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"Ii's the Biggest Scam in US History!" Mueller, Obama Are Shaking in Fear After Massive Secret Is Out! - A Must Video

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Published on Mar 20, 2019


Cheryl Hester

Cheryl Hester12 hours ago

Thank you sooooo much for exposing the horrible evil in this country!

Gene Hess

Gene Hess12 hours ago

Mueller Obama, Rosestien, should face charges for treason.

Edward Stedge

Edward Stedge12 hours ago

I’m with you Dan standing shoulder to shoulder against the storm of evil semper fi

Brittany Foster

Brittany Foster13 hours ago

Yea it terrible what they done to our President I’m so ashamed of being in the same country with them but this is a great country we just got to get rid of all the rotten eggs

Barry Iwashita

Barry Iwashita11 hours ago

That was 20 min of serious insight !!….appreciate your work it’s thorough and well laid out!…. keep it up Dan 👍🏼

Verna Byrd

Verna Byrd11 hours ago

Thank you for all you do I am so happy you have President Trumps back

John Thompson

John Thompson11 hours ago

Arrest the FISA COURT traitors too.

Ilse Guerrero

Ilse Guerrero10 hours ago

Truth eventually always prevail. Thank God we have POTUS Trump he’s an honorable man made some booboos when he was young but up to now in office never embarrassed the Oval Office. 👏🙏🇺🇸

Chuck Parsons

Chuck Parsons11 hours ago

Dan you alone have enough evidence to put a lot of people away.


bartakin11 hours ago

President Trump has done an amazing job. Prayer up !

harry viking

harry viking11 hours ago

I believe these scumbags comes in 2nd after the FED AND THE ROTHSCILDS!!!

Kitty Gonzalez

Kitty Gonzalez10 hours ago

The only thing he might have mentioned and didn’t was, Who literally handed the Uranium over to the Russians? On a Tarmac! None other than Mueller! The head of the FBI …the deal was made by the Clintons and their buddy Frank Giustra!


411American11 hours ago

DemocRats were doing it not people SIR!

Das Piper

Das Piper8 hours ago

~If the Democrats won’t prosecute, then the Republicans should prosecute. If the Republicans won’t prosecute, then “We the People” shall prosecute with extreme prejudice! ~This video is why I don’t believe Bob Mueller’s Report will be released anytime soon; maybe not until after the Socialist Left wins the 2020 Election as they are planning. ~If Trump loses the 2020 Election, we will all know that the Socialist Left won by Fraud. It will then be clear that now is the time for “We the People” to take back the Government, because it is Our Government. May God help us.

John Howard

John Howard10 hours ago (edited)

Amen!… Democrats have and still are further dividing the nation with all of their shameful, disgusting and disgraceful political low life tactics.

Donnie Scott

Donnie Scott7 hours ago (edited)

Love it. Trump MAGA wake up patriots we need u.

Jimmy Pace

Jimmy Pace8 hours ago

If these people don’t go down our government is doomed .

Denny Hyer

Denny Hyer10 hours ago

This video is really old , but glad others are seeing it

Bill O'Rourke

Bill O’Rourke12 hours ago

run for office Dan

Paul Bouchard

Paul Bouchard11 hours ago

Obama, criminal indictment head of the snake

harry viking

harry viking11 hours ago

I believe also that the evil, corruption and criminal behavior is so deeply rooted within the government and the multi nationals, that it will be nearly impossible to stop it……unless the military takes command and arrest them ALL!! And then, hopefully, start fresh!!

Gladys Harris

Gladys Harris10 hours ago

The msm should be in trouble too. Get them imto Gitmo.

Bryan Ludwick

Bryan Ludwick11 hours ago

Jeesus give this guy a cookie.


HD35MAN10 hours ago

Awesome job,I respect this man so much. Thank you for saying what I wasn’t able to!

Tom F.

Tom F.11 hours ago (edited)

The biggest scam is covering up free energy and enslaving us to the power grid, and big oil. Ever think why we wasn’t tought about Tesla, instead we had that Thomas Edison puppet?

Connie Kines

Connie Kines10 hours ago

god bless you sir im with you onvthis fighting these demons…we are winning


nicotopcat7 hours ago

If anybody can make sense of this debacle, Dan Bongino can.

Bill O'Rourke

Bill O’Rourke12 hours ago

everyone with power needs a “cleaner”

Mr B

Mr B8 hours ago


Gladys Harris

Gladys Harris10 hours ago

Thanks. I have been hoping the Obama admin and Clintons would be put in Gitmo. You added so much I did not know. I have never liked Obama.

U me

U me7 hours ago

Because this is uncharted territory. I respectfully disagree. I think some big wigs will be brought to justice. Under military law, they won’t have the other government intities to depend on!

Clinton James

Clinton James7 hours ago

If all this is proven in a court of law, then the traitors should be lined up against the wall and executed by firing squad. This should be brodcast to the county.

charly sti

charly sti2 hours ago

I’m glad I saw the smoke before the fire and run from the left and became a republican. At the cost of friends and family members relationship because I am Mexican and they probably think of me as a traitor

Matthew Shaba

Matthew Shaba10 hours ago

Thank you Dan you are a patriot and speaks for millions of us patriots

Vegan Virtues

Vegan Virtues8 hours ago

This video is a copy, seen weeks ago. NOT 20th March??


Haarp6 hours ago

The truth always comes in the day !!! May God bless you and your family and keep you safe !

Thomas Vizcainco

Thomas Vizcainco3 hours ago

This really makes you afraid of the Government, and how they can destroy people’s life’s. Scary

Julie Brown

Julie Brown11 hours ago

WOW, I love it, thanks Dan


dominogodisnumber18 hours ago

No wonder they want to stop hanging for treason.

Eric Boyles

Eric Boyles7 hours ago

So…..the SCIFF as you call it, could that be similar to the Cone of Silence?

Paige Smith

Paige Smith9 hours ago

Right on cue…they will become hunted as a rare bird…


myCherrio1 hour ago

Don’t Watch!!! This is a UncleTom Report!!!

Bruno Perlstein

Bruno Perlstein1 hour ago

Why are you repost an old videos instead of explaining what happened to the countdown

Sue Osborne

Sue Osborne5 hours ago

There is something extremely wrong if no justice is seen to be done, now all this is exposed!! The senate has a duty show responsibility to the US and arrest and convict all who have committed treason .Otherwise it will all just carry on !!

Samuel Anselmo

Samuel Anselmo6 hours ago

The first line starts with.. Illuminiti….elet. NEW WORLD ORDER

Carolyn Meece

Carolyn Meece5 hours ago

Some man called into a show and stated that Illinois Cheri Bustos sent the police to his house who was calling her. He was told he could not call her again.

woody ahh

woody ahh9 hours ago

Break out the gallows

Dona Herndon

Dona Herndon3 hours ago

The Devil never sleeps. The good has to constantly, fight evil. Always watch your back, and sometimes, your so called friends.

Barbra Topete

Barbra Topete8 hours ago

We love you. The truth is all you tell about the whole Muller probe.

Bruno Perlstein

Bruno Perlstein1 hour ago

Don bongino was a secret service agent when Hillary Clinton and her husband were in the White House he knows about all the pedophilia and kept his mouth shut for years now he comes out like a good guy

Charlie waffles

Charlie waffles8 hours ago

Execute for TREASON !!!

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks1 hour ago (edited)

Think broader. The death of America/ death to America was a global phenomena. America’s resources were used for the death to America speech also known as the arab spring speech. To aid the agenda and the flooding of Europe with their hijrah, they purposefully kicked open the floodgates at Benghazi. This was about a marxist muslim attack on Western European Christian man and his descendants…. the free industrialized west. These Refugees are there to overwhelm Europe and destroy it from within. You see the full participation of the UN. Paris accords? Full intent is to shut down the “west”. Hillary’s intended win was to bring America into the global picture of this global Marxist muslim revolution. Remember Obamas taking about a fundamentally change to America?? Yep, Death to America is fundamentally where this was going. Had Hillary won, all this would have been swept under the carpet. America too. As to the weaponization of America’s intelligence , security, justice and medias…… who said Stalin was dead? Mueller is just channeling Beria! AND it ain’t over yet!!!!

Billy Blades

Billy Blades11 hours ago

We have a missing/ swapped original 13th Amendment stating no.lawyers shall hold Office. Once they join the British made Bar Asociation, they are no longer citizens and Pledge their allegiance to the Crown. Of course they deny it but all courts are foreign and adhere to Admiralty law

Melinda de los Santos

Melinda de los Santos2 hours ago

Woah … So glad there’s you and you spoke at California! 🤗

Dona Herndon

Dona Herndon3 hours ago

Has that judge been fired, that signed the FISA warrant?

Mr B

Mr B8 hours ago



Rich Dorak

Rich Dorak2 hours ago

Yep, I agree 100% that the big names will escape justice in this world. There is a Judge in Heaven that doesn’t rely on polls or focus groups to make HIS decisions. God bless you, sir.


nassauleaf3 hours ago

I pray for Dans protection

Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan2 hours ago

Very impressed with Dan Bongino. The fish rots from the head down. IMO Obama will be indicted and imprisoned.

Mike Reiley

Mike Reiley1 hour ago

You are correct what the Democrats, OBama, FBI did to over throw the Presidential election is the biggest scandal in USA history.

Brittany Foster

Brittany Foster12 hours ago

So they wrote in 2007 wow they must of had insight this is sarcasm I’m not stupid well maybe a little dumb sometimes

Bobby Ryon

Bobby Ryon9 minutes ago

Cnn cbs NBC MSNBC ALL FAKE, glad to hear that you Dan is all aware of the deep state, all of them must go down, this is a sad time in America when the Democrats do there crap, THANK YOU DAN, AND MIKE RODGERS

Mark Hollingsworth

Mark Hollingsworth5 hours ago

Trump’s given all power to the jewish supremacists zionist lobby.

Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson2 hours ago

The truth always have a way of surfacing to the top like oil and water, thanks for this 411

Tamara Rutland-Mills

Tamara Rutland-Mills2 hours ago

Thank you for your service to our country. This is a lot to take in, wake up to, survive & to educate — especially if you’ve gotten destroyed in the wake.

Bruno Perlstein

Bruno Perlstein1 hour ago

Booms and bombs and crumbs oh my

Ann Prince

Ann Prince2 hours ago

That was so great thank-you so much Dan for exposing these disgusting so called humans they all to pay the price for what they have done.

Greg W

Greg W3 hours ago

You are a good man Dan, thank you for all of your efforts.

5jr. Racing

5jr. Racing3 hours ago

Shaking in fear??? Nothing will happen….hasn’t in almost 3 years, so don’t expect anything too!

jeffrey martino

jeffrey martino52 minutes ago

Sooner or later someone will take care of this most americans demand JUSTICE.

Wayne St john

Wayne St john3 hours ago

Thank you for exposing the evil in this country so that we can see the good and know that we have a good President Trump that is fighting for us that wants to protect us and that prior to him or just nothing but waste of time and money and that there was a lot of things done that shouldn’t have been done plane loads of money I have my phone in my PIN okay it is right whatever he want to do right and nobody said nothing about it but a Deadman a good president like President Trump trying to make things right is browbeaten thank you thank you so much and thank you for your service sir

Derek Tomlinson

Derek Tomlinson6 hours ago

Very good presentation, I have the feeling though that it goes further than GCHQ to even EU connections.

6012739476 Amason

6012739476 Amason6 minutes ago

Great speech! Dan..they need to do a movie n I have some one that would be great to play you….YOU!!! God bless you n yours…

James w Mallory

James w Mallory58 minutes ago

To avoid federal regulation there gonna start pushing states rights, to push there own agendas.

Chuck Kostrzewa

Chuck Kostrzewa4 hours ago

This needs to be in the history books,instead of the usual B.S.

The Dog Tutor

The Dog Tutor1 hour ago

keeping an investigation going that started on false info??…only in America

Ivan M

Ivan M3 hours ago

Evil try’s to mock even hard facts…Trump 2020 please vote!


mojo3 hours ago

Your a good man Dan, all the best from Scotland mate.

Jackee Jones

Jackee Jones4 hours ago

Wow …you put your livelihood on the line for 45! Michael Cohen tried to warn you mofools!!

Dave Gutknecht

Dave Gutknecht5 hours ago

Hang obama publickly.

Gale Gadsen

Gale Gadsen2 hours ago

To God be the Glory ! I always said we are our worst enemies, not being honest at the top level but Gods hand was all over this and never looses a Case.Repent Repent not only are their body at risk Now your Soul. Blood of Jesus Pay Day is here !Please Voters need to know friends and I were cheating on the Election Process.Jesus will truly Deal with these Folks Watch Jesus is not Sleeping he will Clean the House for Us. Now.Blew Americans

RJ Jen

RJ Jen2 hours ago

Thanks Dan for all your work – great info

Richard Hoemberg

Richard Hoemberg3 hours ago

🔥 Firegate is what it should be remembered as from the Tower fire two days before the raid .

D B Cooper

D B Cooper7 hours ago

If theirs so much proof of corruption then why is this not in the highest court in the Land? What Laws do these people fall under? Dan may as well have been talking into his hat if nothing is going to be done about this.

Mike Reiley

Mike Reiley1 hour ago

Dan great video can’t wait to read your book.

jolanda anderson

jolanda anderson6 hours ago

so why are they not on trial? money? they ones who are attached to them fear the exposure and truth that comes from it.

Charles Gilley

Charles Gilley4 hours ago

And they try to make a computer to say that AI an all is what they want to say to justify what they really are doing to us all an how they are trying to justify stealing my rights away from me

Jsmes Wagner

Jsmes Wagner5 hours ago

The Patriot act is about controlling Americans..its all about the 2 jump rule..everyone is under surveillance..they find someone for anything then check 2 people they talked to..if those two don’t pan out they check their 2 friends then their 2 friends..

Dona Herndon

Dona Herndon3 hours ago

Now, It is time for the traitors, to pay.

Denise Fox

Denise Fox5 minutes ago

I’m glad these criminals are going down.


glock1615 hours ago

Some “N’s” are off the street, but not enough still yet. Others are still roaming claiming Trump-supporting hostages to bring down in hell before THEIR turn comes NEXT!

Timothy Decker

Timothy Decker11 hours ago

What about all the money all them scumbags took. If the American people don’t get justice I can tell you. The people may take justice into there own hands.

Jim Rathbun

Jim Rathbun8 hours ago

THE PLAN WAS HATCHED IN THE OVAL OFFICE!!!! By Obammawhammy. If you can’t figure that out……

Jsmes Wagner

Jsmes Wagner5 hours ago

Stop saying stupid stuff npbody shaking nobody afraid..nothing is happening..they broke thousands of laws..this was a conspiracy to overthrow a president.. There were 40 of them involved in this coup..not one of them has paid any price yet..

Chris Burdine

Chris Burdine3 hours ago

These commercials that go on and on and on I will never buy a damn thing from you I listen to these videos at work and when a infomercial comes on I have to stop and hit skip. So you will never get a dime from me

Cindy Criswell

Cindy Criswell3 hours ago

Public gitmo trials

Patricia Stevens

Patricia Stevens10 hours ago

What is the title of his book?

Donnie Scott

Donnie Scott7 hours ago (edited)

Run n 2024 u got the u.s.a.f vote

David S.

David S.1 hour ago

God bless the Cats !!

Walter Matheson

Walter Matheson11 minutes ago

Dan’s THE MAN ! Go Dan Go!!!!

Ray Charron

Ray Charron14 minutes ago

My god, it’s time to lock them all up. All this illegal crap because Killery lost. The entire Democratic Party is so corrupt that the only way to get it back to representing the people is to arrest them all, throw them all in jail, and iron out the worst and keep them in there. arrest the entire Democratic Socialist communist party now.


Platinumconcrete2 hours ago

Who in the right mind disliked this video

Roma G'Antonia

Roma G’Antonia38 minutes ago

All of these people need to be tried for treason and given a traitor’s death, I knew Obama was a snake from the minute he was running for office,

Mike Ciaccio - Artist

Mike Ciaccio – Artist1 hour ago

Donald Trump is President. How’s that for justice?

David Gifford Sr.

David Gifford Sr.11 hours ago

Ahh… 35:18! I’m watching. Thanks

Ted Bates

Ted Bates8 hours ago

I do not like these people getting away with murder. Yes we all will have to give an account for what we did in the body to God. Still I would really like to see these devils stand before a righteous court here on earth and get their just dues. They are traitors and treason should get the electric chair.

Jen Noname

Jen Noname1 hour ago

I’m so sorry Trump why the hell is Australia involved I thought Australia was more clear minded than that Everyone knows this whole thing is BS OMG COME ON YOU ALL how can you let another human being be Tortured 😖 Demoralised and exploited the way they have done to Trump and his family LET US ALL STAND TOGETHER “ WWG1WGA “

Paige Smith

Paige Smith9 hours ago

Private Attorney General…the only answer…

Beryl Ackermann

Beryl Ackermann3 hours ago

I am concerned about the American President of the USA, being friends with the “State of Israel”, as these leading people in the “State of Israel”, do not appear to be what they seem. EU and much of the “world” have been or are being “captured” by the very same “people” who behind the EU. The “money changers”. There ” agenda” that seems to be NOT fully revealed is “evil” and many are NOT aware of it. People need to “look deeper”, going back to earlier “centuries”. The President of the USA is being “duped” to facilitate these “agendas”. Israel’s ” apartheid” and “genocide” of the Palestinian” is totally against the Scriptures”. The “Talmud” reveals much of their “mindset”.


HiFiman4u1 hour ago

As soon as I’m unblocked from FaceBook I’m sharing this one..

mark jovanelli

mark jovanelli10 hours ago

Old old old video

jeter 11

jeter 112 hours ago

They all should face time …


RJE2 hours ago

It maks no difference because Republicans are too stupid to do anything about it…where have they been since 2016? All GOP. members on RNC need to be fired. That is the real scandal.

James w Mallory

James w Mallory46 minutes ago

I like this guy,he tells it like it is.

Sara Beyer

Sara Beyer6 hours ago

I am impressed

Ivan M

Ivan M3 hours ago

Information is free…

Ticky Tocky

Ticky Tocky7 hours ago

this is months old

Nomusa Hlabangana

Nomusa Hlabangana3 hours ago

Please buy Dan’s books please!

henning kjær

henning kjær11 hours ago

Dan is great.

Daniel Dude

Daniel Dude58 minutes ago

There needs to be arrests

Jeffrey Isaacs

Jeffrey Isaacs11 hours ago

No it’s not the biggest scam was NAFTA in American history they wiped the middle class out the demon Democrats couldn’t get the middle class vote so they decided to past NAFTA to gut the middle class and let all of these illegal aliens come running to cross our borders they’ve been trying to fix the damn wall for 20 years will they have succeeded they have ruined the middle class they have got what they want upper class lower class that’s how devious the Democrats are


J AI4 hours ago

Jail those suckers


Real[ity]2 hours ago

What should happen and what will happen to these wrongdoers is very very different than you think

John Glenn

John Glenn11 hours ago

What is with the sound track on this video ? It sounds like anyone talking has their hand over their mouth. I didn’t get any understanding of the entire video. Is this another form of censorship ?

Donna Bullock

Donna Bullock5 hours ago


Rab w

Rab w3 hours ago

Barry,  was nothing more than frontman for Hillary and rats.




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