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Exclusive: Mask Ripped-Off Ocasio-Cortez & Her Evil Puppet Masters - Must See Video

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Premiered 14 hours ago

As you know when have been tracking the bizarre and meteoric rise of Ocasio-Cortez since she stole her congressional seat from an entrenched incumbent democrat in New York with the help of the radical left “Justice Democrats”. We have covered the latest FEC violations, million dollar slush fund, and how she’s paying her staff to get around transparency laws in congress.

Montana Nomad

Montana Nomad14 hours ago

AOC … Campaign finance problems this woman is a hack she’s being scripted by others and as I said I think there is a long connection with George Soros


FIREWATER 196013 hours ago

Quit saying shes so pretty, shes not. She looks crazy with demonic eyes

Ken Mathis

Ken Mathis13 hours ago

Good point Where did she get the money for her campaign?

Frater D

Frater D16 hours ago

Shes going the way of that south park episode with Brittany Spears

Jimmy Navarro

Jimmy Navarro17 hours ago

You cannot turn a bartender into a politician what’s wrong with the USA

Doug Moore

Doug Moore14 hours ago

Thank you for posting Mr Reagan’s video


WingsOfTruth15 hours ago

Wow you went from less than 300k subs to 1million in few months

R Patel

R Patel13 hours ago

My guess is chakrabarty is from state of West Bengal in India. It was ruled by communists for about 30 years. Destroyed the state. It would be intersting to find to find if he is related to Shami Chakrabarty who is very close to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of UK .Another anti Semite and socialist. Something is going on.

Nathan Donovan

Nathan Donovan14 hours ago

Catapult her over the wall where she belongs with all her pals she wants to let in after its built

NunYo Bizzness

NunYo Bizzness13 hours ago

It won’t piss off the voters of that district. Those voters are apparently too stupid to even realize they’re being played if they’re so stupid to believe socialism is ideal.


jdm4445614 hours ago

Yes, indeed AOC is an asset operative implant

louann williams

louann williams13 hours ago

I smell obama and soros maybe hillary.who ever the left are sick people.There very dangerous to human kind.


I ONLY SERVE 1 KING18 hours ago

Boy is her handler gonna be surprised…very soon..19 of March should bring some tears and fears to some very bad people 😉

Bobby Lewis

Bobby Lewis13 hours ago

Can you imagine the fights AOC has with her mirror when she is practicing her rants I bet that mirror slaps the hell out of her

SsgKevin USA Ret

SsgKevin USA Ret13 hours ago

The Justice Democrats “recruited” 78 other candidates. Tlaib and Omar were also recruited. They write their scripts. You can tell when AOC goes off script, they make memes about them. 😅


Hereticking13 hours ago

am the boss, joo do itt joo do it – what a skank hypocrite she is.

Christopher Ochoa

Christopher Ochoa14 hours ago

Sentence aoc to hard time in gitmo , cleaning n scrubbing toilets 15 hours a day for life , disgusting commie rat .

Jim Beck

Jim Beck14 hours ago

Cortez won’t be around much longer. The Democrats now realize that she is a net liability and will take steps to eliminate her.

dash captures of Vermont

dash captures of Vermont15 hours ago

She’s been exposed the whole time.

Sherry Mori

Sherry Mori13 hours ago

They can eat babies, but we cant have steak. Taking free speech, trying to take guns and mind control, and cant wear a red hat without getting clubbed–how’d we get this f’d up?

TJ Slick

TJ Slick13 hours ago

Babbling when off script? Remind you of Obama? Where’s my teleprompter??????

Vicki Chavez

Vicki Chavez11 hours ago

Cortez,Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and others need to be removed from congress immediately they are a poison to America and Americans


cherokee5177412 hours ago

This Mr Reagan guy is very good. I saw this video on AOC and was stunned. From day 1 I knew something was up with her. She is the dumbest twit to ever get air time. Never mind be elected to office. I highly recommend everyone watch “The Brains Behind AOC”.


bumbo6618 hours ago

So when Thundercunt Cortez get one way free ticket to prison? We know she got caught with the funds. Lets see if Bush leftover Barr file charges on Cortez, If not, he is just a do nothing Jeff Sessions wanna be.

Julie Cavanagh

Julie Cavanagh13 hours ago

She’s the actual donkey of the democratic party…they taught it to speak.

James Torline

James Torline12 hours ago

They are peverting our laws.using race for leverage.religion. gender.etc. the. Whole damn kitchen sink!/ toilet

Paul Meier

Paul Meier13 hours ago (edited)

Pretty? EWH you have got to be kidding me if you think this buy eyed freak is pretty There all pawns of George Soros and the his open society foundation


cg203113 hours ago

She is a plant from the deep state its going to be very satisfying when they sacrafice her and they will sacrafice her to save themselves the percentage of people who support her is very limited the MSM greatly enhances her following she never debates without calling racism or prejudice her stupidity is the worst I have ever seen its amazing how full of traitors to America are MSM THEY WILL ALL PAY KARMA IS REAL

Dave Zimmerman

Dave Zimmerman11 hours ago

She should go back to making watered down drinks


SuperSafetychick13 hours ago

Justice Democrats. Just when you thought ACORN type activism was out of vogue, the community organizers have regrouped and rebranded.

Beau Morris

Beau Morris13 hours ago

Take these Turds Down… Get them out of our Government…


PertNear13 hours ago

Hang all traitors. Do it!


IT’S ME TOO 213 hours ago

Someone should sneak in & switch out her script

Pookie Magillicuddy

Pookie Magillicuddy12 hours ago

That’s why she cannot speak off script and refuses to debate or be interviewed by anyone outside of her controlled environment.

Marlyce W

Marlyce W14 hours ago

MABA. Make Alexandria Bartend Again

Big Wheel

Big Wheel13 hours ago

AOC could be planted by Trump she is destroying any chance for the Dems in 2020. Food for thought.

A Truth

A Truth13 hours ago

These 3 women where elected under false pretenses. They need to resign and republicans in Congress and the Senate should write a law that prevents this from happening. As conservatives we have been too nice and the time has come where we have to step up and fight the way the left has been fighting us. We need to protest and get these women out. This should be illegal so it shouldn’t be hard.

SkunkkY SkunKkY

SkunkkY SkunKkY13 hours ago

For someone who won with under 20,000 votes and only represents N.Y. She has delusions of grandeur! Her ideas are idiotic unsorted and if anything her educational record needs to be investigated. She supposedly graduated with economics qualifications and yet she does not appear to grasp even the most basic economic principles. Who sat her exam?

john hurst

john hurst13 hours ago (edited)

You Gota admit it’s a good scam it might of worked if she had a few more brain cells will her voters go into deniel now ?

Tammy Lucas

Tammy Lucas14 hours ago

Who knows who she working for ? Is this all a set up ? With the rest of the new women ? Is the invasion of the border have something to do with planted terrorist organization right here in America? What are them democrats up to ? ?????? God bless America TRUMP 2020

Alexander Akopian

Alexander Akopian12 hours ago (edited)

She’s a slimy tunnel rat 🐀. She’d be good as a decoy in a hostile territory for a secret mission. 🤓🤓🤓 Look at the wastelands, where those cretins have emerged from! She’s Venezuelan, and Omar is Somalian. They both grew up in hostile environments of their respective countries. Now they are displaying the native characteristics of the chaotic society they have grew up with. Cortez lived in Venezuela longer than in USA. She’s maduro’s tumble-girl. As for Ilan Omar, she’s been sexually abused in the refugee camps so much, her morale got ruffled up severely. Every thing she speaks of is the recollection of her wounded memory. 🤪🤪🤪

Gennaro Pupa

Gennaro Pupa13 hours ago

This Conservatives disagrees with trying to take down AOC. The reason(s) is that she continues to reveal to the world what JACKASSES Socialists are like. Let her drown in her own IGNORANCE. Same for the others ANTI-AMERICANS. With, or without these FRAUDS, we will continue to MAGA.

Red Pill Raven

Red Pill Raven11 hours ago

They shut down both Facebook and Instagram today. You know that something is bad there. They have certainly made some changes that are not reasonable especially for conservatives


ThXGOD16 hours ago (edited)

Give Josh Bernstein credit also b/c if I’m correct he reported on the shady Justice Democrats earlier than Mr. Reagan. That being said Mr. R’s production is exceptional.

Ben Dover

Ben Dover13 hours ago

Nice collaboration, Gary! I watch the Mr. Reagan channel and this guy is a smart cookie.

Leonard Smith

Leonard Smith12 hours ago


Pam Hurley

Pam Hurley12 hours ago

A casting call!?!? You have to be kidding? Maybe not! She is really dumb!

Edwin Maguillicuddy

Edwin Maguillicuddy13 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren is just saying anything she can to try to bring gullible conservatives to her side. She has NO intention of following through with restricting social media giants. It a huge lie, she CANNOT be trusted. Come on man..

The Josh Bernstein Show

The Josh Bernstein Show13 hours ago

The Josh Bernstein Show exposed this over a month ago.

Vickey Efremidis

Vickey Efremidis13 hours ago

Happy you’re doing this, Gary … Mr. Reagans’ video was excellent, info everyone should know 🙂 Thank you very much

Alice Sercy

Alice Sercy14 hours ago (edited)

I think I tweeted this early this morn. PuppetAOC

Andres Garcia

Andres Garcia13 hours ago

Pinochio was a liar and a puppet also ….. So how about calling her Pinochio Cortez.

Linda McIntosh

Linda McIntosh11 hours ago

What are her handlers names??? Need to see them SPELLED OUT..

bob gwinn

bob gwinn14 hours ago

Sorry, this feature isn’t available right now: An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later.


Sweetteawillie10 hours ago

Misspelled words can trick algorithms! Mipseleld wrods can tirck algorithms.

Sunshine Kid

Sunshine Kid13 hours ago

Send this link to every congresperson, all your friends, and also the White House. If these guys get exposed for what they are, they could very well wind up being accused to being traitors to the nation.

Jean Shaw

Jean Shaw11 hours ago

Mr. Reagan is a Genius. This video has propelled him to an elite status. A man that does his homework and presents it with masterful perfection. I can’t get enough of Mr.Reagan.

Roxann McLellan

Roxann McLellan11 hours ago

Make Alexandria Go Away= MAGA

Staci Heuschkel

Staci Heuschkel11 hours ago

I LOVED this Mr. Reagan episode! Everyone I showed it to loved it! Including a couple of geniuses- some doctors I work and have worked with. Thanks for covering this Gary, great stuff! I watched it 3 times. Smart guys, both of you. Love your work. Thank you guys!

William Nelson

William Nelson13 hours ago

She got elected to congress just because if the color of her skin.. All the Hispanics voted for her because of her race…..which is racism at its finest.

Larry Porter

Larry Porter13 hours ago

You mean she is being scripted and still sounds that stupid. Really hard to believe. Congress is lost more now than ever that’s for sure


Forte364512 hours ago

Socialism is the redistribution of misery and poverty to all. Her green new deal would destroy the entire industrial base of the US. Hitler and Stalin would have finally won!

rita lebron

rita lebron11 hours ago

Socialism, the plan is to conquer from within. Unfortunately, it appears they’re winning. Everyone talked about the demise of Rome, now they’re saying history will repeat itself here in America, land of the free.

Larry Ballenger

Larry Ballenger18 hours ago

Hang Cortez slowly while shes fed to starving dogs!

End Of Innocence

End Of Innocence13 hours ago

Yeah … There is no way the CIA is behind any of this …

lynn allen

lynn allen10 hours ago (edited)

She is a freaky looking demonic creature We need to raise the voting age to say: 25

Samson Pagon

Samson Pagon13 hours ago

I knew there was something wrong

Thelma Browning

Thelma Browning13 hours ago


D AZLadyWelder

D AZLadyWelder9 hours ago

The New Democratic party Bringing Socialism to the World Peace through Violence Freedom through Government Control Keep Dumbin em down

Andrea DeJarnette

Andrea DeJarnette11 hours ago

You can be certain that she was placed there along with rashid tlaib by the deep state. Tlaib received $50000 from George Soros. Crazy eyes Cortez was put there by the deep state. The deep state is who is running the Democratic Party.


RAY-TAY K18 hours ago

Retired Marine Veteran receives high level military intelligence from Generals in the Q team, His channel is called His Glory.

Olwyn Young

Olwyn Young13 hours ago

Great work Gary and guest.

Tux girl

Tux girl13 hours ago

The whole state of Colorado was turned by 4 billionaires…..there is an in deapth video on facebook.

Nathan Couger

Nathan Couger10 hours ago

Send this to every news org. you can think of. Even if FOX picks it up. We gotta get this out there!


Contracultura12 hours ago

Great video Gary! Mr. Regan is top notch. Thanks for the great job exposing the criminal left!

Mary LG

Mary LG12 hours ago




Finally Mr Reagan gets his credit

Onestop Funstop

Onestop Funstop5 hours ago

What do you think Obama was? Haven’t you ever seen Obama Try to speak in public without his teleprompter? He can’t put 5 words together. He was chosen and run as well. Hillary actually beat him the first time around, but the Democrats threw out the primary results in Michigan and Florida. Otherwise, he never even would have been on the ticket in 2008.

Scott H

Scott H6 hours ago

Thanks Gary for showing us how Corrupt the democratic socialist party is

Dave Hakes

Dave Hakes11 hours ago

These Communist democRATS are tracked 24-7, They are here doing acts of WAR IN a time Of WAR That may get them EXECUTED. They Should Be IMHO.


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    • gumby

      she’s not white so she is free to do as she please’s in this political system. this is a nothing burger, evidence against dems means nothing with our stacked 2 tier judicial system. blah blah blah blah nothing will ever come of it just like hillary, obama, soros,holder,lynch and so many others. if you are a white conservative then they will spend billions to get you on a small misdemeanor, just look at Trump. the bad part of it is congressional republicans will piss all over themselves in pure glee to vote with the dems against Trump because they are all blackmailed by the dems. not white and conservative then nothing happens.

    • Slimey

      Democraps humiliating Negroes and women again. Hillaryous. Grinning ear-to-ear as they make FUN of America too. PUNKS! :mad:

    • HypothesisFree

      Still stuck on the left vs right paradigm are we? Well, According to this supposed US Ambassador William Mount, there is a law on the books stating that political candidates are appointed into positions. The voting process is just smoke and mirrors:

      Regardless of Intent Your Vote is Effectively a Hate Crime:


    • Ideas Time

      Time for the masses to get, they are all selected not elected.

    • grayeagle40

      🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 The dems (AOC, Talib, Omar, Beto, and others) are just saying what their paymasters tell them to say. Not an original thought in their noodle noggins ever. Just like the Legendary Rush Limbaugh used to say “Young Skulls Full of Mush” Rush bring back “Young Skulls Full Of Mush” Put that on a Tee Shirt. Catch up with me on youtube. Editorial page:




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