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All Hell Broke Loose at FBI After Sen. Thom Tillis Went on Live TV & Announced This Over Russia Probe - Great Video!

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Published on May 15, 2019


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SJG SJG51 minutes ago

The Dems are all snuggled up hiding under a piss soaked blanket right about now.😄👍

Angel Lollar

Angel Lollar1 hour ago (edited)

Plead 5th Jr. Neil is not the same person any more. Sad. Hannity and lngram best. Barr is one of the best AG ever had.

The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout56 minutes ago

I’m sick of hearing the same crap. They know there are numerous criminal issues with Hilliar’s emails, yet they dance around it. They dance around treasonous issues. People need to be put behind bars…

Donna E Turner

Donna E Turner1 hour ago

Hey Cavuto: your friends are going to jail!

Robert Lashier

Robert Lashier45 minutes ago

That’s all that the democratic party will base thier election on.. Alleged false accusations.

Duane Bettger

Duane Bettger43 minutes ago

The problem goes back to JFK with his assassination. The fact that Ford, GHB, Hoover, and Johnson that had the FBI involved and that JFK’s documents are still sealed until ALL those that were involved will be dead. Those people got away with the murder of the POTUS.

Robert Schaeffer

Robert Schaeffer54 minutes ago

Menendez didn’t get his handout from the “pay to play” from the Clinton Klan…

Hal Moore

Hal Moore14 minutes ago

to date name anyone appointed by Obama that has not turned out to be a corrupted crook…

Lidia Stremciuc

Lidia Stremciuc33 minutes ago

MUELLER is a TRAITOR and ENEMY of our country and want to destroy AMERICAN people he got paid by SOROS


dksta234648 minutes ago

Respectfully President Trump you have been treated terribly and I think heads had better roll for that but the biggest hoax ever in the United States it that Obama was ever eligible to the Presidency Of The United States Of America. Democrats are an enemy to the Country and the Constitution. There are fonts that did not exist in 1961 present in the birth certificate published by the White House and claimed as legitimate publicly by Obama himself.

Dana May

Dana May46 minutes ago

You people need to get all communists out of the computers, phones and technology . We have plenty if Amercans who are smart enough to fill those jobs.

Ralph Scheibler

Ralph Scheibler53 minutes ago

Cavuto= meathead Dead from the neck up.

Brenda Rose

Brenda Rose49 minutes ago

Demoncrats are acting like babies

Mark Pedrick

Mark Pedrick37 minutes ago

Don jr, please remember hillerpies appearances in front of Congress when she used phrases like “I don’t recall”, “My memory is not clear on that”, “I’m not sure” and of course, my all time favorite: “At this point in time, what difference does it make?”.

Canadian Civilian

Canadian Civilian31 minutes ago

You folks better start paying attention, Canada today is closer to Nazi Germany than it is like the freedom loving Country it was just 4 years ago, how long do you really think it’ll be before it’s upon YOU.

Barry Sheridan51 minutes ago

Reopen the reinvestigation well if the Democrats do that pay for it out of the DNC the government’s not giving you any money out of their government account you’re on your own

Donald Zorniger

Donald Zorniger24 minutes ago

The players in this international coup against America will be exposed.

Mr Smith

Mr Smith16 minutes ago

Unless you talk bad about Trump the Soros media does not want to talk. The media is DemonRat propaganda. Turds in the punch bowl. They always go negative on the best Pres ever. Screw the media


StopPayingUnionDues26 minutes ago

Harris did overstate her credibility. She’s a dope or she thinks the rest of us are. If she doesn’t know or understand the deep state she needs to retire.



kevin hagarman

kevin hagarman19 minutes ago




M Diesel

M Diesel4 minutes ago

I love your channel name 💯 TO ALL: spread love and really read Yeshua/Jesus’ teachings. Pray to Him before you do, and ask for the guidance from The Holy Spirit to find Yeshua/Jesus. He simply IS. He is The Truth, The Way, and The Light. May you find Him now. God Bless to all 🙏🙏🙏



Franco Loconte

Franco Loconte2 minutes ago

Projecting Obstruction while committing Obstruction is the New Democratic Party or the old Soviet Union.



caroyln ankrum

caroyln ankrum37 seconds ago

CIA helping to investigate the FBI! How cool! The Bureau is in deep trouble now!



Mr Smith

Mr Smith21 minutes ago

We the people know that if many DemoRats are not put in prison then we will truly know that the entire system is corrupt and no one should support it. period.



vincent collette

vincent collette59 minutes ago

Richard Burr will loose my vote if Don jr. has to be subjected to question’s again!



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Michael Daly

Michael Daly16 minutes ago

What a clown with the bucket of chicken , he is totally delusional .



caroyln ankrum

caroyln ankrum2 minutes ago

Not questionable practices: failure to follow FBI protocol, a non- investigation and reliance on Socialist MSM rags ( Mother Jones) ,foreign hostile nations, and extreme bias…just to mention a few! Has the FBI become the Socialist pundit and KGB for those it cannot control or are the real investigators and Patriots going to force this Bureau back from the brink of obstructionism and biased cover-ups? Time will tell….



Kim Coughlin

Kim Coughlin2 minutes ago

The democrats want Trump Jr to hopefully trap him they are dirty players..Jr should take the fifth and tell them to go to hell…



Barry Sheridan

Barry Sheridan54 minutes ago

Traps that what there doing…….double geperty…



kasey j

kasey j6 minutes ago

it seems as though a large group of retardicans has assembled here to make each other feel good about their shortcomings.



Keith Boyd

Keith Boyd16 minutes ago

Russia has NOT been backing Iran ‘from the beginning’. That’s a slanted narrative. Russia has been a strategic ally of the legitimate government of Syria since the 1970′s!!! Russia has one base outside of their territory and that is in Syria … for decades! The Yanks have… how may?? Syria IS allowed to have allies… like the Yanks have allies too.



Oldliver Goodhag

Oldliver Goodhag42 minutes ago

Funny she sounds just like a demo rat..



Donald Williams

Donald Williams19 minutes ago

After Don Jr. Who’s next.



Ken Robison

Ken Robison15 minutes ago

Does the government really care? Why didn’t Barack Obama veto the sale a 20% of the US uranium to Russia? Why was the Clinton foundation paid a 145 million dollars for the uranium paid by Russia? Why wasn’t Anthony Wiener charge for having classified documents on his laptop? They’re trying to overthrow a duly elected president.

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Roxanne McCray

Roxanne McCray7 minutes ago

PS Hey Cavuto , You say you don’t believe in that sort of thing . WeLLLL, What You Need to Ask Yourself Cavuto , What if it’s all True ,? The only thing you can do with money is leave it to some one else Norm/Herd



Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser43 minutes ago

Snore, it will be years before anything happens if anything happens at all. This is all theater, lies, disinformation, distraction and epic foot dragging.



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Brian Renaud

Brian Renaud43 minutes ago

she won a pullitzer? hahaha



Barry Sheridan

Barry Sheridan51 minutes ago

Donald Trump don’t have to give you s**. As far as I’m concerned this is double jeopardy the investigation was over. It’s like a fishing trip you didn’t catch anything so you want to keep keep throwing your line in well this ain’t a fishing trip and if you don’t watch out you’re going to get throwed the f** overboard



Wanda Roderick

Wanda Roderick42 minutes ago (edited)

I remember when you went Rhino on the president tillis I would not vote for you nor listen to you not much of what you say means anything anymore you’re a damn Rhino now right along with Rand Paul and the rest of them that went against the president we know who you are, election time and re-election time they’re going to vote for somebody else your ass is out we don’t want rhinos in there we don’t like backstabbers in there and that’s what you are

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Bud Budy

Bud Budy34 minutes ago

Tom Tillis is a disgrace to the voters of n.c.. He’s like grass and blows with the wind. No guts just trying to cover his useless tracks.




1079walter54 minutes ago

Cavuto makes me sick…MSNBC-bound, and not a minute too soon!!!



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Mr. E

Mr. E7 minutes ago

Bomb iran.

Joel Rausch

Joel Rausch25 minutes ago

Cavuto has a distracting voice…sounds like he has a huge phlegm clam stuck in his throat…how the hell did he ever get a job as a commentator…




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