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This Will Leave You Speechless! It's Actually Happening - Video

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Anonymous Official

Published on Jun 8, 2019


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Daniel23 hours ago

(((They))) have been controlling and abusing us for a very long time, but don’t forget, no king rules forever.

Mr Smiley

Mr Smiley20 hours ago

It’s a big boys club and we ain’t in it. – George Carlin -

scott thompson

scott thompson22 hours ago

Thank you, Please keep the info flowing, It is show time.


9288Savior21 hours ago (edited)

” Kingdoms rise to power and kingdoms fall to dust” – Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage)

Side Winder

Side Winder22 hours ago

This is made all possible because people/kids do not study history and take advantage of their liberties. Living life is a full time job.

whiteagle 1965

whiteagle 196520 hours ago (edited)

Maybe it’s time, we the People compile a list of such evil. And go about systematically eradicating the problem.

Geoff Pace

Geoff Pace16 hours ago

“Man learns from history that he does not learn from history.” ~ George Santayana (1863—1952) Philosopher extraordinaire

Kazeee Vaughan

Kazeee Vaughan21 hours ago

This should be taught to every child, in every school, in EVERY country.. Knowledge is genuine power..

David Whitehouse

David Whitehouse20 hours ago (edited)

Funding both sides of wars.rothschid and JP Morgan.

James Egan

James Egan22 hours ago

Nice video for People that are not in the Know, Sometimes its hard show your friends “Conspiracy Videos” without them taking it seriously. This not one of those videos and clearly explains how a family can go from nothing to the wealthiest in the world controlling Media, Politics and Religion. Good video for sharing among friends, save the more deeper Satanic side for later, plus video length is perfect in the land of You-Tube

Slappy Chap

Slappy Chap20 hours ago



wonfeather21 hours ago

The whole world is run by the devil. Love your neighbor and fellow man to destroy these demons.

Jon Jonsrud

Jon Jonsrud21 hours ago

(((They))) are sick

Neil C

Neil C22 hours ago

The Democratic party is 100% evil now ever since the CIA killed Kennedy


V23 hours ago

Y’all the best Anonymous. The best!

eyes wide open

eyes wide open21 hours ago

Our history is all based around corruption and greed.

Gizmo Balboa

Gizmo Balboa19 hours ago

Everybody must listen to Benjamin Freidman Famous speech at hotel ( Willard I think ) (()) Are behind all of this

Victoria J

Victoria J22 hours ago (edited)

these men in small hats have been moving from country to country for centuries causing war, debt, moral decay, enslavement, chaos, social collapse they are kicked out of countries for good reason but they play victim and claim persecution banking, diamonds, gold, porn, Hollywood, media – all run by satanists

Guy Lemay

Guy Lemay21 hours ago

No BANK is too big to fall …pass it on!

Tony Beech

Tony Beech21 hours ago

Good men are still overlooking the Rothchilds

Kobayashi Maru

Kobayashi Maru22 hours ago

We need to get together and sort ‘them’ out NOW

Joe Bigs

Joe Bigs22 hours ago


Theresa Ridgeway

Theresa Ridgeway20 hours ago (edited)

Yeah and Adam Shiff is the great great grandson of these elitist. Go figure! The corruption continues. What’s he doing in our Congress?

Dark Circles

Dark Circles22 hours ago

Hey its Bill Still when he was young!

green street

green street22 hours ago

treat them like the old days and drag them out of bed and put them on display for the community

Robert Dobbs

Robert Dobbs23 hours ago (edited)

Thank you it is always about wanting more what ever we have they want metal’s jewels industry high tech now they want us controld so it entertains them only one way to deal with these people ? 🇬🇧

Asil Nike

Asil Nike16 hours ago

🕊 EPHESIANS 5:11 Have NOTHING to do with the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; but rather, EXPOSE THEM! The end result for these maggots is an eternal hell of pain and gnashing of teeth. Come Lord Jesus!

Boo Cat

Boo Cat20 hours ago

Always worth repeating , and repeating . New audiences , new enlightened people .

Rod Fast

Rod Fast22 hours ago

There’s a very special place in hell for these monsters

Kevin Lemcom

Kevin Lemcom22 hours ago

Death to the Bankers!!

Monique Harris

Monique Harris17 hours ago (edited)

BAUER aka Rothschild-BILDERBERG, CFR etc. on and on… TRUST No ONE 🤨


Gads22 hours ago

This video approved by Rothschilds and YT


muscles18 hours ago

Facebook won’t let u share this YouTube and Facebook and Google are all a part of it too

Sam Sung

Sam Sung22 hours ago

This is sick and true how did the people allow this to happen God help us all to end their devil ways and delete their control

Jon Anthony

Jon Anthony21 hours ago

So now what..? Should we take what ours with our muscles? I say ‘Hell yes’

Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones22 hours ago

LP In Toto Is More Informative😊 Gratitude

Clint Whatley

Clint Whatley22 hours ago

Old Recordings. Heard years ago

Ryan Boerder

Ryan Boerder22 hours ago

Kings will bleed like the rest of us….when the day of judgement comes we will know ones true self..

A w674563

A w67456322 hours ago

2030 2030 2030 2030 2030 United Nations. Enslavement of the whole human race. Prepare for war. SIEGE the system.

Jo Smith

Jo Smith21 hours ago

Rome always falls. If peoples can’t bring it down, God will.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat21 hours ago

Viva la revolution! Bring down these tyrants.


Lady-Lynn15 hours ago

I’ve know this for a years, but knowing is only half the battle!

Mike Gyver

Mike Gyver21 hours ago

It was actually back in the Tower of Babylon it is just in different colours and clothing but what about the gun powder plot plan.

jesse rafferty

jesse rafferty18 hours ago

I’m happy with the way world is progressing, someone needs to be in control of the controllers

David Anthony

David Anthony19 hours ago

2.5 million subscribers And you guys copy other people’s videos… I get it though, Just wish you Did link the actual videos in the descriptions.


loadmaster6121 hours ago

Does anyone remember Eisenhower’s warning to the American people.

Greg Wells

Greg Wells21 hours ago

Having a sale on caskets for those that would rather just down out.

The Cryptid Hunters Of Pennsylvania

The Cryptid Hunters Of Pennsylvania22 hours ago

Tgis so called shadow war is a long been thought out process in ordwr to make dollar collapse and create the one world currency that has been in transistion since the early 2000s people. Its all staged for this. Well its just an observation on my part

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic22 hours ago

Episode sponsored by Skull and Bones lodge.

Suleman Pandor

Suleman Pandor19 hours ago

Anybody wants to buy pitchforks. Discount on multiple orders


Bullwinkle20 hours ago

They do not sleep well at night knowing that one day, the people will wake up.

Heith Watkins

Heith Watkins4 hours ago

Thanks for your video. Excellent information. People better wake up FAST.

John Burrows

John Burrows22 hours ago

Bolshevicks. All members of the tribe

Pamela Shannon

Pamela Shannon19 hours ago

You know it’s wicked when you hear a white person born a jew 😂 What a joke. All this mess in place by the seed of do wrong. I know the wicked wants control but I serve and know the MOST HIGH YAH ain’t hav’en it!.

William Washington

William Washington16 hours ago

Why did Youtube recommend this video. Even if it’s true, there’s little that could be done to change a system this integrated.

shqipe belgjike

shqipe belgjike2 hours ago (edited)

The TRUTH shall set you FREE Jesus is Lord and Saviour, He is the TRUTH


jsmyth02418 hours ago

Y’all STILL focusing on this BS yet not doing a damn thing about it? Weak.

Huzaifa TheUnique

Huzaifa TheUnique4 hours ago

Anonymity gives Us both Freedom and Security. Join the Anonymous.

misha doz

misha doz21 hours ago

Time is coming accept jesus as the true messiah. God bless you

Jenster 43

Jenster 4323 hours ago

Illuminati vs lizard squad vs anonymous vs fbi vs swat vs spetznaz WHO WOULD WIN

DB Cooper

DB Cooper20 hours ago

The leggings ll👀k great! Butt no rear entry? 👍🏻🤣


Noneone7 hours ago

Now, imagine that the government is confusing us and make false information spread. (*Reverse card activate!)

Leo Cruz

Leo Cruz23 hours ago

No views? WTF that’s strange..

moe kirkulu

moe kirkulu4 hours ago

They plan, and god plans. Surely god is the best of planners Quran 8:30

Tony Mongo

Tony Mongo22 hours ago

Why that weird Voice 😂 .sounds like Arnim Zola from captain America.

Jason C

Jason C11 hours ago

good video just a warning alot of my favorite channel’s are being shut down over posting things like this so please backup every video.

gllo gle

gllo gle21 hours ago (edited)

Let it start. They for sure do not have my capabilities and knowledge to survive, and it is imposible that they are more armed than I am. Lets play you paedophilic psychopaths!!!

Above the Lies

Above the Lies22 hours ago

find everyone of them and execute them ,every single one…

dream team

dream team17 hours ago

Been telling people and they are in shock, unable to believe! NWO=satan

Carrol Clark

Carrol Clark15 hours ago

When you know who the military really should be attacking

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore7 hours ago

Ask yourself one question. How did Germany go from absolutely nothing to a pre and mid war economic superpower? Without bankers?

Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda15 hours ago

all the Information in this video I know for 20 Years – but it is a good sample for 15 Minutes !

jo phoenix

jo phoenix11 hours ago

Zionist shadow government that control the deep state who are puppet bureaucrats worker bees without real power its the Zionist who work in the shadows and control the Federal Reserve a private Banking carbal


NATHAN M.20 hours ago

We will watch Jesus throw them into an eternal lake of fire.

Mike Delaney

Mike Delaney22 hours ago

This group of b***he’s do exist . When I was on Instagram with a few different profiles I had some high level members to start following me . They were 33rd degree and higher . In their pics all you will see are mainly money . Some actually have pics of the Bible and a Satanic book . They were wanting me to join to gain fame and fortune . I had following me on there and they wanted a piece of the action that happened naturally for me . Your soul is worth more than what any fame and fortune will bring !

Beverly Drew

Beverly Drew19 hours ago

Death is the great equalizer. These psychopaths cannot take it with them, and they certainly cannot buy their way out of HELL . . .

John Ellison

John Ellison1 hour ago

And we are all watching this video on youtube which is also owned and controlled by guess who?

Sheila Becker

Sheila Becker22 hours ago

BUT … THEY … weren’t EDUCATED, IN THE TRUTH, sooo … they aren’t counting on WHAT LAY IN THE TRUTH! REALITY, WILL SOON, SET IN!!!

Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro9 hours ago (edited)

Well, if it ain’t a much younger Bill Still! Still exposing the COUP. Well done! This HIDDEN HISTORY deserves exposure!

prabhas fans

prabhas fans23 hours ago

Anonymous is great


N E D18 hours ago

Why did YouTube recommend me this. Good video but I don’t know how the stuff I watch gives me Anonymous

El Chapo Audits

El Chapo Audits17 hours ago

Hi Anon I subbed I am a copwatcher government watcher thank you

Basrah's world

Basrah’s world19 hours ago (edited)

CFR !!!! UN !!!!! I hope they all dieeeeeeee and go 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

Lyena Atonyicq

Lyena Atonyicq21 hours ago

so many comments and literally NO ONE is talking about gathering into one and fighting against.only proves about poor goats needed to be controlled by the elite.

Brett Octane

Brett Octane22 hours ago (edited)

11:00 … can put an end to what ? It’s cut off …

Rodney Lennox

Rodney Lennox5 hours ago

Ty so much for all your knowledge. God Bless You

Eli Childers

Eli Childers2 hours ago

How can we(society) become the government? Give me positive feedback.


JIMMY JUKEBOX42042 minutes ago

Cestui Cue Vie Act of 1666 And Unum Sanctum Trust Read about Both OF Them. 👍


_________19 hours ago

Your enemy can be only your mind, your thoughts. Don’t take it seriously, don’t believe anything. You’re safe, never worry about anything!

Communist Takeover Of America

Communist Takeover Of America21 hours ago

the group the man in this video is talking about is the committee of 300

Angela Radomski

Angela Radomski16 hours ago

This is one of my earliest video I seen that started me on my journey. Y’all and the charity were the next and I went from their! GOD BLESS ALL YOU DO!! 😇👋👋👋👋😇😇

Eli Childers

Eli Childers2 hours ago

If people didn’t suck into the concept of “god” this wouldn’t be a video. Brainwash.


G ANGEL V18 hours ago

Crazy how Bible says we would be decieved

Olga Grekova

Olga Grekova20 hours ago


Truth seeker

Truth seeker20 hours ago

Love the Photoshop thumbnail!

spitzndtruth 1

spitzndtruth 111 hours ago

Someone will lead… absolute power corrupts absolutely

Dave ditchdigger

Dave ditchdigger22 hours ago

This is from the John Birch Society, they have a lot of good speeches.

Rosanna Miller

Rosanna Miller15 hours ago

I’m not speechless. You’re gay. So what?!? SMH.

Bill Mccloy

Bill Mccloy14 hours ago

I love that VOICE! Thanks! Rhodes scholar-Bill Clinton!


Nexus19 hours ago

I’m curious as to how long this video will be up with all the clamp downs, or is it misinformation, controlled information or to gauge reaction

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  • AnaKosa

    The video is no longer available, maybe was taken down by youtube.




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