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This Is The End!! Trump Rocks Nation With Massive Hillary, Nadler, Schiff Announcement!! - Must See Video

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Published on Apr 3, 2019

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Jamie Kirby

Jamie Kirby3 hours ago

Your titles are clearly click bait, the content of the videos are not ‘woohoo’ worthy, now if you saw someone like Hillary being walked away in handcuffs…..that would be ‘woohoo’ worthy.



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Graveyard shift

Graveyard shift3 hours ago

Can’t wait to see the far left pirates hanging in the wind!!! 🧛🏼‍♀️🧛🏻‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️



Martina Halpin

Martina Halpin3 hours ago

You need to look at joe Biden son What company’s he has who been givin him money What country did Biden go to in 2014 who is one of the biggest donations to the Clinton foundation It’s near Russia Good fishing

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aris11883 hours ago

God blessed America so much that you beg Trump to save America now :D Oh the Irony.




Seth2 hours ago

Maybe Democrats want the whole Report early so they know who to permanently Silence …



Jack Mountain

Jack Mountain2 hours ago (edited)

There was not a crime to start the Mueller report. The Steele dossier was not verified and was fake. The FISA warrants were gotten through lies and deception. There was a made false crime. No crime equals no collusion, no obstruction.



Dean Haggerstrom

Dean Haggerstrom2 hours ago

Mr. President, show these criminal politicians what it’s like to deal with a real man with a backbone.



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Janie Sanchez

Janie Sanchez1 hour ago

That’s true what you said Mr. President Trump they will never be happy never never never!!



hendrik van rensburg

hendrik van rensburg2 hours ago




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Sigrunn Chidester

Sigrunn Chidester3 hours ago

If things don’t go the Democratic way, they have a melt down. Does not matter how many investigations we do, it is never enough. The same thing happened with the Kavanuah case. That is the only thing the Dems have done. They want to Impeach, use scare tactics, violence, hate, dividing us. If you look in there closets, I bet you will find a lot of skeletons. They are afraid. Money talks, and they are all getting paid somehow under the table. Everyday, there is more, and more corruption. For all of the Democrat’s living in la la land, WAKE UP.

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Pierrette Gagnon

Pierrette Gagnon2 hours ago

Nadler fights Trump for the benefit of TrudO, on his mind control N.E.W.S.S. Networks hooway channelling messages of mass distractions, as green hornets set up the 5G loozet systems, see environmental mental talking headtrip, simultaniously reporting Canada is heating up faster than the rest of the planet, inline with green tax act to mess with our heads, turning up the guilt trip energy exchange. Appears that Obama gun and rum runners are carpetbagging through the Office Of the Prom Minster Consoros, Blackmarket Lies Matter, Bureau of Land Management, we know Obama is trying to grab land in Chicago, pirates wrapped in Reginald tin foil, aluminum, and YELLOW cake, submarines

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Barbara Gomez

Barbara Gomez3 hours ago (edited)

Enough Mr President. Run the Country and don’t look back. SPYGATE Bongino EXONERATED Bongino



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American Patriotic GBA

American Patriotic GBA51 minutes ago

Make no mistake Demoncrats. YOU WILL NEVER IMPEACH TRUMP and he WILL BE RE-ELECTED IN 2020, THANK GOD!!



Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson1 hour ago

Time to destroy the democrat party! Their proponents of globalism and the destruction of America! They should no longer be considered a legitimate Congress!



Ron We

Ron We3 hours ago

Very true, love trump, best president ever, love your beautiful family. Barron is getting so tall, hope so day one in your family will be president in the future. ❤️❤️❌⭕️❤️❤️



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Ian Andrews

Ian Andrews1 hour ago

Yep, my silence will be wasted no more. I Am All In. Captain Willy Grimm


Kai’s Messiah Baby

Kai’s Messiah Baby16 minutes ago

LMMFAO 😂 I love Trump but ‘Oranges’? 😝


JD Smith

JD Smith2 minutes ago

Investigate Schiff taking El Chapo money despite what snoopys says (there msm anyway) that demonrat is guilty of something and we need to find out what.


Zeus Mob

Zeus Mob21 minutes ago

Clickbait. I’m tired of this false page I’m reporting you


American Patriotic GBA

American Patriotic GBA57 minutes ago (edited)

Tell them to kiss your behind Mr. President. Take your sweet time Barr maybe even take a vacation just to drive em NUTS.


comen4u troll

comen4u troll2 hours ago

that’s my president



Colleen Sifferman

Colleen Sifferman35 minutes ago

Trump said he’d release it, so do it!!!! I bet when he says he will, they’ll start yelling, it’s time to move on. We’ve read it, and there is nothing there.


The Drake

The Drake8 minutes ago

Going to make sure this channel is never in my feed again. Total crap.


Ken Gamble

Ken Gamble29 minutes ago

Hold on I’m I supposed to believe that POTUS believes that nobody has been looking into how this investigation originated? I have personally spent hours texting on certain platforms via many ways informing people on the multiple ways this could be spun Everyone on the right or center has been saying all along it was a witch hunt….

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Lilly of the Valley

Lilly of the Valley36 minutes ago

If you lop a tree, that will not kill it. You have to bulldoze it and rip up the taproot


diggy dice

diggy dice21 minutes ago

I’m about done with your “Titles” here…… President Trump not only didn’t rock the Nation but he’s begging for the Attorney General to move on this? The only thing he announced is that the Mueller investigation is over & he is cleared. That’s it so WTF is your Title about? Perhaps I missed the “Rockin Nation ShoutOut” but you’ve CLICK-baited me for the last F#@King Time goodbye

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sciblue27 anangrymaninthelightofthelord

sciblue27 anangrymaninthelightofthelord1 hour ago

It’s time to take the gloves off and just start knocking them out. They should be in jail for what they’ve done to our president


Ms. LaundryList

Ms. LaundryList2 hours ago

This is poor sportsmanship. Could we do this every competitive area of our life.? Just think ? Can we go after an opponent in every competitive area of life? Can we take our opponent and rip them to shreds because we lost a game? Should we take our opponent and make it a bloodbath because we lost the event? This is ridiculous we need to focus on our schools and we need to reform our children that have been brainwashed that is the most important next step.

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william HEACOCK

william HEACOCK1 hour ago

Democrats think they are the law even though they love breaking the law Democrats are brain dead


intown girl

intown girl1 hour ago (edited)

trump u are demeaning this country! You spend more time talking about the other party.. Do your job and deal with issues affecting the American people.


JoAnne Noakes

JoAnne Noakes1 hour ago

Just two jews…they are never satisfied…unless it’s in their favor…


Jude O'Connor

Jude O’Connor1 hour ago

Probably started with the Rothschilds if you appreciate the history of the wars they financed to both sides. Trump is a problem for them and their army is vast.


Christa Lorenz Free

Christa Lorenz Free1 hour ago

Refuse any subpoenas and let it go to SCOTUS.


Acts 2:38

Acts 2:381 hour ago

Where is started? to see > Dan Bongino Show, Ep. 947


Gary Bentley Sr

Gary Bentley Sr1 hour ago (edited)

Bernie Sanders is behind Biden feascal. In my opinion


Nick Tiganus

Nick Tiganus44 minutes ago

I believe too Trump save America


Pam Johnson

Pam Johnson23 minutes ago

Titles chosen by non- thinking reporters???????????


Thanglianding Hauzel

Thanglianding Hauzel55 minutes ago

Democrats and media are the same. They will ask and raise questions again and again about the same situation until they got the answer that prove them right. Even if the answer has been already proven by their trusted source or colleague. what a SHAME!!! : mental break down.





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    • gumby

      the independent news such as yourself mr rolls sensationalize these articles just to get people to click on your articles. when they arrest these traitors then tell me it is close to being over but until then you know this is DC so its like a walk thru never never land cause things do not happen like it is suppose to in real life. lisa haven, yourself and some others are playing with peoples emotions and if you are not careful we will cut your articles completely out of our viewing. report the facts cause you people are beginning to be fake news also.

      • Equalizer

        Adam Schiff…What piece of hot steaming Shitf as well as Hitlery and O-Vomit. Treasonous POS.

        • Equalizer

          My apologies…”Adam Schiff…What piece a of hot steaming treasonous Shitf”

      • HypothesisFree

        The ONLY valid reason to open up a story by John Rolls these days isto set the record straight in the comment section.

        Hey rolling in it John guy, is THIS the big announcement you are talking about regarding Hillary:

        Trump – Making America Great Britain Again!

        When asked about Clinton prosecution promise, Trump says he doesn’t want to hurt them, they’re good people:

        In response to a crowd chanting ‘lock her up’ Trump said “Naw, stop that. No, forget it. That played great, before the election. Now we don’t care right?” –

        Trump also admits “drain the swamp” was just a campaign trick –

        So don’t count on Trump to do ANYTHING to purge the deepstate, because in reality, he is one of them. Think of it as one HUGE Zionist League, with the Zionist Trump Team pitted against the Zionist Hillary team, etc, etc, etc… The World is a STAGE… It’s ALL THEATER FOLKS!

        [Venezuela] Is This the Most Blatant US Coup Ever? [proves once again that Donald Trump is a New World Order Zionist Asset - They think ALL PETROLIUM resources on planet earth MUST be OWNED BY ZIONIST CONTROLLED COMPANIES! Apparently this is what Trump means by Making Zionist controlled America Great Again = Great Britain, which is 100% Zionist controlled. NEVER EVER TRUST ZIONISTS people! ISRAEL LAST!!]

        After New Zealand’s 911 false flag, Trump is about to sign the worst PATRIOT ACT gun control bill ever:

        Many more examples given here –

      • HypothesisFree

        Here is another thing for rolling in it John Rolls guy who purports to be a Christian.

        Trump, FAR from being Christian, is the first president to garner noahide law participation from ALL 50 STATES making it LEGAL FOR THE SANHEDRIN TO LATER BEHEAD CHRISTIANS!

        Jewish Anti-Christian Laws Making It LEGAL TO BEHEAD CHRISTIANS are now on the books in the United States. Noahide laws will take precedence over the constitution via a future NWO treaty for policing by Zionist Jews, but are already signed into law in the USA. CRITICAL Sanhedrin TRUTH regarding the ELITE Rabbis in control of Israel. THIS is what TRULY is driving WORLD POLITICS, Putin, Trump, and practically everything, and PRECIOUS FEW TRUTHERS ARE EVEN AWARE OF THIS:

        The Jerusalem Conspiracy [This will blow your mind - watch til end! Jews on video admitting the REAL TRUTH!]:

        [Wife of Former Congressman] Dr Lorraine Day Tells About the Passing of the Noahide Laws [and how they legalize the beheading of ALL CHRISTIANS who admit to worshipping Jesus!]:

        The Real Agenda – Critical Sanhedrin truth:
        - [Trump first president to garner noahide law participation from ALL 50 STATES!]

        The above is an excerpt from the following source:

      • Anonymous

        Right on! Total time proven disinfo.

    • Anonymous

      More Bullshit from the serial Click MasterBaiter and he even brought the clapping Monkey along for the ride again.
      Reality dose “They are good people”

    • HypothesisFree

      Test post so that I can see my comments and any newer comments to this story.




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