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X22Report: Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming - Boom, [HR[D]C] Panic, Dec 5 - Another Whistleblower - Video

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Published on Dec 2, 2018

Rick Scott sign an EO and goes after Brenda Snipes, Snipes is now saying she rescinds her offer to retire. France might declare state of emergency, the people are not happy with Macron.

Q drops more bread. Q says there was a leak and warns the leaker to not leak anymore or else.

D.C. is panicking.

Comey tries to get out of testifying behind closed doors, it backfires, the Judge dismisses his case, he will testify behind closed doors. Dec 5 seems to be the date,.

GHWBush passes away, funeral on the 5th, coincidence, Comey is suppose to testify, Clinton to testify, also Huber, all on the 5th.


Julie Roop16 hours ago

Please pray for success and protection for all patriots of ENDURING FREEDOM!!! God Bless you all!!!

Robby Michels

Robby Michels20 hours ago

Comey has already dropped his lawsuit!!!

Robert Barber

Robert Barber19 hours ago

WE THE PEOPLE!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Robert Barber

Robert Barber19 hours ago (edited)


Koingo Boingo

Koingo Boingo20 hours ago

People around the world jumping on the Trump train ain’t it beautiful

Tom Andrejko

Tom Andrejko20 hours ago

Bush funeral, good time to make arrest


Hondo20 hours ago

Dec 5 stupid Bush funeral! Maybe they will arrest people after funeral!

John Anon

John Anon20 hours ago

Panic in DC. Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing.

A. Clark

A. Clark20 hours ago (edited)

WWG1WGA!!!! NO SLEEP TILL GITMO!! Thanks to all who have voted for President Trump. GOD BLESS AMERICA and God bless you President Trump.

Rob Breezy

Rob Breezy20 hours ago

Looks like Debbie Wazterman is going lose her seat. 😂

Zauzi Travis

Zauzi Travis20 hours ago

Macron is Rothchilds banker deep state. The French say US citizens are afraid of their government, but the French government is afraid of the people.

Koingo Boingo

Koingo Boingo20 hours ago

Yes take down corrupt Lockheed this world will definitely get cleaned up

Josephcat Sanchez

Josephcat Sanchez20 hours ago


281 apple

281 apple20 hours ago

Snipes looks like Beetlejuice.

Eddie Dawkins

Eddie Dawkins19 hours ago

Mueller is there to block and cover…hes also covering for himself…mueller is guilty as well

Lynda Compton

Lynda Compton20 hours ago

Very insightful good information thank you

Kerry Weston

Kerry Weston20 hours ago

Drain The Swamp – Stop HIRING more swamp creatures!


Truly20 hours ago

Snipes needs to be fired period!

Genus Musa

Genus Musa20 hours ago

It will be a good day when the Nasty Clintons and the Murderer Obama get locked up.

Barbara Havens

Barbara Havens20 hours ago

I pray these people are protected. Can’t trust the FBI to protect anyone anymore. They are crooked. I mean look at Homey Comey.

Kimberly Jameson

Kimberly Jameson20 hours ago

People who thinks there is nothing happening. Go to DOJ twitter feed and read. It’s happening in Arkansas. They just sent Jon Wood down for 18 yrs and many more coming….Senator Jermey Hutchins was indicted. It’s leading to the Clintons…..😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Koingo Boingo

Koingo Boingo20 hours ago

Right on mr. Scott taking care of business legally and honestly

Kurt Kieffer

Kurt Kieffer20 hours ago

December 3, 2018 is “Possum Day” in America! Sessions and Huber will be National Heroes! MAGA!

Sister in Christ Jesus

Sister in Christ Jesus20 hours ago (edited)

If it does go down b4 Christmas…that would be the Best Gift Ever for the American ppl…I really pray it does! WWG1WGA

Retro dealer 64#

Retro dealer 64#20 hours ago (edited)

The people patriots worldwide. I love them all because we’re all one big army. Taking on the Deep State God bless all of them. I pray they’re all safe. And keep up the good fight worldwide. Because if it affects one it affects all. So we stand and fight together for our family and our friends. And put the deep state in jail for ever. We’re like The Avengers worldwide. But we say Patriots Assemble😠. Panic! panic! panic! for all deep state puppets.

Daniel Prohonas

Daniel Prohonas20 hours ago

Lets face it people are FED UP all over the world over being controlled by deep state sellout politicians. I think what we started here is setting precedence for people all over the world, many countries are watching us, moreso Q.


SeanPMLeviathen20 hours ago

She will be executed. I was unhappy about GHWB but then i remembered what God said about vengeance and who it belongs to.

Retro dealer 64#

Retro dealer 64#20 hours ago

Are they going to press charges on Snipes or what?.

M &M

M &M19 hours ago

My God this channel X22 Report & SGT Report should have their own TV prime time news show, on a National TV channel called The Patriot channel 👍

John Straumietis

John Straumietis21 hours ago


Regan Orr

Regan Orr19 hours ago

I can’t wait to see these Satanic Traitors Breathe Their Last!

Kay LaFeir

Kay LaFeir20 hours ago

Hillary said if she goes down she would take half the Government down with her and with the blackmail i bet she will! They cancelled their tour and i dont think its just for lack of sales, maybe she is gonna run for it


H M20 hours ago

totally ridiclous that she is even in the picture still.

Praying Mama

Praying Mama19 hours ago

We must not forget to thank God!! He is the One leading Trump

Paul Battaglia

Paul Battaglia19 hours ago

I’m a bit nervous about Trump going to this funeral. There will be a ton of enemies there……….

Praying Mama

Praying Mama19 hours ago

France chanting Trump and holding Q signs

Death Dealer

Death Dealer20 hours ago

After two years of nothing burgers, I am cynical as hell! At this point, I will only believe when I see action with my own eyes!!!!!!!


SurfinServer20 hours ago

Some US Marshals should escort Comey to court to make sure he shows up.

B real

B real20 hours ago

December 5th is international ninja day. Probably irrelevant but just saying. Lol

Michele La Monica

Michele La Monica20 hours ago

That was a “Velvet Hammer” diversion … Get ready for Assange …

Kimberly Jameson

Kimberly Jameson20 hours ago

All of the leaders of these Nations under fire. They and we need to say thank you to President Trump….lol….. I love my President. WWG1WGA. MAGA

Rose Marie Leonard

Rose Marie Leonard19 hours ago (edited)

Trudeau, is the Merkel of Canada, a perfect evil. Canada is bringing in all ISIS they can, under the Trudeau team.


jamesybograt20 hours ago (edited)

How would the MSM cope with the Clintons and the Obamas being arrested (for treason ,MP 305 in uniform) leaving the funeral of Bush ??? How could they hide it if they broadcast live????(((D5))) welcome to the new world patriots WWG1WGA


J M21 hours ago

Thanks again WWG1WGA

Boxing Boxeo

Boxing Boxeo21 hours ago

God Bless America We have 3rd World roads and bridges .. Be safe out there….during the winter…

Carolyn Glass

Carolyn Glass21 hours ago

Another great report 😀

Eileen Machida

Eileen Machida20 hours ago

It is true that POTUS is closing the government on 12/5 because of GHWB’s state funeral. Two theories out there – one that the DS took out the elder Bush, to postpone the testimony, and the other that he was “McCained” like NoName on 8/24/18. Neither are confirmed, but there is a lot of noise on both sides. GHWB was pretty old, 94, so it is quite likely he died naturally. He wasn’t well, having suffered a stroke, so IMO, neither happened, but both sides (the DS and the Patriots) are using 12/5 as some sort of marker date. I read that the markets will be closed too, which strikes me as being a little odd. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised to wake up on 12/6 and read / hear that things (mostly unpleasant for the DS) happening at lightening speed. Q’s drops about GITMO and the link to the DoJ’s opinion agreeing with Sen Lindsey Graham that POTUS can arrest citizens as enemies of the state in the case of certain state (not state as in California, but state as in sovereign nation) crimes is telling.

Geri Davi

Geri Davi20 hours ago

Comey dropped his suit and has agreed to closed door testimony! “Nothing’s gonna stop it all coming out..” Hhhhmmm we shall see!

Juliet Charley

Juliet Charley20 hours ago

My daughters SS# was stolen 2 years ago. I reported it 4 times. Its being used in Fort Lauderdale. The government refuses to investigate. I guarantee she voted in mid terms from the grave.


Seal-ed20 hours ago

I’m with Dan Bongino on the whistleblower raid by the FB Eye. Why raid someone who has already turned over everything to you (that you did nothing with) in the first place?

Gem 1967

Gem 196720 hours ago (edited)

After all these firings and people quitting….why the hell is mueller still in the thick of things?? And after these arrests… are they going to seize these corrupt assesses money?? Tell me yes.

thematrixhasyou tsipkis

thematrixhasyou tsipkis20 hours ago

Our Dear ExPresident J.W Bush has parted. So Touching to See our Dear President Trump Honoring Him with a Mourning Day! Stock Market even Going to be Closed! He was such a good Parasite! Sorry I mean President!

Kedric Pitman

Kedric Pitman20 hours ago

And Palm Beach County vs Jeffrey Epstein on Dec.4 all those girls going to be telling serious stories on serious people. Google Palm Beach County vs Jeffrey Epstein.

Tom Andrejko

Tom Andrejko20 hours ago

Comey is a Dirty RAT !

Digger Dan

Digger Dan19 hours ago


Stop Sign

Stop Sign20 hours ago

If this really comes true (which I really hope it does), I guess I’ll be celebrating a lot in the coming months!!!

Gator 2900

Gator 290021 hours ago

Christmas is coming

Dave Woodward

Dave Woodward19 hours ago


Linda Courson

Linda Courson20 hours ago

Don’t underestimate the power of God. All has to be in place to the exact precise detail for all the swamp creatures to be taken down. There are sooooo many it’s a long process to get it all in place. Be patient. God is in control through president Trump. It will all come to pass. Pray for our beloved president. He’s on top of it all.

Semper Fry

Semper Fry20 hours ago

Macron is a Rothschild Banker he’s a piece of s***

david s

david s18 hours ago

Im so glad prez trump was elected. We would not know about all this corruption if prez trump was not elected. I cant believe how deep this shit goes.

Mark Woods

Mark Woods20 hours ago

I wonder if this is Seth Rich whistling.

natrobsz Stevens

natrobsz Stevens21 hours ago

Get your self directed IRA’s folks!!

Daniel Prohonas

Daniel Prohonas20 hours ago

Hi Dave! More troops sent to GITMO yesterday. Over 2000 there now for 40 prisoners? Nah, companies coming soon. WWG1WGA Q sent me. Trust the plan.

Linda Daniel

Linda Daniel20 hours ago

What was the leak?? If it was the raid, the raid was done on a good guy whistleblower not a bad guy. Why did the FBI raid a GOOD GUY?????

Hug The Tard

Hug The Tard20 hours ago

Absolute Honesty

Absolute Honesty20 hours ago

Bush most likely passed away on the 14 th of November, think mirror 41st president, then use it at it’s best time, 11-30 still 41st president, yet it gets maximum use of his passing, then State funeral can and will be definitely on December 5th and he didn’t make it only until the 14 th and that wasn’t going to work, so on ice he goes, just an observation.



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