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Hillary in Deep Crisis After Sen. Graham Just Went on Live TV & Ripped Her to Pieces With This! - Great Video

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Published on May 14, 2019


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Wayne Helton

Wayne Helton4 hours ago (edited)


Mike Reiley

Mike Reiley2 hours ago

The Democrats committed the biggest scandal in USA history trying to overthrow the Presidential election, it’s time for them to pay.

la la la la la la

la la la la la la4 hours ago

Demonrats can’t believe there luck that they have not been prosecuted

Joe Sua

Joe Sua3 hours ago

I’m just so glad we are (not) a communist country, # (because a lot of people involved In this coup trying to take down a sitting president ….. probably would be Dead by now. That is why It’s very important that Graham and Fox News well help trump bring down the house….

Kay Aderhold

Kay Aderhold3 hours ago

Put her in jail.have you noticed no.43-44 being quiet

Omegaperfectstorm !

Omegaperfectstorm !3 hours ago

🌹 Lindsey’s still sick?? Send some LUV everybody! He feels miserable. Thank you for pushing through for us Patriots, Mr. Graham!

David Buchanan

David Buchanan3 hours ago

The American public need to open their eyes and come 2020 not only give Trump a senate win but a landslide House win. Only then will Trump be able to MAGA without any obstruction from the Dems trying to stop his reforms.. Put the Dems outta work and in jail where they ALL belong..

Dan Ball

Dan Ball3 hours ago

If the new AG doesn’t take action quickly against this coup, then we are not a Republic, our system is broken and it’s time to flush the toilet.

Mary J

Mary J4 hours ago

The nerve of that psycho keeps on popping up on television criticism of TRUMP! I hope thay put her to death on electric 💺chair !ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS KILLARY!

Hank M

Hank M2 hours ago

When do we get to see the BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI hanging from a tree limb???

Toby Ihli

Toby Ihli3 hours ago (edited)

Dear God, please bless Lindsey Graham with your strength as he seeks the truth. Bless him with good health, and bless his family that they don’t suffer as a family due to the honorable work that he is doing for us, the American people. We ask this in Jesus name, amen.

Jon Simms

Jon Simms2 hours ago

WHEN, WHEN, WHEN is she going to jail?

gang style

gang style2 hours ago

Get well soon Mr Graham,. Sending prayers to you.

Danny Valastro

Danny Valastro3 hours ago

Watch dan bongino show 978 he reveals truth about Mueller report its over

Jerry Myers

Jerry Myers1 hour ago

The day Hilary is charged with a crime will be the day I will begin to believe in our justice system once more.

Bobby Jokel

Bobby Jokel3 hours ago

Good job Maria!!!! Thank you. GOD BLESS

America First

America First2 hours ago

Hillary Clinton belongs in Federal prison now! Along with dozens of individuals from the DoJ, State Department, FBI, CIA and several other intelligence agencies.

Henry Homes

Henry Homes4 hours ago

Graham didn’t mention that Venezuelians vote by fingerprint, hence Maduro is their duly elected leader, duh…

Doug Carter

Doug Carter3 hours ago (edited)

Horowitz is an OBUMA appointment. If you read his LAST report….. Don’t put too much faith in him being HONEST ! ! ! ! He made the statement last time regards Strouzk and Pages text messages he “didn’t think they were politically biased against Trump”? What ? ? ? SACK WRAY while you are at it Mr Trump…. He’s a SNAKE in the GRASS.

die_lib_ral_scu_m pansies

die_lib_ral_scu_m pansies2 hours ago

When they hang, hang em high for all to see!!

Toby Ihli

Toby Ihli3 hours ago

Please, pray for our President, his family, and his administration. This country was literally built with prayers, and I believe prayer will mend it. Yes, I want my side to win, of course, but. I don’t want anything that isn’t blessed as moral, and proper. Therefore I pray.

Bobby Greene

Bobby Greene1 hour ago

The only way to restore the faith of the American people is to arrest everyone involved and make an everlasting example of them. If that doesn’t happen we have nothing worth voting for going forward, because it won’t matter.


dennisw014 hours ago

Congress has the oversite responsibility; it does not have the investigative or prosecutorial responsibility.

Bob Rainy

Bob Rainy4 hours ago


Fred Mineo

Fred Mineo3 hours ago

“When the law doesn’t apply to lawmakers, you’re not Being governed: you’re being rude.”

Ted Pert

Ted Pert2 hours ago

HANG her up! HANG her up! KILLERY must HANG!


bubbadelux1 hour ago

When are we going to start seeing people being handed indictments ???


Tree3 hours ago

Lindsey Graham ain’t no damn Hero for Trump! He is just as guilty of anti trump rhetoric as the rest of them. Thank God for MY President!!!🇺🇸👍🏼

Mike Olivera

Mike Olivera3 hours ago


Jeff Devries

Jeff Devries1 hour ago

Democrats continue to attempt to impeach our duly elected president. I need to know: if they succeed, would we trust TRAITORS to govern America? HELL NO!! 4 MORE YEARS!!MAGA!!

eskimo commotion

eskimo commotion3 hours ago

Sounds like Hillary goes free…

Lee Jones

Lee Jones2 hours ago

It would have happened to whoever beat Hillary ,they had a strategy in place, player’s at the ready . Thank GOD it was Trump

Marlinda Mercado

Marlinda Mercado2 hours ago

Mr. Graham was Betrayed by his best friend in the Senate. I too would be Angry and would do everything in my Power (JESUS) to make sure that those who want to play with fire get their Just!

Acts 2:38

Acts 2:382 hours ago (edited)

Revelations says…and the Books were opened!..what so ever a man soweth, that also will he reap! It’s easy to point the finger at someone else, but everyone will be judge also!

Zef grab

Zef grab1 hour ago

its about time. this evil babykiller deserves eternal pain

yu long

yu long3 hours ago

It is questionable Mueller ignore this piece of informations about Papadopoulos… and does not connect it to Hilary…

Mr Gribbs

Mr Gribbs2 hours ago

DOJ is not department of justice. It’s department of criminals. FBI and State Department should be all investigated. All the traitors found shall be hung on the White House lawn.

William Birnbaum

William Birnbaum2 hours ago

Time to make the players accountable for their actions. If justice does not prevail, the laws that we have will be meaningless. Clean this up before the 2020 election. Citizens will be turned off and will not vote !!!

jovi b

jovi b3 hours ago

Lock her up – she committed treason more than once

Deny Earl

Deny Earl2 hours ago

Why do you continue to post old news as new news…???? LAME…!!!!!

truth hurts

truth hurts1 hour ago

Investigate the MSM for conspiracy.

john somebody

john somebody1 hour ago

Senator Graham I am and have bee upset with the democrat party in particular with the Obama administration. Thank you for what your doing and if No 44 was involved and it’s proven beyond a shadow of doubt bring him to justice; lock him up.

Russell Spade

Russell Spade8 minutes ago

Criminal Hillary has been in Deep Crisis for years but she’s never been where she belongs! Executed for her crimes!

MAGA 4 Life

MAGA 4 Life1 hour ago

Crooked Demon-rats go to jail already wasting hella money from taxpayers on the Russia Hoax witch hunt. It’s already bad enough wasting money on immigrants/ Criminals.

Arthur Avilez

Arthur Avilez34 minutes ago

Hillary and Comey are crimenal partners. There working on the next book. What Happened part II.

Parkour Kid

Parkour Kid6 minutes ago

So Hillary had the FBI, The IRS, DOJ and Media behind her and she still lost

Hallands Menved

Hallands Menved14 minutes ago

Wow, this interviewer really understands what’s been going on and realizes that Graham is mostly talk and needs to be cornered to actually act against corruption! Good job!

Barbara Gomez

Barbara Gomez1 hour ago

Bunch of reruns. ARRESTS PLEASE.

NeanderThug Alpha

NeanderThug Alpha1 hour ago

I get so tired of hearing “make sure it never happens again”. Not good enough. They must pay the price.

Camaro Man

Camaro Man43 minutes ago

The Democrat Party is America’s #1 enemy.

Rob K.

Rob K.4 hours ago

Horowitz imo cant be trusted. He will whitewash anything he reports on .

Daniel Barry

Daniel Barry1 hour ago

Recycled clip Try putting up something new.

Peter Keeler

Peter Keeler1 hour ago

Why don’t the government put them in they’re wonderful FEMA camps……….after all those camps would have been good enough for US AMERICAN CITIZENS…..IN THE EVENT THE COMMUNISTS WON THE ELECTION.

frank reml

frank reml2 hours ago

Does CNN or MSNBC or the New York Times anybody know about this

donald hamilton

donald hamilton28 minutes ago

I forget ; what’s the penalty for Treason ?

Rrandall Cearley

Rrandall Cearley45 minutes ago

Chris Paul still in prison for what he did just going to let him stay around and do it again

Sherri Poplawski

Sherri Poplawski2 hours ago

Now Sen Graham videos interview are being removed…. CENSORED

John Rider

John Rider52 minutes ago

Mr. Graham if you are waiting for the Dems to put these laws in place, it will never happen. You must just go forward without them.


Brian40 minutes ago

Lindsay Graham is working with the Russians. Listen to that accent

Duc Nguyen

Duc Nguyen3 hours ago

American Peoples don’t forget some Demo…rats to


herbbearingseed33 minutes ago

Good to see Graham flipped to doing good, now.

Craig Day

Craig Day3 minutes ago

When are they going to prison? Tired of the wheels of justice not turning.

The Missing Link's Younger Brother

The Missing Link’s Younger Brother2 hours ago

The dems want the illegals, it’s why more people voted in California than were registered to vote!

Barbara Hartmann

Barbara Hartmann1 hour ago

The few top brass of the FBI, HC, and some crooked Dems started a coup to take down Donald Trump. They all had skin in this deal $$$. We had a rotten tyranny at the top and they need to start being revealed and exposed for the criminals who they are.

Elvis Stone

Elvis Stone24 minutes ago

When can we delete killery with a hammer 🤔

Rickey Calhoun

Rickey Calhoun1 hour ago

complete setup by Hillary Clinton campaign. Wow Democrat’s heroes. Sad for the Country

Kelby Stolen

Kelby Stolen4 hours ago

After one year of Secretary Hillary Clinton serving in office, while using her secret server to which Chinese military intelligence had access, China wiped out the CIA’s human intelligence assets in China. 🇺🇸

rafael lopez

rafael lopez1 hour ago

Go after the media put them in jail


GWT1233 hours ago

Go get em!

Eddy Stocks

Eddy Stocks2 hours ago

Hillary is fixing to pull the world down on her and Bill Clinton. They coming!

Dixie Know 58

Dixie Know 588 minutes ago

Pure hate from hell! We are in last days for the ones who fear our Lord. The demo-rats’ are demons tools to destroy this great nation! God bless our President Donald J. Trump, we were suffering from this assault to our dully elected president until today…we need to see those traitors behind jail barrs or put to death. Take all those enemies out off the congress, drain the corrupt swamp take out also the foreing islamic in the house and send back to their nations, clean the media off the bunch of liars…do it for our security, for ours children, the must sacred that the Lord gift to us! Praise the Lord, Amen, for the man and womans who fear the Lord our God, and love this gteat nation God bless all the law enforcement people! Clean the house! Drain and flush the swamp!

markman manmark

markman manmark47 minutes ago

Satan’s world Jesus 24/7

Bruce Schweyer

Bruce Schweyer7 minutes ago

So long as this criminally insane communist witch stays unindicted, well then she will remain on the prowl, seeking out whomever she might devour. We’re having to contend with an Orc/Balrog-type creature, not some alternative set of politics.



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  • Anonymous

    John Rolls, the only thing in deep crisis is your disinfo head up your own butt. Your past posts would make even Pinocchio vomit.

  • patann

    Prophecy Links

    -Seem to be seeing, hearing July 27, 2008/2009, US Senator Barack Hussein being declared, “the one,’ and hearing still, ” two weeks and 7 years, until age of grace be fulfilled, Dan 7-12- Rev 10-17 July 27, 2015/2016

    -Stop being deceived, stop deceiving others, 2005, Eze 9, commanded slayers were commanded by God to separate Britain and America into itty, bitty pieces, to wipe Canada from the map, to kill all parents by and finish all schools. Great Babylon America is fallen, beginning her US/Hawaii/Canada West Coast, tens of millions are lost injured to missing, an America exodus along the Brides’s escape, these thirty plus springs into Georgia, Africa’s Atlantic, beware, Apb, see more here,

    Prophecy Link

    -Seem to be hearing, April 2, 2019, two weeks and 7 years, and a Trump/Kushner deal ensued. a militant Iran Hussein is appointed, Hamath/Islamic World reign. Right until the finale, April 16/17 1986-2026 of Daniel 9:27, final week of years; as of two quarters dead this planet, began US soil, Dec 3, 2017/Jan 13, 2018, ending at Israel’s soil, its Mount Olivet Abib 17, 2026/2027, beware, Apb, se here,




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