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Paradise Lost 23 - The Killing Fields? - Crisis Actors Alert - Must-See Video

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Published on Dec 6, 2018

it’s not like this has not happened before.. The Killing Fields of Hurricane Harvey…


Isopsephy31 minutes ago

So ‘rebecca cobb’ was up to date on her technicals of the weaponry. 🙄 Most women today are imbeciles acting out one script (program) or another. 0:33 Everything is almost just as vague here as it was with the old media. There is nothing new under the sun. New would be a real lamb to have a voice that is heard. What happens to those has been called fiction and fact. Either way, I see it as a warning.

alex hammer

alex hammer32 minutes ago (edited)

– Just another snippet to keep it interesting.. Joe the Fullerton Informer had been talking about the predictive programming here involving the band Super Tramp and their Breakfast In America album cover that has 9 / 11 upside down in the top right hand of the cover. A jet flying into the heart of the Statue of Liberty in the left hand top and the actual name Breakfast (time) in America when it happened.. After some more thought on this is rearranged the name of the band SUPER TRAMP to get SAPER TRUMP .. SAPER means … French to English: more detail… saper: hollow out; scoop out; undermine someone’s position Wiktionary: saper → sap, erode, undermine and after rearranging the SAPER I get RAPES and REAPS .. and it sure does look like he RAPES before they REAPS …

Force Multiplier

Force Multiplier1 hour ago

What is your email address? I will send you a detailed description of what happened. It was a two week experience. Unbelievable. Thank you for trying to help get the word out.


FaceOfTheEarth2 hours ago

Check out the post on the documentary; (by FlatWater FlatEarth) The post >>> Flat Earth – The Real Reason For The Arctic Treaty At The North Pole (start @ 34:22) About; “ARCTIC MISSION A report on DEW LINE ACTIVITIES 1955 ” An alleged acronym for: “Distance Early Warning” System. This so-called “DEW Line” project extends most likely 360 degrees around the Arctic North Point. There is perhaps something in the North, which they fear will come as a judicial power, in the near future.

Joey Rizzo

Joey Rizzo2 hours ago (edited)

Jaymie/another day you and me Paridise, that song makes us cry stand up people CALIFORNIA strong every1/love from Malibu

James Weld

James Weld3 hours ago

Yelllowjackets, Drive on! 👷

Ekim Westcoast

Ekim Westcoast4 hours ago


Linda Bennett

Linda Bennett5 hours ago

Where is everyones SUPER TRUMP helping with this issue? Remember everyone thinks he is one of us and sent from God Bla bla bla bla.

javier torres

javier torres5 hours ago

@ 5:32 is the SAME damn “Crisis Woman” who was at Sandy Hook and many other “tragedies”. These DEMONS are everywhere.

BeeZus On Da Beats

BeeZus On Da Beats6 hours ago

Shooting lasers through the dome!

Mike Truth Be Told

Mike Truth Be Told7 hours ago

Time ie now to get the f out of Dodge, shared. Thank you brother.

luke torres

luke torres9 hours ago

stick to the facts don’t discredit yourself

luke torres

luke torres9 hours ago

if I hadn’t seen and believe some of the work you’ve done, the Fox News lasers would have made me unsubscribe and laugh out loud in your face

Debra Clark

Debra Clark9 hours ago


luke torres

luke torres9 hours ago

I think your Channel is important however I would skip the speculation you give for example haphazardly assuming new faces are crisis actors.. and talking about faces in clouds with out outlines. .stick to facts… too many mis info agents. . thanks

Dennis Price

Dennis Price10 hours ago (edited)

Just to let you know the 2 guys that you say are theater program is an incorrect statement .. I know those guys and they are residents of Paradise. I’m sure that there was nothing staged with them also the children were all out of that bus .. Yes I agree that many thing are not right about this whole tragic event that has destroyed this whole area. Not just the areas that have burned but also all of the other areas where people have evacuated to.. Chicoright now is Greatly impacted when more than 20000 more people are now in this Small city.. It is now impossible to deal with the amount of traffic as well as everyone is on edge. Crime has gone up here over the last 3 weeks also.. As for that first letter of someone saying that some group tried to recruit them then they had to flee for their life… Sounds more like the typical Tweeker BullShit that goes on around here.. This has all happened right in my own backyard so I am definitely watching the complete Chaos that is happening. The girl in your video the other day with the guy who lost all his tools is also a very close friend of mine.

Petros Nicou

Petros Nicou11 hours ago

Aaron Spencer Beaulieu

Aaron Spencer Beaulieu11 hours ago

Giant skull in the smoke

Richard Llewellyn

Richard Llewellyn11 hours ago

The French are up in arms over much less and look like they will topple the Macron Government. Yank says what ?

Jesus Loves

Jesus Loves13 hours ago

Where do I send money for all the California victims???

Jim P

Jim P14 hours ago

We need America to show up in paradise California and demand answers, we must help them . They are Americans, this needs to be opened up wide open, or it may keep happening to all of us. Aplanetruth, set a date, set a time Contact other channels, get it out Before January. Please.screw Christmas, they need help.

Liz Sharp

Liz Sharp14 hours ago

yea so what I rough estimated was abt 16,500 elderly which most consider 60+yrs old…retirement is what 63 yrs old ??? So these are the elderly not 70+….SMH. !!! THATS A CHUNK OF THE POPULATION !!!!

Freedom watch and tmans

Freedom watch and tmans15 hours ago

THIS IS WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOLKS, 4th generation subversive warfare tactics

Mother Dragon

Mother Dragon17 hours ago

Anyone else notice that the guy saying how the town was wiped off the face of the earth stuck out his tongue like a lizard? Very few people survived. They could never show the real people affected because most of them were murdered in cold blood! Bring on the demonic crisis actors that have been seen time and time again for “tragedies” in the past twenty or so years!

Niko Gianacakos

Niko Gianacakos17 hours ago

This is pure demonic. I have seen so many evil faces in the smoke. Wake up. It’s time to stand up and share the truth with others. I talked to a guy today in a gas station who had zero clue of the reality we are living in and he was so interested so I gave him your channel. We all need to be praying the most we have ever done now. You never know when it is your last day. Love y’all. God Bless.


Walkthepathofbeauty18 hours ago (edited)

Biosolids, another way to destroy Mother Nature and make ppl eat their own poop. EPA, FDA and Feds , the biggest enemies of Americans.

Ethereal Phenotype

Ethereal Phenotype18 hours ago (edited)

The trailer for”mortal engines” shows them using lasers from above destroying cities its in the first few seconds in the beginning but its there

Deb Buckler

Deb Buckler19 hours ago

omg. Gag-me-with-a-spoon. These damn crisis actors. They just make me sick. Do people really believe them? Here’s the thing about these ghouls. And when I say “ghouls”, I mean it in every sense of the word. These ghouls re so far removed from the humans they are trying to kill, they don’t even know who we are. They think we are total morons who would believe whatever they say on corporate news. SO, they inadvertently expose themselves and those working for them.  These crisis actors and these news folks are complicit in the murder of thousands of people.  By lying and keeping the truth away from the public, they are protecting the criminals with their bloody hands.. They really are. If anyone knows these crisis actors, they need to be confronted. Same with the news casters. They need to be asked if they understand that by acting and lying, they are covering the truth and that makes them just as dirty as the ones who pulled the trigger. Shame on them all.

Crystal Myers-Barber

Crystal Myers-Barber19 hours ago

Trump did go to Malibu and also Thousand Oaks. He was there with Elect gov. and brown.

Dan Rush

Dan Rush19 hours ago

Conspiracy morons.

Susanna Kashmir

Susanna Kashmir20 hours ago

Who is doing it and paying for it? Organizations? Corporations? Is the entire state of California the target?

alex hammer

alex hammer20 hours ago

I knew that Canadian news report was loaded with deceptions.. And last night I was thinking did they just have kill squads march through there prior like the military operation that it was.. The guy with the Metal Mulisha shirt is a Nazi flavored clothing line and the other guy has the diamond on his hoodie which is basically means worshiping satan…. Great work .. !

Richard Wendling

Richard Wendling20 hours ago

The clouds of smoke remind me of when they Blew Mt. Saint Helens

Kitty Purrzy

Kitty Purrzy20 hours ago (edited)

she was at lac megantic train derailment too

alex hammer

alex hammer21 hours ago

11/2-11/5 MY Sky Report & Important Message ! Barb Aranda Published on Dec 5, 2018

Charlie Brogan

Charlie Brogan21 hours ago


Charlie Brogan

Charlie Brogan21 hours ago

5min 33 same lady boston bombing sandy hook

Charlie Brogan

Charlie Brogan22 hours ago


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