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Hillary Clinton Announcement Just Shocked The Nation With A Surprising Decision It's Over For Obama - Great Video!

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Published on May 12, 2019


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Reaper Game over

Reaper Game over1 day ago

We want to hear something like Hillary and Obama goes to jail.

Dale Klotz

Dale Klotz1 day ago

I want to see her in prison, not on you tube…….


davidp7191 day ago

The Obama administration was the most corrupt bunch in recent history, they all should be in jail for what they did to our country. Hopefully it’s coming.

joe mac

joe mac1 day ago

Jail both the Clintons the sooner the better!

Robert Woods

Robert Woods1 day ago

praise yahuah jail hillary over what she did to those soldiers

Dan McFarland

Dan McFarland1 day ago

Who cares, Hillary isn’t relevant anymore unless there’s an arrest warrant

Carolynn Markiewicz

Carolynn Markiewicz1 day ago

Obama needed Hillary to win to keep their corruption covered.

Deborah VanDusen

Deborah VanDusen1 day ago

Both equally guilty under the law.

Jerard Wald

Jerard Wald1 day ago

No more two-tier justice system they must pay for their crimes we want Justice

strike 1

strike 11 day ago

Where is the killary announcement???

kenneth pollard

kenneth pollard1 day ago

Suppose that her hacked e-mails led to the attacks in benghazi? That would be an unsurprising turn of events would it not? Just one more corrupt page in the history of Killary .

Rayray Rayray

Rayray Rayray1 day ago

We, the PEOPLE, are waiting waiting waiting……..

Patrick Sannella

Patrick Sannella1 day ago

Yeah go Tom Fitton , Thank you Judicial watch.

Dave Gutknecht

Dave Gutknecht1 day ago

A fireing squad for both.

Charles Wetzel

Charles Wetzel1 day ago

She belongs in front of a firing squad!!!!


marhuf1 day ago

A question. Why would I hit the like button BEFORE watching any video? The only time I ever hit any like button is after watching a video first to see if it is worth it or not.

Reaper Game over

Reaper Game over1 day ago

You won’t support .? For what? This is old news nothing new we know This.



Goldenhawk H

Goldenhawk H1 day ago

Will the top rat is scrambling for the side of the Dems sinking ship. Obama is now, was as President, and forever will be……..SCUM!


Azfun61 day ago

Obama not only exceeded Jimmy Carter as the worst President in US history, he has also set a new record for corruption and criminal behavior…… such an amazing legacy for dems.  Kind of clears up that picture of why they are always bowing to the racists Sharpton and Jackson and their criminal behaviors.

Margo Haynes

Margo Haynes1 day ago

I consider the acts of both Hillary & Obama treasonous!…Treason used to rate a death penalty…why not now?

Barbara Hartmann

Barbara Hartmann1 day ago

Glad they are getting to the bottom of what really happened with Hillary and her cronies! Great job Judicial Watch!

george pack

george pack1 day ago

Hillary and Obama must be getting ever so close to turning on one another , which one will blame the other first ? I don’t know , but I think it will happen soon . My bet is , it will be Hillary , as the noose around her neck seems to be getting tighter at the moment !

Yvonne Groves

Yvonne Groves1 day ago

Thank God for Judicial Watch!!! You go guys, you go!! Take HRC and Obama DOWN!!!

Allen Elman

Allen Elman1 day ago

The Obama White House is Paranoid?? OHhhhhhh that’s right. I forgot that the HILL said so 2. Houses & Hills talk. ok.

Robert Simonton

Robert Simonton1 day ago

Jail time illegal voters in America

Robert Antonelli

Robert Antonelli1 day ago

It just blows my mind that Hillary is not in jail and neither is John Kerry.  Kerry has violated the Logan Act by communicating with an enemy, Iran. He is telling them what to do. It is Kerry who is telling Iran what to say to get the U.S. sending ships there.THIS IS TREASON. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO A DEMOCRAT. THEY CAN DO AND SAY WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT AND GET AWAY WITH IT. THE BIGGEST THREAT TO AMERICA IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

James Sotomayer

James Sotomayer1 day ago

Bravo Judicial Watch!!!! Bravo! Bravo!! You Are True Patriots!!!

Dennis Neftleberg

Dennis Neftleberg1 day ago

17 Agents were murdered due to her leaked server to China

Robert Copeland

Robert Copeland1 day ago

I want to hear that they all have a noose around their necks not jail a noose

John Verkler

John Verkler1 day ago

I guess the illary announcement is… Papers found, that ‘didnt exist’. ‘they lied’… Duh.

beverly Robertson

beverly Robertson1 day ago


Pamela Regan

Pamela Regan1 day ago

Obama and his crew of criminals need to be held responsible for the lives of the military and the people they destroyed while he was president!

Milk Dud

Milk Dud1 day ago

Well I hope this isn’t just a bunch of talk about going after obozo he committed treason on several occasions he needs to be behind bars don’t make this another smoke screen just to get my hopes up and then dashed!

Gladys Harris

Gladys Harris1 day ago

Thanks for all you do to spread the truth.

Bettye Wiley

Bettye Wiley1 day ago

Why do you cut these videos off before they are finished? All of them?

Jack Keller

Jack Keller1 day ago

Not only guilty of spying they sold American uranium assets to Russia and I ran and funding the Iran army this is treason to America they put the money in their own pocket

elizabeth hestevold

elizabeth hestevold1 day ago

A sick Lady!🇱🇷🇩🇰🇸🇪

saffron wetter

saffron wetter1 day ago

Bring them to Justice!!

Jiwbink w

Jiwbink w1 day ago


Mark T Keend

Mark T Keend1 day ago

2:21 look at Obamas hair its half blue. go figure.

Heather Rice

Heather Rice1 day ago

she has Alexandria eyes. crazy eyes.

c clark

c clark1 day ago

Military Tribunals are the only way these traitors will be held accountable. Our court systems are to infested with Liberal Lawyers and Judges. There should be no question when high government officials commit crimes there should be swift accountability and if the DOJ can’t get it done it should be referred to the Military through the Executive Branch with the Commander in Chief’s approval. FISA Secret Courts should be unconstitutional if they are not already. Who ever heard of Secret Courts in a free society?

Nancy Bodenheimer

Nancy Bodenheimer1 day ago

Obummer and killary need to go to prison obummer worst president in US history


goldsberrywayne1 day ago

The only news I want about Killary and Obummer is they have an arrest warrant, they resisted arrest and were both, Well they are no longer among the living

Rocco Spano

Rocco Spano1 day ago

Hello how many times are you going to repeat the same crap.

Melinda Vaughn

Melinda Vaughn1 day ago

What was the announcement? Did I miss something?

Bruce Schweyer

Bruce Schweyer1 day ago

Bathhouse Barry continues to flirt with the undertaker. Perhaps the American People can give him the same treatment which the English People afforded King Edward II. Most unfunny.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast1 day ago

I watched the Barr hearing. I have never seen this kind of mean spirited, hateful, demonic leftist behavior in my life. It’s as though they are demonic and not at all interested in truth, all they want is to butcher the reputation of Trump and those few decent Republicans who are standing with him. I know cloning is a reality and I believe the “reptilians” are fallen angels and have taken human bodies to carry themselves around. People, if I’m right, there had better be a righteous, good God because only God can come and get this kind of evil cleaned up. Thank God I know, and I know that if there are fallen angels, there is certainly an Almighty God who tells us in the scriptures that he IS coming back to destroy the wicked and give the earth to his people. We will watch God and his army of angels throw the wicked in the lake of fire. REVELATIONS ( THE VERY LAST BOOK IN THE BIBLE) Read it! It also talks about the chip getting put in the right hand or forehead.

Ester Whitney

Ester Whitney1 day ago

Brawndo’s got what plants crave, it’s got electrolytes!


Rashone1 day ago

I want to hear an announcement from Hillary that she’s leaving the country…for good.


heinz531 day ago

She looks like the equivalent of Elena Ceausescu……..and we all know how the peoples thought of THAT one…..

Rocco Spano

Rocco Spano1 day ago

How exactly is it over for Obama???????

Shirley Gatlin

Shirley Gatlin1 day ago

Obabble and Cruella needs to be locked up for a very long time. And not in one of those club med types, either. The spouses should be in there too. All a bunch of low-life, slithering slug slime. I don’t trust any administration that won’t follow through with their promises. I truly want to believe President Trump meant he woul do this, but I see no proof he has any intention of doing so. Makes me sad.

Raymond Remillard

Raymond Remillard1 day ago

Got rope???

trey blum

trey blum12 hours ago

Tom Finton (sp?) is my hero. I love judicial watch. We have all been waiting for the end of this evil empire to be discovered and brought down. All right folks let’s be more careful in the future and watch out for SMOOTH TALKERS like that snake Obama. Who will go down as the worst president ever. He almost ruined our Republic. Thank God for President Trump. SemperFi

Teresa Kelley

Teresa Kelley1 day ago

There was no announcement from Hillary

Gail Berry

Gail Berry1 day ago

Nothing about Hillary says should surprise us. She is just a hot mess, and poison.

Chuck Kostrzewa

Chuck Kostrzewa1 day ago


dan daniels

dan daniels1 day ago

OMG…the nation is SHOCKED….Wait…from the same old news.. posted today..BIGGER HEADLINE thought I was on a different CNN. Anything for a buck


JohnjacobsJHS1 day ago

My GOD, What’s with all the Demonnic looking pictures of the most evilist female Demon in the world today. With Hil LIAR y even Satan himself is going to HAVE TO watch his back when Bill and Hil LIAR y arrive in HELL. Even Satan isn’t a match for those two. And when Obummer and his queer wife arrive. I wouldn’t want to be in Lucifers boots.

Derek Finch

Derek Finch1 day ago

What a great bit of news once again the American people being honoured by those people who keep an eye on those in power who wish to create a dictatorship and lie and mislead the people elected by once again Clarion and being shown up for the layer she is would you respect these are my opinions

Cicero Del Pilar

Cicero Del Pilar14 hours ago

It’s not anymore sufficient to LOCK HER UP. It should now be LOCK THEM UP!



Patrick Ballensky

Patrick Ballensky1 day ago

Washington is afraid if they prosecute any of these traitors it will not stop there and they all have something to hide so they just coverup and divert to delay the justice they all deserve. They just trade themselves out of trouble,it’s called the art of the deal and they’re all guilty as sin.



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