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President Trump Mulls Federal Action to Intervene on Homelessness in Cities - Video

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Fox News

Published on Jul 2, 2019

President Donald Trump discusses his approval numbers, taking on big tech and the homelessness epidemic on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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mamoud amin

mamoud amin6 hours ago

Please go after the California governor, the California legislature, and at least the Bay Area and Los Angeles area city mayors. Conservatives are hamstrung in California, Mr. President. We need help.

Evo Shift

Evo Shift7 hours ago

Close the borders. Can’t have welfare and open borders. All the Ellis Island immigrants got nothing from our government

Daniel Corica

Daniel Corica7 hours ago

I know on Long Island the house prices are extremely ridiculous if I had to buy a home now…. I don’t think I could

Jason Morton

Jason Morton6 hours ago

Yes New York,California and Illinois Bankruptcy could take down this whole house of cards.Thats there plan!!!

Bridgett M

Bridgett M7 hours ago

We have American children in run down shelters and on the streets homeless with a lot of other Americans (men,women) and they don’t even care the slightest for them. This is sickening 🤮

G. Reilly

G. Reilly8 hours ago

I heard they make shitholes in Frisco now.

sick of liberals

sick of liberals7 hours ago

California is the most liberal and has more homeless than any other state

Linda Perez

Linda Perez8 hours ago

Many weather disasters has caused many people to be homeless. Let’s pray for them also. Put them on that list please…🙏🏽🇺🇸


PatRiot6 hours ago

You mean actively antagonizing and ignoring the homeless didn’t magically fix the problem in California? I’m shocked.

William Morris

William Morris6 hours ago

Cut funding in any sank. Area. Send ice to deport illegal criminals. And arrest officials that aid and abed know criminals. Problem solved.


foulpotato6 hours ago

Lol if he stops the homeless problem, and the cities vote gop , then we can expect a 40 state landslide.

Z. Wilson

Z. Wilson6 hours ago

Obama’s legacy and liberal policy turned those cities into gutters.


groovy7 hours ago

I was deeply impressed by bonsai.And i’m always supporting you from japan.


Blackmanonafence5 hours ago

keep trying to take 2nd amendment rights and you won’t win 2020


W K6 hours ago

Blue-state homelessness has been a serious issue. Good for Trump!

Greek Goddess Iris

Greek Goddess Iris8 hours ago (edited)

Hello from Puerto Rico. Best president ever! WWG1WGA

No worries Mate

No worries Mate7 hours ago

Google 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Let’s see Twitter try banning President Trump!

Veritas Vincit

Veritas Vincit7 hours ago

About time the homeless is a real problems. Well done. Google is not that powerful.

Henry Carmichael

Henry Carmichael7 hours ago

I agree on the City front. We have foreign leaders, foreign businessmen and foreign military tacticians visiting these cities all the time. It does not do well for our international image for these cities to be falling apart.


bmxland5 hours ago

Funny how all the places mentioned as “disgusting” have been under absolute democrat control for years.

beyondtheprogramming6 hours ago (edited)

“Homelessness (unaffordability) IS SEVERELY HURTING the LEGAL CITIZENS in OUR COUNTRY and now those NGOs have assisted 35,000 more Africans to TRAVEL to South America then TRAVEL (WITH THEIR brand-name GEAR and LUGGAGE) to Portland, Maine and we are turning them around before they get here and are DONG SOMETHING TO DISCONTINUE THIS PRACTICE FOR GOOD!!!” that’s the message we wanted to hear. if he can make Kim his friend, then he can easily arrest this George Soros / United Nations sponsored INSANITY! Evil Preaches to EMBRACE Tolerance Until it Dominates All Our Thought Processes – Then It Seeks to Silence Everything That’s Good and True in This World.

Bip Bap7 hours ago

Tolerance of degeneracy leads to San Francisco

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey7 hours ago

I say hold the states accountable for the homelessness in that state.

Tony USA

Tony USA7 hours ago

Homeless people are allowed to camp on AUSTIN TEXAS streets, as of TODAY, allowing them to put tents up. TEXAS DON’T LET IT HAPPEN, AUSTIN’S MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL ARE SOCIALIST CREEPS.

Ken Kirchner

Ken Kirchner7 hours ago

I’m homeless, no car ,no job, only I can help myself

Davinxi P

Davinxi P5 hours ago

All cities should aim to be as clean as Singapore and Japan. They get it done right

Martin Lubrecht

Martin Lubrecht7 hours ago

Netherlands/Holland love Trump 💕

Julieta Ballester

Julieta Ballester5 hours ago (edited)

Get on the Trump train for 2020. Our President cares about America and so do we as Patriots.🇺🇸

Fake News Maggots

Fake News Maggots4 hours ago

HaHaHa Trump’s approval is 54% Add 10 for the Fake bias and Trump’s Approval is 64%

Paul Bee

Paul Bee5 hours ago

Homelessness can be fixed by replacing all Democrats

M Infante

M Infante5 hours ago

Mexican military choppers saw UFOs. Then they realized it was stones thrown by people at the border. Alien invasion in Independence War.


SquirrelyBlake5 hours ago (edited)

If you are going to “send in the Feds” or take federal action, first and foremost, deal with Chicago and fix it fast.

Carl Giuliano

Carl Giuliano5 hours ago

Seriously, I feel like I should know what’s up with the bonzi tree.

caroyln ankrum

caroyln ankrum7 hours ago

This interview alone proves how much President Trump cares about the American citizenry and his nation. Trump 2020! God Bless our President! WWG1WGA

Katie Delight

Katie Delight5 hours ago

Well in most of those cities,housing cost are so expensive.

lulu speers

lulu speers7 hours ago

Love you Tucker you rock! Trump is so badass he knows you do him justice!


Gladius1 hour ago

These city leaders need to be held accountable for their inaction and putting people in danger.

Ryan Wallace

Ryan Wallace5 hours ago

I literally just clicked follow and now following Donald Trump on twitter. Confused how people are having trouble.

Mudd Hammer

Mudd Hammer5 hours ago

Then bill the states for the cost of not taking care of their own. California!

HopeHasNoPlaceHere AbandonAllYeWhoEnter

HopeHasNoPlaceHere AbandonAllYeWhoEnter4 hours ago

The will of the people is stronger than google👌🇺🇸💯

Pirate Squad Ent

Pirate Squad Ent6 hours ago

Tucker been strong on homelessness in America see I told y’all Trump will listen if we just talk 2 him


Tree8 hours ago

The Democunts won’t even help their own… BUT… let it be an illegal alien in need, (a Vote)… and the Democunts come running!!! Pathetic.

Misaka Mikoto

Misaka Mikoto5 hours ago

Trump needs to up his game and do something about big tech censorship.

It's Gadfly

It’s Gadfly7 hours ago

Define homelessness. Don’t come knocking on my door unless you are invited. No squatters allowed.

Amy Jensen

Amy Jensen5 hours ago

Homelessness is NOT a “phenomenon” that started two years ago. It has been a problem for decades. It’s funny that you say liberals are causing it and don’t care, when in reality, it is liberals who are building them houses and cooking them meals. FFS some of you are incredibly stupid.


tamimerkaz3 hours ago

The dying state of Democ-rats cities is a warning sign to what Democ-rats plan for the rest of America — very SCARY stuff.

Lawney Malbrough

Lawney Malbrough2 hours ago

The more they fight him the more they’re going to lose. Americans arw no longer buying what they’re selling.


James6 hours ago

Ha ha, the leaders of these cities are running for president. What a F’n joke. 🤪


myhumopin7 hours ago

In California you can’t go to the market without passing a homeless man or women begging outside it,

Chele Chele

Chele Chele6 hours ago

Absolutely!!! Don’t let them ruin our once beautiful cities. Include Honolulu/ Waikiki on this list of cities being flooded by homeless. Crazy Mazy needs to clean up her state. I will never go back to Oahu!!!

Fake News Maggots

Fake News Maggots4 hours ago

Excellent interview by Tucker, unlike Chuck Todd who interrupted Trump every 5 seconds

Jason F

Jason F6 hours ago

Sir, their narrative and therefore their control over the masses was smashed by you. Consider it a feather in your cap that they’re pissed at you.

jean skilling

jean skilling2 hours ago

My great grand father cam through Ellis Island . They didn’t do this kinda stuff. They worked and took care of their families.


I P5 hours ago

If megachurches getting tax free status fed and helped the people in their cities the problems of homelessness, hunger would end in their cities. Remove the tax free status from Scientology, megachurches whose community service is buying a new airplane or rolls Royce for their talking head preacher.

Live Life

Live Life7 hours ago


American Infidel

American Infidel7 hours ago

Just tell the People what they want hear Trump. The same people that elected Trump in 2016 will see that Trump is re-elected in 2020. And I don’t mean the Russians or Israelis.


T B4 hours ago (edited)

They may not have homes but they have drugs and Obama phones.

Joe Schlotthauer

Joe Schlotthauer4 hours ago

Investigate Portland Oregon police department, and the mayor…


Samambaia5 hours ago

Graffiti and filth in major cities started 2 years ago?? OK.

lord dreaux

lord dreaux8 hours ago

All democrat run places 😶

Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

Gothic Dragon warrior Queen6 hours ago

You’re a good man, Mr.President Trump! My American IDOL!!!🇺🇸❤😄👍


thevoiceofresonn7 hours ago

Housing homelessness is the price of housing…. Thou can’t work for minium wage and rent a house even if your birth and raised here,The city council won’t cap rent hikes. No one’s wages are going up 10% a great,butt housing is. We hint want gov Housing we want affordable housing.

Standingbears Kennedy

Standingbears Kennedy6 hours ago

UFOs? Undocumented Foreign Opportunits!


Amazonjude6 hours ago

trump will will no matter what your debbie downer tucker says… he needs to be on q with the real problems and that the border, internet and jobs.

Carl Giuliano

Carl Giuliano5 hours ago

Okay, I support trump up and down the wall. I’m not making fun, but he’s definitely dialed down the orange and that makes it easier to support him.

Julius Vinter

Julius Vinter1 hour ago

I love Trump so much as a LEADER. He’s not a politician–thank God-he’s a leader and savvy businessman. That’s why America is doing so good like not seen in 62 years.

Shirley Grohman

Shirley Grohman5 hours ago

Totally agree! The Dems are the cause of the massive filth!

Lucy Hill

Lucy Hill2 hours ago

People need to LEAVE TWITTER, come on over to PARLER , NO Censorship


jonesy196912 hours ago

Facebook and Twitter admit to wanting to interfere with the election and try to stop Trump from winning again! Russia who?


Christos Antonopoulos

Christos Antonopoulos7 hours ago

Homelessness in the land of opportunity this can not be…..are American people oppressed by new or altered laws? Does the United Nations or NATO need to investigate this.

Cecilia Norris

Cecilia Norris6 hours ago

If the president does formally propose Federal intervention to help the homeless, the Democrats will oppose him at every step. They would rather let people suffer than work with the President.

95 yolles

95 yolles4 hours ago

TDS Trump + Dirty Seven Never lie. Believe me. Their (TDS) faces are sometimes important, sometimes?


Rashone5 hours ago

Ocasio-Cortez down at the border screaming nastily at border patrol, but couldn’t care less about the homeless crisis.



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Stephen H

Stephen H3 hours ago

President Trump > We are Behind You on What you Stand for & Represent !


Rob Roberts

Rob Roberts4 hours ago

Put a 30% tax on all sanctuary citys and cut their federal funding. I promise you there wont be anymore sanctuary cities in a verey short time. Then keep the 30% tax until they have rounded up all the illeagles and deported them. It is the perfect solution mr president. Give it some consideration.




dsimpki3 hours ago

Die Wurst Precedent in the whole history of sausage platters. Covered in filthy MAGAts.


Us AngeaLs

Us AngeaLs31 minutes ago (edited)

unto thur most high GoD Jehovah n Jesus riserin.. fur Tru Honor…n care of Life❤❤❤


Jamaican Voodoo Posse

Jamaican Voodoo Posse3 hours ago

San Francisco has a homeless problem because of the tech companies. Get informed.


Lucy Hill

Lucy Hill2 hours ago

I love how Trump Knows Exactly whats going on every Topic


Regina St. John

Regina St. John1 hour ago

The CA politicians who can’t keep poop off the sidewalks in their own state want to be President


Diane Merwin

Diane Merwin3 hours ago

Never Underestimate the Power of a Great Leader.



Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall

Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall2 hours ago (edited)



Maya Simon

Maya Simon6 hours ago

Come on! I wanted to hear that UFO bit



john king

john king1 hour ago

Please help us in California. We need new gov’t here badly.


Mr. Blonde

Mr. Blonde4 hours ago

Trump actually thinks homelessness only became a problem 24 months ago?! Wow. Maybe, don’t cage this problem this time.


John Mordecai

John Mordecai3 hours ago (edited)

Wait… does he really think that homelessness and blight in cities started only 2 years ago!?


Abe Allen

Abe Allen3 hours ago

Why are homeless congregating in “cool” cities? Maybe it’s drug culture.


Edward Hetman

Edward Hetman53 minutes ago

The Pres can redirect Fed funds earmarked for states that are not helping or fixing the homeless situation.


Bigg Phillips

Bigg Phillips7 hours ago

8 years of Obama almost destroyed America. We have been left behind while Asia has prospered and surpassed us. Singapore, China, and Dubai cities are 20 years ahead of us.



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Lion P

Lion P3 hours ago


Read more


Shae Cloud

Shae Cloud4 hours ago

“I don’t think Twitter would be the same without me” ?!?!?


Jarox Muzic

Jarox Muzic5 hours ago

Seriously though.. I love Fox News. These questions are important and Mr. Tucker is a badass along with our Commander And Chief. 💛💛💛



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Julz Verde

Julz Verde5 hours ago

Clown said the problems in our city 2 years ago…Soooooo, its him then, he’s the problem..


Nonya Bizness

Nonya Bizness5 hours ago

we can’t have homeless people on the street when world leaders come to visit. wow. just wow. guess who’s up next to be put in the concentration camps?



win ledford

win ledford47 minutes ago

make them go in rehab they hurting others.



susan olson

susan olson2 hours ago

Much of homelessness is caused by drug use. If drug makers and sellers are put away for 10 years with no parole, you would see a big difference.


Cuban Missile Crisis, Sandy Hook and more were fake

Cuban Missile Crisis, Sandy Hook and more were fake7 hours ago

Notice all the govt trolls and bots assigned to this video whose job is to leave comments, spread disinfo, run psyop’s, and divide the races.



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Stone Gem

Stone Gem3 hours ago

I’ve been to San Francisco many, many times in the past (20+ years ago) and I loved it, I fell in love with SF. But the phrase “I Left my Heart in San Francisco” is dead, it is now “I Left a Pile in San Francisco”! I am sick, saddened and angry with what Pinko Socialist Demorats (PSD) have to this place, along with so many others, that I once Loved so much! “PSD” are enemy’s of this country!




mal6 hours ago (edited)

A fair interview without interrupting or yelling and making accusations towards the president. It’s refreshing….



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steve2011829 minutes ago

I love that Tucker is so elitist that he thinks we don’t know what DMZ means. What a tool.


random bastid

random bastid1 minute ago

Did he just say that? The homeless started pissing outside a couple of years ago,


Sister June

Sister June2 hours ago

Trump should shave his head. Give him that hard Colonel Kurtz look.


Estela Bautista

Estela Bautista1 hour ago

POTUS please save the beautiful state of California 🙏🙏🙏


Mr. Untouchable

Mr. Untouchable5 hours ago

Yeah it’s called defamation and our president should react


Bunker Buster

Bunker Buster2 hours ago

The Democrats dont Care ! They become the True Enemy of America and American’s cant you see it they dont hide it any longer because the Federal government will not enforce the Rule of Law


Sparkitus Maximus

Sparkitus Maximus4 hours ago

Google ,YouTube, Facebook, Twitter have become criminal enterprises interfering in federal elections. They are NOT the will of the people!


Rick Miller

Rick Miller2 hours ago

Start arresting the socialist traitors…This will stop all this unamerican crap…restore Christian values…


American guy

American guy7 hours ago

Blame expensive housing for why there is homelessness.



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Albert Mas

Albert Mas1 hour ago

Calif Gov .loves illegal aliens and hate american homeless people in his State .Is this right ?



Rosanne Coffman

Rosanne Coffman49 minutes ago

Homelessness did not start 2 years ago, it’s been around a long time. The govt should be involved in homelessness. He seems to be lacking empathy for the unfortunate homeless.


Yeet Smith

Yeet Smith1 hour ago

forcibly seize the assets of the rich, such as trump and carlson


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Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery

Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery5 hours ago

Will Fox News send correspondents to EU to teach politicians there how to make widely edible sausage, or to cover the sausage process there?


Jimmy Willson

Jimmy Willson3 hours ago (edited)

Yes ufos! I have a feeling that the U.S. military will soon reveal to the public some crazy technology that we never thought would be possible. Especially with the construction of space force!


ricky ware

ricky ware4 hours ago

great interview love you tucker keep up the good work


Buay Buay

Buay Buay7 hours ago

Spanish for Trump and democracy for Trump and Latino for Trump. You hate it or you love it. It’s happening in 2Q2Q # KAG


Molag Wai

Molag Wai3 hours ago

Why is social media so important. Im just saying he’s the only president that mentions twitter and social media this often.


random bastid

random bastid5 hours ago

I’de like to see a good old fashioned battle between antifa and the homeless. Sticks and hammers.



PBB z7 hours ago

Lol…..but the Trump economy is so fantastic




Audrey6 hours ago

I tried to start Twitter was asked who I am interested in I pushed the trump pic and I got refused. I dont need Twitter.


Robert Blanscet

Robert Blanscet2 hours ago

Take them all down Mr.President,make them wished they’re were doing things another way


Scott H

Scott H4 hours ago

The Democrats know that it over Can only float the economy so long on the insurance companies backs the democrats are out to steal what they can before the show’s over



Ashok5 hours ago

This guy is hypocrite and liar to the fullest.


ruben lopez

ruben lopez1 hour ago

Iran is doing just fine and refuses to join the New world order System that’s what all the fuss is about, Syria, Iran North Korea and Russia are the only 4 nations that are not part of the new world order system


Iam N.

Iam N.12 minutes ago

The increased homelessness in Dem/Dem-Socialist sanctuary regions in the past two years is no mistake. Dem/Dem-Socialists need increased homelessness to make it look as though President Trump has overlooked the real poverty in America. The Dem/Dem-Socialists are lower than dung, to do that to those citizens, and need to be voted out of office. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ TRUMP 2020 ⭐⭐⭐⭐



Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt5 hours ago

He sounds just like Charlie Brown’s teacher. This guy is beyond dumb, you ask him a question no matter what it is, and he will say I won in 2016



Elcrypto1 hour ago

Capitalism is the problem….Your privately run prison system is a major problem…locking people up for profit.. Trump is showing he’s a socialist at heart… Government aid due to poor policy is socialism.


indigo jones

indigo jones1 hour ago

Great job Tucker!  And, thank you Mr. President!  A brilliant move in N. Korea.  Agree- break up the big techs- they are violating our civil rights!  Thanks so much Mr President for addressing the filth in our major cities and YES!- this is sanctuary cities and Dem failed policies,  I also believe massive voter fraud,  Nancy Pelosi’s degraded SF- she can’t deal with it- Do it FOR her!  Keep winning!



Rocket Man

Rocket Man5 hours ago

Trump said that he saw Washington DC deteriorating and he “ended it very quickly.” He has nothing to do with running the city so local officials handled the problem on their own.



Rosebud5 hours ago

mr. president! With the tax you paid on your real estate business with utmost transparency what is the excuse? ivanka mingles with the G20 leaders was fantastic: kids to party by all in the next NATO summit!


Navi Gator

Navi Gator2 minutes ago

Courts will tie him up if he tries anything.


P. C.

P. C.38 minutes ago

Great interview with a great President . ;)


Skinny Bones Jones

Skinny Bones Jones2 hours ago

A poll says 54-55, you can add 10??! Tucker the JOURNALIST didnt challenge that? Pfffft There goes your credibility


Stephen Kelly

Stephen Kelly4 hours ago

Tons of conservative commentators were active in 2016. THAT IS WHY YOU WON!!!. If you don’t fix the censorship re-election is questionable.


Linda Stangland

Linda Stangland7 hours ago

You know President Trump we like the fact you respect us they don’t you have us the gift of remembering our constitution! I am homeless woman they want this for me that the real milkshaking



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win ledford

win ledford52 minutes ago (edited)

put homeless in rehab them first.before mexico demercates wont spend money on homeless.well demercates say no mexico first before americans



great outdoors

great outdoors4 hours ago

Trump in a cage…….Genuine Christians by the millions are praying to the Lord for that glorious day


View reply

Curly Joe

Curly Joe2 hours ago

is he going after the banks that received bailouts so the homes weren’t devalued to their proper value and people could then afford them .


Freedom isn’t FREE

Freedom isn’t FREE4 hours ago

So All Americans will end up paying for the Corruptacrats Anti American activities….Dont do it Trump…Let these states SINK …its what they deserve….



EasyYog115 hours ago

No boundaries, No borders, is addiction and dependence; and the polar Opposite of Sound Management. it’s grotesque what is permitted, sanctioned on sanctuary streets and sidewalks, All courtesy of American Citizen Tax Payers. Paying All The Bills.



BigBad BULL6 hours ago

Anyone notice that our president looks a bit different, like he’s lost it, you know, like he’s lost his mind. During the G20 no one really looked at him when he was speaking. And this Tucker interview he looks like a Shrunken Head like the guy from BeetleJuice


Adolf Mussolini

Adolf Mussolini7 hours ago

Homeless gutter rats. Obama’s legacy





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    • Anonymous

      Here comes the cheese like the depression of the 70s. Either that or a piece of watermelon.

    • HypothesisFree

      We all know that all the media they are discussing is controlled by the EVIL Zionists. But obviously Trump is a Zionist too, so it should come as no surprise that Trump shows NO RESOLVE HERE WHATSOEVER to cut down censorship of conservatives/truthers. This is just one of countless examples of Trump NOT standing behind what he represents, as proven in SO MANY WAYS HERE [a must see] –




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