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Top News!! Dems Burst Into Tears After Trump is Allowed to Do This Unlivable Over Asylum Policy - Video

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Published on Apr 14, 2019

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Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson1 hour ago

You democrats want them in so take care of them out of your pockets….or send them home your choice santuary cities..

Michael DeSilvio

Michael DeSilvio1 hour ago

Send these people to Hawaii. They want them there. Send these people to Sweden. They want them there.

Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott1 hour ago


Joan Canupp

Joan Canupp1 hour ago (edited)

You REALLY think they won’t take off ankle bracelets. Please!! They will disappear into our country like all other illegals. If we don’t get legal immigration soon, you can kiss our America goodbye. We need to learn from others mistakes. Sending our overloaded immigrates to Sanctuary Citizens is something we may have to do because the new communist party will not allow us to have legal immigration. You can’t have it both ways. Let them all in but don’t send them anyplace near me. And if Sanctuary Cities are so bad then why haven’t you done something about it. You’re just corrupt, game playing hypocrites!

Tom Varrette

Tom Varrette1 hour ago

Shipping migrants to cities who CLAIM they want them is NOT using them as pawns. it is the MOST compassionate thing to do with them, TAKE THEM TO WHERE THEY ARE WANTED.

Dave Hotz

Dave Hotz48 minutes ago

Send the ones that are here to all the sanctuary City’s n State

M Langka

M Langka1 hour ago

“Jesus” I pray for; Democrats who are being tempted, influenced and obsessed by the devil, who service satan′s lies and evil deeds, God Bless Israel, God Bless America, God Bless our President, One nation under God

James Carney

James Carney1 hour ago

It has nothing to do with immigrants Nancy Pulaski just wants President Trump out of the White House and she’s trying to make him look bad anyway she can

Danson Khisa

Danson Khisa1 hour ago

Republicans will be blamed for talking and not taking action. Bring “these people” to justice before they destroy you with your Best Attorney General. They are planning something bigger than you think. Don’t play with a wounded animal.

Neil Morris

Neil Morris26 minutes ago

Trump grabbing democrats by the hypocricy since 2016 ;) 

Allen Thomas

Allen Thomas46 minutes ago

Yall get they come..lmfao..want it..own it..funny…

white whiskers

white whiskers22 minutes ago

An ankle bracelet and a bounty placed on their heads if they fail to show up for court. I know some bounty hunters who would welcome the business.

jack devereaux

jack devereaux4 minutes ago

Pelosi can fit at least 10,000 on her property why don’t you invite them

Las Vegan

Las Vegan16 minutes ago

Put them in Sanctuary Cities then BUILD A WALL around the city. Keep them AND the politicians in there!


Nohea24 minutes ago

thats to foxing far for the kids to walk..No kids under 18 years old

Steven Marlo

Steven Marlo47 minutes ago


Crazy Change

Crazy Change15 minutes ago (edited)

Kick Nancy Polosi out ASAP. She a fake two face lier.


Nohea21 minutes ago

pitch tents for the migrants on the sidewalk of Pelosi street..

Robert Appleton

Robert Appleton1 hour ago

Is this not Bait and Switch? Is this not a term used in Fraud cases?

Maspretty Ikaw

Maspretty Ikaw18 minutes ago

Total psycho people, no matter what you accommodate them they will continue to destruct. …they hate our President so much because President Trump is cleaning the swamp, get rid of the CORRUPTION brought them a surprise that President Trump is smarter than they thought!!!!

Martha Sotelo

Martha Sotelo6 minutes ago


Sonny Kelley

Sonny Kelley36 minutes ago

Send the illegal pigs to California then drop a bomb on them


TATTOO VAMPIRE196627 minutes ago

The Dems have really stepped on their own Dicks now, Trish couldn’t have put it any better.. If they wanna play games, Trump can play ‘em too! Trump is chess champion, why not use these invaders as pawns? The Democrats use them as their voter base! Fair play is fair play.. How’s that working for you Nancy? What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander..

Crazy Change

Crazy Change23 minutes ago

I don’t want them any where In California. Send them home. Deport them all. Build finish the Wall

jack devereaux

jack devereaux8 minutes ago

No more texts hours to Sanctuary cities

Bill Mixon

Bill Mixon1 hour ago

The dumacracts do as I say do not as i do. We want illeagls but not in our town. California and New York love ileagls so much send them there. Watch what you wish for

Rob T

Rob T1 hour ago

The problem with allowing Asylum to everyone is that they do not always report as instructed. They scatter and vanish.

Debra Frazier

Debra Frazier8 minutes ago

This isnt the American problem.. it’s the Pelosi an Democrats problem make them pay not the law bidding taxpayers

Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson1 hour ago

They will love the grapefields put them to work polosi…

Diane Marino

Diane Marino15 minutes ago

Hawaii yes Oregon and California and Michigan

Dennis Brill

Dennis Brill56 minutes ago

Put them on a island & drop a nuke!!!

wanagi horse

wanagi horse31 seconds ago

Trish is one drama queen I just can’t stomach. She has no moral consistency or set values.

Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson1 hour ago

Ya right to the blue States and let them deal with feeding and. Housing and jobs and healthcare and mess up their cities and roads …funded by state ..


jmart01691 hour ago

No asylum, they just have babies starting at age 13, that’s not our problem or responsibility to take care of of them.

Glenda robertson

Glenda robertson1 hour ago

the more money you have in the USA,the more your brains do not work. dems love trash

jack devereaux

jack devereaux10 minutes ago

This is why I called them the. Dumb O Craps

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[̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅e̲̅r] ЛЖЕ БРЕЖНЕВ 2.0 БУДУЩЕГО НЕТ1 hour ago

And, as you thought, what should the suburb do and legitimize to the power of a migrant who has a good political decision regarding a general exit from the crisis of a new city, you cannot constantly reject the idea that the people are the driving force, and instead then without promising fences

Mark G.

Mark G.40 minutes ago

Pelosi, and the demon rats are using the immigrants as pawns for their power struggle. And also to screw with Trump every way they can.

Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson1 hour ago

Democrats us them for votes …so who using who…

luis quinones

luis quinones19 minutes ago

democrats are playing a dangerous game

Ronnie Rocha

Ronnie Rocha51 minutes ago

put them in the state that PELOSI LIVES

Denise Fox

Denise Fox47 minutes ago

Keep them diseased, murderers and rapest out of the USA. We don’t want them here, period.

Robert Appleton

Robert Appleton1 hour ago

Was not the Green New Deal a Bait and Switch? Was not the Clinton/ Trump issue the same? Pattern kills statutes of limitations. maybe? When goes this not track back to the Tories of the 1700′s? Think about it. The history is coming out and the freedom we should all crave should now be delivered once and for all.

Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson1 hour ago

We America loves the idea…

Dee Hamilton

Dee Hamilton21 minutes ago

why are we so backlogs

Teddie The Three

Teddie The Three39 minutes ago

Haven’t they been doing it for 30 years and they never leave…been here illegal and getting benefits when they’re not even supposed to be here…What they need to do is see what states helped feed illegal immigrants and cut them off Government help…

Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey30 minutes ago

Send all of these uneducated unskilled freebie seeking invading illegal aliens to California is a great idea. After all they had the greatest number of dead people voting in the last presidential election. Now at least they can use live illegal aliens.

Teddie The Three

Teddie The Three36 minutes ago

And thousands of illegal immigrants are already flooding the Heart Land…I’m done giving my taxes to help people who don’t belong here…when or country has so much homeless people already that can’t get help…but hay let’s feed these illegals

Cody Taylor

Cody Taylor1 hour ago

Remove all illegals from america no exceptions round them up and kick them out and secretly chip all of the ones that cross so next time their crossing we could see on gps or radar and catch the whole group their with

Marcus Silveritis

Marcus Silveritis46 minutes ago

I called the IRS told them i will pay taxes only when they do and all these criminals coming over the border, i welcome them coming to my door so their can be a blood letting but they will not come oh i forget i do not have a door they might try and steal it

Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson1 hour ago

Pelosi is discriminatory

Kurt Shults

Kurt Shults16 minutes ago (edited)

So basically what she is saying is we can release illegal people back into this country so we can turn the states all blue and the Democrats can continue in their corruption

jack devereaux

jack devereaux11 minutes ago

They’ll just cut off their ankle bracelets just like criminals do and also cost taxpayers money tired of wasting my tax dollars on these people they are not America’s problem let them go to other countries

Constance Fields

Constance Fields39 minutes ago

No ! Dem thts wht you all been wanting let them have them in those states , oh now you all singing a different song now , this shows they full of it , they just talk n no action this is the Democratic chance to show they love for these illegal ,Right!!

Catalina Villagrana

Catalina Villagrana27 minutes ago

Trump dont you go there and give immigrants asytum .thats the Mexican president should feel sorry for he’s people but he dont he just want you guys to feed and feel sorry for them so they can get under your skin .thats the way they roll.who cares about them as soon as they come in there not going to be the same there going to be alot of criminal and fraud and identity theft going on here. That’s going on now and your not doing enough to stop it .cause employees are still hide illegal immigrants you need a better ststem or some kind of fingerprints so that way you will fine out who’s have false information and identity social society and .please president fix this miss that Obama created and don’t let them stand in your way.dont let immigrants in those democrats and Congress wants you to have a guilty conscious dont pay attention



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    The bottom line is they do not need anymore invaders in sanctuary cities. The goal is turn red areas blue so the left has plausible deniability when they steal so called elections. They also want to destroy white areas of the country. Many cities have already been turned into the countries the invaders came from.

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