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X22Report: Blocks Removed, the Deep State Is in a Panic, They Are About to Be Brought Down: Dave Janda Video

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X22Report Spotlight

Published on Feb 23, 2019


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jabberskywatcher2 days ago

Obama and Hillary committed many treasonous acts. Would be epic to see them pay.

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor2 days ago

About POTUS, my brother once had a job cleaning hotel rooms, he was engaged in that activity, cleaning a bathtub, when someone went to his knees beside him and started to help, it was Donald Trump! Donald Trump explained that he was raised and made to do jobs similar to that. My brother said that he was a very nice guy.


Tom2 days ago

Dave Janda is getting good reviews on 8-CHAN .. The Annons seem to like his message …. No surprise to me … Dave is always informative and HONEST…

cristian rivera

cristian rivera2 days ago

What’s better than one Dave??…two Dave😁😁 Thanks gentlemen👍🏻👍🏻


Bellairatone2 days ago

Bring back the American way. Truth, Honor and Justice. MAGA

Mark Mariani

Mark Mariani2 days ago

The only thing the Deep State/NWO Elites feared WAS US WAKING UP!! Game over.

B. Hagen

B. Hagen2 days ago

Why can’t people read Q and not just listen to people’s theories or hopes about Q? Q says over and over that justice for these traitors cannot be guaranteed until the weaponized media and politicians are exposed as liars and the Mueller investigation is over. Optics are important. Just because you and I are ready for arrests doesn’t mean the vast majority of people will accept it. Will the media accurately report the truth, or spin it like Trump is a dictator trying to get rid of all opposition? Will they call for public revolt? Have they already done this without arrests? (Crazy maxine, and others) Do they already have organized agitators on the ready to do just that? (Think antifa, BLM, etc) Striking too early could destroy everything, and who do you think would be left in total power if it fails? Are you really that impatient that you would be willing to risk it? If so, I am glad you are not in control. Please just think logically based on what we have seen them pull against Trump and his supporters in the last 2 years. They are only more desperate now. We also do not know what other threats they may have ready (bioweapons, bombs, infrastructure, nuclear, etc..) It took generations for them to get this embedded in our systems and this much power over people’s minds, it may take more than 2 years to crack. This needs to be done right, everythings at stake. Calm down and do your part to wake up those still asleep, and there are so many. Complaining that things are not going at the pace you like doesn’t help anyone. We are all aware.

karen burlingham

karen burlingham2 days ago (edited)

They stopped spraying chemtrails here by Sequoia National Park in California. We are getting the rain we used to get before they started geoengineering us. The San Joaquin Valley agricultural farmers have rain to grow crops to feed the USA and the world/. The DS satellite systems were turned off and this has brought back our rain.

Kim David

Kim David2 days ago

It’s so funny that the shills are decrying that the DS is in a panic and yet comments are now filled with shill-puppets doing the bidding of their DS masters! PANIC!!!!! 😂😂😂

Grey Embrey

Grey Embrey2 days ago

The Neocons are also part of the SWAMP! PNAC,Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission,CFR. Remember 911

Rosemary Barbieri

Rosemary Barbieri2 days ago

Dave why isn’t anyone talking about the covenant that was signed by the Pope and the Iman on Feb 13, 2019, to form a One World Religion? This is a huge story.

Robert Appleton

Robert Appleton2 days ago

Executive order winter of 2017 about Human Trafficking Based on existing law. Congress violated current law and an existing Executive Order Showing insubordination of existing Law and that Executive Order. Trap already existed they go to GTMO. They had ample time to digest the Executive Order as a National Security Order per National Security Act 1947 and others. The legislation thus signed declared those members who passed the garbage as co conspirators of the trafficking at the border. Again, GTMO is their destination.


mkaberli2 days ago

I too think someone got to judge Napolitano.

Cheryl Daily

Cheryl Daily2 days ago

Why are we still on the defensive? Clinton was colluding with Russia. Just the opposite is true. When do we go on the offensive?

Kathy Owrey

Kathy Owrey2 days ago

And who did Obama answer to. I believe most of the Presidents before Trump were funded puppets with handlers.

Brett Collins

Brett Collins2 days ago

AG Barr was agreement with W bush to focus on Clinton’s and Obama’s administration’s,the foundation and something else.

Joseph Gabbard

Joseph Gabbard2 days ago

Judge Nap is 100% swamp team.

Jason Chimes

Jason Chimes2 days ago (edited)

I think the Obama administration is behind the assassination attempts as well. Who else could it be?? They have been to well defined and implemented. So it’s pretty clear not only did they Ease drop and start a soft coup, they are out right guilty for physical assassination! There’s been about 12 now. So why don’t we just come out and say this. We all are thinking it in the back of our minds!

Daniel OBrein

Daniel OBrein2 days ago

I made my son work and paid him for it —no free allowance —he also worked for a doctor on his property —now at 30 years old he is the head boss, and has a lot of people working for him —we trained him to have the right attitude, and warned him constantly that if he acted that way on a job he would be fired —both my wife and I have been bosses—we did not want to raise a bum—he chose to work rather than go to college

Charles Wundt

Charles Wundt2 days ago

Marxism , socialism and communism are contrary and the enemies of our constitution . Treason is a Capitol offense !!!

Paul Visintini

Paul Visintini2 days ago

Dave , talk about CHAPO they say he gave all the beans on Congress in testmony . Schiff….. Nancy….were on the take= treason !!!!


SOTC2 days ago (edited)

Ann Colter is done Ms.No Name. Coke brothers are pos

Rubin Schmidt

Rubin Schmidt2 days ago

Soooo scared they just murdered thousands in Paradise…. and got away with it. !!!

weezy girl

weezy girl2 days ago

Escalation on attack on Conservatives on the Internet.. to try to shut us up.. They are scared.

Michael Bartkowicz

Michael Bartkowicz2 days ago

Valerie Jarrett was Obama’s headhunter and executioner,gauranteed her and Obama were running this,she was a control freak and wanted to micromanage everything and everyone


Meech2 days ago

We are Not going to Stop with McCabe!!!

Sara Nail

Sara Nail2 days ago

MAGA! WWG1WGA. Thanks Dave!!!

Janet Cummins

Janet Cummins2 days ago (edited)

Wow, DS going down, dont know defense….such words of hope 👍👍👍👍 great interview. Thanks to both Daves

.Q Point Assembly

Q Point Assembly2 days ago (edited)

Barr admitted publicly that he wanted to take this job ‘because he has no agenda, nothing to gain from this’, and he believes in the rule of law. That, in and of itself, tells me that he wants to take the whole cabal down because maybe he was put in a position legally that conflicted his conscience. And, maybe Trump gave him an out to save his fat bottom. Could be both.

Debra Gouchenour

Debra Gouchenour2 days ago

I agree with you on Trump. He cannot look to the left or the right, because both parties are corrupt. And this is why I love Trump so much, because he is trying to correct both parties. The swamp is in both parties. What a man to put himself in the middle of all of this, and be strong enough to face evil head on. We need to back this man with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. May God, Our Father In Heaven, bless and protect Donald J. Trump from all harm and all evil. May evil fail and righteousness prevail.

Renee Polin

Renee Polin2 days ago

Only those with cool heads can understand teamwork. We have a Commander and CHIEF. There can only be one CHIEF the rest are Indians..

Brett Collins

Brett Collins2 days ago

Napp on fox is no judge

Aaron Sierra

Aaron Sierra2 days ago

I cannot wait until the MSM gets busted for sedition and propaganda.

dark horse

dark horse2 days ago

Preserve nationalism. We DO NOT want anymore socialism. We will fight for our freedom


DarkTimber2 days ago

McCabe is a goat.


Dolores2 days ago

False flags! Remember USS Liberty

Doug Freshness

Doug Freshness2 days ago


omega360012 days ago

Awesome work! Thanks Dr. Dave and X-22 Dave. You guys will be famous! :-) 

Bella Riddo

Bella Riddo2 days ago

On the Q board it says Ann Coulter received three wire transfers from Mitt Romney now we know why she’s flip-flopping I agree why interfere with someone who is destroying them self anyone trying to hurt his campaign from inside will only be exposed and dealt with by Patriots

No sheeple

No sheeple2 days ago

Thank you two of my most favorite channels together awesome sauce😎✔😀👍🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷😎


Veronica2 days ago

Valerie Jarrett was running the White House. Obama was the Trojan Horse.




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    • rmstock

      SAFETY Published 7 hours ago [2019-02-25 15:47:47-05:00]
      Florida driver killed in fiery Tesla accident after crashing into trees
      “A Tesla Model S caught fire during a fatal crash in Davie, Fla., on
      Sunday and reignited several times in the tow yard that police sent it
      to later in the day. Omar Awan was killed after his car lost control
      and drove into a row of palm trees on Flamingo Road in Davie as it was
      traveling at speeds between 75 and 90 mph, according to police.
      [ ... ]“

      • Anonymous

        These dumb cucks just refuse to become conscious or wake up. Pathetic. As Drumpf grovels to Kim Jung Ugh– Q pi$$ shitting on his base.

        The Art of the Deal”
        #QPost from 3/8/18

        Thank you Kim.
        Deal made.
        Clowns out.
        Strings cut.
        We took control.
        Iran next.

    • tibbs 1964

      Just how many years are you going to cry out the same damn thing!? How close is close to you! Round the corner? Happening now? It’s begun? The SHTF? I cannot figure how long anyone can listen to this and believe it! More than two years ago I listen to almost every frigging video you put out that the collapse is here stock up now an it’s probably to late! The deep state is going down it’s begun! This was over two years ago! Eventually if it does happen you keep saying the same thing over and over you’ll b saying see I told u it was here! But in reality if I said the world was coming to an end and in my life time it did I’d be right one of those years. In all seriousness I don’t even know if any of this will happen! The world will probably continue just the way it has since it begun. The US will stay as fucked up as it’s been all this time! And all this crying out will be a memory of BS that people will look back and say all those fruit cakes saying this is coming and that is coming changes like never before never happened! Believe me I really thought and hoped for change from what this country and world is like! But Yahweh knows when and badicallly u r guessing and been WAY OFF!

    • No time





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