problem?

Darlene Ferrare

Darlene Ferrare1 day ago

This is so freaking unbelievable and wrong!! I’m so tired of being lied to by Q and Trump! Kicking the can down the road!!! This is ridiculous and all of these criminals are constantly being given more time to live their lives! We are suffering more than they are for God’s sake!! WE are waiting on the edge of our seats for so long now and I’m sick of it!!! Comey has no right to be able to file a lawsuit – are you freaking kidding me????


Momo1 day ago

Comey is scared!!!😂 Karma is knocking at your door Comey!!😂

Catherine McCandless

Catherine McCandless1 day ago

no we need to see we have that right its our country its about us.

ray breshears

ray breshears1 day ago

I am an avid Trump supporter but he promised US honesty and to drain the swamp. We the People deserve to know the absolute truth. Honestly I’m quite pissed he hasn’t declas’d and released FISA docs.

Pratchle Skorch

Pratchle Skorch1 day ago

It’s over If Trump doesn’t move now.


halion91 day ago (edited)

‘q’ said when the information comes out to the public these people will not be able to walk the streets. Now he says he will not make it public. Not good enough. This treats the public like idiots and raises suspicions about ulterior motivation.


E G1 day ago

Nothing is going to happen to the witch or that devil Obama! I love Trump but I’m losing hope Hillary is CIA or use to be whatever! If he has all these crap against them why cant they be locked up already!

dee martinez

dee martinez1 day ago (edited)

I am sick of hearing public shouldnt see declass. Yes we effing should. It will shock this country back to its senses.

Clinton N

Clinton N1 day ago

Well that explains them wanting Americans not to have guns. The exact reason we have the second amendment right which will be reinforced when the declas occurs maybe some left Patriots could pull their heads out of their ass at this point..not you #walkaway you seem to have already..

Pete Marzoa

Pete Marzoa1 day ago

declassify bad something public shouldn’t see that’s wrong that’s what got us here


T B1 day ago

I’ve never bought into Q due to the disinformation, false hope and predictions that never come to fruition. President Trump is damn near on his own. We’ve been sold out by both Democrats and Republicans for decades, we’re being sold out by Republicans right now. We are already a fallen nation what we’re witnessing with the DOJ, FBI, IC and Mueller is not unlike the old Soviet Union or what we see in Russia, China or any other socialist or communist dictatorship. It appears there is no good guy in the DOJ, FBI or most of Congress. It’s sad to say and hard to admit but I spent a career in the military I didn’t fight for your freedom or mine. I fought for corruption, lawlessness, profit and what we see now. I fought for a lousy pension and worthless healthcare I don’t even use because they’d rather you’d be dead so you’re no longer a problem or burden to the system. I don’t care what you believe you’re free to believe it. The stakes couldn’t be any higher, higher than before the last Civil War the circumstances different not even comparable. Our government is so corrupt and lawless it needs to be destroyed rebuilt from the ground up. If our military kept their oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic they’d storm Washington D.C. take out most of Congress, DOJ, FBI and the IC. America is a corporate owned police state now no longer a free or just nation. If everything predicted by the anonymous character on the internet comes true then I’ll be wrong and willing to admit it not that matters. I believe America will surrender to full authoritarian power and control eventually. I believe the Republican Party will never hold a majority in the house again never hold a majority in the senate in the future and there will never be another Republican President elected. I also believe President Trump will not be reelected in 2020. We’ve been subverted for decades our society has been effectively indoctrinated and brainwashed. Most people in America will get the government and future they deserve in the end.

Christian O'Brien

Christian O’Brien1 day ago

Dude I have to say David or whatever your name is I’ve been listening to this stuff and listening and listening and you’re out on a limb buddy because to be honest with you I’m a trump voter and I did my duty in the midterms but if Trump has something he better fish or cut bait because here’s the deal now you’re saying the Trump is saying the D classes bad when he’s the guy who’s been calling for it all this time that there’s something we shouldn’t see what should we see something’s wrong with this whole thing


Geo1 day ago

FBI raids Clinton whistleblower and Trump tax attorney…wtf! Where is Christopher Wray?

Larry Viator

Larry Viator1 day ago

this whole thing smells of a dog and pony show with no proof from either side being able to prove nothing with a lot of circumstantial bull.

Magge T.

Magge T.1 day ago

What is in the reports?? We MUSt SEE!!!l!!

Diana Ashton

Diana Ashton1 day ago

Can Comey actually refuse to testify. V Can they force him to testify. What will happen if he doesn’t what will happen. There must be some trprecussions. Dave we have gone over this again and again. We thebPeople want to know if he can get away with this.

Walter Khan

Walter Khan1 day ago

Trump is no better than the criminals who want to control the citizens of the world. With all the talk about releasing the FISA DOCUMENTS, Trump comes out and claims it is BAD? Who the hell cares? The people who voted him into office want the DAMN DOCUMENTS DECLASSIFIED AND RELEASED. Trump is running scared more so than the EVIL, CRIMINAL DEEP STATE PERPETRATORS. I thought he was the savior of America, but he is no different than the very people who are trying to destroy him and his Presidency. Perhaps these Deep State One World Order should get it over with and have him removed from office and take control of the country, something this scared president is unable to do. These Federal Agency hierarchy are in control of the Government, something this President is unable to do. Some most powerful man in the world . I am pissed with this president I voted for, and will not be contributing any more to his 2020 campaign. This country is going to HELL, and all he is doing is tweeting.

shannon dail

shannon dail1 day ago

so if that slimey lizard comey does not show up then what happens then….isn’t time running out

Iris Lillihammer

Iris Lillihammer1 day ago

Seems to me Trump is using the FISA declass as his trump card to use if the heat on him gets too hot. There is no reason for him not to release them unless he will use it for leverage. PERIOD!

Carla Brantner

Carla Brantner1 day ago


Merrilea Reeves

Merrilea Reeves1 day ago

As much as I want justice, it has to be done right. At the least I think we are going to have Marshall law. I do believe that God is in control and there will be justice in His time. Praying for this country

Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes1 day ago

I’m sorry ‘I can’t watch this anymore,it’s always the same thing.

Marilyn Shealy

Marilyn Shealy1 day ago

There is most likely stuff that is really horrible, there is child abuse in all of this, trafficking , probably murder. We need to hear it so we can figure out how to resolve the issues we have. Why are these people doing this stuff, are they even human. Is it for the survival of this planet, or is it just how they all survive. The corruption seems to be from people who are from old blood lines. The people we don’t know about who we don’t even vote in offices. A lot from what has been said are nazi left overs. We all have been, so left in the dark.

Short Shyt

Short Shyt1 day ago

The worse it is, the more important it is for us to see it. Knowing will help us guard against falling victim to criminals again.

Michael Shane

Michael Shane1 day ago

two years and not one conviction. I am starting to thank thy are only blowing smoke up are collective asses.

Jerry Eaton

Jerry Eaton1 day ago

it will not be declassified, not a damn thing is going to happen….


rick1 day ago

OOOOHHHH the Declas . How LAME . Absolutely won’t make a rats ass . Like it’s gonna shock the socks off of folks to hear politicians did some bad evil illegal things . WTF is it 1918 again ?. 2018 is about winning . NO Matter the cost . How friggin many more 9-11′s , moon landings , & JFK assassinations you think we’re gonna keep falling for ?. Gettin mighty goddamn old hearing about bad people when nothing ever happens to them . They will always be above the law . Not my choice . But realities .


Peace1 day ago

I wanna see everything!!!

tyler durden

tyler durden1 day ago

Believe what you may.. Hillary will not go to jail That’s A Fact Jack👌😉

Joseph Manak

Joseph Manak1 day ago

Sick and tired of being told to “think about it” ! The public wants to see some acts & deeds. Talk is CHEAP. The DECLASS needs to be released NOW !!! Let’s SEE some indictments !! Enough talking and THINKING ABOUT IT !!! THERE IS NO REPUBLIC WITHOUT RULE OF LAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Gruenewald

Linda Gruenewald1 day ago

Wow! Love codebreakers!

Jerry Glasgow

Jerry Glasgow1 day ago

If he did actually say this, he would also know that such a statement would increase the clamor for it’s release.

Diana Ashton

Diana Ashton1 day ago

Why isn’t Trump protecting Assange.

tyler durden

tyler durden1 day ago

The best protection is my friend Smith&Wesson😁

rebecca mcclain

rebecca mcclain1 day ago

If Q has the server why keep it from us?Why not use it to destroy Hillary once and for all tired of all the kiddie games.

қעՈՈძՐ૯ძძ — ςעՈՈ૯

қעՈՈძՐ૯ძძ — ςעՈՈ૯1 day ago (edited)

So TRUMP is gonna PUSS OUT and FLAKE on showing us the DeCLAS??

The Phantom

The Phantom1 day ago

What a load of crap. Trump is laying the groundwork to WITHHOLD evidence which would expose the criminals. Why wouldn’t he just declass and let the chips fall where they may. What are you afraid of Trump? something in those documents about you, which you don’t want the public to see? What a fraud!

susan andrews

susan andrews1 day ago

Told you, fisa and any other docs will ever be released. Done with Trump and Q.

psalm 144

psalm 1441 day ago

same shi. different episode

Bernadette Boyce

Bernadette Boyce1 day ago

…. Jesus is returning soon , the antichrist will use an “extraterrestrial” invasion to bring in NWO and abductions will be the cover up for the rapture . This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about .

Jim Burns

Jim Burns1 day ago

Loopholes are built in. These people know it and use it. Nothing’s going to happen to them. This whole situation is a “nothing-burger”. Everybody’s making the efforts look good for the media. The whole world is a stage.

Frito Bandito

Frito Bandito1 day ago

In other words nothing is going to happen. Dec. 6th you people will be still talking wait somethi vs coming….

Jimmy Rodman

Jimmy Rodman1 day ago

How many God dam times have we heard that

Dennis Love

Dennis Love1 day ago

What the hell these people work for Trump what the hell is going on are you kidding me raining his tax preparer and a whistleblower what’s going on this starting a snake man time to blow out of this Popsicle stand

Mike M

Mike M1 day ago

The grand circus!

King Cyrus

King Cyrus1 day ago

If we dont see it you will have war

BBD 61

BBD 611 day ago

Reverse Psychology

Keith Kinchen

Keith Kinchen1 day ago (edited)

Who’s FBI showed up if Mr. Cain was already recognized by the IG as a protected whisleblower for already having turned over the documents to the FBI and DOJ. So who sent these FBI agents a day late and a dollar short. And hoping to find what? Copies or did they not know the real authority already possessed them. Either way there seems to be 2 FBIs

dave d

dave d1 day ago

Dave forgot to carry the zero and multiply by the birthday of the nearest midget.

B Gone

B Gone1 day ago

Trump trolling the deep state again.

Shawn Yale

Shawn Yale1 day ago

Trumps turning into a deepstate puppet dont ya think


Godwad1 day ago

Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson1 day ago

No one asks him about Q either

joe blow

joe blow1 day ago (edited)

It’s gonna be epic Let’s keep in mind the timing of this has to be perfect and it will Once it’s done we are going to be shocked at how many black hats there are in our government

Julia Metcalf

Julia Metcalf1 day ago

Funny how so many of our tax dollars boomerang back to the clintoons/Soros/other elites

Leonora Anderse

Leonora Anderse1 day ago



DAVE the DUDE1 day ago

Dont treat us like they do release it NOW!!!!!!! WERE NOT DAMN CHILDREN!!!!!!


PGTT MCR1 day ago

Does anyone actually believe that HRC wouldn’t lie under oath?? THIS should be interesting

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    • gumby

      if declass is not done then trump will have conceded defeat to the globalists and the only option is civil unrest on a scale not seen since 1862,let us pray civil war never happens. should action be the only recourse WASHINGTON DC is the goal and must been cleaned completely with all these criminals hanged in public for treason and sedition. we cannot leave even one to start the subversion again. may God have mercy on this republic.

    • Just Dandy

      YES we children cannot handle the truth. It is much too harsh for our delicate constitutions!




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