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Here it Is! Brennan in Huge Trouble, Obama Never Saw This Coming! They Found Everything Over 2016! - Must See Video

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Published on Mar 26, 2019

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lavonne younan44 minutes ago

Arrests must start !! Interrogate under oath by Military in GITMO ! Try by Military Tribunal and preceded to appropriate punishment for Treason !!

Robert Barber

Robert Barber24 minutes ago

Execute Obama for treasonous acts against America! We the people! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

nunya benni

nunya benni47 minutes ago

We The People need to bring a class action suite against MSM for the divisiveness, deaths, psychosis, damage to property, on and on and on….. We force a redistribution of wealth, unite the country because both sides get paid, bring these liars down. Win Win Win!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Punch McDuff

Punch McDuff57 minutes ago

DOJ should investigate these DNC swamp rats.

Rosemary Daniel

Rosemary Daniel38 minutes ago

I always knew Obama was corrupt, so this doesn’t surprise me, the Messiah of the Democratic Party, I get sick when I hear people say we miss Obama, send them all to jail, Obama has to be the most corrupt President we ever had!!

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez35 minutes ago

This is not a demoncracy, this is a republic. Huge difference.

Crazy Elf

Crazy Elf1 hour ago

President Trump is correct. This bullshit should NEVER happen again to a sitting president. So, from Obama and Hillary, all the way down to the small fry in the FBI and DOJ, should be arrested and tried – in a military tribunal – FOR TREASON!

Roy King

Roy King41 minutes ago

If you’re truly on the Trump train come on over to one America news.! Maga!

Ronald Hereford

Ronald Hereford34 minutes ago

Jessy sayings it like it is, Juan in damage control as usual!

Roy King

Roy King39 minutes ago

Someone should remind Brennan the only true way to God and the Gates of Heaven is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

robbie hohman

robbie hohman55 minutes ago

Juan’s look on his face as if it isn’t obvious Obama was corrupt as corrupt gets. Juan must have an IQ below 83 or be corrupt himself.

RevEvangelist JOHNSON

RevEvangelist JOHNSON19 minutes ago

If the Russians did interfere in our elections, then they came across our Southern border. And, since the Democratic Party has been aiding and abetting the illegal invaders’ votes.

Jack Curtis

Jack Curtis16 minutes ago

I wish my veteran dad was alive to see this day .he passed last year and so wanted Justice.


selrod5527 minutes ago

Obama did nothing because he couldn’t risk ruining the scam they were running on Trump !!

Phung Mantooth

Phung Mantooth35 minutes ago

Juan Williams need to shut up and go to work for CNN, John Brennan lie so much he can’t keep his face straight this man belong in jail !!!


isette14 minutes ago

I’d say selling Uranium to Russia would about cover what Brenann just said ???That would be Barry Killery and hmm let me think???

Orbit Flyer

Orbit Flyer4 minutes ago

Juan, STHU!! There is no connection to what you are trying to justify and President Trump. Brennan and Clapper will eventually will answer for their crimes. Traitors.

Terry Ritchie

Terry Ritchie24 minutes ago

The head of the roman Catholic inquisition has failed…. No weapon formed will prosper against us.

Eagle Legion

Eagle Legion29 minutes ago

MOCKING GOD ALMIGHTY CHOOSEN ONE ….is huge huge huge way tlo mocking living GOD. Military style tribunal on the way….YES! PLEASE

P. Hamilton

P. Hamilton38 minutes ago (edited)

Brennan is such a bag of dog shit… Hanging is too good for these Swamp Monsters.


R A10 minutes ago

1st arrest should be Brennan,,traitor, Billary, Obama Comey,

Lady America

Lady America1 hour ago

What I see here is Brennan, a dirty guy, trying to toss out anything of this fake scenario on Trump, to see if it manages to stick, qand oh how hard he has to try and bring POTUS down you see because otherwise, all his dirty little doings will come out, and under Trump well he just may face Justice, lets hope so!

Kathy F

Kathy F6 minutes ago

Look at the face on William’s. Hes such a dork.

Pastor Bill

Pastor Bill24 minutes ago



R A9 minutes ago

Justice for the nation Mr. President Trump 2020 WWG1WGA

H Factor64

H Factor642 minutes ago

OMGGGG…….now its the DEMS were colluding with Russia part of the whole FAKE NEWS story!!

John Ham

John Ham27 minutes ago

Many yrs a news man myself,why does Juan Williams work at fox?desenting opinion?ok?why does he always support these criminal scum?

Lynn Peart

Lynn Peart4 minutes ago

Hell yes … The evil Illuminati POS.. Take than Out.. Make than go away for ever..

Bobby Thomaa

Bobby Thomaa15 minutes ago

People u Know Russia was doing this while Obama was the president and all his staff.the dnc FBI cia interrence com. Lingch Clinton both of them.they are guilty of vase laws breaking and should be put in jail


J T57 seconds ago


Patrick Cowley

Patrick Cowley8 minutes ago

Waterboard them, may be only way to get the truth


incognito11 seconds ago

Juan Williams isn’t even a good spin doc


Cruzredeye17 minutes ago

Will you people please stop saying Gitmo. It doesn’t sound smart.

Truth Teller

Truth Teller28 minutes ago

Muller left it own deliberately, so for the next2 years democrats have something to f*** with Trump about

Knights Templar

Knights Templar13 minutes ago

America has interfered in other country’s elections for decades! Most recently Venezuela! It is up to the Venezeulans people to stand up to their elected officials not flee to our country

Chas Jostin

Chas Jostin42 minutes ago

Dannas true colors are coming out you never trumpet pos

Joseph Ballon

Joseph Ballon34 minutes ago

This is from Donald Trump to the Three Stooges from revelations in the Bible behold the pale horse the man who sat upon him was death and all hell follow him.👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿

dom lifestyle

dom lifestyle15 minutes ago

If Obama was so great there would be noone to complain about his tactics and failures. But he wasn’t. He is a scam artist and had no intention of putting Americans first. He’s is irrelevant and shady.

Trigger Man

Trigger Man9 minutes ago


Eric R

Eric R42 minutes ago (edited)

Get it ALL OUT and throw all of the Obama junkies in prison and I think that Juan Williams needs to seriously needs to get fact checked along with his freaken head

ready for revolution now

ready for revolution now34 minutes ago

Msm is a joke

Richie Scott

Richie Scott2 minutes ago

What a cute little dog and pony show

Chestnut Moon

Chestnut Moon41 minutes ago

Prosecute these three Crooks.

Scott Redding

Scott Redding39 minutes ago

Defend Obama much???

Freddie Cunningham

Freddie Cunningham38 minutes ago

Treason for this clown

Louise Smith

Louise Smith9 minutes ago (edited)

👋This card carrying communist now says he got bad intel . And he was called to give his opinion everywhere ! But it never stopped him from making an ass out of himself . And all those who listened to him .

cloe bubble

cloe bubble32 minutes ago

Don’t be;ieve a damn think Brenning said, Why do they put the Lying CrimineLson the News adn Not Honest People, ALL THE TIME. NO ONE THAT HONEST REAL POLITICIAN THAT IS FOR THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA

Craig Killebrew

Craig Killebrew10 minutes ago

2 years of wasted time and money whoever started pushing for the investigation should be made to repay the government for all the money spent


MISTER NICELY10 minutes ago


Jack Curtis

Jack Curtis22 minutes ago

I hope we have enough rope

Dan Casey

Dan Casey36 minutes ago (edited)


Steven Amato

Steven Amato24 minutes ago (edited)

He’s just an arrogant ass. And then Juan opens his mouth and there’s another one.

Garrett Hudson

Garrett Hudson18 minutes ago

fck em all

George Osullivan

George Osullivan20 minutes ago

Every 1 of them dems n sum rinos that get charged 4 crimes make them contribute 2 the 25 million dollars this fake as investigation cost americans by the way u dems paid 4 this 2

Paige Smith

Paige Smith29 minutes ago

Today i see, tomorrow may never come. For everyday humanity falls further behind from where it needs to be every breath…I am just me, a knowing soul inside a vessel of flesh body… Let self know i see me in the world, but not desiring to be part of it…Simply because i see the vialness, corruption and everything i was ever taught of the world is a lie and people prefer the lies over truth…yet in time reveals it all is corrupt or perverted or mangled to the unrecognizable meaning of its original intent…it had purpose original purpose by design, and not good enough for the stupid…who think for themselves Pres Reagan spoke TEAR DOWN THAT WALL! He to was stupid or intentionally brought what we see today you tell me? That wall kept socialism fasicm out of the free world it had a purpose and today we build one where? You think i fell off a turnip truck…you do not fool our father in heaven either…by the way this was written in my hand on sunday august 16 2015 at 1:30 pm we do not have a free election today…nor a true voice of the people…there is no free unbiased election…We have politicians who criminally act against the very oaths they took to be appointed… We have been silently infiltrated to the point the anerican peopke are now targeted individuals for harvest… These maggots are not men or women but maggots feeding on our society…Cowards and vengence belongs to GOD…Elohim…let this name be exalted…although as a man i do believe in fighting for truth and belief…as well as traansgressed upon…I believe we must hold for one another in truth…Abiding in our mistakes abroad not covering them up…People have no clue, but i do and i will not remain silent…

Roy King

Roy King40 minutes ago

Have to turn this video off now because I refuse to listen to One Williams he is a piece of garbage how can he look himself in the mirror every day after he spews the blatant lying inmoral garbage that he tries to make us believe that he believes

— Paladin —

— Paladin —27 minutes ago

Calling Obama about corruption would be RACIST

Lynn Peart

Lynn Peart4 minutes ago


Gary donoghue

Gary donoghue5 minutes ago

Hope Obama gets locked up the snakey prick

Paige Smith2 minutes ago

Feb, 26, 2016 friday3:00pm Morgellons is a man made biowarfare developed by researchers at Stanford university in 1991 which eventually became patented… Morgellons patent…look up Transhuman Artificial Inteligence Organic Machine Computers also patented…United Nazis of America universitys medical institutes pharmacology and owners of large food manufaturers started openly sorking together to marry man sith machinw without your consent, since they own you…chemtrails using heavy metals that sink into your hair pores, yes microscopic… they absorb the molecularly assemble into your body restricting your organs and creating abnormalitys…makes your brain susceptable to rf frequencies a transhuman can be made to do the oposite of himself… that car at potus… they still use it on those connected… they will come drag me away and rhats ok…cause i like a good tussle…might even allow me to feel aive again, to pull some arms off of boot jack thug authoritys…Look up M.E.M micro elecromagnetic mechanical server…ELF WAVE TECHNOLOGY was aquired in the 60s uses 1hrtz to 30leyr rf frequency not af morgellons will assimilate with the mems on the host and once they come together the presequenced program is applied everyday we take in a different program an assortment if you will…through the air they want to now tax you for… Anyone awake who thought they were awake…

Corrocean Free

Corrocean Free1 minute ago


David Miller

David Miller2 minutes ago

nothing NEW!


Dutch1 minute ago

An ADMITTED COMMUNIST appointed to head the CIA by our “Democratic” half black president.

Zlatko Klarin

Zlatko Klarin2 minutes ago (edited)

Get that black man who is a sellout to the Deep State off your set! You are working for CFR member as it is. People will catch on sooner because of him So in truth, he is OK!!! But not in God’s and Patriots way!

Edward Hess

Edward Hess26 minutes ago

Obama have coloborated with Dmtr Demeved premier of russia afher the election. Obama is a russian spy . He have set up the colusion about Trump. Obama and hillary are the greatest liars to American people. Obama see he where a great president. But he is the greatest liar he is a man of evil .Not born in America but born in Kenia he has fake papers . Obama where a bad president.

will francis

will francis35 minutes ago

is juan retarded?

Pia Salvato

Pia Salvato42 minutes ago

Juan Williams.. despicable Idiot!!!! Bring back Jeannine Pirro!!! Fire this moron !

Roy King

Roy King44 minutes ago

Brennan is evil Clapper is so stupid and Obama Criminal


LYTXN1 minute ago

Hey Demon Brennan, How did you happen to miss Hillary Clinton colluding with the Russians?

Long Horn

Long Horn1 minute ago

Juan full of BULL 💩 Barry H.O. the 44 told Trump45 there’s NO way the election was interfered with & should campaign harder! Barry said Russia wasn’t our chief geopolitical for, but only a regional power. Barry said to tell Vlad after his reelection that he could be more flexible 🙄

Oldliver Goodhag

Oldliver Goodhag7 seconds ago

of course juan disagrees .he disagrees with everything anyone says..give him a fatal injection..


Ricky772 minutes ago

Williams is the biggest idiot on Fox .sorry there are more








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    • FauxScienceSlayer

      faux Fox is Moloch Murdoch half truth echo chamber

    • Slimey

      A serious crime was committed TWICE by Democraps. The illegal election of a Negro Muslim sodomite who was neither constitutionally nor politically qualified to be “President” and the treasonous attempt to try to remove a legitimate and constitutionally qualified one.

      This was as USURPATION attempt by criminal means and many Democraps need to be arrested, jailed or HANGED. Many in the MSM should also be charged as to conspire with Democraps to remove a legitimate sitting US President. :twisted:

      Well America??

    • Central Scrutinizer

      If my Comment got caught up in one of your EPIC Copy&Paste exercises, I’d sue your @ss for Plagiarism. You suck. :mrgreen:

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