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Tik Tok!! Somebody About to Be Thrown in Jail After Rep. Devin Nunes Exposed This Right on Live TV! - Great Video

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Published on May 15, 2019


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Crazy Elf

Crazy Elf2 hours ago

How about, instead of “…about to be…” we read “…has been thrown…” in prison!

jonathan walker

jonathan walker1 hour ago

It’s straight up subversion and these liars in government bureaucrat job and the media should be prosecuted as subversive traitors to our constitution and the people….

Dawnie Newman

Dawnie Newman1 hour ago

Obama Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden knew about spying on Trump campaign

Jeffrey Arthur

Jeffrey Arthur2 hours ago

They were doing what they wanted and didn’t think they would get caught!


Just4FunDslee11 hour ago

Devin Nunes is a hero of the American people thank you for all your doing.

robert mccaleb

robert mccaleb2 hours ago

Alphabet boys lost my trust respect for life.Tresonous seditious protected criminals.

Ray Bowles

Ray Bowles1 hour ago

Lets talk about Hillary needs to go to jail too for starting this whole mess

Linds Daniels

Linds Daniels1 hour ago

Thank you Mr. Nunes, but for you this information would not have been brought forward, you are a bull dog, and a great American. God bless you and your family!

Alice Kroeker

Alice Kroeker1 hour ago

The fake dossier will come back and haunt everyone who is involved.

Jackie Wagner

Jackie Wagner1 hour ago

God bless Devin Nunes.

Jack Calatayud

Jack Calatayud1 hour ago

Every one of these m************, in Washington DC, should receive the death penalty at minimum for betraying our country.

Dana May

Dana May2 hours ago (edited)

They should have known what was fiction and non fiction and why it was fabricated. Also what a a hoax and what’s real? Comey and Hilary are evil. Yes, and Russia’s, actually Ukraine was more in it than anyone I think. It is horrible what they have done. This was going on since 2012 under Obama.


CabinBills1 hour ago

I’m thinking that if you take a look at all these Traitors bank accounts you may have a better understanding of why they committed Treason against this country and a duly elected President

Mike Boileau

Mike Boileau1 hour ago

When this is all said and done I want to see a full length Documentary on how the Left, Hillary Clinton, lied and connived to destroy the Trump Campaign. From beginning to end it must document  the rise of Donald Trump, against all odds, to become the greatest President the United States has ever known. It should be titled, “Against All Odds”.What a criminal cabal tried to do to Trump knowing Hillary would be President and none of it would see the light of day.

Ray Snoderly Jr

Ray Snoderly Jr51 minutes ago

People have been poisoned by the main stream media.

Robert Burns, Jr.

Robert Burns, Jr.1 hour ago

FISA court was just a rubber stamp. To know that they can do this to a sitting president, the average person has 0 rights. This is why there are thirty or so people are running for president. These are the people that need to be investigated. Stop these terrorist trying to destroy this country from within.


Jimmy51 minutes ago

They should target McCabe and Page. My guess is they’ll sing like birds.

david rankin

david rankin1 hour ago

IF TRUMP had done 10% of this and everybody are saying yes this is true.. but they are saying nothing.. TRUMP would be in jail just now .. if he tried this on CLINTON..

Martin Ulstein

Martin Ulstein1 hour ago

Still, no arrests. Only a few people doing anything. We want arrests now.

Jeffery Rightmire

Jeffery Rightmire49 minutes ago

They thought Hillary would steal the election from TRUMP, and they would never be caught up with. It is getting great. MAGA !!!


mchugh6011 hour ago

Almost ALL law enforcement are taught to put the bare minimum amount of information in an affidavit for search warrants, Title III warrants, etc., being just enough to establish probable cause. The more information you put in an affidavit, the more the defense has to attack in court…

Dennis Hassler

Dennis Hassler1 hour ago

Thanks Trish for revealing these corrupt people in our government; we’ve got more corruption than the banana republics we point fingers at, so let’s see these criminals to justice!!! In the USA, there’s HUGE corruption in government and we write laws that have not business being written. Our freedom has been abused and tossed out the window – it’s a hugely corrupt country due to government gone WILD. We’d love to have our faith restored, but we are CORRUPT TO THE CORE!!!!

Skish Gamer Randomness

Skish Gamer Randomness1 hour ago

we should get the paddy wagon and collect all the fake news peeps that helped push this crap and lock them up to

Tim Henry

Tim Henry54 minutes ago

The press convinced them that Hillary was gonna win. Lol.

Charles Schindler

Charles Schindler1 hour ago

Hang the silk ropes! Test trap door! Time to become a “KILLER”for Christ! ⚔️🇺🇸⚔️


Tree7 minutes ago

They ALL were so certain Hillary was going to win… they didn’t think THIS would EVER happen…Priceless. America First! TrumpNation.🇺🇸

Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy1 hour ago (edited)

Here We go again Talking Chit till you Men start locking all the Blue Belly Federal Rats Up…Im Gone Fishin 🇺🇸


AUDE SAPERE1 hour ago

This ” DEFINITION OF THE POLICY ” will be huge & i cnt wait for it. Also the IG REPORT is going to be just great…I can hardly wait, come on Mr Horowitz


JakeWhiteHat29 minutes ago

Let’s hope we have fireworks, indictments and prosecutions, before Independence Day- July 4th. The President has a big 4th of July party planned for America!!! WoooHooo!!! WWG1WGA!! MAGA!!! Trump 2020!!! In God Only Do We Trust!! God Bless America! God Bless and Protect Our Duly Elected and Beloved President Trump!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥💕🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥😊💕

monica Carpenter

monica Carpenter1 hour ago

The FBI must be getting there people that drop out of school


Tree7 minutes ago

They ALL were so certain Hillary was going to win… they didn’t think THIS would EVER happen…Priceless. America First! TrumpNation.🇺🇸


FIXERx0536 minutes ago

If he is telling the truth and no one would miss a foot long page In regular type the FISA judge had to be complicit or incompetent. If the FISA Warrants are so invasive shouldn’t the judge read it ? or maybe they are just incompetent.

Jackie Wagner

Jackie Wagner2 hours ago

Fake media is complicated.

The Garage

The Garage1 hour ago

You Americans better pray that none of those Democratic candidates win or your country as you know it is over. They are all crazy and even democrats should realize the good that Donald Trump’s been doing for the country or they deserve to suffer with the bad that they bring upon themselves. Saying that my heart goes out to all conservatives into the Trump family for all they’ve been put through. Make North America great again. Trump 20/20

Max Durocher

Max Durocher1 hour ago

Wow she’s a beautiful woman … sorry i had to say it 😊


Ordrock734 minutes ago

it is looking like Hannity is trying to drive an agenda toward the Congressman. Hannity needs to do more listening and then getting his narrative correct. Just because this knucklehead has access to the president doesn’t give him liberty to be smug. i appreciate the hard work that Fox is doing to get our country great again, but being a smart ass bully toward members of our congress isn’t the way to do this. Hannity and Lou Dobbs and all these super hot Fox news folks are getting things done, but why not find a way to glean the talking points from the turds at CNN and the other hate networks. Start at the bottom and lay out the efforts of these creeps. Follow the money, you have to believe these so called news reporters are being paid off by the DNC. Do some spying on these big mouth reporters and discover their collusion and conspiracy with the old school deep state morons. Unless someone investigates these bad actors the door for this kind of bull shit to continue will remain open for their hate. Fox go look for your :D eep Throat” it worked for those two during the watergate BS, it’ll work today. Aren’t there disgruntle FBI, federal gubment employees, and state department employees that want to tell their story? find two state employees and verify their stories, print, report and stand up for the walmart stinky citizens.

Deborah Alqanai

Deborah Alqanai23 minutes ago

Thank you Devin Nunez for your hard work and dedication to serving Americans! God bless you for seeking justice to expose the truth and serve justice!


curlywolfone1 hour ago

Ohhh yesss! …of course, “The Comey Mosaic!” Right! Sure! …wink-wink, nudge-nudge!

Troy Hidalgo

Troy Hidalgo1 hour ago

They claimed they were looking for radical Islamics

Ann Net

Ann Net1 hour ago

Time the all traitors line up go to GITMO


studio8823 minutes ago

Lefty MSM also should be held accountable for intentional Fake News collusion to all this!

Gloria Graham

Gloria Graham1 hour ago

Nunes has put up a good fight. Demos thought they would knock him out of the way. Another good MAN they tried to shut up and ruin. God Bless him.

Mike Melina

Mike Melina6 minutes ago (edited)

I’ve been saying for 2 years, this is the worst scandal in US history and the Clinton campaign and 0bama administration went way too far. They broke the law intentionally.

Purple Heart Scott

Purple Heart Scott5 minutes ago

It’s amusing how the left for the past couple of years has been pointing fingers and calling those of us who continue to support our POTUS, blind to the truth and Trumptards. Yet, there is obvious evidence of high crimes by the left and the MSM and do those that follow the left care? The answer is no. I don’t want to hear about Trumps taxes and “grabbing pu$$y” comments because hating Donald Trump is a separate issue. The left has tried to manipulate the will of the people, and the left don’t care cause it’s who they support. Patriotism my arse! Pathetic people. Trump 2020 MAGA.

Alice Kroeker

Alice Kroeker1 hour ago

This is the most exciting news so far, I could hear those rats scrambling and screeching. I hope some of them will just kill them selves for doing such evil to a sitting president.

Alice Kroeker

Alice Kroeker1 hour ago

I see God waving the magic wand with Trump.

cornelia wissing

cornelia wissing1 hour ago

FBI and CIA and NSA and who else? (That’s now apart from individuals like Schiff, Nadler, and various other Dems …)

theron farrer

theron farrer42 minutes ago

We the American people demand justice! This phony baloney circus needs to be wrapped up with the indictment and prosecuting of all parties involved in this travesty.I pray God expose these demon cockroaches and give them their rewards according to their works.

Bill Sanderson

Bill Sanderson1 minute ago

Everybody said Robert Mueller is a straight arrow. That changed when he refused to exonerate Trump. Funny.

Mel Graner1

Mel Graner123 minutes ago

I think people should concentrate on the past misdemeanours of Creepy Joe Biden. Put a tape together showing people just what he does and says. Let them know they tried a ‘labotomy’ on Biden to see if that would stop his impulses with children. “Choking the chicken”, etc. He’s gross and he has ties with the countries his son has done business with while Creepy was Vice President! Damn! Republicans wake up! Match those Democrat criminals!

Suzanne Muliolis

Suzanne Muliolis26 minutes ago

The election is 18 months away. Biden may be in an orange suit by then

Pritt Singh

Pritt Singh21 minutes ago

Welcome welcome to the hunger games 2019. The charade continues.

Chris Wood

Chris Wood57 minutes ago

All I hear is talk, talk, talk, committee this and committee that! This investigation is ongoing, that investigation is ongoing! FFS! Forrest Gump would be more positive and effective! Joe Public would at the very least be under arrest by now which is why I’ll not hold my breath about Clinton and any of her cohorts landing in jail. Money and connections count!

mike .D

mike .D1 hour ago

its grefr us in teh rest of teh world seeing how screwed up the USA is ! I dont think even Mr Trump can fox that swamp !

Paul Osborne

Paul Osborne1 hour ago

Just love how she rails on the “Verified” when was the last time she verified any thing. Ron for sure… Another Cheerleader that somehow made it to the top… Funny how they are all well you know.

Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith42 minutes ago


I am God

I am God1 hour ago

Tired of hearing about the crimes and double dealings involved regarding the left. Everybody knows about it, and we are also tired of hearing about the ever pending but imminent jail terms for these crooks. Please only report when there’s something new or everything is said and done.

Laurie Sellers

Laurie Sellers4 minutes ago

Sorry Carl… Bob Mueller is not a straight arrow! And neither are you !

Bill Sanderson

Bill Sanderson4 minutes ago

William P Barr is going to jail. He’ll join Mnuchin.

Marvin Olvera

Marvin Olvera9 minutes ago

It’s about time they are exposed for doing wrong!!

Michael McMenzie

Michael McMenzie1 hour ago

My strategy would be to put Sleepy Joe and Hillary in jail that’s 2 less problems

Larry Quagon

Larry Quagon56 seconds ago

The can of worms is still being empty more an more .the suspence is killing .what a soap .lol stay tuned folks .to has the goverment

Steven Bronchak

Steven Bronchak1 hour ago

Prosecuting Comey would send a clear message to everybody.

Fran Tabor

Fran Tabor27 minutes ago

No Russian embassy in Miami? Was that too deep a secret to check?

Winston Pariag

Winston Pariag38 minutes ago

I don’t beg god gave me Avery thing u stole it

Michael McMenzie

Michael McMenzie1 hour ago

Good show waiting for someone to say someone is going to jail

Winston Pariag

Winston Pariag42 minutes ago

The key is uall are fruds thift Terris muders

Mr Gadget

Mr Gadget1 hour ago

The Democrats thought they had the election in the bag and all of this would disappear because they were in control. Now, the Dems have a hair on their biscuit.

Laura Prokopetz

Laura Prokopetz1 hour ago

But gratuitous info is ok if it about PRESIDENT TRUMP…..hey yah that it’s perfectly ok….RIGHT??????

Curly Frazier

Curly Frazier51 minutes ago

It wasn’t a “Clinton Fantasy”! They knew it was a lie. They fabricated it as propaganda.

Troy Hidalgo

Troy Hidalgo1 hour ago

Just say it, collecting data on everything


ZLC26031 hour ago

Just wondering what laws all these snakes passin behind our back

Elvin Pena

Elvin Pena12 minutes ago

MIB uses tabloids, why not the FBI…

Donna Schneider

Donna Schneider37 minutes ago

She is so funny. So dramtic.

Stuart Mcleod

Stuart Mcleod15 minutes ago (edited)

There’s media reports of Obama administration spying in 2010 ……Remember the journalist Micheal Hastings BMW blew up and his engine blew 150 yards away , witnesses said his car was on flames b4 it crashed into a tree , Neighbors said they heard a massive explosion…….he told family & friends he was about to expose the C_A ?? ( Brennan Spying ) sound familiar ? ……wikileaks released a statement after his death saying they were in touch with him ???? Obama jailed more journalists & whistleblowers than ALL Previous Presidents together Came out soon after that a car can be Hacked into and controlled…….

Michael Phillippi

Michael Phillippi36 minutes ago

Some third grader calculated those poll numbers.

The Greatest Motherfucker Ever

The Greatest Motherfucker Ever9 minutes ago

Hey trish. Micheal Jackson called. He wants his nose back

Curly Frazier

Curly Frazier31 minutes ago

Polls are created by MSM who by & large conspired against Pres Trump with the Clinton machinery. So why mention them?


railroaded20 minutes ago

And in the end nothing will happen to anyone. .but I am sure of 2 things… my taxes will go up and more illegal immigrants will come in to the USA. .

Winston Pariag

Winston Pariag40 minutes ago

Avery time u call god call the lives u distroy

Micheline Burgett

Micheline Burgett2 hours ago

Canada , there is a woman who knows all . The Lady I had been watching since the C.N.N. started to talked about Collusion . She was in Video You Tube working with her Son . She said she was Psychic name ‘ s Violetta and she talked about Mueller will never live President Trump , She talked about Russia ‘ s bank investigation from Mueller to President Trump , she said about Invanka , Melania Trump and Donald J.Trump , Jr . She said about a war between Democrats and Republicans , a big War and people will go to jails others will leave the U.S. to Canada , She said about Mrs .Clinton and Obama , she talked about how the want money , they want President Trump and his Family ‘ s money and all their own , etc…



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    • Dan Hammer

      Right, next week, next month? A year from now? Speculation? Tired of this everyone is going to jail and everyone’s going to be charged. I will believe it when I see it!

    • Anonymous

      Not a single Swamp Thing has been charged with a crime in the charade.




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