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What Illegal Aliens & 'Sovereign Citizens' Have in Common - Their Own Set of Rules Based on Universal Rights: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

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BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

My email inbox is constantly loaded with educational material about (our) justice system and how it affects the ‘Sovereign Citizen’s Rights,” to ‘Due Process’ in a ‘Court of Law.’

Unless one knows the COMPLETE FACTS and what to present to a ‘Court of Law,’ the “Sovereign Citizen” wages an uphill battle for any chance(s) to be recognized……and requires full time attention to the matter in-order to make it work.

The complexities of natural / common law versus Admiralty Law and how America was incorporated is vast if not complicated. For those that practice common law in [These] UNITED STATES is a hit-miss tactic often used by those that usurp other’s Rights in particular areas, i.e., the “Right to travel on Public Roads without a driver’s license and a registered license tag on a vehicle.”

Case in point…….

A ‘Sovereign’ exercising his “Right to Travel on Public Roads” without a license (necessary) to prove he is capable of driving a deadly mobilized vehicle in public, is drunk and (maybe) kills a person at a crosswalk that has a traffic light or stop sign, paid for by tax payers, continues to drive away and a witness doesn’t see a license plate and can only describe the vehicle…..the ‘Sovereign’ driver is arrested and (later) in court attempts to separate himself from being a “person” as described on his birth certificate (in all CAPS) versus an ‘individual’ appearing before a judge….can leave much to the imagination as to how our society lives in a parallel existence, as you will see in the video below.

I admit that I am “ignorant” of how to properly proceed in a ‘Court of Law’ (without a lawyer), even though I know my Rights, either under the Constitution and/or “Universal Rights,” I agree….it would be to (MY) best advantage to know any and all loop holes to avoid being sentenced for the alleged crime being imposed upon me, but it goes without saying….when the SHTF and your life is on the line and jail time is immanent, the best defense is an offense.

For the “sovereign” inhabitant a.k.a. “American Citizen,” not to be confused with being a “U.S. CITIZEN” by name only and governed within the 10 square miles of Washington, D.C., I applaud YOU for your individual efforts, but don’t YOU think the reason WHY the political parties / globalists allow America to become the “melting pot” of the world is to avoid “Sovereignty” of it’s own citizens accordingly?

With that in-mind, I can ONLY relate to a local situation, I personally witnessed whereas, a family of four were devout “sovereign” locals, of which the father told me how he once threw his birth certificate on the floor in front of the judge and (basically) explained, pointing at the B/C and said, “that’s the person you are charging.”

Supposedly, he walked from that (charge) and others….but he also was forced to leave the area as a result of constant harassment by the local police, almost every time he was in public.

It was a noble effort on his part to declare his “sovereignty,” but there’s always a price to pay when exposing yourself to a corrupt system of government.

Like they say, “the only winning move is not to play the game.”

You can drive on your own land without a driver’s license (at any age) in today’s world and you can bury your dead on your own property in certain states, but when you leave the confines of your land, you enter the “Land of Oz” where the yellow brick road was paid for by others who pay taxes and keep their vehicles in proper shape by rules and regulations which a committee of citizens decided for the safety of others.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be necessary to create rules and regulations that only applies to some and not to others, and we all could join together without government interference and build roads, put-up traffic lights, and maintain a city without a government, but would that be effective enough to thwart-off a foreign invader?

Note: By Democrats wanting open borders to allow [Persons] to infiltrate society in America, can and will change laws that mostly affect the citizens of this country, while at the same time, we see that illegal aliens have a different set of laws applied to them and actually mimics the “sovereign citizen!” They drive vehicles without a driver’s license, no insurance and often their case is thrown out of court in sanctuary cities….or they just go out and do it again and again.

Government is mandated to protect citizens at every level. If WE attempt to govern ourselves and everyone else, the problem is just that ! You can govern yourself but you can’t govern everyone else for the simple reason….the level of education is so diverse and knowledge is controlled by the very one’s that govern our lives.

The ONLY document that can be adhered to by every person or court is the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but at all costs….protect that document from a United Nations (bill of rights) based-on their so-called ‘Universal Rights’ scheme.

Judge Anna von Reitz’s report below is a very informative, discussing “the law of the land” and gives reason to why a uniformed set of laws conflicts with state laws in areas and situations that are more important to people in certain areas versus other areas.

The “Right to be left alone” is a “Universal Right” and is appropriate to declare when YOU feel your Rights are being violated. It’s the 4th Amendment of our Constitution that WE ALL have to support.

‘Sovereign Citizens’ DO WIN in court (sometimes), but only for those that KNOW the differences to the full extent of the law and how it applies to them…..but only while in front of a judge that doesn’t know the differences.

Together WE ARE STRONG, but as fragmented society has become, it will continue to change laws that can and will NOT be in everyone’s best interest(s). Eventually states (will) join together under the same agreed principles / laws, and territories will begin to take shape by revolution or civil war as Washington D.C. becomes their own country….but are they not already??


—Dave Bertrand (American Citizen)

[email protected]

Mountain Man Arrested For Fishing, Destroys Judge!! Case Dismissed!!

Sovereign Citizen Freeman Tries Usual BS on Judge. Judge Hysterically Spews it Back

Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska: all American Common Law Courts are courts based on the land, practicing the Law of the Land.

by arnierosner

Millions of people are just waking up like disgruntled bears waking from a long hibernation, or maybe like me, when I can’t find a cup of coffee in the morning. However that may be I get all sorts of rambling, critical and mostly ignorant emails interspersed with hundreds of requests for help from people suffering from some aspect of abusive courts every day. I cannot possibly answer them all, but I will take stabs at providing more general information that will help people take affirmative action in their own behalf.

I want to point out that all American Common Law Courts are courts based on the land, practicing the Law of the Land. Their jurisdiction is tied to the land as a result. My court is in Alaska. I have no way to help someone in Idaho. The people in Idaho have to help each other. That’s the first big misunderstanding.

The watery Federal Courts provide the same “service” in every state, just like Burger King delivers the same Whopper the same way 24/7 from San Francisco to Portland, Maine.

Land Law doesn’t work like that.

Under American Common Law each State has its own quirks and each County within each States has its peculiarities. This is because the people who live in actual living breathing places are not all the same and their counties aren’t all the same. A county in Rhode Island probably doesn’t need (or have) a law against cattle rustling, but a county in Texas most likely does. You get my point.

Some years ago a group of hoity-toity lawyers decided that they didn’t like having to deal with local law and its variations. They felt that law had to be standardized and they set themselves up as a committee to do exactly that—-by imposing uniform regulations and statutes under the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and using the Law of the Sea to do it. They weren’t quite brave enough to declare their intention to undermine the Law of the Land including the Constitution, so they hid their actions and used a favorite trick: they adopted the Public Law, “codified” it— that is, they imposed their own numbering and organizational scheme—and then copyrighted that variation as their own private corporate law.

If you flip open the cover of any book of “State Statutes” published since 1965 you will see that these are all copyrighted, but if they were Public Law they would all be in the Public Domain and they would all be published without a copyright. Many documents that you assume are public have been usurped in this same fashion. Even the actual Constitution was “adopted” and converted into a corporate charter by the same process back in 1868.

That doesn’t mean that the actual Constitution ceased to exist. It means that the lawyers seized a public document and recast it with minor changes and used it for a private purpose.

To find the actual Public Laws for your states and counties you will have to go back before 1965 and delve into the records to find Public Domain Statutes. These may be rather dated in some respects, but they are yours and you can rely on them as a trusty source of information about your County on the Land and the Public Offices it has traditionally used in its administration.

When I say that you are heirs to the Republic, I mean that in a literal sense. By re-establishing your birthright political status and operating your land-based government, you are inheriting the Republic in exactly the same way you might inherit a house. It is yours now. You are free to repair, rebuild, remodel and do with it what best serves your purposes within the framework of the Organic Law—-and once you wake up fully and get organized and competent again, you may even make changes to those sacrosanct treaties and agreements.

As you begin this process make sure that all the local politicians know how the system is supposed to work so that they have no credible basis to object to your efforts to renew the lawful government on the land and to enforce the Organic Law (Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, and Northwest Ordinance) and Public Law (United States Statutes-at-Large). If you haven’t given them a copy of our affidavit of probable cause, consider doing so now: “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” is available on for around $20 and it explains the whole issue of split jurisdictions and the bank-perpetuated fraud schemes that have led to the current circumstance as a large print cartoon book anyone can understand.

There has been a big propaganda campaign funded by the banks bad-mouthing and misrepresenting “sovereign” Americans, calling us “paper Terrorists” and such rot. This is because they know that their corporations have been making money hand over fist by defrauding us and abusing us and once we take control of our rightful domain and start enforcing the Organic Law in our own courts again, their salad days of lawless international carpetbagging are over.

However, they have scared and deluded half the police force and half the politicians and it is your job to reassure these folks that however righteously angry you may be with the Bar Associations, for example, it is a matter of business administration and white color crime as far as you are concerned. You are intent on restructuring things in a lawful and orderly fashion and are merely exercising responsibilities and property rights you inherited.

So your Mission, if you decide to accept it is:

1. Find an appropriate meeting hall or meeting halls for multiple meetings on different days and locations in Cook County. Place ads in the paper and post on bulletin boards, church calendars, etc., to get the word out. This can go in the Legal Notices Section and might read something like this: Fix the Government Problem Once and For All, Notice of Public Meeting to Organize the Land Jurisdiction Cook County Government, 6 o’clock pm, Thursday, February 11, 2016, Basement of St. Malachi’s Family and Youth Education Center, 1100 South Pauling Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

2. At the meeting, explain the situation— that the land jurisdiction government of the people, by the people, and for the people has been vacated and all the Public Offices have been secretively “filled” by interloping governmental services corporation personnel who are operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea instead of the Law of the Land that you are all owed.

3. Explain that there has been a lot of legal chicanery involved and that it is necessary as a result for people to reclaim their rightful and correct birthright political status as one of the free sovereign and independent people of the United States and not an “inhabitant” merely “residing” on our land as a British Subject allowed to be here in order to provide “essential governmental services” as described by Article III of The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783.

4. Everyone signs a Declaration of Political Status reclaiming their estates and standing on the land of their nativity. These are Witnessed on the spot by at least two other participants and a Public Notary invited to the meeting(s).

5. Describe the Public Offices that need to be filled— noting that the proper names of the Public Offices are slightly different from the names of the look-alike-sound-alike private corporate offices mimmicking the Public Offices. For example the Sheriff needed to operate the land jurisdiction is formally called the Cook County Sheriff, while the private corporate “Sheriff” is called the Sheriff of Cook County. The Cook County Sheriff works for the Illinois State, while the Sheriff of Cook County works for State of Illinois.

6. If anyone challenges your action or asks about it, make sure that you communicate the facts to all the local politicians and law enforcement personnel and make it clear that you are operating in unincorporated capacity and are operating the land jurisdiction you are owed and enforcing the Organic and Public Law of this country —because, since they all incorporated their functions — there is no adequate enforcement of the Organic and Public Law. By incorporating their County they have reduced their capacity to being corporate code, regulation, and statute enforcement officers operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea and that has left nobody at home minding the real store.

7. Accept nominations for the vacant offices Cook County is owed: Sheriff, Judges, Justices of the Peace, Bailiffs, County Land Recorder, Cook County Clerk, Assembly Members, Coroner, Common Law Grand Jury Foreman, and so on. At the same time, sign up people to serve on the Cook County Common Law Grand Jury to investigate crimes and hand down indictments against Federal United States Citizens and presentments against members of the people, also solicit the service of Trial Jury Members.

8. Do not be overwhelmed thinking that you cannot possibly handle the flow of cases in Cook County. For now, all you have to do is service the needs of those people who are declaring their political status on the land. As that number of people grows, the caseload will grow, but so will the number of people employed. In time as the Bar Associations are bankrupted and again outlawed on the land more and more lawyers will come to work for the Continental Court System. Also be aware that the American Common Law Courts are much simpler to run than Admiralty Courts and there are no victimless crimes to deal with.

9. Hold elections with paper ballots. Have the results tabulated and certified by an Elections Committee of at least three unrelated adults who are members of the unincorporated county population.

10. Record the results and run a second ad in the papers which might read something like this: Public Notice of Public Office Investiture to take place at Hollingwood School Auditorium, 4220 Elleboro Avenue NW, Chicago, Illinois, Thursday, March 10, 2016, 7 pm. At this ceremony the record of the election results is presented by those serving on the Election Committee. Those elected who have already been notified are called forward to receive their bond and take their Lawful Oath of Office.

11. Once these people are bonded and sworn in they are entitled to exercise all the powers inherent in the unincorporated Public Offices of the land jurisdiction. The Cook County Sheriff can now deputize as many men as he deems necessary to uphold and enforce the Organic and Public Law of the Land—just like John Wayne in the old movies. He will of course notify his counterpart, the Sheriff of Cook County, and make it clear that the land jurisdiction is fully occupied and that the American Common Law Court known as the Illinois State Superior Court is now in operation and at least with respect to those people claiming their birthright status on the land, there is no further excuse for the exercise of martial common law per Milligan Ex Parte by the Admiralty Courts.

12. Remember that those operating the incorporated version of Cook County are charged with providing “essential public services” to you as well as providing them for their own citizenry. Since 1965 there have been fewer and fewer Americans exercising their natural birthright political status so that many people are not aware that there is any difference between a “US citizen” and “one of the free sovereign and independent people of the United States”. Many do not understand that the jurisdictions were split and that citizens of the Federal United States are in a different political status than those who claim their birthright on the land of the Continental United States. Federal United States Citizens come in two kinds— they either live in the Constitutional Democracy created by the Federal United States known as the United States of America (Minor) or they are citizens of the District of Columbia Municipality which is run by Congress as an oligarchy. Both these Federal political statuses are different from yours as a living man or woman born on the land of one of the organic states of the Union. Be patient. Be kind. Be determined. For various reasons numerous people will disbelieve, deny, or otherwise discourage you from claiming your birthright.

Would you rather be the lawful heirs of a vast estate, or the servingmen responsible for mucking out the horse stalls? It’s your choice. Not theirs.

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

Read Past Bertrand Daily Reports:



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    • Ideas Time

      I don’t think you can be a Sovereign Citizen. The two words contradict one another know as an oxymoron. One is free and the other is a subject of something.

    • Slimey

      You are living in the world of the MADE UP one. The land of liars, er lawyers. They are very good at MAKING UP STUFF because you believe their LIES, er Laws.

      Hence, you live in their world of obfuscation and hypocrisy or the BIG LIE. And the more you LIE the more obfuscation and hypocrisy they must come up with. I think you call it LAWS. :lol:

      To the lawyer where you live is “property”. To the Post Office it’s your “address”, to your family it’s your “home”. Which world do you want to live in?

      And I tell people the PHONY IRS income tax is so complex because of them. 99% do not apply to you, but because of the liars, er lawyers, they do.

      Not that I believe either one as they are all made up. The liars, er lawyers won’t call it theft, however. They should, but rather hide it under obfuscation and hypocrisy and call it a tax. You seem to agree, instead of calling it theft.

      You can do a lot of things when you don’t call it theft but a tax. Heck, you can even increase the theft, er sorry, tax. :wink:

    • bill.crismon

      If you walk into an American courtroom today and you notice a Gold fringe around the American Flag, then you are in a court of Admiralty Law…YOU are already guilty and must prove your innocence to the court…




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