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Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth ?

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Recent light has been shed on the reason that the SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project has been cancelled by the government. It seems that something was starting to happen. According to my sources the government black project boys have taken over some of the antennas and are now processing signals for the exclusive use of the United States Navy. The government seems to be highly upset that more than one very large object is fast approaching Earth.


Speculation about just what these objects may be, range from Ark ships that are coming to take away some people just before a cataclysmic event strikes earth. Another speculation suggest that we are about to be invaded and the peoples of Earth forced into slave labor to mine certain rare elements. We may be plundered or saved. Either way the near future is yet to unfold.


At the present time the object(s) are beyond the orbit of Pluto. It is estimated that the objects are in the neighborhood of 150 miles across by 30 to 50 miles wide. Not long ago a Russian Mars probe photographed an object fitting this description just before it was destroyed for unknown reasons. Later, an American Mars probe was destroyed just before it reached that planet.




Go here  and  check out this picture of a Spaceship/craft approx 15miles long, go to the site listed , then type the co-ordinates 19 25 12, -89 46 03 and zoom in on the blue object with the +/- on the left…

other coordinates of Giant UFO’s heading toward earth;

19 25 12, -89 46 03 – first big object recorded
[link to

16 19 35, -88 43 10 – cylindrical object
[link to

02 26 39, -89 43 13 – circular
[link to

08 50 47, -89 38 09 – curved

14 38 50, -88 40 42 – curved

14 59 06, -88 21 24 – curved

23 13 00, -88 53 11 – curved

19 26 51, -88 42 38 – cylindrical, looking like ship with traces
[link to]

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    • NO NWO

      I guess we will will find out the mystery starting Monday when NBC airs “The Event”

    • Anonymous

      Some years ago Seti was overwhelmed with info coming from intelligent life outside our planet. They were told to keep quiet or lose funding.

      I have no idea if the big ships are on the way, but if they have sophisticated travel systems they could be here in 5 minutes.

    • Anonymous

      When they get here, they will turn around and go home, in disgust.

    • Xizen

      Ship or ships? Please explain how this isn’t a form of camera artifact?

      Any calculations on speed or approach vector?

      Based on size is it possible it is an asteroid? Why jump to conclusions that it is an alien craft?

    • Not Anonymous

      all b.s.! Show some proof.

    • Anonymous

      I went to sky-maps and the evidence is stunning. You can zoom in real close too. Alien craft is very odd so you can’t expect it to look like earth’s.

    • Anonymous

      headed toward DC you say? … good.

    • bryn

      i think people still want something to beliving so they put somethink like this in the news. then lots of people beliving in these are pictures with blur like image’s thats all there are. why like planet x nirbu all this is just poperganded and people write comments about this what kind of world do we live in open up your eye see if this was true also where is the proof just a bunch of blurs in the sky ? i like the the comment
      about the love each other good for world

    • Gone Fishing

      What… no bible verses to back this up?? :)

    • Anonymous

      They are outside of Pluto and it’s going to take until 12/21/2012 to arrive? They must be using conventional rockets. These can’t be light speed or wormhole travels at that slow pace. They should be here next week or sooner at light speed.

      This sounds like viral hype or plain ole bs.

    • the slouch

      What…… you think linking to an article at Bombshock makes this a valid or believable story…… get real !

    • Anonymous

      —”They come to serve mankind!”— The SIMPSONS had an episode about that……. How to COOK HUMANS.

    • HolyBouncer

      I’m just going to say this as nice as I possibly can – I went to the “source” and after not finding any good bible passages to back up this certainty, I left a comment for moderation.

      The comment questioned the author’s tone, so that in the future this malignant tumor can write something that could be turned into some decent sci-fi. Moderator didn’t like it I suppose, even though there was no bad language, or questionable tone (unlike the article, which at times is embittered, angry and cold) that would have been the perfect fit for the thread. Let us just stick with this point – if you are curious, wondering if the article has even a sperm’s length of validation, you’ll want to do what I did. Leave this story alone. 7K+ hits since this link was added shows there’s a lot of interest in these types of stories… I’ll wait for HEAVY revision b4 going back. To the author – keep prayin’!

    • Anonymous

      ….thats clearly a dolphin lol..

    • dolandarc

      i dont know if these are real or not,but one could speculate if they are and they do use faster then light travel,wormholes and other types which have been mentioned here that maybe the gravitational forces used in these said types of travel cannot be used with in a star system due to the forces of planetary objects and such

    • Mookie Bonging

      I have been in touch with my former collegues at SETI. They have informed me that these are definately alien space craft, they are in contact with them via HAARP, that are from the constellation BS2-47+.06– obama is going to use this as his excuse to invoke FEMA dictatorial power and create his one world government. When they get as close as Mars, everyone will know they are there, it will be a regular media story and will be used to whip up public hysteria.

    • terry the censor

      Careful Ric, all the “false flaggers” KNOW the UFOs are not real!

    • Country_Hermit

      Maybe they are flying fast and this guy knows about it?

      He claims to be a retired NORAD guy that’s in the know and says spaceships will hover over major cities on Oct. 13 / Oct. 14 of this year.

      Guess we’ll know in just a few more weeks!

    • HolyBouncer

      13k hits + don’t lie!!

    • Anonymous

      If these Objects are really heading towards Earth, then there has to be more than one observation with movement detected for anyone to make that determination.
      I do not believe for a second anyone could give a firm date of arrival, or indeed a destination for them, not possible.
      How can anyone say they are heading towards DC when they first have to get to Earth, they could easily head for London, or Moscow, why does America always believe any intelligent Alien Race would want to talk to the biggest War Mongers on the Planet?
      If they want intelligent contact DC would be the last place I would be headed towards, especially with the Americans always seeming to shoot them down, far from intelligent if you ask me.
      America does not speak for Planet Earth, although they have the delusion of doing just that.
      I need more information on how they have determined thee Objects are even moving, and how hey came to an arrival date other than looking for a reason that 2012 is anything but a date on an ancient Calendar.
      When was SETI shut down? they seem to be still up and running to me.
      Prove to me that this is more than some nobody sitting behind a desk seeking attention by trying to convince us all that we have a clue what goes on beyond our atmosphere.

    • Hugh Mann

      We’re not alone and never have been. Laugh and giggle all you want. Bury your heads in the sand if you want. I find it humorous that people blindly believe in angels, demons and God but when you mention other-worldly intelligent life forms your a lunatic. BTW, angels, demons and ET are one and the same…

    • Anonymous

      Um, what about the alternative possibility – Planet X’s “advanced front” of incoming asteroids and mini-lpanetismals? then when one half km object impacts the pacific in 2012, it fulfills the mayan prophecy. I don’t like any of these speculations….

    • Anonymous

      This could also be the military’s Project Blue Beam that’s coming up, which I’ve been hearing about for around 2 years now. It is of course another conspiracy but it is rather valid when considering the strange goings on in our nation’s capital.

      Blue Beam, if anyone else has heard of it, would be performed by the military with the use of the ‘reflective particles’ collected in the atmosphere from the chemtrails, (copper, aluminum, magnesium as well as barium, a radio active substance used in soft tissue x-rays) Since they’ve been spraying heavily for two years, I guess they figure there’s enough accumulation in the atmosphere to support the giant HOLOGRAMS of space vehicles and of ascended masters, which is is all about.

      The idea is to put ‘fear’ into people because these ships are supposed to be hovering over every major city across the world, (sounds like the TV series ” V “), then once the military has citizens world-wide convinced that these people are friendly, that everyone will follow their instructions. THEN, they will send in the Ascended Masters, such as Buddha and Jesus, who will direct you to listen to your government leaders. They will be telling you about the global warming issues and so forth and that man has created this. Listen to government or the planet is doomed. (BS)

      Once they begin broadcasting with the use of HAARP, and since the military has been experimenting with frequencies of our brains, matching signals, as they tune in it will be as though these holograms are speaking directly to you in your head. BEWARE, and do not listen as it is a TRICK to get people to follow them. This is where they gather people to put into the FEMA camps, and it’s all over from there. This is also why at these camps there are hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins, which will hold 5 or more human bodies.

      This has been scheduled for a long time, and since the NWO cannot seem to get their way and the people of this nation, especially, are rebelling for their freedoms and the constitution, they figure it’s time to pull out the ‘big guns’ and destroy by the masses, ultimately following the NWO 1st of their new ten commandments, to maintain the population at 500 million. (Georgia Guidestones-Google that). Anyone that knows about the FEMA camps across the US understands what I’m saying. Those who are in denial…I feel badly for you. Just DON’T LISTEN TO THE CALL or your doomed.

    • Anonymous

      hey Ric, tell us more. Before the men in black pay you a a visit lol im jk…thanks for the insight though its very informative.

    • the slouch

      I read somewhere on the interweb that the aliens ARE coming, WILL arrive sometimes late December 2012 and will EAT the FAT PEOPLE first.

      Hey I don’t make this stuff up, I just repeat what I read…..

    • SpaceToaster

      Clearly we are being attacked by a fleet of space dildos. I hope they brought enough Astroglide for all of us…

    • bryn

      you know this world is a mad world why do all these people look to the star for your answers in hope that what you see or hear is true. some time i wonder what if
      alien were to come to this earth like planet and for what reson? what do people of the earth have? they must see we are a warmogers race through out our history mad world what do they care if we kill each other perhaps they come to invade? but do you realy believe that aliens are on its way with a greater technology i don;t think so if and if you blieve in all this them the world has realy go mad.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, when the ET’s get here, they’re going to eat the fat ones first!

    • HolyBouncer

      Great – it’s a see through spaceship!!! Looks like my wife’s nighty.

    • Anonymous

      Something is going to happen. Why? The son of “the” Queen bought several country homes with large lands in Transylvania (Romania) in remote locations, so far 5 as far as can be validated, though might be more. He is traveling there frequently to monitor the renovations. Non of this news can be found in the English news, only in the local ones. His mother transferred a great amount of money to local banks last December. Wonder what is really going on?

    • Anonymous

      SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project has been cancelled by the government.

      SETI isn’t a gov’t project….So they can’t cancel something there not funding….This story is nonsense! The Antennas do not belong to the US Government they are privately funded (AKA-Paul Allen, Array) This story is a little bit of the movie CONTACT and Independence Day mixed together with a lack of imagination. Plus the classic – The source of the source of the source told me the inside story of whats really going on. “Oh” lets not forget the CLASSIC blurry pictured as proof. LOL

    • Anonymous

      SETI Canceled??? Not according to their own website.

      Nice try.

    • HolyBouncer

      Actually the picture is not only blurry, but translucent. 35K fooled! (minus the 6 comments that call this b.s. out!) aHHHHHH

    • BIN Admin

      @FMPU – nice try with the disinformation. Obviously you’re a government plant trying to keep a lid on this story, but we will not be fooled.

      The picture is blurry because the government has been dispersing microparticles into the atmosphere in that region of the sky, using high-altitude jets laying down chemtrails. And the ship is translucent because it’s one of the crystalline models like those seen over Mexico City last year.

    • Scuzzy

      come on you down with your big ass blue ship, the human race are the meanest muther F*****s in the universe!!!!!!

    • terry the censor

      > “chemtrails” You are assuming the picture was generated by a Earth-based telescope. Are you certain about that?

    • Anonymous

      Them aliens could sho nuf help out round here. We could stop payen da rent and day culd play movies is ours heads -save on renti dem DVDs. Dis is entarestin.

    • Anonymous

      - Dying soldier admits seeing ET from Roswell UFO crash… (VIDEO): Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: The UFO crash in Roswell Dr. Edgar Mitchell… VIDEO: TOP SECRET UFO NASA TAPES…Pravda: Extraterrestrial Spaceships Land and Crash on Earth Regularly… UFO Disclosure 2010: The Vatican’s Key Role…Vatican and Planet X…FILM: UFOs in the Bible…Origin of the Species, From an Alien View:

    • HolyBouncer

      How big are microparticles?


    • Anonymous

      Lord have mercy

    • Anonymous

      This site is becoming laughable and appears to be controlled by an 8th grader.

    • Niall

      Wow someone really is trying to generate a buzz about this ‘Event’… They’re heading this way alright, but they aint giant spaceships… they’re comets

    • terry the censor

      @Bill Clark
      It seems whenever you post a comment, it’s to claim someone you disagree with is secretly in the pay of some nefarious organisation. The kids who beat you up on the playground, were they working for the Trilateral Commission? The girl who wouldn’t go to the prom with you worked for George Soros? The barista who gave you Americano instead of a latte, he was CIA?

    • Bill Dawson

      Spaceships, comets, asteroids! Who cares? There is nothing you can do about it. If spaceships capable of traveling the galaxies are heading toward Earth, they are far superior to us or anything we have. They will do what they want. You can either live in fear or find comfort in ignorance. I prefer the latter.

    • mixplix

      Put the Hubbell space telescope on it.

    • BIN Admin

      @Terry – as a matter of fact I was home-schooled so as not to be brainwashed by our leftist government schools, so the kids beating me up were my older brothers teaching me proper respect for my elders. Similarly I never attended any such pointless mating rituals as “prom” and refrain from drugs like coffee. So you’re wrong on all counts, and should go back to the censorship you apparently enjoy so much.

      (That, or perhaps learn to identify a rabble-rousing troll when you come across one! :)

    • mixplix

      I don’t understand why I’m being called a troll for suggesting we look at this blur with the scope we have in orbit.

    • BIN Admin

      To (Mr?) Mixplix – I wasn’t referring to you, I was referring to myself. I’m not really a far-right-wing conspiracy theorist who thinks that George Soros is out to get us.. I’m just saying silly things that I think will stir up more debate. Since people seem to be getting genuinely riled up though, I figure I should dial it back a bit.

      BTW, are you named after the character from “Superfriends” and if I make you say your name backwards, will you disappear into your home dimension? :)

    • tinteardrop

      I hoping that it’s true…I’m bored.

    • terry the censor

      @Bill Clark
      So you’re a disinformation agent? Me too! But I’m thinking of changing jobs. The Illuminati has switched from paying me every two weeks to once a month. They’re so evil!

    • eyeswideopen

      This exact picture was posted in a youtube video which was out at the endof last year. If it was credible would they not be here by now no?

    • DallasGoldBug

      Who said SETI is shut down? they are moving but not shut down.

    • Anonymous

      Well, if they really are aliens, I hope they are friendly. But I have a feeling they are the anunaki which are a reptilian race. They did say that they would return.

    • gpwally9

      All we can hope for is that if it lands in Washington, D.C. It will load up Obama, Reid, Pilosi and all the Liberal Bozos and also the Rpublicans that agree with them and the Liberal media and
      drop them all off on Pluto or on a meteor forever lost in space!!!!!!!!!! And please don’t forget the Clintons, bless their communist little thieving souls. Don’t leave them here! AND take the bilderbergers, illuminati, royals, elite ??, and some of the above clearly brainless folks and give us a break……AMEN.

    • Blackwinter

      Folks,deal with it.Earth has been noticed.For a long time now this solar system has been ‘cloaked’ in a tenuous plasma that kept it largely ‘out-of-sight’,but as we all know,nothing is space is still and the system has begun to move into thinner regions where it’s become visible in the realms of EM phenomena that indicate artificial energy and activity.
      As for the giany ships,well,haven’t you ever wondered how those relatively tiny little atmosphere-craft known as UFOs managed to cope with interstellar flight?
      They’re shuttles,basically,some of them.The others are long-range scouts,the larger ones.
      Earth is a gorgeously habitable world,so it’s no big shock that other species would take notice and want a better look.
      The downside is this;
      The Galaxy in general doesn’t care one little bit about how ‘special’ Humanity thinks it is.They’re interested in the planet,first and foremost.
      How do they see Humanity?
      Incredibly arrogant,irresponsible and conceited for a species that has yet to develop any significant off-world presence.
      No,the ISS doesn’t count,it’s only an uncertain baby-step taken whilst holding onto a coffeetable,so to speak.
      I will be writing more on this at length as proper articlaes here.Many of you will not like what I reveal,but that’s the nature of life.

    • Anonymous

      They are here. They landed in San Antonio, Texas yesterday. Several sitinbgs at Alamo, Riverwalk, the Missions, etc. Sleeping at The Witte Museum.

    • youngneill

      im busy that they , i need to cash a bouncy check i worked 4 :(

    • NO NWO

      who knows….it may be the New Jerusalem that John saw coming out of heaven.

    • Anonymous

      who’s this ric guy just making up jobs for himself!! looks like a bit aof goo has got on the lense 2 me

    • Mookie Bonging

      Please tell me how I am making up “jobs for myself”? I am only trying to get the word out there that this is REAL! It is no joke! You may laugh and joke about it but the government is not laughing an obama is going to use this to his own advantage and your detriment.—Or haven’t you noticed the unusual number of “news stories” suddenly being broadcast lately? Just coincidence? Right!…You people are being conditioned for what is about to be thrust into your faces. I tell you this at great risk to myself but I believe this is far to important to just maintain the status quo!

    • Anonymous

      Ok I have taken time to read all the comments here.
      I have tried tracking this and when you go to the last coodinate its nolong there which means both objects are moving and somewhere .
      The golden orange colored oneseems quite big and the first one the Blue object appears to have a structure to it .

      I believe from examining the photos that they are moving craft .

      Someone suggested Project Bluebeam the problem with that is these objects already were in outer space not being projected from Earth.So that idea you can throw out the window.

      They are coming and people need to get rid of all the fear that resides inside the mind.

      There is a cosmic spiritual change about to happen.

      The question are we as a Human Race able to flow with the changes?

    • BIN Admin

      @Anonymous – the last object is still there; I just checked. Maybe the skymap website was broken for you?

    • head trip

      Why not?! Spaceships…It will be something new.
      I wonder if they would mind advertising for Apple Inc. on the side of their spacecraft. That could open up a whole new market for them! Imagine the possibilities…

    • Geostrategic

      Some are throwing out the date of October 13th relating to this subject. Time will most assuredly tell.

      If there is anything that even remotely resembles ‘invading spaceships’, do not be fooled, it’s another round of Obama ‘stimulus’ (tax funds) hard at work attempting to dupe billions of sheeple.

    • MindyAnn

      ok I went to sky map typed in the numbers found it without a problem but I was curious on why when my cursor stoped on any other dot around it it gave a description even I it just said unknown but when I stopped my cursor on the blue “thing” it did nothing like it wasn’t even reconizing the “thing” I dont keep with all of this and it was my first time on skymap so maybe i just didnt do something right but this this intrigued me

    • KrazeeDayz

      OMG! I cannot believe some of these comments!
      Okay, first off…SETI used to be a gov’t run program until they took away funding, now it’s privately funded. That should help explain the whole SETI aspect that seems to confuse many of you.

      Why would ET want to come here? Well, take a look around! This planet has such a diverse selection of life! There are how many millions of animals, insects, fish, etc?? Not to mention the variety of culture and ethnicities of our human species!
      This planet is the perfect stop on any ET field trip! Talk about a scienitific smorgasbord!

      For anyone to say this story is all BS obviously has an extremely closed mind. I’m not saying it’s all truth because I don’t know…I don’t happen to be in personal contact with ET. But, I am mature and open minded enough to think that it could be possible.
      Anything is possible…unless of course you believe that the US gov’t would tell you the truth when it comes to this subject.

    • Anonymous

      I think that if ET comes to Earth, he will find that we are more than capable of defending ourselves if need be. I think that he would also find us very open to talking if that is thier wishes as well.

      Some say there can not be life on other planets because it is not in the bible “at all”. I would like to repeat what I say to every Christian I speak with (I am one as well). God did not and does not have to keep us informed of all his doings. How vain a Christian we must be to believe that he could not, would not, and did not creat another planet with beings created in his own image. That said, its up to you to make your own decision.

      Back to the ships. We can deduce that traveling that distance in a short amount of time would take a worm hole or light speed travel. Both I think are not viable. What I truly believe is the only REAL viable way to travel such great distances, the space ark. A ship of such size and magnitude that generations could live and thrive on it with systems that could continue for generations. I space ship city so to speak. They would live and die only knowing the inside of the ark.

      It would have to be large as the one stated is, and there would likely be a smaller one available to do things the larger one could not. Such as land on a planet or use itself to push the larger ship in a new direction if it could not turn fast enough on its own to correct its course or steer clear of threats. Sort of like a tug boat helping a ship turn faster.

      The smaller ship would almost certainly be faster so that it could catch up to the larger vessel as it conducted its voyage accross deep space. A ship 150 miles long and 50 miles wide would make a perfect ark ship, and once gotten up to speed, could travel vast distances in relatively few generations considering. We actually have this technology now, but no reason to do it. If they are doing so, I can only again reason that they are coming here to either live because thier own planet is doomed, or we have been in contact with them and thier ship is empty and will cary select individuals from our planet to thiers. That is if this is all real and not a joke.

      No matter what, I will be happy either way. If they are hostile, bring it on BIATCHES! I have something for you.

      If they are friendly, I will be glad to meet them.

      If it is a joke, I will laugh and continue to look into the sky with my telescope hoping to see a UFO or maybe one day actually have them come to Earth. Its fun and what else is space for but to explore and dream up cool UFO’s and space men.

      Live Long and Prosper! :)

    • Bill Dawson

      @terry the censor – Not everything is a conspiracy. For instance I pay your barrista to pee in your latte every morning just to keep you off guard.

    • terry the censor

      I’m the best of elitists but I don’t do latte.

    • Bill Dawson

      @terry – LOL! Toché.

    • Anonymous

      You think latte is elite? How bout choosing which groups in foreign lands will die and which groups in America will live in poverty?

    • BIN Admin

      Ooh! Can I choose?

      How about.. Bulgarian ballet dancers have to die, and.. um.. Pianists from North Dakota have to live in poverty? Wait, no, pianists are always getting screwed.

      Can I try again?

    • Anonymous

      Lawrence Welk fans go to jail if they use an accordion in the commission of a robbery – it is written.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      sounds a bit like SKYLINE the new movie coming out in November.

    • building 5

      well, me and my 22 rifle are ready for ‘em!

      Bring it on, baby!!

    • Anonymous

      As has been stated, we may not even recognize aliens, and if they are 100 million years or more advanced, they would not even bother with us. But the less advanced, say only 10,000 years ahead, could conquer or eliminate us so easily.

      I have no doubt that human specific poisons could be quickly placed in our atmosphere and all humans would be dead in a short time – we wouldn’t even know what hit us. The man with a 22 rifle may be allowed to live, like a cute little feisty lap dog.

      Or, they could be super connected machine intelligence and perhaps our computers are part of the large alien, and they like our cute little internet activities. Gives them a purpose or an interest. Maybe I am an alien intelligence.

    • NO NWO

      dont worry boys, the aliens will take one look and leave…there is no intelligent life on earth

    • Blackwinter

      Assuming that these ships aren’t just ‘passing through’ the Sol system to collect resources and such and they elect to make Contact,things could get interesting indeed.
      These are not Grey craft.
      Ark-ships,definitely,most likely a main population-carrier and support vessels carrying cargo and industrial capacities.
      Rest assured that they know all about our internet.Think about it,if you were in their shoes and you were that close to a planet just screaming EM of artificially-generated nature,wouldn’t you be inclined to tap into the planetary network so you could glean a vast amount of information about that world easily?
      Of course you would,and so would they.
      Honestly,I doubt very much they’ll even slow down to say so much as ‘Oh,Hai!’,if it’s an Ark-fleet then consider how interesting we are only to their scientists and sapientologists.
      The rest are likely more concerned with their own daily lives.
      Those ships could be completely automated,with the crew in hibernation,and the machinery would gather data about us then continue on it’s way.

    • Anonymous

      they travel through the suns watch this… :-)

    • Anonymous

      Why couldn’t a life form have evolved to live in space? And why couldn’t it be gigantic? I could imagine that the earth would be very nutritious – lots of water, minerals and even some tiny life forms to add some essential nutrients.If large enough it could perhaps take the earth in one swollen, or maybe just attach itself and spend a few years devouring us. Lots to think about.

    • Blackwinter

      There’s a thought,and an interesting one…giant space-evolved LFs that might want to munch on life-bearing worlds.
      Makes sense,disturbingly.

    • Anonymous

      Be suspicious if the guy comes out of his ship accompanied by his lawyers and bankers, wearing a Freemasons frock and a pyramid with the capstone missing and and all seeing eye on a chain around his neck and the ol’ ‘secret’ Illuminati handshake…

    • the slouch

      If these are “giant” space-craft as the story proposes and if they’re going to hover over major cities on October 13, 14 as someone else suggests, then these giant ships should look humoungous in newer photos, which I have yet to see.

      SO, unless someone posts a link to more recent pictures I’ll be calling this a questionable story up till October 13, 14 at which time I’ll make a more informed determination of what to believe.

      btw, you can get plans at for a tin foil anti-mind control beanie or as is stated at the site “”An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control”".

    • Anonymous

      Very cool, a tin foil beanie. I just want to buy one off the shelf. Maybe a hot dog stand on the board walk that also sells tin foil beanies would be a good business. I could have a telescope pointed to the large UFO’s that a buyer could look through for free, after the purchase of course.I can see it now, tube UFO dogs and saucer hamburgers, both wraped in tin foil of course – the Mexicans like tin foil. We could have space tacos for them- priced real cheap.

    • Blackwinter

      Now for something a little different…
      The alines are in for a real fight if they try doing away with,conquering,enslaving Humanity.
      Humanity’s present masters would be all kinds of upset and the retaliation would see the aliens wiped out all the way back to their homeworld.
      I refer of course to the true masters of mankind; Cats.
      After millenia of breaking Humanity in ‘just-right’,ya think they’re going to just let some dumb-ass invaders ruin what they’ve built??
      ….come to think of it,they’d simply the psychwar specialists,Humans call them ‘kittens’ and proceed to enslave the aliens also. :-D


    • Anonymous


      Maybe the aliens are even more cute, lovable and entertaining than any of our earthly master pets and we would adore them above all. Of course there would be mean boys that would want to hurt them, but the “adults” could discipline them. I guess the cats would be replaced and have to take a secondary position.

    • Cypresso

      I have viewed all the pics and would need to see more detail to draw a conclusion.

      Articles such as this are needed. Why? Well if they turn out to be true, then you have retained some of the knowledge you have read here in your brain and it may come in handy and even your survival may be based on it.

      Time will tell on this one. Either in a very short time or in a couple of years or so.

    • BIN Admin

      They did a study a few years ago at MIT that determined that tinfoil hats actually ENHANCE the reception of the very same radio frequencies known to be used by the military. So the whole tinfoil hat thing was obviously started by the government to improve the effectiveness of their mind-control beams.

    • the slouch

      Bill, the effectiveness depends if the tinfoil hat is constructed with the shiny side of the aluminum foil pointing outwards or in.

      If the shiny side is pointed outwards the greater majority of mind control beams are reflected away from the cranium, whereas if it’s inwards the beams that enter the cranium bounce around in the brain like a ball in a pinball game. Because the shiny side in pointing inward however, the beam gets reflected back into the brain and continues bouncing back and forth only leaving if it shoots down and then out. The prolonged time the beam stays in the brain causes the wearer to enter a deep state of control.

      It’s been reported that people under control, of whomever is blasting the rays, have broken into uncontrolable “chicken dancing” at work, in restaurants, at church, while bowling, skiing, and even during “love making”……

      see video here

    • Anonymous

      If anyone has ever read, “The Book of Enoch”, written by Enoch the prophet, whom the prophets of the Old Testament in the Bible studied in the temples and likewise so did the apostles and prophets of the New Testament…Anyway, if anyone on here has read it, and if any on here are Christians…then you should know about the fallen angels and how Enoch went into great detail and length describing the heavenly realms and that we look like the angels in appearance etc, about what jobs God has given them, and how important they are. Well, there were some bad angles that fell from God’s law (hence their leader Lucifer, Satan, the Devil….whatever you want to call him. Also, in “The Book of Enoch”, Enoch mentions that these fallen angels can change forms to whatever they like…Deception ya think? There are angels, there are demons, and there is the Creator who created them and His son is Jesus Christ….aliens on the otherhand don’t mesh with Christianity and the only aliens there is, if there is any inside these super technological crafts…are some creation of the Lord’s, but are the demons deceiving the world into a Luciferian totalitarian dictatorship of the New World Order. Also, if you read “The Book of Enoch” he says how the fallen angels introduced man to many corrupt technologies like weapons, herbs, and remedies, witchcraft, the tools and metals we use today etc…When I read this…it really blew my mind because literally everything I do in this world in my everyday life has been influenced by the heavenly realms (the fallen angels, not the good ones). Also one point to make is, people on here may condemn Christians for not believing in aliens, but here is my argument: Why do you trust everything the media says about the UFO’s if they are all owned & ran by the Council on Foreign Relations/Bilderberg Group? And we all know what those disgusting people think of us? I see the propoganda on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, the News…all getting us molded for this UFO scheme, among other New World Order agendas and deceptions. One thing is for certain, our government does have great technology that we have no idea about, and even if there are aliens….they weren’t created by God, they are demons in disguise. This is just one big scheme to lead the Christians away from the truth and turn them away from the faith, and many will fall for this New World Order agenda.They have been trying to scare people for years now in the movies about aliens, and ironically all the movie directors like Spielberg are all good freinds with or memebers o the Global elitist clan…Sounds too awful to be true, doesn’t it? All I know is I know the truth; whatever, or whoever is working with our government and all the governments of the world is no friend of mine. Think about how evil the U.S. government has become, along with all the governments of the world. There isn’t one person that’s good, NO not one! If these aliens are good like some claim, than why would they be working with EVIL GOVERNMENTS THAT HURT PEOPLE??? That doesn’t sound like any angel I know, sounds more like a bunch of demons to me. Plus, if the Vatican’s top theoligan says they are willing to baptize aliens…I know not to believe anything these people say and to do excatly opposite of what the crowd will be doing at that point in time. Do your homework folks. read the Book of Enoch! It will change your life, and contrary to how the History channel tries to portray Enoch to somehow be mentioning aliens instead of angels…IT’S A LIE! And this article here below at this link is also very interesting:
      God bless

    • NO NWO

      Well said Mr Collins. Just too bad that your view wont be well received, neither was the Kings. Bravo.

    • electra111

      Has anyone tracked this blob? Has it changed co-ordinates at all? I found it at the same co=ordinates as it was in January and February so i don’t see it as much of a threat. Looks like flipper!

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous post of 10/2 (4th comment up from this) how do you feel about the Presbyterian Minister who believes they do exist? Did you read that story?

    • NO NWO

      @Anonymous on October-03-10 4:27
      Not all that say Lord Lord will enter in. The vatican even said that they would baptize an alien and we know beyond a shadow of doubt that the vatican is full of error.The scriptures warn us the grievous wolves have entered the flock so be wary on whose report you hear. If it does not not line up with the scriptures then we come to the conclusion that it came from the same demonic realm as the alien agenda.

    • Anonymous

      I hear you NO NWO but wouldn’t believing in Aliens be not the same as believing in God? No one can prove he exists either and yet I believe in him.

    • NO NWO

      Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
      Rom 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
      Rom 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
      Rom 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
      Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
      Rom 1:23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
      Rom 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
      Rom 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
      Rom 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
      Rom 1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
      Rom 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
      Rom 1:29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
      Rom 1:30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
      Rom 1:31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
      Rom 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

      Proof is in the scriptures.Christ in me the hope of glory.

    • Cypresso

      Wow, I read this story and comments yesterday, posted a comment and now it is all about Christianity. How does religion always apply to such things? I am Wiccan… yes Pagan, so the Christianity preachers here are just a thorn in the side of us folks who like reading material, making rational decisions, not based on mythology. Why do comment thread never stay on topic? I have the same issues on my news site.

    • Anonymous

      Cypresso you aren’t suggesting that Witch’s don’t believe in free speech are you? I certainly hope not you will give Witch’s a bad name.

    • Cypresso

      No, that is not what I am suggesting. What I am suggesting is that on any such story you see the same Christian religious quotes. It is manipulation, not information.

    • NO NWO

      Cypress, you always have the right not to read the stories either. There are many other stories that will tickle your ears than being thorny. Proof that gods word is alive, it always cuts with that thorn.

    • Cypresso

      It is Cypresso, No NWO. Thanks.

    • NO NWO

      cypresso….sorry, no offence. yw.

    • Gone Fishing

      75k views and only 28 votes? Wither democracy… :)

    • Anonymous

      The Bible is God’s word because the Bible says so. The circular logic used by religious zealots just cracks me up. To make matters worse when their rants aren’t well received they compare themselves to Jesus, whose message was also not well received. It’s disgusting and despicable, the way such people carry on. As if they are more special than others because of their beliefs. Or more righteous because their beliefs say they are more righteous if they follow those beliefs. Circular, juvenile logic.

      “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith proves nothing” Friedrich Nietzsche.

      I’ll be watching these objects. Deciding what they are can only be speculation to the people without telescopes strong enough to observe them closely. So until they’re close enough I’ll just sit here intrigued and impatient.

    • Cypresso

      I like that perspective, Anon, above this post. :)

    • Anonymous

      Who takes “a casual stroll through the lunatic asylum”? Nietszche must have been a big BS er himself. Probably a self righteous big bag of philosophical wind – a flatus voicus.

    • Anonymous

      tofu charlies still on site? 10/4 OMG Folks your information is NOT SAFE he goes through people’s personal information and puts it on site my friend who works on site said the boss FIRED HIM but I see he’s on here again. He did it to an editor if he would do it to another who works on site he would certainly do it to you. The owner should address this publicly otherwise BEWARE I hope you didn’t answer this sites survey and give your personal information!

    • Gone Fishing

      haha… ^^^ lies. (Just ask the people who run this site.) OMG 10/4, you need to post comments under your primary account name. And please remember to use bible verses to add strength to your disinfo :)

    • Eyes For You

      Chris the owner assured me tofu charlie was FIRED for posting personal information on site he even apologized to me for telling me he was gone when he wasn’t. I have to agree with anonymous your information is NOT SAFE on site. I will take it up with him again today!

    • Gone Fishing

      Lolz. Chris didn’t fire me. And he doesn’t seem like the sorta guy who would lie about such things.

    • DickieDandruff

      I hope they get a move on, At least it will be something decent to watch on tv for a change

    • Anonymous

      Research from many fields suggest that 2012 will change the world as we know it. Whether its an Alien Invasion, Enormous EMP from the Sun plunging half the World into total Darkness , Sudden shifting of the Magnetic Poles due to the alignment of all the Planets, or the Second Coming of Christ. We will all be in for a wild ride. I pray that many will come to Christ before that moment. I don’t know, but be prepared for just about anything!
      God (Jehovah) be with us all. Amen

    • Anonymous

      NO, I see what it is EXACTLY! Its the Dallas Cowboys on their way to the Super Bowl!

    • SETI

      They’re real. The reason why they’re so “slow” (1/3 speed of light) is because they’re inside of our solar system outside they can travel faster. I don’t know the real reason why they can’t travel that fast inside of a solar system since the government/military has taken over most parts. But i think it could have something to do with either colliding with asteroids/other objects or gravitational forces inside a solar system. Anyways be prepared.

    • the slouch

      It’s Saturday October 9th and someone posting here said they will arrive on the 13th (Wednesday) or 14th (Thursday)……

      Boys and girls, get the popcorn ready, the show’s about to begin!

    • Anonymous


      After government-funded SETI was cancelled (Congress, in its infinite stupidity, decided it was a waste of money), it continued on as a privately-funded non-profit organization. If “something was starting to happen”, they could have brought it to fruition without the involvement of the U.S. government. It has been free of government involvement since 1995 and is alive and well, contrary to what this article says.

      Taken over some of the antennas? Please. Not only does SETI have it’s own battery of receivers, the Allen Telescope Array, SETI has operated at radio telescopes outside the U.S. This includes the 1,000 foot wide Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico. It is powerful enough to detect a counterpart to itself at a distance of 15,000 light years. They would be able to see (hear?) the same things that the so-called “government black project boys” would. There is no way that the SETI scientists would keep this secret once they obtained independent confirmation per their protocols.

    • The Red Pill

      Well its October 25th and UFOs are everywhere in the sky, recorded, talked on the news and everything. So all you faggets up there who discredited the truth, shut the fuck up! just got told.

    • Cypresso

      @ The Red Pill… you are so immature with such limited vocabulary. Grow up.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t seen any out my window. I am in Los Angeles.

    • terry the censor

      Let’s be fair: The Red Pill thinks calling someone a fagget [sic] is necessary proof that his argument is true. This means he is 10 to 12 years old and not allowed to say “asshole” or he’ll be grounded.

      Let’s not insult him, let’s mentor him. It’s the only way to prevent him growing up to perform hate crimes.

    • Cypresso

      @ Terry, lol. you may well be correct. :)

    • Anonymous


      You are so clever and I am deeply impressed. I am a college freshman and it is my hope to be as sophisticated as you when I become a sophomore next year.

    • terry the censor

      > it is my hope to be as sophisticated as you

      He accepts! Let the mentoring begin!

    • Blackwinter

      Something I’m trying to get put together is a composite aperture telescope,same idea as a synthetic aperture radar system using lots of smaller units working together to get the same effect as one big one…it’s do-able,tech is a bit of a pain–bugs,etc..
      And the expense–thus,slow going.
      The idea is to set this up,linked to some really good image processing software and see what it captures and tie it into the web for real-time or as close to real-time updating as possible.
      Light pollution is another pain to deal with.

    • The Red Pill

      @ terry the cencor

      Bro, Time has no meaning to me. For time is just an illusion created by the primitive beings who inhabit this planet.

      And I’m 17…

    • nightmare

      Im going to be the first to have intercourse with an alien. you just watch!

    • John L Sullivan

      I dont know how common these “spaceships” are, but I just found another one! co ords 04,45,06.00 by +41,53,43.0
      This object is black, with a red background, but as you get closer, in the blackness you can see blue lights in it.

    • LawMed

      Oh Gertrude!

      This pile of absurdity was published in February of 2009 on the goofy website.

      So, not only is it full of falsehoods about the SETI program, ignorant of astronomy, yet mildly entertaining…it is also old ‘news’. If interstellar traveling aliens can’t get from Pluto to the Earth in less than a year I submit they are severely compromised in their military readiness, likely from the same cause(s) as their apparent loss of space transport (technological failure, supply issues, disease, catastrophic event, etc.) WE CAN TAKE EM!

      Failing that, we can move faster.

    • Anonymous

      anyone else notice that the coordinates for sky-map don’t bring up any of the blue objects anymore?

    • whitebear

      well, my gut says its a rock. And that it may land at DC is a gift.

      Jesus loves you
      Send money… ;)

    • Anonymous

      ok im the captain aboard the mothership and im coming to earth!
      my name?……..James t Kirk…

    • Anonymous

      its the 3rd of jannuary and nothing has happened! i predict nothings gonna happpen even in 2012 seriously i think its juz nonsense end of the world has been declared by many ppl at many different years but till today no dominant discovery has been made or has been brought to the public eye what can i say?

    • Anonymous

      If they can travel from their planet, which is probably many light years from here, they must have hyperspace/wormhole/FTL engines.. and even travelling at sublight, they would be travelling very fast. Why then would it take them until dec 2012 to reach earth?? They could reach here in a matter of days, not more than a year..
      1) This is a hoax
      2) They are not coming here
      3) There was a space battle at that region, these are the fragments and damaged ships
      4) They were not coming for us in the 1st place, who knows there might be other aliens living in the outer planets or planet’s moons in our solar system
      5) They are cruising around to help us fight ‘Niribu’?? If you believe in ‘Niribu’
      6) These are science ships coming to understand our solar system, starting from the outer planets, and they have not discovered us humans living in Earth yet, they probably are not expecting to meet any ‘aliens like us’ as they haven’t many any or much thru their travels
      7) They could be afraid of another race, not us, and are taking slow steps in their approach, i told you, the Martians, Saturnians and Jupiterians are protecting us.
      8) These are the Plutonians, they just started building their 1st ships..

    • Anonymous

      I’m admiral Adama, i come in the ship Battlestar Galactica, we have travelled from our faraway planet Caprica, with a fleet, the last survivors from our 12 colonies, after destruction from cylons..
      We have come to seek refuge on our 13th colony, Earth, as well, protect Earth from the cylons..:)
      Meet Apollo and Starbuck..and they luv to try your Starbucks coffee..

    • terry the censor

      Wait a sec. This post has been up 3.5 months and no one has given the definitive explanation from an actual astronomer? I guess we were having too much fun arguing.

    • Anonymous

      I just hope they’re not too politically correct.

    • the slouch

      Could be a Logitech Attack™ 3 Joystick link here and tell it’s not!

    • nwaekempi

      Keep your eyes focus on cosmic micro wave complex building heart center temple house body of glorious spiritual head being host craft in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmosphere of the land of uprising risen sun – east Bight of Biafra in west coast Atlantic ocean Africa.

    • Lolcat

      I’ve seen a huge broken cirular spaceSHEEEEP here: 06 39 33, -13 22 12 (30degree angle, DSS2)
      (guess it’s a mirror reflection, but don’t tell this to the ufologists)

    • Anonymous

      First of all, if you don’t believe in aliens, then stop viewing these sites and trying to convince the rest of us how it’s a bunch of bullshit. If you have never seen a UFO with your own eyes, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us are either mistaken, crazy or just plain lying.

      Secondly, this article is so poorly written that everyone reading this garbage should question its message with open eyes. However, that doesn’t mean that the message itself is bogus. It doesn’t mean it’s real either. But that’s not what important here. What’s important is the fact that UFOs and aliens are real and we better start looking at what’s going on everywhere in the world as these beings have been hovering over every major city for the past 2 years. Since someone pointed out Oct 13th and 14th being significant dates for sightings, then take a moment to notice the UFOs over New York, Texas, Florida, South America and Central America during those specific dates. That ought to be proof enough that they’re real. That said, if you haven’t researched this topic thoroughly, then don’t act like you know anything about it. Especially the bible freaks!

      Thirdly, to all the bible thumpers out there here’s a little something for you! Stop trying to tell us that aliens either don’t exist or if they do, then they are demonic. There are so many problems with the bible that anyone with a half a braincell should question the accuracy in this old and outdated stories. Since the bible is chalked full of inconsistencies throughout, how can anyone take what it says as “gospel” when it contradicts itself over and over? Here’s a few examples of how it contradicts itself.

      Incest is prohibited (Gen 35:22, 49:3-4, Lev 18:8, Deut
      Cain, Seth must have married their sisters, and their children
      must have married cousins (Gen 5)
      Abraham marries his half-sister (Gen 20:12).
      Lot’s daughters have sex with him so that he will have
      descendants (Gen 19:30-38).
      Reuben commits incest with his father’s concubine (Gen 35:22).
      Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar seduces him (Gen 38:14-18).
      Amram marries his aunt Jochebed; these are Moses’ parents (Ex
      Amnon rapes his sister Tamar 2 Sam 13:1ff, 1 Chr 3:9).

      Homosexuality is forbidden; its punishment is to be “cut
      off” or killed (Lev 18:22, 20:13, Deut 23:17, 1 Cor 6:9).
      Permitting homosexuality is a worse sin than permitting rape of a
      woman (Gen 19:1-8, Judg 19:22-29).
      “Effeminate” men cannot be saved (1 Cor 6:9).
      David loved Jonathan: “very pleasant hast thou been unto me; thy
      love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women” (2 Sam
      1:26, 1 Sam 20:3, 11, 17, 23, 26, 30, 41-42). Jonathan
      gives David all his clothes (1 Sam 18:1-4).

      God will cause cannibalism as a punishment (Jer 19:9, Ezek
      5:10, Lev 26:29, Deut 28:53-57, Isa 49:26, Lam 2:20;
      fulfilled: Lam 4:10, 2 Kings 6:26-29).
      Jesus commands his followers to eat his flesh and drink his blood
      (John 6:53-54).
      God will punish wicked by making them drink blood (Rev 16:6).
      Cannibalism is condemned (Micah 3:1-3).


      Noah becomes drunk, resulting in his embarrassment, for
      which he curses his son and all his son’s descendants (Gen
      Lot conceives his sons in drunkenness (Gen 19:30-38). Yet he was
      “righteous” (2 Pet 2:7-8).
      God orders drunkenness (Jer 25:27).
      God caused drunkenness as a punishment (Jer 13:12-13).

      Lastly, while I can show you literally hundreds, if not thousands of bible contradictions known to us, for some reason, people want to take everything the bible says and make it literal. Tell me how this can be literal? Seriously??? Yet you want to tell us that God didn’t create other life forms in the universe because the bible doesn’t directly mention those topics? Stop being retarded and read some other books!

    • Anonymous

      Just to the right of Jupiter.
      2 28m45.98,+13 22 10.4


      I hope they Take Obammy and his America Hating Wife with them when thet leave…




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