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Military Tribunals Did They Start On 02Jan19 [Follow Greg Rubini] - Video

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The Patriot Hour

Published on Jan 3, 2019


David Flores

David Flores1 week ago

No more damn secrecy, this is how we got into this mess in the first place! Shine the light on all of this!! Public tribunals are what we the people demand, yes, that’s right DEMAND!!!!

Chris Calabrese

Chris Calabrese1 week ago

Private executions are not good enough.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright1 week ago

We deserve to see tribunals, why secret? It would help us to see something being done, not just some unknowns word in the news.

jlmck jlmck

jlmck jlmck1 week ago

By now we should all be able to agree that something big is going on in the world today. I will tell you for those of us who read their bibles we have found that this world belongs, and is under the control of the nephilim/evil spirits who are in the high places Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (please keep in mind these were written long before the time we are in now. However they were written for this this time) All I can say people is (read) Genesis 5:21-24, Hebrews, 11:5, and Jude 14-15. This book also tells of this time. Please do not be among the many who brazenly call God and His Prophets and apostles liars. As for me. I believe “ Let God be true and every man a liar”. May God bless you all with His understanding.

Italian G

Italian G1 week ago

So now it’s all secret? And we’ll see it later? Wow, what a crock.

C Ahearne

C Ahearne1 week ago

Tis the season to swing for treason 🎄☃️🎉❄️💀

Ultramagnetic Astroplaner

Ultramagnetic Astroplaner1 week ago

So, its happening we cant prove it thou. Just believe us sheep. GTFOH

Bitter Clinger

Bitter Clinger1 week ago (edited)

The public can’t see justice, then there is no justice, and rule of law is still defunct. Declass and disclose it all, or purge will happen. Not a threat by me, I’m just telling you what is coming if they don’t play this straight for all to see.

Jamie Collins

Jamie Collins1 week ago (edited)

Cant wait to see Hillary and bill in jail jump suit and that cant us their money to get them out

Sue Hinson

Sue Hinson1 week ago

This makes no sense, we have been told to be prepared that the house is going to be bringing tons of lawsuits against President Trump, they are going to let allow them do this before we see anything happen, I dont understand what purpose it serves, illegals coming in by the thousands weekly, more civil unrest. Supposedly we have all the goods we need to put these people in prison for their crimes, why subject us to more, and give the left that much more time to assassinate President Trump or whistleblowers.


iSellUsedCondoms1 week ago

there is no ” out cry ” because so many people aren’t awake..

Gregg Frederick

Gregg Frederick1 week ago

I volunteer to kick the stool out from under each of these Scumbag traitors !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👎

Zia Marlowe

Zia Marlowe1 week ago

YES, shut down CORRUPT politicians! 🔏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Bipolar Monkey

Bipolar Monkey1 week ago

Heard this last year.. Hearsay

Kimberly Carpenter

Kimberly Carpenter1 week ago

Aren’t military court martials kept private during the proceedings? I thought that was a law, and the reason that Hillary had a DOJ lawyer represent her the last time she was called in to testify before the congressional oversight committee. They aren’t allowed to hire their own counsel, to prevent any leaks.

Jim Hill

Jim Hill1 week ago

Is there any truth about a marine being shot dead for attempting to shoot Potus? Pray to God to keep this man safe basically the whole world is depending on him. #WWG1WGA

tod jones

tod jones1 week ago

So if the tribunals are secret, and we never know who, what and where, do we even know anything even happened?

John Robatchka

John Robatchka1 week ago

Did it really matter if bush sr was put down he was almost there already. But i pray this is happening to tthem now. May god guide are president an patriot’s all over the world an protect us!

james goodwin

james goodwin1 week ago

The train is rolling on

Gabriel Haze

Gabriel Haze1 week ago (edited)

Yes, let’s continue the speculation so we can let everyone down yet again. I’m so tired of this secret bullshit. And I’m tired of looking like a lunatic to naysayers who, when presenting this nonsense, have a right to be laughing at us. This is not proof! Yes, it’s entirely possible it’s happening, but no we’re not allowed to have proof because God forbid we have a leg to stand on. I’m so exhausted from this carrot dangling bullshit. Trump can eat ass. The blood of many innocent lives are on his hands. Did you hear the journalist who outed Mueller deleting text messages mysteriously died? Yup, that’s the Trumps and the White Hats fault. Gave her no protection and felt it was more necessary to troll the world the protect the Patriots of this great land.

Hank Horlings

Hank Horlings1 week ago

Thanks Mike you’re one of the few channels out there I enjoy watching, direct, to the point, and not a bunch of swearing. Very informative, God bless

Davar Trust

Davar Trust1 week ago

Hincley was trained by BusH and I think he was a fellow bonesman of g w bush


aelrik531 week ago

hope it’s true… been too long for justice to be served, and I would like to see it done

Mellissa Bridge

Mellissa Bridge1 week ago

I believe it is Fort Jackson United States Army Installation in Columbia, South Carolina.

Patti Rinehart

Patti Rinehart1 week ago

January 19th is National Popcorn Day… maybe then we will get to see something….

Maui SurfDog

Maui SurfDog1 week ago (edited)

Mike, I appreciate your had work. Military Tribunals, people going to GITMO, is all a fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, I wish this was really happening. But Q is fake, he told us to trust Sessions, Huber, Horowitz. Sessions is gone, Huber and Horowitz are both in trenched SES deep state Obama appointees. They are doing nothing, but slowing the process until the 2020 election. Nothing is happening to Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Or, (and all the other ‘bad’ FBI, CIA and DOJ members). We actually needed a separate Special Counsel to go after these people. Guess what, it’s too late. By the time Barr gets AG and a Special Counsel is selected, investigation into the crimes, grand jury impaneled, indictments served, court hearings, etc. That takes more than two years. Pres. Trump got played by Sessions, Rosenstein, and all the other legal ‘knuckle heads’ in his admin…sad……….USCG vet. 76-80, BM2….

Jona Jone El Latte

Jona Jone El Latte1 week ago

Fuxm… offend dems… they need 2 b offended….Im fuxn offended… BUILD THE WALL…MAGA

Cris Gon

Cris Gon1 week ago

Hang them all in front of the flag. Make it Live for We The People 🇺🇸 Never forget all the lives we lost in all the fake Wars!

Elizabeth Madsen

Elizabeth Madsen1 week ago (edited)

Obama mansion in Thailand got raided by Delta Force December 25 2017,. Look it up on Bing I did. Military Tribunals started y’day I also follow dnajlion7 on YouTube Very credible man.

Agnes Laperuta

Agnes Laperuta1 week ago

Happy New Year Michael! You do a great job for us!!! Thank you ever so much!!! Would you please be kind enough to ENLARGE the posts a little more? I’m thanking you in advance! 😘

Browneyes rule

Browneyes rule1 week ago

YouTube is messing with you every time I go to like your video it erases and it won’t let me like it

Jim Humphreys

Jim Humphreys1 week ago

Heard from another patriot that the tribunals started Jan 01 19. A lot of the deep state have gone quiet!!

Jason Stewart

Jason Stewart1 week ago

A convention of states why don’t you talk about that seems to be one of the peaceful ways of taking everything back and getting our government back and get it under control

Victor Johnson

Victor Johnson1 week ago

Secret trials are illegal. Nothing is happening as far as I can see!

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall1 week ago

Have these tribunals being conducted actually been confirmed & vetted? Just curious.. Already been made clear, is that CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, NYT, basically MSM. will not be able to report it, as they won’t be allowed in.

Mary Devling

Mary Devling1 week ago

Has anyone seen any recent social media posts from the envelope recipients?

Sandra Delong

Sandra Delong1 week ago

Mike, Paris Island is in S.C. There is also a base in Beaufort! Paris Island is where New Recuits go for basic training! There is only 1 road in and out! We went there when my oldest son graduated from Boot Camp, we stayed in the base at Beaufort! Both in South Carolyn…

Janet Ballou Young

Janet Ballou Young1 week ago

Fort Jackson… Columbia SC

Just Sayin'

Just Sayin’1 week ago

Yep, no one is going to notice that these people have gone missing that’s for sure.

Debra Detterline

Debra Detterline1 week ago

I just watched the same thing on another channel so it must be coming to light

Robin L

Robin L1 week ago

Wow lots of negative comments….

One Love

One Love1 week ago

No solid proof of ANYTHING. Because NOTHING is happening. Wake up already.

Courtenay McKee

Courtenay McKee1 week ago

Some guy says Military Tribunals have begun?!!! 🤔

Darrell Hodges

Darrell Hodges1 week ago

Excellent video Patriot Hour. Your the first to have actual video footage. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸WWG1WGA.

William Merrow

William Merrow1 week ago

Lots of 👎 I’ve been noticing lately…good guage of of the influx of trolls keep up the good work Mike 🇺🇲 WWG1WGA TO MAGA 🇺🇲

James Hurst

James Hurst1 week ago

Gas prices are lower TAX on gas HIGH. Oil company’s ( refining companies) purchase large amounts at a time. When the oil per barrel price goes down they are stuck with oil that they take a loss on. Where do the recover there money first. LABOR. they lay workers off. Dont think the investors. And people at the top are going to take a loss. Crap runs down hill. In the past we were getting finished product. At the ports. Cheaper than the refinery’s could make the product. Because no import Tax. Made is where the oil company’s could just be delivery terminals . Could shut down refinery’s. And most refinery workers were UNION workers. The truck drivers were not. Mostly not. This hurt the American worker and all the company’s making money doing service for the Refinery’s. The refinery’s became pipeline company’s and trucking company’s. Will take a while for the low priced Crude oil to go behind the high priced oil before the system is leveled out again. I worked in a refinery for 37 years.

Missy M

Missy M1 week ago (edited)

Truth Unsealed David Zubeliaks channel was supposed to be a channel to report but, not in real time.


Amy1 week ago

I guess it’s time I get on Twitter! I have one, it’s “Amy the Mod”… look me up so I can follow you, Patriots! ✌️❤️🇺🇸

jacqueline lyons

jacqueline lyons1 week ago

About time..👏👏👏

Carole Hammonds

Carole Hammonds1 week ago

Just found you today! Thank you for your reports! May more truth be revealed this year! We need to know! Jesus is coming soon!!!!!

die senister

die senister1 week ago

Hey Mike .. Its gonna shrink . after all the arrests. We have oil but our refineries need upgraded or new ones built. That would make a lot jobs.

Patti Blythe

Patti Blythe1 week ago

Going to Check this two out right after leaving here. Thank you Michael…God Bless you❣ Thank you for your servixe.

Lynn Steffens

Lynn Steffens1 week ago

The military tribunals have started.  GHWB didn’t just die, he was executed for treason.  In a few days POTUS will tweet out the rest of the enemy combatants names and crimes thereby becoming a matter of public record. Take heart patriots! The storm is upon us.

ZipYour Lib

ZipYour Lib1 week ago

KILL the Hill!!

Robert Melendez

Robert Melendez1 week ago

Hey first one here giving you a shout-out from Arizona brother to you and Ben godspeed God bless

mosschopz1974 ramon3

mosschopz1974 ramon31 week ago

aint nothing going to happen to the elites ….lets see public arrests and executions….easy to say someone been jailed,,,,wheres the proof oh i forgot q said its true




stupid is as stupid does

stupid is as stupid does1 week ago

No one is gonna be convicted on anything. At least the big name players won’t. Some gardeners and maids but no big fish. They get a free pass and will continue to get that pass.We just dont care enough for freedom to get off our collective asses and do anything. The crooks enjoy all the freedom and we slave to keep them there.

Brian Chandler

Brian Chandler1 week ago (edited)

Anybody else never hear of this Greg guy before today ? Was looking into this Rubini Twitter page seems to be another EyeTheSpy question him even once and you’re instantly blocked, that should be a giant red flag to everyone!!! Just saying beware of false prophets. MAGA WWG1WGA

Lawrece Obryan

Lawrece Obryan1 week ago

norad has a reverse speach unit, we know who all cabal and ILLUMINATI pretending to support Q are😁, Q is good but most anons are cabal, and we have your names😁 enjoy Guantonmo, there are only 2 forms of exicutions, and it takes quit a,while🤣


2JOHNNYT1 week ago


Jeff Cardinal

Jeff Cardinal1 week ago

Kick out all big box stores. Mega low interest rates for small business owners to start stores again. I love you all Maga or death

Keith .Newberry

Keith .Newberry1 week ago

Who is Greg Rubini?

Wayne Musteen

Wayne Musteen1 week ago (edited)

The actual story is right in front of you but you guys are working so hard to find all the crumbs that you’re looking to find whats been planted. They are escaping right in front of us. They have been letting you find and follow the story that they wanted you to find – they even gave you a guide along the way, a narrator in fact. Do you believe in coincidences, ha ha. This has all been planned out for years – their exit strategy. Let’s pretend our system took them all down in secret! Lol seriously? Hey guys lets hand off secret messages right in front of the camera, let’s put our actors right up front so they can see our facial expressions. Lets plan funerals (i.e. retirement out of the public’s eye) and leak out secret tribunals to hold us accountable and oh yeah, first lets build a social army on the web to dig it all up. Yep, where they go one they do go all – and they tell you that right in front of your face. They hand off notes at public funerals so you can (with your low grade ‘zoom in’ advanced video features) catch them and call them bad actors? Lol, the rich and famous community of Antartica will have new neighbors.

Pam C

Pam C1 week ago

& what proof does this guy have it started ???? Because this guy says it’s happening everyone is jumping on it !! Seems pretty irresponsible to reporting this crap !! As much as we’d all love it to be true, you should show proof & not act like MSM !!

Alfredo Tirado

Alfredo Tirado1 week ago

I’m calling bull on this psy-op. Nothing is happening and never will. The proof will be when everything is out in the open for all to see.


Michael6 days ago

With all due respect all these comments by Greg Rubinskii it’s all hearsay. there is not one scintilla of proof about any of these things executions military tribunals injections it’s all so far nothing but a wonderful story. Out of all these videos that I’ve seen I have not seen yet one bit of good investigative journalism about the tribunals it’s true these wicked pedophiles need to be brought to justice but whether this is happening right now I seriously have my doubts.I think the opposite is happening and I hope I’m wrong I think they’re going to try and kill Trump and that’s why he’s staying in the white house he’s afraid right now because he’s not playing ball with the globalist



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  • Anonymous

    Pretty pathetic when the foreign, Islamic-terrorist PM of Turkey calls out top traitors for mounting a soft coup against POTUS. By Trojan Horse Drumpf’s OWN APPOINTED cabinet- in this case Pompao and JOHN BOLTON.
    Thus, they should be the first impounded to GTIMO for secret trial, right???
    Most likely this tribunal b.s. is another QIAduh stunt to rally Drumpf betrayed base…
    But just fyi–
    Military tribunals are secret for a reason- NO accountability and they can be used in any violent, illegal, unconstitutional way possible. Like GITMO, Like ABU GHRAIB, like Kabul and like SADDAM HUSSEIN, POL POT, PINOCHET and HITLER.
    To try any American, esp a public elected official, in secrecy is outrageous and a total subversion of democracy. This is DICTATORSHIP in action. It also deprives the citizenry of any justice and public redress.
    What a bunch of stupid cucks. Did anyone ever think genuine freedom-loving ‘patriots’ would boast about such immorality as being noble & necessary?
    Dont think the roundups and executions arent coming for YOU too, faQe patriots.

    • nomorelabels

      “Did anyone ever think genuine freedom-loving ‘patriots’ would boast about such immorality as being noble & necessary?”

      Excellent point…unfortunately, they do, just like they blindly accepted the Bush “patriot act” and winked at it as their liberties and freedoms began to be removed.

      They are not patriots…true patriots are just as Thomas Paine stated: A true patriot protects the people from the government.

      Today’s brand of patriot blindly follow a party and its leader, they cheer on war, and believe Trump is s savior. Meanwhile they make every excuse for his manipulating his own words, make excuses for his swamp cabinet appointments, and they are far from being TRUE patriots.

      The term “patriot” was ruined by G. W. Bush, and they even gave him a pass for it, so they are to blame for supporting such tyranny. True patriots have no loyalty to a political party, their loyalties lie with their country and its people.




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