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Red Alert: Trump Is in Serious Danger!

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Mainstream Media Gaslighting Trump and Country With Constant Negative Coverage

It’s never been so urgent to understand the sheer depth and breadth of the seditious globalist plot against the POTUS.


State of the Nation

No U.S. President has ever been under such blistering and constant siege by the perfidious Mainstream Media (MSM).

The unrelenting and highly negative media coverage of President Trump’s every move and word is being executed with great purpose and extraordinary calculation. See Gaslighting the POTUS!

The globalist’s covert plan is quite simple: Carry out a comprehensive and scorching campaign of character assassination against Trump prior to implementing “Phase 2” of their seditious scheme to overthrow the POTUS.  Incidentally, TPTB have already put the prez on notice: Deep State Warning to Trump

When even the all-powerful Federal Reserve is playing a BIG public part in this otherwise clandestine conspiracy to subvert the US government, it’s quite evident that something very BIG is about to go down. See: Federal Reserve Bank Colludes with Deep State to Crash Stock Market

The one-two punch MO

Who doesn’t know that the first punch of a boxing knockout is much more important than the second one?

Well that’s exactly why the CIA’s Mockingbird Media (MM) has been employed by the Very Deep State to conduct a searing and unceasing propaganda campaign against Trump.

This complex and deliberate strategy actually employs multiple tactics of personal destruction and political liquidation.  In the process, Donald Trump has been turned into a veritable pin cushion.

The most obvious rogue CIA tactics are the use of character assassination by any means possible.  Of course, this includes defamation of character via vicious slander and reckless libel, outright prevarication and pejorative slurs, misleading innuendo and false rumors.

The New World Order globalist cabal, that uses this same blueprint for neutralizing nationalist leaders around the globe, has set their sights on Trump like no other leader in modern history.

But why such a transparent and relentless and outrageous plot to a presidential takedown?

Because the perps know that, were they to resort to physical assassination, a critical mass of American people must first be brainwashed to hate Trump.

KEY POINT: There’s an epic competition going on between the Patriot Movement and the globalist cabal.  It concerns which side will attract the most followers.  If the globalists felt they had a critical mass of supporters, Trump would already be gone.  Because the nationalists have only grown in numbers worldwide, they know it’s just a matter of time before they will prevail; hence, the NWO cabal attempts to censor them at every turn.  The $64,000 question, then, is will Trump press the button once he has the numbers to support his real revolution.

You see, the globalists know that, if they were to take out Trump via a C.I.A. assassination team like the Operation 40 hit squad that killed President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. citizenry must be conditioned beforehand to accept the gruesome outcome.

The Left has already been socially engineered for decades to hate any type of a Trump-like figure who is at heart a patriot and nationalist, as well as a conservative and traditional persona.

Now that the globalists have the Democrats (liberals, progressives, left-wingers, LGBTers, etc.) in their back pocket, they know they need to con the other half of the body politic—the Right.  Of course, the Independents in the middle are also under withering assault from the unwavering MSM propaganda campaign targeting Trump.

Because he is organizing and funding the Civil War.

Civil War

All of the key Deep State operatives have their fingers on the pulse of America at this time.  They know that the genuine support for Trump coming from the Right is much stronger than those that want him taken out by any means necessary.

Therefore, the globalists are well aware that they must be very careful not to harm even a single hair on Trump’s head prior to the successful gaslighting of the nation.  If they do, the sanctuary cities and sanctuary states will find themselves under extreme threat, if not surrounded or laid siege to.

In 2019, you simply don’t assassinate an exceedingly popular POTUS and expect to get away with it.  Yes, the perps did with JFK, but there was no Internet then.  And, even that world-famous cold case has been blown wide open countless times since November 22, 1963.  So what are the globalist perps going to do about President Trump in an age of instant news… … … and instant karma?

We know what George Soros & Company have been doing — 24/7 — since Trump’s election—fomenting civil war.  Which is exactly why: Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War

Gaslighting the citizenry

Clearly, the single most essential part of their conspiracy to overthrow Trump is to deceive enough Americans into believing that he is their mortal enemy.  A quick scan of the daily news basically reflects this utterly fake and purposefully fabricated perception.

This is exactly how gaslighting works: the agents of London’s Tavistock Institute work triple time to manufacture the barrage of manipulative media pieces that will sufficiently mind-control a massive segment of the U.S. population.

In this way the globalists plan to corral as many folks as possible into a pen of Trump derangement syndrome (TDS).   Then, when the TDS asylum is completely full … and the perps are feeling safe and secure, they will push the button on their nuclear option.

We all know what their nuclear option is, yes?

KEY POINT: There are actually two nuclear options on the table at this very moment: one is global, the other concerns the fate of the United States of America.  Here’s the global one: NWO Globalist Cabal Closer to Exercising Nuclear Option.

In light of these stark realities, it has never been so imperative to comprehend the true gravity of this pivotal period of American history.

The psychopathocracy has literally gone mad with rage and frenzy.  Yes, they’ve always been this crazy, but they have never shown their true colors like they do every second, of every day—DURING PRIME TIME.

CAVEAT: There are only 2 reasons why the unprecedented gaslighting has been so intense and never-ending: (i) to compel Trump to bow out however he chooses so that Mike Pence can assume the presidency, or (ii) to prepare the populace for a radical coup event which a great majority will accept without protest or long-term dissent.

Special Note:

When the president fired the 2 generals at the end of last year (and both Deep Stateo peratives had to go), the ongoing coup entered a new stage of urgency for the globalists. To lose two key inside men who occupied crucial positions has forced the coup plotters to accelerate their plans for takeover.  The parting letter that the insubordinate General “Mad Dog” Mattis wrote was basically a call to action to the remaining flag officers throughout the U.S. Armed Forces.  Likewise, former CoS General Kelly gave a similar type of message to his clique of military supporters.  This highly consequential sequence of events has significantly ratcheted up the urgency for both sides of this unparalleled conflict, but particularly for the President.


It’s gonna get ugly.  Real soon!

Once all the President’s men carried out “The Envelope Affair” during the Bush funeral, everything changed.  Once that gauntlet was thrown down, anything goes, anywhere, anytime.

“THE ENVELOPE AFFAIR”:Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows a Major Series of Radical Events in Washington, D.C.

The Deep State knows that the American people are now onto their multi-decade crime spree marked by high treason, state-sponsored terrorism, crimes against humanity, serial war criminality, grand theft on a grand scale, VIP assassinations worldwide, etc., etc., etc.  Let’s not forget: The Greatest Act of Collective Treason in U.S. History

The cabal also knows that there is no place to go.  Where, pray tell, can these criminally insane psychopaths go to escape their certain fate?  Especially when so many righteous citizens are calling for military tribunals, THERE WILL BE MILITARY TRIBUNALS.

MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

The Bottom Line is that if the president does not take the necessary initiatives to expeditiously re-establish the rule of law, as well as ensure proper law enforcement, there will be no American Republic to MAGA.  Moreover, not only does the continuity of his presidency hinge on his next vital steps to preserve the nation, his very existence depends upon it.  Which is why SOTN has issued this:

R E D   A L E R T ! ! ! 

State of the Nation
January 3, 2019

Editor’s Note

There’s much more going on with the government shutdown than meets the eye as this exposé explains. GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Good! Keep it shut down so that We the People

Recommended Reading

Were it not for the multi-century Crowngate scandal occurring under everyone’s radar, these once United States of America would not be in such a precarious place today. CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY

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    • Anonymous

      What about Trump saying that the immigrants are all criminals and will kill us all the first chance they get if they come into the country. Is this called “Gaslighting”?

      • teaparty guardian

        Your comment proves their gaslighting has worked on you!

        • sal

          that was the stupidest come back I’ve ever heard

      • RebekahD

        If he were talking about ALL immigrants sure, but he wasnt. He wasn’t even talking about all Illegal Immigrants. He was talking about the ones who come here with criminal records. Even the Washington ComPost recognized this. Go troll elsewhere.

    • No time

      We need more informative articles like this one.


      I make take a different path, please. I sensed from the beginning Donald Trump clearly and again clearly understood who and what he was going to have to fight and out maneuver. Think of 3 levels of chess and an IQ above 160. Think for a moment, he knew the Democrats tried to secure the border before, oh but not now? Denial isn’t working on their part. Trump wanted the Democrats to take the house. Catch 22 now because the Senate will not and again not go along. I think trump wanted to prove to the citizens exactly what the
      socialist Ideologist meant to freedom and control. Trump has hired untold people and the best way to know them let them work. So now the Democrats are exposed for what they really are and Bless the people who chose Trump. At one time I managed several large businesses with a great deal of responsibility and responsible people gain respect. Don’t underestimate Donald Trump. Certainly watch
      the corrupt media because in the end as a whole they will be so disrespected and shown as perhaps traitors to the Republic. Thanks BIN

      • wheeties

        my friend was saying all along the repubs no way wanted the house–they needed some to blame for the coming shett storm–that is why a whole slew of repubs retired–the next year and half dumbocraps will be eating the big one…..

      • Kingfish Stevens

        I’m with you. I’m reading “Art of the Deal”. My takeaway so far is Pres.Trump is a master of using allies and enemies alike to achieve his goals. That’s a rare talent. He also never takes “no” for an answer. I hope he’s the real deal and not another compromised pawn for the Deep State.

    • ButtPincher

      He doesn’t need to be gaslighted..He should be impeached for the right reasons.. Providing zero justice for 2 years..(nobody charged with treason crimes) Not firing the top 20 people in all government agencies (cleaning house) when he took office.. Allowing voter fraud to continue and election meddling by social media and tech companies..Hiring all the wrong people (swamp) all of the time..No border wall..No border closure…warnings and tweets instead of actions..staying and paying $$ in the UN…not shutting down fake news via (FCC) license suspension.Not declassifying the criminal documents for the American people to see the crimes.. Is he compromised, incompetent or controlled opposition..? I know this: You don’t play patty cake with monsters.

      • Anonymous

        John Rolls, Bitchett and their QIAduh psyop should go fkkk themselves. Trojan Horse Drumpf is a big TV Reality crisis actor and you idiots just can not ever learn to think.
        Any liar can have his own cult following by telling the cattle goyim what they want to hear.
        Unbelievable stupidity. Masses R Asses

        • wheeties

          yeah your a 13 year old moron,certainly puke vomit like one–your hangin out on the wrong website–the disney channel that would be more to your brain waves

          • Anonymous

            Where is our Wall then, dildo?
            Why are US troops STILL building bases in Syria?
            Why is our national debt STILL growing- from 19 Trillion in 2016 its now 22 Trillion?
            ObummerCare still law of the land?
            Middle class tax cut on hold?
            WTFu stupid cucks and learn to think and face reality without looking for a faQe saviour who suckered you in w/ faQe campaign slogans and memes.
            MAGGOT! MAGGAT! MAGGOT!!

      • Cinders777

        Hey numb nuts – we don’t live in a DICTATORSHIP! He can’t do all this without following protocol. You are as ignorant as they come. :eek:

        • Anonymous

          Drumpf has achieved NOTHING- except for his zionist funders who bailed out all of his casino bankruptcies for him.
          His dumb-as-doorknob groupies never tire of making excuses for his ineffectual leadership and at times outright betrayal of his base. These stupid airheads forget Drumpf’s supreme cockiness and arrogance
          “MEXICO will pay for that wall”
          “I dont take money from lobbyists”
          Sure MAGGOT, except $100 million from zionist Adelson, which explains why those who have benefitted from Trojan Horse Drumpf’s presidency have been ISRAEL.
          WTFU or STFU

    • CeeLeeRose

      The BEST compliment Ive EVER gotten in my life was being called a GodDamned “Tavistock Reject”

      VERY PROUD……

      ~Try again creeps……Somethin tells me you WONT get a 2nd chance for the “As Planned” secondary December 2012 SCHOOL SHOOTING with myself & my kind ever again…..

    • Man

      So I guess BIN never does Gaslighting or negative news….

    • Mica Molecule

      You can’t trust anyone these days and say: “Donald Trump is a good guy and he’s on our side” when judging by a man’s words. That’s simply not good enough. The good guys who really are on our side get suicided or killed in an “accident.” It’s naïve to think that anyone can actively fight the deep state and not eventually get eliminated and most Federal government officials since the assassination of JFK know that and toe the line even if they privately say they don’t. No genuine revolutionary will work for their enemy and say they are working to defeat the enemy. The real proof of someone’s genuine political aspirations and intensions are revealed when they are suicided or killed.

      • Cinders777

        I think the only reason Trump is still alive is because he uses his own security force. :cool:

    • Ideas Time

      The rest of the world has 80 million kids a year and the white race is required to take care of them all of them who hate us! How many people want to fund them?

    • Canderson

      Perhaps the Trump way is a very young way (America);

      • Canderson

        And you are fucking not getting it?

    • sal

      that mutha fckr trump is not in danger, he’s in deep shit, hope they impeach that criminal bastard and then lock his punk ass up for a very long time




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