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Russia Collusion Peddlers Will Turn on Each Other—Trump 2020 Adviser Steven Rogers - Video

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American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times

Premiered 3 hours ago


Now that the Mueller Report has been published, what further investigations is Attorney General William Barr likely to pursue?

And what is the impact on America of the false Russia collusion narrative being so incessantly promoted by prominent congressional members and media?

Who benefited, or was damaged, by this focus on alleged Russia collision?

And what new revelations can Americans expect as we approach 2020?

We sit down with Steve Rogers, a former Senior U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force member, who also headed the criminal investigations division of a New Jersey Police department for almost 2 decades.

Now, he’s a Trump 2020 Campaign Advisory Board member.

We discuss the Mueller report, the efforts over the past several years to undermine President Trump, and how at least part of this effort amounts to a scandal bigger than Watergate.

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T. Wheeler

T. Wheeler2 hours ago

DEMONCRATS are the real enemy of USA  Not Russia


Pete2 hours ago

An attempted Coup from inside our own goverenment, time for heads to roll…..


gbrown3 hours ago

Great presentation. Very strong and fresh. Excellent job.

YesYou 123333

YesYou 1233332 hours ago

Don’t forget, many republicans went along with this farce as well.


Owen2 hours ago

Happy Easter all you MAGA troopers!

Derek Lewis

Derek Lewis3 hours ago

Its the end of the Demoncrats…we dont want there EVIL In the USA

Greg Janes

Greg Janes2 hours ago

Deep dive in Comey bank accounts and communications….maybe take his lawyer boyfriend.

Tim Mullens

Tim Mullens3 hours ago

It is the ‘hoping’that the president ‘colluded’and/or ‘obstructed’ that is the most disturbing .

Gina Maria

Gina Maria2 hours ago

a million likes, now gotta see some perp walks :) 

Mary Hernandez

Mary Hernandez2 hours ago

God is not mocked whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap. Sinister dimms will reap the evil they continue to sow.

Stan Dupp

Stan Dupp2 hours ago

Military Tribunals, Firing squads, Hangings and thank you very much Mr. President.

Angelika Merkuleva

Angelika Merkuleva2 hours ago

It was a conspiracy to bring down an elected president. Democrats gave up on law and democracy in the name of politics. Very third world like.

Colleen McIntosh

Colleen McIntosh3 hours ago

Excellent interview and info… thanks 🙏🏻

Gus Ember

Gus Ember2 hours ago

This sober and mature discussion is such a welcome change from the confusing rantings presented on MSM outlets. President Trump did not go into this situation blindly, but the hyperbolic animosity has a large degree of unpredictability and he was/is perturbed and disrupted in his ability to carry out the beneficial service to his country, as he so ardently expressed. May God bless him and his family and staff as he proceeds to forge ahead with alacrity for the coming six years. MAGA, Trump rules!!!

This is MAGA Country

This is MAGA Country2 hours ago

Lets be honest democrats, this all started because Hillary paid some dude from England to share disinformation for Russia. How crazy is that? When did we start trusting Brits with Russian friends. Lol



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Elaine H

Elaine H2 hours ago

We live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not in a democracy!!!

American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times3 hours ago

Welcome everyone to the premiere!


Cannibal2 hours ago

What a professional show from A to Z.. I love the Interviews because they are truthful, so well done. Thank You.


letmetellya2 hours ago

Hopefully no immunity for anybody

Keith Edwards

Keith Edwards2 hours ago (edited)

The Socialist Democrats should be removed from all forms of our government. The way to stop this, is to arrest, charge, convict and punish all involved in this witchhunt and treasonous acts.

Free Bird

Free Bird2 hours ago

Thank you for this powerful and CLEAR EXPLANATION of TRUTH!

Daddy Dragon

Daddy Dragon3 hours ago

We need declass and the UK to be shown as the real interference with USA elections, then OIG then indictments

Truthhandler 1

Truthhandler 12 hours ago

Obama said no serious person would say the election could be compromised. lol That guy who yelled liar at the state of the union was right. I remember cringing when he said it.

Geeman Funman

Geeman Funman1 hour ago

We the people want justice, Obama must be held for treasonous acts and hung. The Clintons also


Maryann2 hours ago

Steve…GO AIR FORCE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA Maryann USAF Veteran

mary travioli

mary travioli2 hours ago

they are just doing what they do best … Nothing wise or constructive

Catherine McCandless

Catherine McCandless2 hours ago

traitors will always turn on each other, no honor no morals, thats why they are called TRAITORS.

Miranda Shuwera

Miranda Shuwera2 hours ago

It’s crazy how this is still a thing!! It was known in December of 2016, that the Steele dossier was FAKE…. the Obama administration KNEW it, the FBI KNEW it, the Justice department KNEW it and the Media/public KNEW it – way back in December of 2016!! How did “they” get away with this?

Jimmy Perrine

Jimmy Perrine2 hours ago

Dems always overplay there hand! No end in sight. When your enemy is screwing up, don’t interrupt em.

Barbara b

Barbara b1 hour ago

I AM SO GLAD this channel came across my YouTube. Had no idea you even existed. And I CRY tears for the TRUTH! GOD BLESS AMERICA! TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🍒

Mukesh Megnauth

Mukesh Megnauth3 hours ago

Today was the day for Robert Mueller to be made a Saint by thr Democrat Socialists, but he in fact, refused Sainthood and chose instead to tell the truth.

Diane Streett

Diane Streett1 hour ago

The MSM is also complicit in this attempted overthrow and need to be held accountable. Like and share this amazing interview.


SunKing1 hour ago

Excellent speaker…great asset to Trump 2020.

Danny T

Danny T1 hour ago

Like Hillary said they will all hang.

StarcraftBR Vang

StarcraftBR Vang1 hour ago

My goodness there wasnt any shouting or bashing over each other. Have more interviews like this

mary travioli

mary travioli2 hours ago

Well Spoken Mr Rogers Thank You


TATTOO VAMPIRE19662 hours ago

The Democrats want to investigate their investigator.. Makes sense?

Michelle Castaneda

Michelle Castaneda2 hours ago

Nothing is going to change tell we start putting these people in jail. They are controlling our states.

Robert Rericha

Robert Rericha2 hours ago

Their other big lie is no emergency at the border!

Robert Lee James Welch

Robert Lee James Welch1 hour ago

As usual, excellent journalism. Well done. And Happy Easter.

Brenda Nelson

Brenda Nelson1 hour ago (edited)

DEMONrats will realize their demise when the Gatekeeper over America,🇺🇸🇺🇸 Donald J. Trump wins the 2020 Presidency 🎉🎉 and drains the swamp of iniquity; as the walls close in on the floodgates of evil.

Myrna De Perio LaFauci

Myrna De Perio LaFauci1 hour ago

President Trump is a very strong man, physically, emotionally, psychologically. he could have quite the job! but this hoax will make him stronger and will accomplish more than the people expected of him

Larry Gonzalez

Larry Gonzalez1 hour ago

100 years ago we would have hung every person involved in this soft coup and now we love them book deals, I say hang them out trying to destroying this great nation

None OY Business

None OY Business1 hour ago

I really like how this guy doesn’t interrupt his guest and wish other interviewers would take note of this!

Diane Streett

Diane Streett1 hour ago

I am very impressed by this Steve Rogers. Happy he is on Trump campaign .

Tom Meyers

Tom Meyers3 hours ago

When Slappy the Weasel Boy (Obama’s prison name) is behind bars….we can all begin to heal.

Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson54 minutes ago

Excellent and informative interview. Many thanks…

Brenda Nelson

Brenda Nelson1 hour ago

Killary Killjoy Killton was to have said if she goes down everyone will go down. Go after her hard core! 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

Bill Ashby

Bill Ashby2 hours ago

How can you obstruct a crime that wasn’t committed?

Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett2 hours ago

Seems the Dem’s want to play “whack the witness(es)”.

Christopher Casey

Christopher Casey1 hour ago

so what will be done about these traitors…they almost destroyed the US…they must face justice

Gaye Keen

Gaye Keen46 minutes ago

MAGA supporters need to remember that many republicans were neck deep in trying to bring down the POTUS and need to be replaced with patriots.

Brian Chandler

Brian Chandler2 hours ago

Former Naval Intelligence very interesting 🤔😏 17

Carlos Rivas

Carlos Rivas2 hours ago

My sentiments exactly. If we don’t clip the wings of these culprits…..president is right ( they could do it again). No professional government employees should be that powerful…..but who gave them the blessing ( obvious)

Fran Ryan

Fran Ryan1 hour ago

Why do you not activate the 148 indictments against the congress men and women for their crimes?

Joan Greenie

Joan Greenie18 minutes ago

What a wonderful gift this interview is on Easter Sunday! There is light at the end of the tunnel…Thank you both🙏🏻


floxy202 hours ago

I would love to hear from the FBI agents who participated in the airport arrest of Papadopolis, the raids on Cohen and Manafort and Roger Stone. If they aren’t sincerely contrite I would reassign them to Alaska.


ironcityed25 minutes ago

Kudos to this gentleman speaking, he really knows his stuff and can articulate it flawlessly.

Toxic Estrogen

Toxic Estrogen12 minutes ago

Democrat politicians have cheated us out of 2 years. Think about that.

Timothy Morgan

Timothy Morgan1 hour ago

Help the United States of America stop voting for lying democrats they all vote the same way they have no Integrity left

Kate Ogadako

Kate Ogadako3 hours ago


cowboy troy

cowboy troy1 hour ago

Excellent commentary…brilliant!

Southern Viking

Southern Viking2 hours ago

Go after them ALL!! DO IT!

i'm`not here

i’m`not here1 hour ago

All republican should win 200 million to 0, in 2020!

J Hendricks

J Hendricks2 hours ago

Cornered rats have no choice but to go after each other, Good choice !

Derek Lewis

Derek Lewis3 hours ago

All correct!


CMark501 hour ago

Steven Rogers at the 8:20 mark – “The issue of unredacted information to the United States Congress, in my view, I wouldn’t trust the United States Congress with any of that information. There’ll be leaks, they could put people’s lives in jeopardy…” and more.


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