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X22Report: Massive Swamp Draining, Fed Takeover, 16th Amendment Rescinded: Robert David Steele - Video

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X22Report Spotlight

Published on Feb 8, 2019


Today’s Guest: Robert David Steele


winging it tracy21 hours ago

You can vote your way into communism, but you have to shoot your way out of it, that’s why they want your guns first

Steven R.

Steven R.20 hours ago (edited)

I would love to see ALL of Congress’s, & Senate’s paycheck’s STOPPED, during a Governmental shutdown.. Stop The Drug’s, BUILD THE WALL!!!!!!!👼👼 Also Mr. Trump should get us completely OUT of AFGHANISTAN, cut off the CIA’s drug money off, witch they use to fund there criminal empire. 👼👼 Muller is up to his eyeball’s with the criminal crime family of the clinton’s on the sale of Uranium 1 sale to Russia. Also criminal Comey has made the FBI the laughing stock of this nation..👼👼

Jeanie Horsley

Jeanie Horsley21 hours ago

I don’t believe Trump thrives on Chaos…He is playing chess with the DS. If he was chaotic then they can predict him. THAT is what he doesn’t want. Chaos is a strategy…Its part of the plan. I think Steels knows a lot, BUT he doesn’t know everything as he appears. I think Steele is using is past position as in the know. Many things he says or imply’s does not ring true.

Allen Lichner

Allen Lichner20 hours ago

Trump is the best president we have ever had. There has never been a president who loved America in my life.

Celtic Rain

Celtic Rain19 hours ago (edited)

Steele like us, really has no idea what is going on behind the scene. This plan has been thought out many years ago. It’s fluid. Along with Trumps great mind, he has the smartest military minds and GOD behind him. Just when it looks like he is losing, BOOM, he smacks one out of the park with bases loaded. Love my POTUS, GOD, Patriots,and America.

Karen Sobek

Karen Sobek21 hours ago

Thank God for Trump

Nancy Volker

Nancy Volker21 hours ago

I think a lot of Americans are breathing a sigh of relief at the prospect of a second term…

Cindy WH-Witter

Cindy WH-Witter20 hours ago

I’d love to see the Federal Reserve and the FBI shut down. The FBI is so corrupted it can’t be saved, and the Reserve should have never come into being in the first place. We haven’t lived under our Constitution since it’s creation. I agree with Steele on the IRS. State sovereignty is essential to our country’s future.

Cheryl Mettler

Cheryl Mettler17 hours ago

HRC should follow McCain and Bush Sr to the grave!


betterbeready201922 hours ago

Hi Dave. Have a great weekend!! ❤️🙏❤️

Matthew Barstad

Matthew Barstad21 hours ago

Love your videos Dave. Perception counts for alot. Mr. Steele does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.


BoobooJonez19 hours ago (edited)

@ 31:36 It’s always been Israel and the UK. Mi6, mossad and the CIA are the Global Trifecta of Tyranny. The central nervous system if you will. They serve the brain of the monster, the International Banking Cartel…

Bud Abbot Lane

Bud Abbot Lane19 hours ago

Idont care what Epstein gave up hes a disease that cant be cured eradication is the only answer.

Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire18 hours ago

WHY does Congress get a 5% kickback on what we spend on war???? NO WONDER they are so corrupt! This is like throwing blood nto a shark tank…& I find it reprehensible.

Bud Abbot Lane

Bud Abbot Lane20 hours ago

The RIF should have happened 40 years ago.

Sandy Andreas

Sandy Andreas21 hours ago

Love your channel and appreciate the guests you have on the show. RDS has some nuggets of wisdom/info but unfortunately, he likes to smell his own farts. (To use an old phrase.) His ego gets in the way and it sounds like he wants to micro manage POTUS if he had the chance.

Bella Riddo

Bella Riddo19 hours ago (edited)

I don’t agree with you mr. Steele President Trump is in control of everything. He has been unpredictable at every turn and accomplished more than all presidents previous he’s the man God put in office and he will do the job

Art Girl

Art Girl21 hours ago



30lungman19 hours ago

Some good points but don’t agree with Steele on several issues

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas21 hours ago

I don’t think there is massive swamp drainage. Where are all the indictments on the democrats it’s been 2 years and all we are seeing is anyone associated with Trump arrested and indicted. I think the DOJ and FBI is controlled and the corruption is much more deep than we know. The Democrats thought Hillary was an easy win last time but are ready this next time. I do like how sides are being drawn for 2020..Freedom and Life vs Socialism and baby killing. The more the democrats talk the nuttier they sound.

Jim Jim

Jim Jim19 hours ago

After hearing AOC’s green plan, which she was ridiculed by both the left and the right, it would seem that Trump is the only answer. If she had any brains at all, she would know that we’ve had free energy for over hundred years, it’s just the government is hiding it from the people. Watch the movie free energy – The race to zero point. In the movie it shows that all the inventors, were either paid off, murdered or put in prison. The truth is out there. Unfortunately the powers that be don’t want to give out free energy.

KillRockStars 88

KillRockStars 8821 hours ago

Its not a matter of “getting over it.” It is strategic in using THEIR political correctness against them, holding it to their faces and saying: This is what you created. How do you like it? Mr. Trump is a WRECKING BALL to political correctness in DC, America as well as abroad. Isaiah 45: 1-2 1) “Thus saith the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus/[Trump], whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins/[armour] of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut; 2) I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: 3) And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name,…”

Kathryn Powell

Kathryn Powell21 hours ago

Wholeheartedly agree with throwing the press out of the White House! And with most points made.

Bud Abbot Lane

Bud Abbot Lane20 hours ago



Piper4307821 hours ago

I don’t trust Steele.

NorCal Chic

NorCal Chic18 hours ago

Thanks for video. That was great. Thank God for president Trump

Dennis Burton

Dennis Burton21 hours ago (edited)

Dave, thanks for all you do, but why would you waste your time interviewing this over stuffed, self proclaimed expert of all matters known to man… ? I trust Steele almost as far as I can throw my truck…….. Thanks Dave, but no thanks !!


Michael17 hours ago

Why in the heck does Congress get a kick back of 5% when we go to war. That is a massive conflict of interest. Well… What’s new. Another raise for all!


blackblog21 hours ago

Right now, if the Deepstate wanted to do the most to slow Trump’s roll, they could just pay for the wall. Shutdown increases his power. Their being petty increases his power. He is already building it. My bet is they will die on this hill rather than give him a win.

Redcap Goblin

Redcap Goblin19 hours ago

I love you guys! Thank You David Steele ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !

Vernon Buford

Vernon Buford16 hours ago

The Demoncrats need that border open because they are working with the Cartels.

Terri Smith

Terri Smith16 hours ago

Yes! Cancel the federal income tax! Stop the stupid spending ! And the thievery!

Robert Steele

Robert Steele21 hours ago

Also discuss Global Currency Reset (GCR).


pulesjet14 hours ago

The FBI are nothing more the tools for the Deep State today. Zero Integrity as a Law Enforcement Entity. Flush the Toilet.

Deena Levy

Deena Levy19 hours ago

I did not vote for President Trump, but he has had my attention from Dec. 21, 2017 to today. That EO was something he did fairly soon in his first term. So, to make an accurate accessment that Trump has not done much for the people that did not vote for him may be a little difficult to do…you can never be sure of another person’s “trigger points” and he has done a lot of EO’s that could help a number of people! I plan to vote for him in the future. I think he is a great President! And just for the record, I did not vote for HRC either!!!

Licketysplit NW Iowa

Licketysplit NW Iowa18 hours ago

Great video. This was one of most informative videos i watch. Thank You

Lynn Paul

Lynn Paul20 hours ago

Good question & answer program I hate the press & media

Tracy Neal

Tracy Neal18 hours ago

The shutdown was definitely a “stress test”.

Robert Shrewsbury

Robert Shrewsbury17 hours ago (edited)

Declaring a National Emergency will be a good thing, because our situation is in a National emergency! Demilitarize the FBI & Police you say Robert Steele. Yes I think that is a very good idea!

Tony Butcavage

Tony Butcavage14 hours ago

2020 Trump needs states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc including Florida. He can’t win without them. And stop typing…I’m a Trump supporter.

mark marquardt

mark marquardt18 hours ago

If only 5% of what he says comes to pass we are in for a great year.

Tracy Neal

Tracy Neal19 hours ago

Thanks for a great and honest interview, Dave and Robert.


fuckenridickUless19 hours ago

The x22 report is my favourite viewing of the day.

RadioShack 1568

RadioShack 156813 hours ago

Awesome forum – STEELE is the man, calling things like they should be. No PC, kiss butt answers – straight to the point on calling out conspiring actors of corruption, bad motives and tribal behavior that NEEDED TO STOP 25 YEARS AGO. Foreign sell outs that bribe, collude and conspire and hurt hard working, law abiding people here at home and around the world.

Steve Rosey

Steve Rosey5 hours ago

The 15th, and remaining days leading up to, will determine in my mind if Trump is Deep State, period!!! So far all I’ve seen is, more Govt, more Debt, more Slavery to the System……

Robert Shrewsbury

Robert Shrewsbury15 hours ago

“Throw the press out of the white house” you say. Amen to that!

Hanke Weynker

Hanke Weynker18 hours ago

I design buildings made of hemp + lime + water = hempcrete Fireproof, extreme weather resistant, excellent energy efficiency. Less than 0 Carbon footprint. 1000yr lifetime… Like tesla I’m in exile…

Margaret Bertram

Margaret Bertram20 hours ago

Don’t trust Steele. He’s a CIA plant. He’s been trying to make a name for himself with big talk for over two years. Walk away and never respond to him again, Dave. We the people have learnt to ignore him, but he keeps popping up again when unsuspecting channels pick him up. Let him wither on the vine.

Randy Connare

Randy Connare19 hours ago

Wayne Jetts book is AMAZING! Great interview! Finally questions about the Gold/Silver backed dollar!

Max Entropy

Max Entropy20 hours ago

This is the beast interview X22 has done. I say this because I think Trump will kick start a public works programme. This could be the start of new tech era, which makes sense for the US. If they can shutdown the war machine then the 21st century will be American.

Amelia DeLuzio

Amelia DeLuzio19 hours ago

Patriots are in control! Steel🥴

In the Word of Truth

In the Word of Truth14 hours ago

I remember your call on the Koreas, Mr. Steele. So grateful for your knowledge and patriotism. And so grateful for your informative show day after day, Dave. May God continue to bless you both.


DCTV Mike22 hours ago

Thanks dave!

Linda Freeman

Linda Freeman2 hours ago

Outstanding summation of current events and our current situation -President Trump is Making America Great Again

Anthony Emrick

Anthony Emrick20 hours ago

They have Probably spent nearly the entire amount requested for the wall in time wasted bickering about it.

twinflower Hare

twinflower Hare16 hours ago

I just wanted to say that your shows are very informative. You are not afraid to tell the whole truth. Keep up the great work.


2tana2215 hours ago

Good interview Really enjoyed all the info


whitehorse195919 hours ago

Appreciate this upload, thanks. Keep the good work coming.

Johnny Parker

Johnny Parker17 hours ago

The FBI is a joke. Completely worthless with no public confidence or trust.

Vincent Fitzpatrick

Vincent Fitzpatrick6 hours ago

I was banned from for ASKING QUESTIONS about 9/11. FreeRepublic is a “conservative” site. The owner and operator is a shill for the Bush Crime Family. Warn others about the fraud that is FreeRepublic.

Kenneth Ferguson

Kenneth Ferguson11 hours ago

The protection of American borders is vital for providing a stable base to fighting the Cabal. Once the criminals are defeated, central banks are abolished and classified technologies are released, the rest of the world won’t want to come into the US because they will be happy in their own home countries.


ISEEART4 hours ago

It is your duty as a citizen to question everything that your leaders do and say. Every leader, every time, including Trump.

By the Grace of God

By the Grace of God14 hours ago

Robert, you are so raw, but real and truthful. Keep up the truth telling.

Frank Graham

Frank Graham17 hours ago

I always knew that Great Britain and not Russia has been the enemy of the United States.

marie green

marie green14 hours ago

Steele is amazing. I wish he would do a daily piece. His content is extremely well researched and put together. I just pray Pres Trump gets the info frequently. RD Steele is without peer in so many ways. His concept of Open Source would be a valuable application for almost every aspect of our society and would certainly do wonders to downregulate the compromising rules at every turn. I like the idea of combining two departments together and abolishing some. The CDC, ADA and FDC all need to be abolished and start over without the corruption.


CatO’Neill12 hours ago

Optimistic show full of great ideas I hope and pray come to fruition! God bless America 🙏🏼

Peter Tuivanu

Peter Tuivanu9 hours ago

Deep state is too powerful! It will take all of us to stand together to bring it down! Unfortunately too many people are dumb down! These fks have been ruling humanity since before the time of Jesus!!

Doug Veit

Doug Veit4 hours ago

Damn good guest and interview. Im blown away by his knowledge and perspective.

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly16 hours ago

Could the national emergency be used two fold? Remember the last national emergency was how Poppy Bush waa able to cash in a pile of bonds with no questions asked on September the 12th 2001. Maybe this emergency will allow Trump to shutdown the Fed and do the reset


SCARFACE63 CAPONE0917 hours ago

Great video great interview great job X22 REPORT DAVE AND TEAM 🇺🇸🙏🌏👍 thank you David S. for your service 🇺🇸 and what you do.

Tony Gaetani

Tony Gaetani17 hours ago

POTUS, is a great president, thank God!!!


cyal8er025 hours ago

Feb 15th is 3:15 on the Q clock, and the watch and pen photo line up… so hopefully we will see some big BOOMS!

Sabrina Chong

Sabrina Chong18 hours ago

Robert David Steele was Fantastic with his information and point of view. I could LISTEN to him and not be bored 😉


NG13 hours ago

Miracle. Trump won over hyper cynic Steele finally.

In the Word of Truth

In the Word of Truth14 hours ago

We need to remember that God didn’t like usury.

Robyn Townsend

Robyn Townsend16 hours ago

Robert David Steele is one very few expert commentators who knows EVERYTHING and is able to communicate it succinctly to the public. An absolutely brilliant interview!THANK YOU!

Outlaw jjSmith

Outlaw jjSmith20 hours ago (edited)

Great Interview, I see you have a bunch of Moran’s listening

Don Freas

Don Freas17 hours ago

Agree The press should not be in the White House.  Move them Back to the EOB, Executive Office Bldg. Next store…..   Agree this can be done and should be by video.  This President is our most important National asset.  The Least amount of people who have access to him the safer he is…  Also Agree he is a two term President.  I Love him .  Always  knew we needed a Business like P. Trump to fix it , we also need a good Vice President in training.


Bob BTW20 hours ago

Maduro in Venezuela sold $900 Million in gold bars to a Turkish company, only recently created, according to Zero Hedge. They did not say what currency was used to pay for the gold. 24 tons of gold has been physically transferred. Estimated to approximately 1/2 of Venezuela’s gold reserves. Iran likes to use Turkey as a middleman to get around sanctions. Venezuela doing same thing?


gljay15 hours ago

Don’t think the reset will hit until all the toxic debt and characters out there are gone or rounded up.

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    • Slimey

      Possibly 2 or 3 Amendments were not properly ratified. You should have REBELLED on them and REFUSE to comply to them. They are not experts up there but slimy sh it people betraying YOU and your Constitution.

      And believe you me, I know SLIME! :lol:

      Many people should have been hanged over the decades for what they did. :twisted:

      • Anonymous

        So why has no announcement been made for everyone to stop paying the illegal income tax on April 15?
        Steele is the next in a long line of fake whistleblowers like Q, Jones, Foolford etc etc that promise “an unknown secret white hats group” is saving us and removing the scum. Its just bullshit.
        Dont pay your taxes on April 15 and see what happens.

        • Slimey

          Yes, why? Several people knew about this fraud and tried to spread the message. Even gave out the information free for several decades.

          But there were no takers. No one would investigate. It seems people like to be duped as long as they can have a FOOL belly.

          Lots of articles on the internet about this – for free. :wink:

      • Anonymous

        Drain the Swamp
        Add Bill Barr Iran Contra drug runner for AG
        Elliott Abrams, father of Latin American death squads to regime change Venzuela
        Environment Secretary nominee who is Dick Cheney’s good friend and Halliburton CEO to steal the oil once Venzuela’s Arab Spring’ed
        Trust the sQum!! Trust the sQam!!




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