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Oh Yes - Piers Morgan Unblocked This Bombshell Truth Behind Schiffty’s Claim & Mueller Report - Great Video

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Published on Apr 23, 2019

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Nick Mild

Nick Mild4 hours ago

We want Assange to testify against Clinton and Deep State!

William Dixon

William Dixon3 hours ago

The WHOLE WORLD is watching and now know how the Democrat’s work !

Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson3 hours ago

Scotland is disgusted of the treatment of trump. God bless you Donald.



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Jimmy McKay

Jimmy McKay3 hours ago

Smug Smollett is a lyer, and so is his brother…2 for 1

Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson3 hours ago

I never thought I would say this…….but Piers is alright……except for that 2nd amendment thing… ;-) 


SuperSuperdude884 hours ago

respect for cnn??? HOW? they have not told the truth in years

none ofyour

none ofyour4 hours ago

The media left are nothing less then operation mockingbird ——look it up

john mullens

john mullens3 hours ago

Dude, the DEMs have FUBARRED themselves. Id bet Trump wins again next year

Tina Tester

Tina Tester3 hours ago

If all of the double voting and the illegal voting was taken away Hillary won nothing


Iakovos2 hours ago

Adam Schiff: What happens when you prop a lemon atop a pencil.

James Hauk

James Hauk3 hours ago

Shift your unfit for office , you have wasted the taxpayers money time and you done a great disservice to this country


Ben3 hours ago

I never liked Peirce Morgan but I have to say, after listening to this video I gained respect for him. Except for the second amendment thing 😏

Wasup Doc

Wasup Doc3 hours ago

Where is the impeachable offence the left are claiming? There is none. Let the investigations and charges against the treasonous left begin.

Landy's Channel

Landy’s Channel3 hours ago

Text book 18 U.S.C. 2381, and they all know the penalties for Treason beforehand, still went a head with the now failed coup deta.

Frits Janssen

Frits Janssen3 hours ago

America has gone mad, if they are gone on with this no one will ever trust you again.

Tina Tester

Tina Tester3 hours ago

So Obama interfered in the 2016 election and he also interferes with elections in other countries



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michael kokiri

michael kokiri4 hours ago

You’re a joke pencil neck. “FAKE FAKE FAKE”

Sam I am

Sam I am3 hours ago

Schiff is the biggest embarrassment in Congress, and that is saying something.

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones3 hours ago

Now maybe Piers will understand why the 2nd Ammendment is so important. He’s always argued against our rights on guns. Ask him what he thinks the luciferian pedophiles would get away with if the public weren’t armed.


cshula12 hours ago

I find Schittf so disgusting that, when he came on I got off. He makes me sick.



Tina Tester

Tina Tester3 hours ago

Excuse me Adam but you and your cohort are the ones doing a crime and it’s you guys that are acting unlawfully and it’s you guys that need to be throwed out

Heather G

Heather G4 hours ago

No respect for CNN!!

Deplorable Patriot

Deplorable Patriot4 hours ago

Piers Morgan is right for a change



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David Swaney

David Swaney3 hours ago

Mr. Schiff, you a blinded, misguided, unethical individual who has so overloaded your position that you are now in a corner, on a precipitous ledge and no ladder or parachute. Your fall is but a matter of time. Truth continues to take your remaining footing.

Matt Thacker

Matt Thacker2 hours ago

Adam Shitbag Schiff is a POS and needs to be be kicked out of Government Completely





I think the Dems have shot themselves in the foot and continue to make fools of themselves.

Virginia Viking

Virginia Viking3 hours ago

The only thing they colluded about is which high profile PEDOPHILE to expose first. TICK TOCK

Carol Hewett

Carol Hewett3 hours ago

Obstruction of Injustice, Obstruction of a Coup. The Dems are nuts, oh well, they’ll see America’s reaction to MSM in the 2020 elections which they will totally miscalculate.

Harry Cranke

Harry Cranke3 hours ago

Never had much use for Morgan, but he did present a good analysis of America’s liberal stupidity and our so-called news media unprofessionalism. Fortunately, the bottom line is President Trump will be re-elected. Those who don’t like it should pack their trash now and move to Venezuela.



Think Mackay

Think Mackay3 hours ago

If all the Dems’ cheats, illegal votes, and riggings were eliminated, Trump will win at least 49 states out of the Obama’s 57 states! Why Adam shift is still a thing???

R John

R John4 hours ago (edited)

Fake news is all CNN and MSNBC and many other news outlets can spew out. No credibility whatsoever! Keep talking impeachment Demon rats…you going down! Trump in 2020!! Build that damn wall Mr. President! Keep doing what you’re doing!! MAGA!!

Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson3 hours ago (edited)

What about the MSM in BRITAIN BBC, ITV, they are the same .It was a fake dossier



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Laurie Nicosia

Laurie Nicosia3 hours ago

I think they are waking up to the fact 2020 is coming quickly and they are losing the now if they turn there attention to 2020 they can change what damage they did the last Four yrs.wont work Trump voters are never turning against him.they also realize they are losing the black vote .I believe the damage has been done . I for one will never vote democratic again.not for representatives, senators,or presidents.#NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Judith Neeley

Judith Neeley3 hours ago

I don’t want to ever hear another word come out of the mouth of Sh*tty Schift.




Bearlake16242 hours ago

Schiff Where was the President dishonest ? Give the facts. Stop the accusations

Canadian Civilian

Canadian Civilian3 hours ago

It’s simple really, you can either vote American.. or you can vote Democrat. Same for Canada, you can either vote Canadian.. or vote liberal.


TheLongjohntim3 hours ago

hillary colluded with Russia destroyed evidence was protected by the FBI DNC DOJ they committed obstruction of justice!

William CLANCY

William CLANCY2 hours ago

The media and the democrats are one and the same.

Michele Lyn

Michele Lyn3 hours ago

Much less an actual citizen like Donald Trump who everybody has known for years and years

Anthony A

Anthony A2 hours ago

I wish someone would ask Schiff about what he did at standard hotel… His face expression would be epic I’m sure.

Sam I am

Sam I am3 hours ago

I really would like to see them bring in, to answer questions, Horiwitz, Huber, Tom Fitton, then last Julian Assange. We would finally find out everything, minus only sources and methods.

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket3 hours ago

The idiots don’t realize the over 63 million people that voted for him have had enough, he’s going to win 2020 in a landslide, the left will just be a bad memory.

Sherry Duggar

Sherry Duggar3 hours ago

The Pulitzer Prize is just another example of Liberals giving each other awards.

Willem Streutgers

Willem Streutgers3 hours ago

First thing to do is returning the Pullitzer prizes, and then look who were in that jury. 2020 vote for the best.


abntemplar822 hours ago (edited)

my god it must be the end times, I agree with Piers Morgan.

Tom Meyers

Tom Meyers3 hours ago

Slappy the Weasel Boy will soon be in Prison. It will be a great day in America Kenyan relationships.


C N3 hours ago

It’s amazing to see Piers Morgan do such a 180 flip to the side of truth-tellers and away from his old job of propaganda-pushers. I hope he is feeling more fulfilled as a human being these days… he can be an example to others who are shilling for the scumbags!

Willard Lentz

Willard Lentz2 hours ago

Mark this day This is the first time I have ever agreed with Piers. Since his tirade on the 2nd amendment

Vickey Efremidis

Vickey Efremidis2 hours ago

From collusion to delusion…. what a game the Democrats play, a game they’re going to lose 🇺🇸

Mario Farone

Mario Farone3 hours ago



Mary3 hours ago

Shifty Schiff is the poster child for corruption.

Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson3 hours ago

Well look its a very difficult decision , Shiffty has just reported himself he is a traitor LOL

Acts 2:38

Acts 2:382 hours ago (edited)

Trump needs to go after Dems TV stations, because they are still brainwashing America, also in Spanish stations getting the Spanish speaking n illigals, I’m sure they know why they are doing it!

NorCal OntheRight

NorCal OntheRight2 hours ago

Citizens without the ability to protect themselves from government tyranny is nothing more than an enslaved population.

Barbara b

Barbara b2 hours ago

President Trump is unfit for office because he is not willing to finish agenda 21. Damnit TRUMP, I THANK YOU! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


johngray20002 hours ago

But can you believe the MEDIA they all LIE.



Thomas Maloney

Thomas Maloney3 hours ago

No matter Wikileaks or whatever means by which truth is obtain- it is still the truth. The traitor s in media, career criminals of all political parties must be brought to swift & complete American justice. TRUMP TRAIN 2020 MAGA.

Kevin Jensen

Kevin Jensen4 hours ago

Shifty Schiff!!

Roger Bunch

Roger Bunch3 hours ago

End times are near, i actually agree with piers morgan. WTF is happening

James D3

James D32 hours ago

Morgans a pratt but even a broken watch is right… at least once a day

Wayne Oneal

Wayne Oneal3 hours ago

Correction mr.morgan..the report was set up to give the illusion that Trump colluded!

Citizen American

Citizen American1 hour ago


dude man

dude man2 hours ago

Why even put adam “” i got evidence “” shiffty on anymore , he is a not -american ! a real traiter to america !

Steven Tunis

Steven Tunis3 hours ago

Now start digging into who and why they are making fake news for. Once you go down the rabbit hole, you will be terrified of how many things you were manipulated to support. Remember, Robert Mueller was the one who lied to congress about factual evidence of “weapons of mass destruction”.

Amona Maria

Amona Maria2 hours ago (edited)

Us regular American citizens want Justice. If we did any of the things that are leaders are doing we would be put away for the rest of our life. They’re finding out they’re not above the law either. Not anymore 😭 yes we are ashamed of them and embarrassed by them.

Jack Chevalier

Jack Chevalier3 hours ago

Piers Morgan is a collaborator of the Clinton! He is A BIG LIAR! Been friend of “that” man is a enormous mistake, he will stab in the back with no hesitation!

Incog Neto

Incog Neto1 hour ago

A teacher asks the class of 30 students “what is 1+1?” 29 students answer 3 1 student answers 2 The answer is now 3 according to democrats because most of the class were idiots!!!! Realistically the answer is 2 but it doesnt matter because it isnt what is popular!!!

Mary Lee

Mary Lee2 hours ago

The Left has been so rotten that it’s finally caught up with them. They will, of course, double down on their rottenness and stick to their accusations, propaganda and bullshit. Good luck with that. The world has opened it’s eyes and has had enough.

D Gman

D Gman2 hours ago (edited)

Adam Schitt less is a POS that should be removed for wasting the American’s money 💰. And a very surprising response from P. Morgan.




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