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Military Told to Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia in Syria! Stateside Military Told to Prepare for Intercontinental One-for-One Nuke Exchange

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“Military Told To Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia in Syria! 
Stateside Military Told to Prepare for Intercontinental One-for-one Nuke Exchange”
by Newsroom
“Military members from the United States who are in and around Syria have been calling their families back in the states telling them, “We have been told to prepare for a tactical nuclear exchange with Russia in Syria and forces at home in the US have been ordered to prepare for one-for-one intercontinental ballistic missile exchange(s) with Russia once the fighting breaks out in Syria!” Further, those conversations have included warnings to families to immediately RELOCATE away from US Military bases which are expected to be targets of any intercontinental attack.
SuperStation95 has CONFIRMED such conversations with three separate military families who have family members in the Middle East! The Pentagon refuses to comment on these reports, which is strange in-and-of-itself. Usually, the Pentagon will flatly deny erroneous reports. Not this time. Just a terse “no comment.”
This is a developing story…please check back for updates.
UPDATE 8:25 PM EDT: The developments reported above are accurate. These developments come from the cut-off of Diplomatic cooperation between the US and Russia inside Syria. UNCONFIRMED, repeat UNCONFIRMED reports indicate the US is going to directly attack Syrian forces in-and-around Syrian President Bashar Assad and perhaps Assad himself.  This decision has allegedly been made because efforts to oust Assad by “rebel” means have failed and the US will not accept that failure.  
How This Developed: The US wants Syrian President Bashar Assad out of power because Assad refused to allow QATAR to run a natural gas pipeline from its northern gas field, through various countries, including Syria, so as to supply natural gas to Europe. The US and Europe want this gas pipeline so as to lessen European reliance upon Russian-supplied natural gas. By lessening Europe’s reliance upon Russia, the west thereby lessens Russia’s power over Europe.
When QATAR first proposed this pipeline, it won approval from all the governments along the proposed route- except Syria. Since Syria has always been a Russian ally, Syrian President Assad realized that this pipeline would harm his Russian ally, and so he refused permission to have it travel through his country. This refusal did not sit well with QATAR or its Sunni-Islam allies, like Saudi Arabia. Especially since, at the same time, Iran, which is Shi’ite Muslim and thus an enemy of Sunni Muslim countries, was proposing a gas pipeline of its own to Europe, via a slightly different route.
Shortly after Assad refused, there was a vast media blitz about him being a “ruthless dictator” who “abused his people” and all the same rhetoric the world heard about Saddam Hussein, Muammar Quadafi and the like.
Shortly after the media assault, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN and their pals, decided to begin funding “freedom fighters” and “moderate rebels” to “liberate” Syria from its democratically-elected President, Assad. Thus began the so-called Syrian Civil War. It was not a civil war, it was groups of mercenaries, hired and paid by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the rest, to oust Assad so as to get their pipeline run. Their motivation was not simply earning profits from the gas pipeline, they also wanted to make certain that their arch-rival, Iran, could not run a pipeline and thus get access to vast monies from expanded sales. 
Fighting Breaks Out in Syria: Fighting broke out inside Syria and things did not go well for the Syrian government. As the fighting grew worse, Assad realized he was going to lose, so he traveled to Moscow to ask his ally, Russia, for help. Russia agreed and sent troops, planes and war fighting equipment to Syria.
The Russians not only tipped the balance in favor of Syria, they uncovered the fact that the terror groups ISIS and Al-Nusra Front (a.k.a. Al-Qaida), were actively profiting from stealing oil from Syria and from northern Iraq, transporting that stolen oil into Turkey, where it was being slightly processed, re-packaged, and SOLD!  The Russians proved that this oil theft and smuggling, with the cooperation of Turkey, was earning ISIS about $100 MILLION a month in profits to fund the terror group!
In order to stop ISIS terrorists, Russia began bombing the convoys carrying the stolen oil. This immediately put a crimp in the amount of stolen oil being smuggled into Turkey, thus impacting the clandestine profits of certain Turkish government officials. Turkey asked Russia to stop bombing the oil convoys. Russia refused.
Shortly thereafter, a Russian plane was shot down by Turkey, which claimed the Russian aircraft had violated its airspace. That claim was a lie. Turkey shot the plane down to send a message to Russia to stop screwing around with the oil smuggling. The message did not work.
Instead of halting the attacks, Russia publicly released video showing miles-long convoys of oil trucks, streaming-into Turkey almost 24 hours a day, with stolen oil smuggled from Syria and Iraq! These smugglers are in so tight with the Turkish government, they didn’t even have to stop at border checkpoints; they got waved-through by border guards. This made clear who it was inside Turkey, profiting from the smuggled oil: Turkish President Recypt Erdogan, the same man who ordered the Russian plane shot down. Russia then imposed a travel ban on Russians visiting Turkey, and imposed economic sanctions on Turkey, which seriously damaged Turkey’s economy.
As the months of fighting in Syria continued, the Russians enjoyed success after success in stopping both the terror groups AND the rebels trying to overthrow Assad. This did not sit well with the US, which was aiding the “rebels” in the effort to overthrow Assad. It also didn’t help the US that the media was full of stories about Russian successes, and this got people asking why Russia was having so much success, when Americans had been in Syria for over a year prior, and did not make ANY progress against the terrorists?  The uncomfortable truth emerged just weeks ago, when it became undeniably clear that the ISIS and Al-Qaida terrorists ARE the “moderate rebels” being helped by the U.S.
As Russian military action continued to crush the terrorists and rebels, the US proposed working with the Russians; a gesture welcomed by Russia. But the Russians quickly came to realize that the US was being deliberately dishonest. They didn’t want to help at all, what the US wanted to do was limit the strikes against its “moderate rebels” hoping to sneakily continue to overthrow Assad. When Russia realized that the US was being dishonest, it went abut doing what needed to be done to continue protecting its ally.
So what did the US do?  It had coalition aircraft attack the Syrian Army, killing 62 and wounding 100. Making matters worse, just seven minutes after the coalition aircraft attacked, well-organized elements of ISIS and Al-Qaida, launched a ground assault against the very same Syrian Army location. Syria claims to have audio recordings of the Coalition pilots coordinating with the ISIS terrorists by radio just before coalition aircraft attacked the Syrian army. The Pentagon says this claim is “false and ludicrous.”
Shortly after the attack, the US claimed “it was a mistake” and said they would investigate and explain to Russia and Syria. So the Russians and Syrians called for- and got- an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in New York. Instead of explaining what happened, US Ambassador Samantha Powers, WALKED OUT of the meeting! There was not going to be any explanation.
Afterwards, the Russian Defense Ministry publicly stated “We have come to the terrifying conclusion for the world, that the US is actually supporting the ISIS Terrorists.”
With no explanation from the US, Russia then attacked a long-established and well-known Terrorist Operations Center. A Russian ship operating off the coast of Syria, launched three Kaliber missiles which scored direct hits on this operations center. When the dust cleared, among the dead terrorists were three dozen uniformed military officers from the United States, Israel and Turkey! What were dozens of uniformed officers from the US, Israel an Turkey doing inside a terrorist operations center? Well, they were doing exactly what Russia said: supporting terrorists!  Story HERE.
Shortly thereafter, Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, which has been under ISIS control for over a year, came under attack by elements of the Syrian Army, intent to reclaim their city. The attacks were remarkably successful, thanks in large part to air support from Russia. The success of operations in Aleppo, sent the US off the deep-end; they were witnessing what could very well be the complete failure of their efforts to oust Assad. So the US told Russia that unless Russia stopped bombing Aleppo, the US would cut-off cooperation.
The Russians, seeing that US “cooperation” was nothing but lies coming from dishonest (and dishonorable) US military commanders who were operating for a dishonest (and dishonorable) US government, was worthless. The Russians refused to cease operations in Aleppo.
Yesterday, as threatened,  the US cut-off Diplomatic cooperation with Russia inside Syria and is now allegedly planning an outright military attack to achieve its goal of ousting Syrian President Assad.   Russia, seeing what the US is planning, has now moved its feared S-300v4 surface-to-air missile defense system into Syria. Once this system locks onto an aircraft, there is no defense. The aircraft is dead and there’s no way to outrun, out-maneuver, or fool the system. This means that Russia can, at any time, ground all US aircraft operating in Syria simply by turning-on the S-300v4 system.
Remember, Russia was asked to help Syria and has permission from the Syrian government to be in that country. The US did not ask permission and does not have it. The US also does not have a declaration of war by Congress, or an authorization for the use of military force from Congress, or a UN Security Council resolution to be in Syria.  
What the US is doing in Syria is 100% completely illegal. The US military Commanders carrying out orders in Syria, such as Lt. General Stephen Townsend who is based out of Fort Bragg, NC, are engaged in criminal war actions. They have chosen to obey orders which they know to be illegal. General Townsend and his staff should be arrested and taken into custody by local US troops. But the troops won’t do it because they know that these illegal orders come from the top, and if they arrest the General, they will quickly find themselves arrested because the criminal actions being undertaken are being ordered by President Barack Obama -Criminal-In-Chief.  
Other Issues Driving us toward war: While all this was taking place, NATO was expanding eastward along Russia’s borders. This violated a promise made by then-Secretary of State James Baker, who promised after the Soviet Union dissolved, that “NATO will not move one inch eastward.” Since Baker’s promise, NATO has added the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to its membership.
In an effort to increase NATO presence around Russia, the US spent $5 Billion to foment to violent overthrow of the duly-elected President of Ukraine, so as to install a puppet government favorable to the West. This was discovered when Assistant Secretary of State Gloria Nuland got caught using an unsecured phone to call the State department. It was during this call- which was intercepted by Russian Intelligence- that Nuland notoriously said “F**k Europe” when told the Europeans had concerns about what the US was doing in Ukraine. That phone call was made public by Russia, thus proving the US/NATO did foment the overthrow and lied about it.
Most recently, Poland and Romania became home to a US Missile Defense systems, designed to shoot missiles out of the sky.  Russia says these systems are designed to prevent Russia from firing back if it is fired upon, making them a “sitting duck” for a US/NATO first-strike, and they strongly warned NATO not to activate the systems in Poland and Romania.  
NATO said the Russian fears are nonsense, the systems are there to protect against launches from Iran. There’s just one minor problem: all the radar stations connected to this missile defense system are aimed east/northeast at Russia instead of south/southeast at Iran. So again, the US/NATO lied, again. And got caught, again. 
Russia made clear that if those missile defense systems went active in Romania and Poland, Russia would take action. The systems went active two weeks ago.
If you were the Russians, and you saw lie after lie, and the encroachment of foreign military forces all around your nation, and the activation of a system which would render your defenses useless, what would you do?
Editorial Commentary: Congress has conveniently failed to take any action to stop Obama because collectively, they afraid of being called “racists” for impeaching this criminal President who happens to be black. Their failure to act has now gotten us to the point where Obama is fixing to attack Syria. When he does, the Russians will defend Syria. When they do, US forces will be shot-down and killed, and the US will strike back. When the US strikes back, Russia will engage them in battle.
There begins the war.
Of course, none of you know this because the mass-media in the US is derelict in its duty to report the news. Scott Pelly from CBS, David Muir from ABC and Lester Holt from NBC…missing in action when it comes to reporting the facts on Syria. CNN? Too busy shilling for the Hillary Clinton campaign to bother reporting the facts. FOX NEWS, completely screwed up to the point of dumping Roger Ailes and now in a downward spiral of internal chaos.
So here we are, on October 4, 2016, and today, the Russian government began a “drill” to place forty million (40 MILLION) of their citizens into bomb shelters throughout Russia. Who is kidding whom, here? This is no drill, they’re preparing for war.  Story HERE
The US and our population? Blissfully unaware.
Unaware that at 3:00 PM EDT today, the US scrambled three E6B nuclear command and control aircraft from Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Story HERE
Unaware that two E4B Presidential Command Aircraft are now aloft over the US so as to be able to control our forces worldwide “in the event ground-based systems are destroyed.”
Unaware that around 4:00 PM EDT today, the US scrambled multiple P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine-warfare aircraft out into the Atlantic to search for Russian missile submarines.
Yes, our fellow citizens are home watching the boob-tube, completely unaware of the horrors that may be unleashed upon all of us within days.
Those wishing to comment on this Editorial can use the email address lower on this page.”
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Service Note: As part of our preparation for what we HOPE does NOT take place, we have secured web site server space at a data center in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with full back-ups of this web site in case our cloud-based, Oregon-located, master servers are destroyed. We have tasked a single person to nearby Argentina to bring this site back up and begin publishing news, in the event that we here in New York City are killed. Our person arrived safely in Argentina and is online, with back-up power and back-up communications available, to keep the news flowing in the event war breaks out.
“U.S. Scrambles 3 Nuclear Command-And-Control “E6B” Aircraft- No “Drills” Scheduled 
according to USSTRATCOM. P-8 Anti-Submarine Planes Scrambled out of Jacksonville”
At about 3:00 PM eastern US time, the United States Air Force SCRAMBLED three (3) model E6B nuclear command-and-control Aircraft from Offutt AFB, with at least two other model E4 Mobile Presidential Command Planes already airborne. These aircraft are part of the TACAMO (Take Charge And Move Out) system to command the global United States military arsenal from the air in the event the US is attacked and ground facilities are destroyed. There are no strategic “Drills” scheduled according to US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
The Boeing E-6 Mercury (formerly E-6 Hermes) is an airborne command post and communications relay based on the Boeing 707-320. The original E-6A manufactured by Boeing’s defense division entered service with the United States Navy in July 1989, replacing the EC-130Q. It conveys instructions from the National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile submarines, a mission known as TACAMO (TAke Charge And Move Out). The E-6B model deployed in October 1998 kept this role, but added further command post capabilities and control of land-based missiles and nuclear-armed strategic bombers. The E-6B replaced Air Force EC-135Cs in the “Looking Glass” role, providing command and control of U.S. nuclear forces should ground-based control become inoperable. With production lasting until 1991, the E-6 was the final new derivative of the Boeing 707 to be built.
The Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post, with the project name “Nightwatch” is a strategic command and control military aircraft operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). The E-4 series was specially modified from the Boeing 747-200B. The E-4 serves as a survivable mobile command post for the National Command Authority, namely the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, and successors. Four E-4Bs are operated by the 1st Airborne Command and Control Squadron of the 55th Wing located at Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha, Nebraska. An E-4B is denoted a “National Airborne Operations Center” when in action.
As of 4:00 PM EDT on 10-4-2016, at least TWO of these aircraft are now in the air over the USA, despite no “Drills” being scheduled by US Strategic Command. SuperStation95 is inquiring of our sources as to whether or not this is a US response to Russia commencing the movement of forty million citizens into Bomb Shelters as a “drill” announced through Russian media yesterday, as commencing today October 4, and reaching completion by October 7.  Our story about that appears here.
This sudden deployment of US command-and-control military aircraft  is a developing story, please check back for more details.
UPDATE 5:02 PM EDT: A number of P8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft have also been scrambled out of Naval Air Station (NAS)  Jacksonville, FL and, according to a first-hand observer they “Hauled ass directly out into the Atlantic.”
Something is “up.” 
The Boeing P-8 Poseidon (formerly the Multimission Maritime Aircraft or MMA) is a military aircraft developed for the United States Navy (USN). The aircraft has been developed by Boeing Defense, Space & Security, modified from the 737-800ERX.
The P-8 conducts anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and shipping interdiction, along with an electronic signals intelligence (ELINT) role. This involves carrying torpedoes, depth charges, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and other weapons. It is able to drop and monitor sonobuoys. It is designed to operate in conjunction with the Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton Broad Area Maritime Surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle.”

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    • nyetyme19

      Yes, most Americans have been kept in the dark- although some of us have been paying attention. Although this is the first time I have read a report on plausible accounts of what the U.S government is trying to do in the Middle East etc. To be honest if it wasn’t for this BIN website, I’m not sure what I would know in regards to world affairs- it’s obvious our mainstream media is covering, aiding and albeiting our corrupt US GOVERNMENT -This is what they do, provoke manipulate, agitate, lie, deceit, etc. Thanks for the report coyote prime – I will be looking forward to ur updates.

      • sitrep

        About a year ago back to back public broadcasting services, Council on Ads, etc.

        Issued Back to back preparedness warnings, on the Radio Local AM Bands. These warnings explained in detail using disaster type scenarios, and kinda scary.

        Then These civil preparedness ads just stopped, and what followed seemed to be a cryptic warning.

        Yes more scary scenarios, this time about a Guy that moved his family to the city. After moving to the city for work, everyone around him was being diagnosed with Autism, even his own son, they was shocked!!!

        You can find some of this listed on the website adcouncil org.

        Is this a cryptic disaster message?
        was the original disaster preparedness ads pulled?, and replaced with a cryptic message “city”?
        is someone in government trying to warn, and alert people?, what do they know?
        in the ad scenario,why did all this happen after moving to the city?
        Is someones first thought “city” when listening to the Autism scenario ads?

        Maybe someone has more info on this.

        I no longer do Sitrep reports. It is too late, everything is in motion.
        Most all the SHTF websites said if your not ready, its too late to start now.
        All the events unfolding now in a rapid pace, fluid, hot, and heavy.

        Unless all this blows over you prob will not see any more post from me.

        Take Care

        Good Luck
        Have Hope

        • ecclesiatical

          If you want answers just click,
          Isaiah 17:1

      • Raven

        Ever hear of the internet and search news from, France, England, Middle East, Africa, Asia all in English or even the language you speak

        A Turd like you who can’t even do that will never ask – JUST WTF IS – “Military members from the United States who are in and around Syria” – DOING IN AND AROUND SYRIA TO BEGIN WITH? which you could have read long ago some where else

        Anyone praising BIN as a real news source is a worthless eater to begin with, Nibiru is coming, Oct. surprise, Nov. surprise, Trump is better than Clinton, I just seen Bigfoot, Code Red, Code Pink, Code Blue, insider information from FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, NASA, Wikileaks, Breaking Wind

        Come here for the laughs like everyone else, think of BIN as the Onion good for a few giggles, when you need a really good laugh, just read the comments, like yours

        • zfree2322

          There are actually real posts , but they get diluted so much it makes it hard for readers seeking the truth to decipher the difference.

    • WhiteDawn

      Biological scalar weapon that nulls power in human nervous system:

    • Pink Slime

      You would be more (in)credible if your links WORKED!!! :mad:

    • Matties

      They won’t use planes. They will smuggle a dirty nucleair bomb into Damascus. Not only will this destroy a big part of the city but also render it inhabitable. And the US has the ‘plausible’ story that they don’t have dirty bombs.

      • Anonymous

        They already have it. If you remember the supposed failed Take over of the turkey government about 2 months ago, a tatical nuke was stolen from the air base during that chaos. Most likely the take over was just a cover to get that nuke taken. So its been theorized that the nuke will be used in Syria so Russian forces can be blamed, which at that point it will be easy to pass military action asked for with congress without a blink of an eye.
        If we match this up with the massive drill that Russia is doing it doesnt look good.

    • The Seer
      Russia tells citizens ‘nuclear war with the West could happen soon’

      • VirusGuard

        Russia is running some type of cival defence training just now involving 40 million russians but before you duck and cover they ran one last years that involved 60 million russians.

        They also have lots of nuclear bunkers for the general public unlike the UK/USA and have every reason to fear an attack from the west since bankers took over the USA on 9/11

        • st

          the bankers took over in 1913 what does 9/11 have to do with it?

          • VirusGuard

            Yes and respect for pulling me up, you are right but it just became more apparant on 9/11 and the false flag back then was the sinking of the titanic

            12 years later they hit the great depression not that the knew at the time and 9/11 was 15 years ago so can you guess what they have planned for us next

    • Gryphon

      It is of course, Samantha Power (singular) who is the witless American ambassador.
      And VICTORIA Nuland who is the immoral and unethical State Department flunky…
      Apart from these minor errors, a concise and accurate summary of the ridiculous mess Washington has gotten themselves in!
      The American people should be beside themselves with rage…
      Never in my long life did I expect Washington to be The Bad Guys and Russia to be fighting for all that is good and true and honest.

      • smfresh82

        I have heard this from numerous credible sources.

        • sitrep

          Folks this is Hot, and Heavy Very Fluid…………
          Bold Headlines on the Drudge Report>>>>>>>>>>>> NOW!!!!!!!

          Military bases are on Alert>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW!!!!

          This is going Viral all over the Internet, Now Social Media, and MSM reporting>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW

    • VirusGuard

      SuperStation95 comes out with lots of stories and few have come to light

      “SuperStation95 has CONFIRMED such conversations with three separate military families who have family members in the Middle East”

      Yeah , sure you did and thats why everyone else knows about the story.

      Russia might well use tactical nukes in Syria so that Syria can defeend itself and if the impacts are on Syrian soil then it should not invoke “MAD” and the americans had the same type of planed to protect Saudi Arabia during the Iraq war so what goes around comes around

      • b4

        have a family friend whose son is a Marine–they have been told he is off to war-where,what,how is unknown

        • VirusGuard

          I like incidentals like yours and two nights ago i was woken by a lound noise from a light aircraft flying low over the town, like a little scesner but didn’t get out of bed to look untill the second time just to make sure and you could see it’s flashing lights in the dark.

          Very unusual around here and i woke the misses up to tell her and then yesterday we had one of them big old looking twin bladed military helecopters fly over our estate at about 200ft high and less than 500 meters from my window.

          it almost looked like someone in the RAF was flying over his house to wave to his misses because it did a litttle circle and we don’t have anything in the area that is connected to the military, just houses

          I’ve not seen one of these helicopters flying in about 30 years so something might be going on over here too but if they want to play in Syria then i don’t mind them coming back dead because they are no hero’s when they are fighting banker wars and no one is invading us apart from immigrants.

          • sitrep

            They did a RECON, and will be taking over your place/house/location

            Best to Grab your Bug Out Bags, and head to your bug out position Now
            ASAP before they get there.


            • VirusGuard

              No my friend i’m no red-neck running to the hills with my bug out bag, you have me wrong for i will be taking to the streets when the time is right and the people are ready.

              Unless it nukes first

      • thejoshualewis

        Exactly. The site is full of crap, nothing they report is right. I’m sure some dinky little blog has inside informants everywhere, with none of them ever panning out.

    • Болеслава

      america is like a mad dog.

      • DennisB

        Correction…The American GOVERNMENT is like a mad dog…Very True. The American people have been drugged down, brain washed, and lied to for many years now. Their brain dead from watching Gov/CIA and Israel Masad controlled TV.

        • Болеслава

          Why is it so? Everyone has an influence for good or bad on their environment.
          The sum effect is that you have the governments you have and the good get killed.
          Its the same elsewhere… judgement. Americans Jews, Germans Russians get/got unduly harshly looked upon for the leaders actions. The masses can be easily lead towards evil but can also be lead towards good. Deception is no excuse because we have the compass of our own heart to direct us. God reigns and invites us to the truth when we turn from our fallen nature and start living according to the divine laws…….these are simply being civilized and not criminal barbarians in our own lives. :lol:

      • Anonymous

        its not america its the us corpoate goverment that kisses jew and vatican ass . americans hve no controll over our goverment , our goverment has sold its self to the money magots rothschild and vatican bank or you may say the zionists you know them by the zi in nazi

    • F16Hoser

      Obama has lost control of his faculty’s. :sad:

    • sitrep

      Folks this is Hot, and Heavy Very Fluid…………
      Bold Headlines on the Drudge Report>>>>>>>>>>>> NOW!!!!!!!

      Military bases are on Alert>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW!!!!

    • AlienDNA14

      Everything mentioned in this article would be all fine and dandy for the most part, that is if it wasn’t leaving out the more finer details: This is being orchestrated by the Aipac Israeli Firsters, and of course the Communist U.N. subversives…

      They’re all working in concert to bring about their mythological Golden Age/Messianic era, and furthermore these people are loonier than cat shit…

      The tone of this articles has shill piece written all over it; moreover, all of this talk about illegality and the U.N. security council is nothing less than off-putting to say the least…

      All of this nonsense taking place to establish World government, World wide Global economic integration (aka Globalism or imposed Collectivist poverty), and of course all under the umbrella of a politically integrated U.N. world-judiciary system, is nothing but a pipe-dream…

      • maxwell

        …alien14, wrote…All of this nonsense taking place to establish World government, World wide Global economic integration (aka Globalism or imposed Collectivist poverty), and of course all under the umbrella of a politically integrated U.N. world-judiciary system, is nothing but a pipe-dream…

        …Pipe dream or not…doesn’t mean they won’t end up killing billions to fullfil it.

    • anyoneamongUS

      i’ve been warning of a vision/dream that i have had on multiple occasions …. i live in mid-Mississippi and this vision had me back in Greenwood, MS where i was born… it was a fall night with a crisp cool starlit sky……. alll of a sudden heard the sound of the engines of two missiles, the size of lightpoles or bigger, these two had somewhat fallen behind(maybe 100 – 200 ft) the group of 6 or 8 that they were tagging along with…… their engines got much louder than the ones in the main group as well as their exhaust plumes of fire, which caused a bright reflection on the ground and everything else…. within a few short bursts, these two caught back up to the others and they continued on in unison northward……. i did not hear or see them detonate, but the very next vision was one of multiple extremely large fires all along the east coast of the U.S…… there was also a heat(seemed like radiation, but not sure) that was so debilitating that it was difficult and very draining to be outside, it made even walking very labor-intense….. this heat seemed to be destroying the body while you were in it, so much so that everyone was trying to get out of it. People were scattered and there were no vehicles moving on the roads……everyone was walking everywhere they went.
      These missiles( icbms is what i believe they were) seemed to come from the gulf area and i also believe that they were headed for major cities……Wash., newyork, maybe altlanta…… im not sure, but i do wish that someone with the proper qualifications could put me under hypnosis or something to possibly get more details on this matter….. i, personally, take this Very serious….. and i don’t feel like it was just another dream…. there was something about it that was all too real……. thing is, i started having this dream over 10 yrs ago for the first time….. way before bama came into the picture…. way before any of todays current events were even imaginable.

      • zfree2322

        You’re not alone. I have to track my dreams now because how strong they get and everything is end of the world stuff, war and killings.. I’ve had multiple dreams of military shooting or killing my family and seeing these missles fly out a helicopter followed by the helicopter going vertical and flying up(which I know is impossible).. Anyway.. my dreams have been going on since I was a child im 28.. but the more vivid ones now have gotten stronger and stronger in the last few years.. I too wish I had a way to have them unlocked and deciphered better

        • VirusGuard

          What i saw was not as i would describe dreams but more of a vision and these stopped by the time i was about six and i knew nothing of the world at the time.

          I did not ask to be shown anything.

          All what people would call “Gifts” have just about all gone for me now but i myself would call them more of a curse myself

      • jtricer1973

        LOL, I was born and raised in Indianola! Was just in Greenwood yesterday! Small world.

      • VirusGuard

        You should trust what you are shown by your subconsious mind (your sole) because it may from time to time share with you (conisious mind) little bits going on in other simulations but don’t try to force it to reveal stuff or tell it where to go using drugs or religion as a tool, let your sole have it’s own “Me” time.

        “there was something about it that was all too real”

        I know where you are coming from and it’s as if you was wide awake and teleported but i never got shown the same thing twice but I bet you also have something in the back of your mind telling you to keep quite, you should take the advise but not just because people will not beleive you but because you have broken a trust between you and your sole/unconsious mind

    • karla

      Think America should takes its place now as wilderness tabernacle and sit this one out Please!!! Let the :twisted: fight it out without our help in any way

    • Leo

      The Russian Federations nuclear capabilities are superior to that of the United States . America you will lose . :cool:

      • Anonymous

        If there is a nuclear war NOBODY WINS the world would be uninhabitable. The alien overlords already proved they can turn off all the nuclear weapons anytime they want anyways.

    • propel7

      Putin needs to Nuke London City and the Vatican. Get to the SOURCE of the ALL of the subversion, robbery, murder and evil in the middle east. Cut off the head of the serpent.

    • Anonymous

      The US is an oligarchy, study concludes
      Report by researchers from Princeton and Northwestern universities suggests that US political system serves special interest organisations, instead of voters


    • Anonymous

      If this is true why are we still at defcon 5?

    • ConfuciousSay

      People on this website are so full of crap.

      • b4

        bin is only about 5 percent right on–once in awhile somebody gets it right–war with russia is looking like a possibilty–my neighbors Marine son just got deployed–they dont know where he is headed–they where told full combat readiness–so you tell me….

    • ConfuciousSay

      Oh sure they are… :grin:

    • Martus

      Seems like the Russians are the new Indians that the US is making peace treaties with until they have taken all their lands away from them as well.

    • Anonymous

      Russia, aim your missiles toward Israel. Ready, aim and hopefully you don’t have to fire. The Americans, NATO will turn tail and get there ass home, where they belong. After all they call their military, DEPT. of DEFENCE

      Mr. Putin and the new President of the US, Mr. Trump will negotiate a peace treaty and Russia shall return to its borders.

      Globalism sucks, forcied down our throats, many shall die, UN has to go.

      Peace to all

    • breck

      la la la la la, I am covering my ears :lol:

    • Mongoose

      That is why sites like this are full of garbage stories, it is to hide and bury any good stuff that gets posted on occasion. Most of it is enquirer like tabloid stuff but even in those articles there is often some truth, like this one.

      The stuff about military members saying they have been told to prepare for a nuclear exchange is most likely false, however the breakdown of how why the events happened in Syria is spot on.

      Just skip the idiotic editorial comment where the guy makes racist remarks while accusing the target of his remarks of being racist and the part where he pretends that congress is not complicit in all of this and are just cowards (yeah right).

      Often there is useful information in the comments section as well if you skip past the idiots and shills that continuously insult and make disgusting remarks.

    • presidentofme

      Bring it on, if fake still sounds about right

    • AlmostThere

      Superstation 95? Bah.

    • Anonymous

      Hillary is a traitor for Israel, plain and simple.
      Clinton Email: We Must Destroy Syria For Israel

      The USA should not be nuked for Israel’s benefit.

    • humaka

      Well, here we are…

      Living out a time that was pre-spoken would occur…

      When nation would rise against nation…

      Such most true, since such has always existed between humans, when all land masses had been populated, so than divided up…

      And the words of humans, all able to be broadcast to all areas of earth…

      Than, we await, what ONE human will be the first to have all other human hear their words…

      Bout to get interesting…

    • Anonymous

      If they said NO that should be it! Stay the hell out. The damn nerve of Obama to think he can run over every one at the cost of our lives. This bastard has got to get out!

    • humaka

      It is nearly ironic, that those that scream with anger and indignation about others actions or words, NEVER seem to comprehend that they have yet to get what they want for them self or their loved ones, but these seem unable to recognize it is because of what they them self are saying, which CREATE all others response or reaction to our self…

      Yes it is no doubt, these have been deceived into believing one humans feelings, their own and who agrees with them, should rule earth and what all acceptable human words and actions are….

      And these lived as fools, and die as fools, and have to relive it all again, till they get it right, which is bigger than one’s own set of demands it has for all others of the world.

    • Martus

      There real target is Iran, but they need to knock out Iran’s allies and Iran’s allies know that if they let this happen bit by bit that they also will be taken over in the end.





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