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FISA Warrant to Spy is Declassified! See What Sen Graham Announces Over the Sealed Indictments - A Must Video

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Published on Feb 13, 2019

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Joseph Van Zandt

Joseph Van Zandt3 hours ago

All who lied to the FISA court to get warrants should be arrested and charged TODAY.

Holly Baker /aka happychyld

Holly Baker /aka happychyld5 hours ago

Bring on the Barr Fight! We are sick and tired of OUR Lady Justice. She is not blindfolded, she stares us down. Her hands hold smoke and mirrors, there is no balance and scale to be had. We should not have to go through all of this to achieve justice!

mark tackett

mark tackett4 hours ago

The big question is why are the Democrats so afraid someone is going to put restrictions on Mueller, even though many have disagreed with his freedom ,no one has tried to interfere he has been left to do as he pleases. But if you listen to the Dems someone is trying everyday to interfere. If people expressing their distaste is interference then every democrat would be locked up. Feinstein is afraid her China involvement will be investigated. It’s so funny she sits there and questions this man about the President and implies all her evil views while she herself is marred in filth on more than just one level. Really is this the best we have to represent this country.

Doris Perez

Doris Perez2 hours ago

Americans are opening their eyes when Trump got elected. Trump is a true patriot american. He deserves credit for helping he american people.


jamestheman3 hours ago

I’ll do it . I’ll start by firing the ones against protecting the United States and the ones who put illegals first before true legal Americans

Charles Long

Charles Long4 hours ago

Where’s the information about the FISA warrant?

Patriot Amazon1

Patriot Amazon15 hours ago (edited)

Mr. Graham put Tom Fitton someplace where he can help America.

Yisroel Katz

Yisroel Katz3 hours ago

Cortez worked in a bar and look what she has become! We need a new Barr in government not from the bar Cortez came from!

Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor5 hours ago



StormBear4 hours ago

it all means nothing unless people are Arrested ….

Michael Jay

Michael Jay3 hours ago

How can any attorney for Bush 41 and the C_A, with their deep state treason, child trafficking, drug running and exposure to the Jesuit inspired hatred for America be innocent?

Patricia Wallace

Patricia Wallace4 hours ago

Thankyou, Sen. Graham, welcome back, we hope and hope and Trump is all we have.

Vera Armstrong

Vera Armstrong1 hour ago

we want more than just arrests we need comptent courts to hold all these DEMONS accountable and convict them. A tall oreder but there is no other way

Jim Zawalich

Jim Zawalich3 hours ago (edited)

Is he just having a meeting Alone, or putting his vote on record that he will be voting Barr in. WTF Cares What Chelsie Clinton Thinks! I Hope We Hang The Treasonous Clinton Crime Family!

Standup Standout

Standup Standout4 hours ago

I am so thankful that Lindsay Graham has come into himself since Senator McCain passed. While I don’t ever praise or wish death upon even on my worst enemy. However, Senator Graham has really shined since. He has stepped up in ways he has before. More importantly, he has set aside differences with Political differences to become a clear leader. He has an objective view, and has never promised to vote with intent to show favoritism against anyone. Thank you Mr. Graham for the changes you have chosen to fight for America instead of voting RINO.


KWBrowardLuxury4 hours ago

Nothing about fisa declassification in this video👎


me3 hours ago

If Barr doesn’t do what he is suppose to do, Trump fire him too.

John Flinn

John Flinn4 hours ago

I wish Tom Fitton could join his staff but maybe he is most effective on the outside.


talon551304 hours ago

I have only one question. What the HELL happened to Lindsey Graham? He used to be a pure R.I.N.O. until that traitor McCain kicked off. They were two peas in a pod. Now that he’s rotting in hell Graham turned into a SNARLING PIT BULL with Rabies. Where’ve you been all these years Lindsey? I’m thinking McConnel needs to step down as Senate leader and Graham takes over. It’s almost like watching a lesser Trump. No mercy, no compromise, no prisoners. Investigate ALL OF THEM, yes Republicans also. There are still far to many McCains in the shadows. They need to be rooted out. It’s past time to drain the swamp. A full blown FLUSHING is needed RIGHT NOW.

R Lee

R Lee3 hours ago

Mr. Graham is an incredible, articulate, and thoughtful man. Bravo to all True Americans. Thank you all for voting for Mr. Trump


Dutch4 hours ago

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t trust a leftover from GHW Bush, probably complicit in the murder of the Weaver family.

Linda Clark

Linda Clark4 hours ago

I like this man

VanGiai Do

VanGiai Do5 hours ago

Big trouble coming for Mr. Weissman, lieutenant of Mueller team, and Ms Ahmad, second Lieutenant. Both two are DOJ employees and were in meeting with Bruce Ohr to prepare the FISA documents. They can stay with Manafort. Dr. Corsi and Roger Stone in prison, the loser is the guy picking a soap.


M J5 hours ago

Movie end comment was awesome

Hush Puppy

Hush Puppy4 hours ago

Let me get the job I’ll have every one of those bastards in cuffs in a few hours ,tried and sentenced the next day , allow a couple of hours for executions

David M

David M4 hours ago

Graham needs to stop kiss the butts of democrats.

Wynette Greer

Wynette Greer4 hours ago

That’s what they said about Mueller, and he is out of the bottom of the swamp, don’t know if there are any honest men left

Scottie Caudle

Scottie Caudle3 hours ago (edited)

That’s flat out wrong. Barack Hussein Obama was above the law… Still don’t trust Lindsey Graham because he was totally anti Trump during the campaign and after the 2016 election. Funny how Graham got on board the Trump train only because he thought it was in his best political interest. This guy is anyway the wind blows and I think the great people of South Carolina should look to replace him in 2020 and get someone who truly supports the President. Under certain circumstances I believe Graham would back the Bus up on Trump and spin the wheels… Just my two cents worth!

Caroline Siegel

Caroline Siegel4 hours ago


robert chittenden

robert chittenden4 hours ago

Put Hillary in jail

kay manning

kay manning4 hours ago

May Jesus Christ Bless use all

iBiana Doubt

iBiana Doubt5 hours ago

About time !!!

Silver & Gold

Silver & Gold4 hours ago

Thank God we have President Donald Trump!

Hallands Menved

Hallands Menved1 hour ago (edited)

Where’s the part with Graham adressing the fake FISA warrants and the sealed indictments?

Yisroel Katz

Yisroel Katz3 hours ago

I am crackers for Graham!

Lee 1971

Lee 19714 hours ago

I want to see Trey Gowdy on the Supreme Court.

Jerry Cumberledge

Jerry Cumberledge2 hours ago


Nordic Snowhammer

Nordic Snowhammer4 hours ago

Hmm….I don’t think so. I think Barr is gonna screw us. Just like Roberts did.

ted brown

ted brown4 hours ago

where is the info on the declassification of the FISA warrant?

gizmo atplay

gizmo atplay1 hour ago

No arrest no justice ,,if it was u or i we all be locked away for life or death sentenced givin,for treason acts,

Linda Schultz

Linda Schultz4 hours ago

He’s a fantastic choice. No corruption in his genes.

Evelyn Dunham

Evelyn Dunham4 hours ago

Lawyer for CIA? AG under Bush 41? These items scare me

It’s me Who cares

It’s me Who cares3 hours ago

god bless the greatest country in the world USA, its legal citizens and the president!

lisa ferguson

lisa ferguson3 hours ago

Please go after mueller and his team

rebecca mcclain

rebecca mcclain3 hours ago

Do not trust Lindsey or Barr.

Belligerent Instigator

Belligerent Instigator4 hours ago

So Lindsay Graham is why we have a gun grabber Bill Barr for Attorney General.

Fred Abbot

Fred Abbot4 hours ago

If Bill Barr is not blackmailable, the Dems will never accept him.

Jackie Kester

Jackie Kester2 hours ago

Nobody should be allowed to swear in on the Quran!!! This is not the middle east and their issues are not our issues. Just because Obama said we are “no longer a Christian nation,” doesn’t make it true. Our founding fathers all used these principles and so did the American people to succeed. Otherwise, we would be no better than barbarians. Throw away the Bible and we will be throwing away this country!

I'm your REAL dad.

I’m your REAL dad.3 hours ago (edited)

Keep Matthew Whitaker instead….Unfortunately William Barr is best friends with Robert Mueller and is most likely a deep state traitor………..So much for draining the swamp.

william dohn

william dohn4 hours ago

If barr is a friend of mueller he CANNOT be trusted.

Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger2 hours ago

should we really trust graham…? Barr worked for the nwo demon bush41 I hope they are not the deepstate nwo puppets they appeared to be…

Fred Abbot

Fred Abbot4 hours ago

If Bill Barr is not blackmailable, the Dems will never accept him.

Eric King

Eric King5 hours ago


Jake Covington

Jake Covington4 hours ago

Who the hell trusts you people? Not me! A bunch of over paid curupt fothermuckers that just need to stop lying to the people. Frauds!


Bassman3 hours ago

If you think a Nazi Bush acolyte is what we need in the DOJ, Ms Graham, you are just another tool !!!

Danan Butler

Danan Butler3 hours ago

He said similar things about Mueller and Comey!! We shall see….

Yisroel Katz

Yisroel Katz3 hours ago (edited)

Graham has really risen to the occasion and is one of Trump’s most important supporters!

Charles Campbell

Charles Campbell2 hours ago

Your first alliance is to the nation of Islam

david david

david david2 hours ago


Randy Hodder

Randy Hodder1 hour ago

Trump today…Trump tommorrow…Trump FOREVER!!! Maga2020!!!

Bill Andrews

Bill Andrews3 hours ago

Another spineless all talk no action politician talking for 10 minutes and NOT SAYING A DAMN THING! Wow what a hero. “Trust Sessions” “Trust Huber” “Trust Horowitz” MY ASS!! ….I don’t trust that Muller boot licker Barr either!

John Bojack

John Bojack4 hours ago

Barr is anti 2nd Amendment!

Bill Oxley

Bill Oxley3 hours ago

Barr is going to embarrass you Mr.Graham.

Debra Russo

Debra Russo2 hours ago

You’re talking circles Graham. You’re doing a Lotta repeated words over and over again blah blah blah blah blah. I think you’re one of the biggest Backstabber’s and your biggest betrayal is about to happen. You’re not to be trusted and you’re in justice

Elvis Johnson

Elvis Johnson3 hours ago

Tom Fitton has done more than the backstabbing congress and senate have ever done. IS there anyway we can fire congress and senate and but people in that are willing To do Their job.? I do not trust you Mr. Graham no more than I trust satan.


mmclaugh082 hours ago

What kind and respectful remarks by Sen Graham. You didn’t have to spoil it by attaching the antics of the trash from MN?

JAYKAY morcephi

JAYKAY morcephi3 hours ago

Our country is divided PATRIOTS VS GLOBALISTS.


Peter:3 hours ago

Bill Barr is a Bush man, Barr & Muellers wives, do Bible study together. Witch is probably code 4 child sacrificing, but you get the point. They’re friends 4 FK SAKES !

Torpedox Scott

Torpedox Scott3 hours ago

If he’s been under Any “Bush” then He is Active “Deep State”!

annmarie lucas

annmarie lucas1 hour ago

MrBarr is super intellectual genius I Love the way he conducts himself he knows what is going I loved it when he said your time is up ,the guy was shocked he went into a fit of laughter

Karen Carr

Karen Carr2 hours ago

I feel like Barr is not going to be fair to our President .I don’t trust any of you anymore. We the people are at the mercy of people like nancy,chucky, omar the terrorist, all of those dirty people running for president. Not necessarily supported by his own people !!! NO TRUST IN YOU CRIMINALS !!!!

Bill Swill

Bill Swill1 hour ago

Misleading headline – Lame

Dwane Yocum

Dwane Yocum1 hour ago

Thanks for the misleading nonsense.

Chris Butler

Chris Butler4 hours ago

Barr is anti-2nd Amendment

Iron Bear

Iron Bear5 hours ago (edited)

How can anyone fail to see he is a snake and a liar of the highest order. This comment was intended for Justin Trudeau. The comments section failed to reload* Let the record show I love Golden Graham!

Claudette Anuszczyk

Claudette Anuszczyk4 hours ago

Muslims should never be in politics

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      Barr is SES, Senior Executive Service swamp snake picked by Prince Kushy, anti-MAGA mossadist….




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