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Obama: The Hezbollah Cover-up & Bruce Ohr Connection - Video

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DECLASSIFIED – The Epoch Times

Published on Jun 14, 2019

Terrorists linked to Iranian-backed Hezbollah were stockpiling bomb-making ingredients, including three tons of ammonium nitrate, in London in 2015 in what was described as a “secret British bomb factory,” the Daily Telegraph reported this week. The 2015 case was kept “hidden from the public” until now. Original article:…



Howard Zacklan

Howard Zacklan7 hours ago

What’s in a name? EVERYTHING!!! From day one I told all who would listen to me this, “Why would I vote for a man whose name is, “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!” This man attempted to secretly destroy our nation from the inside out! Barack Hussein Obama began what we are now witnessing within our nation! He began the hatred of our law enforcement! Hussein began the thoughts of racism within our nation when there was no need to do such a thing! And Obama loves our enemies and hated our allies within this world! This man rewarded Iran and ignored and despised Israel! President Trump is going through hell because of this man!

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H/T: Robert Fleming


Last One standing

Last One standing8 hours ago

Obama and his administration were always anti American..

Ronald Sinclair

Ronald Sinclair8 hours ago

Obuma and those in his administration are traitors. That man belongs on trial for treason against not just America but humanity as well..


RUGIS8 hours ago (edited)

☝🏽 DECLASSIFIED is the #1 Source of hard hitting, detail rich, and professionally produced alternative news source on the web! Great Job Epoch Times on Reporting the latest news that the Mockingbird Media refuses to cover!

Days Al

Days Al8 hours ago

EXPOSED OBAMA and Hezbollah COVER UP.???

WeMustResist Earth

WeMustResist Earth8 hours ago

Double treason by Obama. First treason was the deal with Iran, which was at war the the USA at that time. Second treason was to frustrate the law enforcement investigation into Hizbollah, which was at war with the USA at the time.

Van Provost

Van Provost7 hours ago

We don’t need prosecutions with long jail sentences. We need prosecutions with executions.

Gary Jones

Gary Jones7 hours ago

all perpetrators are enemies of the the state,should be held to military tribunal

Jack Flash

Jack Flash8 hours ago (edited)

Sounds like Treason to me. DECLASSIFIED is getting better by the day. Thanks to all of you there for bringing us the truth.

Crop Duster

Crop Duster8 hours ago

Unbelievable.How can all these players keep getting away with such crimes?No accountability for their actions.How deep does this really go?


TheLawDemon8 hours ago

Kudos Jeff Carlson. Great report. Thanks, Shakespeare for laying it out for us. You all are still doing exceptional work. Thank you, and please keep it coming.

Pete hort

Pete hort7 hours ago

Keep it up Jeff you are one of the best journalists of our times , and Gina is one of the best reporters , You are blessed Jeff.


LA TAINA8 hours ago

ODUMMA’S master plan to destroy America via Iran

Daniel Christensen

Daniel Christensen8 hours ago (edited)

How can it any longer be denied we’ve been betrayed and exposed to all our enemies? I think if we do not address this with resolute determination toward unflinching justice we’ll never fully recover our country and will leave it to some future generation to repeat

K Vjqxzz

K Vjqxzz8 hours ago

but of course the Iran deal was not written down and signed off by anyone – it was all handshakes and wink-wink in the back room…no deal really exists – just an ungentlemanly dirty deal

Philo Kvetch

Philo Kvetch8 hours ago

Wow! Now this is REAL news! Declassified is so on top of these stories that we hardly ever hear them anywhere else. This is exactly why I read the Epoch Times first thing in the morning. Thank you, Gina 🙏

Todd Outdoors

Todd Outdoors7 hours ago

Day 1 I knew 0bama was not a friend to US!


KAREN B KOOP6 hours ago (edited)


Black Hole Guy

Black Hole Guy8 hours ago

Am I the only one that feels it’s strange to find an American president under the desk of Iranian leaders? 😬


4thekids7 hours ago

Iran accepts bribes to allow businesses/contracts inside the country and then turns around and threatens exposure/blackmail of those world leaders to the tune of billions?

Todd Outdoors

Todd Outdoors7 hours ago

Also look to 0bama and hilary to see many ties to Iran, from 0bamas top people to Chelsea Clintons husband. Unseal 0bamas records and DNA, I’ll bet he isnt 1/2 anything but all middle eastern.


REAL GAMIN 4EVA!!8 hours ago

Good day lady!! What an accent. Thanks for keeping the screws to Obama’s ass.

John Hanson

John Hanson8 hours ago

We can not trust the UK who hooked up with Barry. These countries need to be sanctioned. Barry is a traitor to our country

jerry sanders

jerry sanders3 hours ago

Obozo the most corrupt USA-hating administration in history💰🗳🐀

Gabby Rios

Gabby Rios6 hours ago

Gina, your news videos continue to be hard hitting and accurate. Thank you for providing us with information without bias.

Mo Liére

Mo Liére6 hours ago (edited)

Astonishing corruption and cover up. Hope all the facts will be brought to light…Thanks Gina, again a crisp and powerful presentation!


Padd8 hours ago

To think that anything coming from British Intelligence can be true, at this point, is ridiculous. This information , like all information coming from any of the “FIVE EYES” is designed to steer the minds of the citizens so they can be milked or slaughtered as the Oligarchs (Using the Bankers/Oil Companies/Military Industrial Complex/internet tech/medical industry etc.) see fit!!! They do not have your interests in mind to protect.

Andre Robert Drouin

Andre Robert Drouin7 hours ago

Wonder if Bama will pay for the obstruction and the Russia deal not to forget the Mexican arms deal to cartels and giving away a fortune in secret to Iran call him a traitor

Jeanie Rides

Jeanie Rides1 hour ago



sfen24058 hours ago

This just keeps getting better and better!

Buck Browning

Buck Browning8 hours ago

And the muslim brotherhood was in the White house.. Valerie Jarrett was the silent evil behind Obama.. 8yrs of TREASON folks and an ongoing attempted coup.. Now you know why our beloved President is in their crosshair.. God please protect our President & family..

Christina Miller

Christina Miller7 hours ago (edited)

Excellent reporting Epoch Times, thank you for that you do to keep us informed; God Bless you all. Barack Hussein Obama aka The Iranian Agent of Influence with Valerie Jarrett as his Handler!

Joel Richard

Joel Richard8 hours ago (edited)

Where was this channel two years ago? It’s about time!

William Paul

William Paul6 hours ago

Obama gave aid and comfort to our enemies! He was two faced! One face claimed to help America. The other was helping our enemies. Fast and Furious. Benghazi. Iran paid cash! Weaken military.

tom schmidt

tom schmidt7 hours ago

When (& if) Barrie gets charged with treason he will claim citizenship of Kenya or Yemen & not US citizenship to avoid execution. Just a theory…

carole lerman

carole lerman3 hours ago

FBI and CIA are totally out of control! Agreement not signed? No wonder Trump said it was a bad deal!

Beth lovesnature

Beth lovesnature7 hours ago

Huhha, yet more corruption… Is there any end to this? The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. Every crack and crevice has stench in,on, or near it. Thanking God for POTUS.

Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence5 hours ago

We need to pull our 5 eyes agreement with European countries. They have been overrun by anti-American influences.

Peggy Vick

Peggy Vick6 hours ago (edited)

Glenn Beck, when he was on Fox, begged us to NOT Elect Obumber! He had done an extensive background on Obama, & exposed him to be a puppet of The Muslim BROTHERHOOD! Their 16 year plan, to DESTROY AMERICA, was found, 8 years of O, then Hillary 8 years! This scandal, is involved WORLDWIDE, & multiple Leaders!

Andre Robert Drouin

Andre Robert Drouin7 hours ago

Bama was more interested in the glory of sealing deals than protecting our an other nations , the glory seeker was a pro muslim no matter the damage to peace

david eliassen

david eliassen8 hours ago

Russia gate was just an arse covering exercise, a symptom of all of this. This makes russiagate look tiny

william bell

william bell6 hours ago

It is starting to look like HRC’s server was the back channel to communicate, not just to avoid foia laws. We know the white house was aware of it and had used it.

Amia Kana

Amia Kana22 minutes ago

Lord help us, bring Obama and his administration to justice. Thank you Lord.


cXc7 hours ago


al meggs

al meggs1 hour ago

What an incredible loving accent in the voice of an awesome beat young lady I remain mesmerized by you forevermore!

Scott Aberle

Scott Aberle7 hours ago

Have to start calling you BNN………… BEST NEWS NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!

robert ingalls

robert ingalls2 hours ago

Your beauty is distracting…! Bless you, Gina!

savannah ga

savannah ga8 hours ago

Grear work gina!


nanosun8 hours ago

Purge & downsize the ” F I B “, doj, cia, nsa, irs, state dept and more ! ( come on Whistle blowers step forward… Or LEAK, and get some respect back, the scandals are to omnipresent, taking the Nuremberg defense won’t work! (they told me to do it) ) Then mail out the savings in Gov rebate check$ and building a Large wall, big enough to hold a high speed Hyper-loop train. It’s YOUR money ! Use it when and where YOU want to ! CALL 1-877-Ca$h-Cow NOW !!!

Norbert Mongeon Sr

Norbert Mongeon Sr7 hours ago

Great job Gina//as usual THANKS


smoothtwh8 hours ago (edited)

… annnd What about the 20% of the American Uranium Killary n he stole and sent to Russia? Then before leaving office gave Russia the okay to send thousands of metric tons of that Uranium to his muslims brothers in Iran.

Johnny Tramain

Johnny Tramain2 hours ago

Great job Ms. Shakespeare, As Winston Churchill famously said, “never give up, never give up, never give up”. Thank you for your service.

Señor Carlos

Señor Carlos7 hours ago

Obama should be locked up. PRONTO.

Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus5 hours ago

Another EXCELLENT source of what we’d NEVER know, Thank you Jeff and Gina and EPOCH TIMES…….

R E Malm

R E Malm5 hours ago

… Kudos to you Gina and your team for a job well and Gina your a sight to be hold☺… Our kiwi chick!😁… Gud Day!…

sam phi

sam phi6 hours ago

The White House follows the Epoch Times. I got it in an email from the WH. Great job Gina and those behind the scenes for doing real journalism.

Preaching 2Surviellance

Preaching 2Surviellance5 hours ago

Gina? Classic beauty, diction, MY🍵TEA

Sue Poch

Sue Poch7 hours ago (edited)

TFS Gina & Jeff Carlson! 👍👍👍👍👍☮️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Obama should be in prison!!!

Pete hort

Pete hort7 hours ago

More over its time to say goodbye to Iran , BYE BYE IRAN.

Michael 1723

Michael 17233 hours ago

They can’t hide anymore. Dark to light! Enjoy the show. WWG1WGA


Z PATRIOT3 hours ago

Congrats 104k subs. Patriots are spreading the word, advocating on your behalf, pushing the channels importance and relevance.

Mike Fondanova

Mike Fondanova3 hours ago

Willfully Deceived My people perish for a lack of knowledge

Mindy Jo Harrington

Mindy Jo Harrington8 hours ago

(HI-ARE-KEY) You are an awesome reporter.. and with each video your accent isn’t as strong and easier to understand.


yolanda44452 hours ago (edited)

your hair looks nice ….I am a hairdresser and I like your hair up..thanks for the new …time they all put in to jail

Christopher Byrne

Christopher Byrne6 hours ago

Epoch News rocks bringing respect and class back in the news! Thank you!

Debra Gantter

Debra Gantter7 hours ago

Get them all…..thankyou for all your hard work.


D B7 hours ago (edited)

No wonder the democrats are screaming mad. They have been caught outright. Wear your boots everybody, its deep.

Peter V

Peter V5 hours ago

Exceptional report – this real journalism. Thank you.

Jack Hackathorn

Jack Hackathorn2 hours ago

Yummy “Mmm” “Mmm” Good Campbell’s 🐍oup 🐶💭”howl” @ that moon im very four sure❗

Ave Crux

Ave Crux5 hours ago

And NOTHING will be done to prosecute such betrayals?


BearWa11ace20 minutes ago

Love the new curls… beautiful… thank you for the real news!


CAESAR7 hours ago

Barack Obama is an Illegal alien!🔥

OneHung Low

OneHung Low4 hours ago

Can you imagine how good this news channel would be if they had a tenth of the funding that Fox has ?


wolfen2443 hours ago

“I can’t believe that people think I’m a socialist.”–Barry the Fairy on Election night 2012


MAGAman202011073 hours ago

Better check the Mosques in London, England in general and some if not all here in the USA and Canada. European Governments should follow this plan too.

Sean Murph

Sean Murph1 hour ago

Magnificent Gina just magnificent…boy does that open up more doors…my dear God…howzzz Clinton involved with this one…ill bet …great intel epoch times…love you Gina…thanks again…mr carlson…❤

Howard Zacklan

Howard Zacklan7 hours ago

What’s in a name? EVERYTHING!!! From day one I told all who would listen to me this, “Why would I vote for a man whose name is, “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!” This man attempted to secretly destroy our nation from the inside out! Barack Hussein Obama began what we are now witnessing within our nation! He began the hatred of our law enforcement! Hussein began the thoughts of racism within our nation when there was no need to do such a thing! And Obama loves our enemies and hated our allies within this world! This man rewarded Iran and ignored and despised Israel! President Trump is going through hell because of this man!

17 76

17 761 hour ago


Iain Mac Donald

Iain Mac Donald7 hours ago

I remember a story on British news network bbc reported that mi5 had arrested several individuals involved in a bomb making plot involving amonnium nitrate. A couple of ton was found in a lock up but security agencies had cameras inside and where aware of all that was going on .again some clips from this was shown on tv . I think this was a few years back so must be the same plot.. No mention of Hezbollah.

N. Madsen

N. Madsen5 hours ago

Best news source ever! Gina😍Rocks…

Beulah Nix

Beulah Nix7 hours ago

SHARED to many groups.

Russell Almquist

Russell Almquist2 hours ago

Another Great Report – Thank You Gina and all at Declassified – The Epoch Times


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    • Canderson

      This is bullshit because it is the “Elite” themselves that are behind them Commies; and that does not work never ever and then they are subsidized by the western capitalism. (crony capitalism/Monopoly)

      • Canderson

        Obama is just one of their Agents; he is of no free will at all, sounds like them Jesuits, hmm.

    • Canderson

      They say they are not communists; scientific socialism; Fabianism is the greatest Socialism, according to them psychopaths; and the people will never see anything but communism

      • Canderson

        Obama is a fuck doll.

        • Canderson

          And it all is a Muppet show.

        • Canderson

          Perhaps Michael Robinson a priest of the priesthood of Cybele?

    • Anonymous

      ROLLS another MOSSAD shill, pimping for another zionist invasion and slaughter in M.E.
      This fake ghew “patriot” will attack Israel enemies down to the last American troop.
      Meanwhile, American slush fund imploding…

      • Canderson

        American sushi.

        • Canderson

          If not Trump intervene.

          • Canderson

            The real war is against Satanism and the Psychopaths running it.

    • Canderson

      If one puts the whole world under a commie dictatorship and it can not feed itself; what will happen? We soon will see by our own eyes.

      • Canderson

        It is close, very, very close.




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