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Bermuda Triangle Mystery - A Secret Revealed! (Video)

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The Bermuda Triangle has long been believed to be the site where a number of mysterious plane and boat incidents have occurred.

While it has become part of popular culture to link the Bermuda Triangle to paranormal activity, most investigations indicate bad weather and human error are the more likely culprits.

Research has suggested that many original reports of strange incidents in the Bermuda Triangle were exaggerated and that the actual number of incidents in the area is similar to that of other parts of the ocean.

While its reputation may scare some people, the Bermuda Triangle is actually part of a regularly sailed shipping lane with cruise ships and other boats also frequently sailing through the area.

Aircraft are also common in the Bermuda Triangle with both private and commercial planes commonly flying through the air space.

Stories of unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle started to reach public awareness around 1950 and have been consistently reported since then.

Unverified supernatural explanations for Bermuda Triangle incidents have included references to UFO’s and even the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.

Other explanations have included magnetic anomalies, pirates, deliberate sinkings, hurricanes, gas deposits, rough weather, huge waves and human error.

Some famous reported incidents involving the Bermuda Triangle include:

The USS Cyclops and its crew of 309 that went missing after leaving Barbados in 1918.

The TBM Avenger bombers that went missing in 1945 during a training flight over the Atlantic.

A Douglas DC-3 aircraft containing 32 people that went missing in 1958, no trace of the aircraft was ever found.

A yacht was found in 1955 that had survived three hurricanes but was missing all its crew.



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    • Paul Rowlandson

      “The planet Earth, like most planets, has some areas that interact with tangential forces resulting from the
      balance of the system with respect to all interactions of forces of the galaxy where it is supported. These are
      points of high conductivity channeled to the planet’s core. Imagine this point as rings, where you hold ropes
      supporting a weight at a given relative position and maintaining a certain movement, seemingly floating in space.

      Your so called “Bermuda Triangle” is one of those rings. Sometimes they form a vortex of energy that interacts
      randomly, about objects and instruments. These vortexes sometimes interact with the temporal field that is the
      field of time. These are not supernatural phenomena, just physical phenomena” Mythi

      space interaction that involves all the planets and keeps yo
      ur vibrational frequencies stable. This can
      cause timing failures or hallways without definite relation of time and space, which can affect aircraft and ships
      for an indefinite period, depending on the intensity and duration of failures. These are not supe
      phenomena, just physical phenomena.

    • haha

      they are hiding something. The Bermuda triange is probably some house hold for aliens, that’s why they are scaring people into never ever going to the Bermuda triangle.

      There are too many secrets on this planet… I wish it would stop.

      • The Watcher

        The Bermuda Triangle has large amounts of frozen methane trapped in the sea floor, when it is released the density of water and air is changed, so that boats sink, and planes lose the ability to stay aloft, this could account for a lot of the disappearances. I know this theory isnt new, or great, as, why is there no wreckage? to that I have no answer. The frozen methane is a fact however.

        • trashman

          My friends dad was running a fishing charter in Northern Florida, and the majority of his profit was in the winter, obviously he did better where its warm while the rest of the nation was frozen lol. However come Nov1, too Feb1, he would shut down his livelihood, because of the Triangle. My friend told me he would shut down because of , as he called it (strange Bizzare) happenings out their). When your livelihood is at stake and you shut down well… you tell me what would drive him too stop during the ( Peak ), of the tourist season?! I myself am a former Navy man and have seen m y fair share of strange happenings. A friend of mine on board ship told me that while on the Helm of our Carrier, the previous night before, they encountered a Unusual magnetic occurance, and as a result the bridge went too alternative navigation methods. BTW: those missing TBMs from WW2 (WERE FOUND) , my son and i heard a 1 time announcement, on a news broadcast 10 or so years ago where it stated they was found in the Florida Keys in about 40 feet of water. The report stated that they was all ( INTACT ) and unusally well kept considering the amount of time underwater! That news report was never heard from again , and no more was said regarding it!!! YOU TELL me what was going on their! To say nothings going on in the Bermuda triangle , is like saying the ( Alien ship that just landed in your own back yard is normal , and Gray men are common in your neighborhood!! Yes of course some of it is bad Seamanship, and weird weather, freaky underwater spouts , but with those occurances they find wreckage. Hey National Geographic explain how a ( COMMERCIAL AIRLINER COMING IN FOR A LANDING AT MIAMI DADE AIRPORT DISSAPEARS OFF THE RADAR OVER LAND , AND VANISHES!! They send search party after search party for weeks through the marsh dry land etc too no avail!!! Wheres the wreckage?, wheres the fire?, wheres the pieces of the plane?, how about the tansponder giving its location? , OVER DRY LAND! ahh it mustve been a large tornado that sucked it up up up into the upper atmosphere and then spread the debris all over the ocean, europe , and space. Yeah thats it ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Before people who dont live their say anything they need too LIVE IT! The End

    • The Clucker

      I played the triangle in band once but I don’t think it was a bermuda triangle.

    • Mr Lightbeam

      Well there you have It

      Forget aliens ,It Is Mother Nature

      These scientist are a clever bunch and puts the thicko’s to shame :cool:

    • trashman

      The Burmuda triangle is so dangerous that my friend, whos dad btw owns and operates a private fishing tour which takes people out daily, in the Burmuda triangle area ( shuts down his fishing tours ) , right in the middle of High tourists vacationing!! He refuses to go out in the water in the heart of tourist season, because as he put it ( Strange happenings). Of course some of it is going too be poor navigation, leaky ships, etc storms, etc etc. But let me tell u this one: I cant remember the exact date but a Commercial airliner was coming in for a routine landing at Miamis airport. They reported their flight path E T A , etc. Out of nowhere they dissapeared!!! OVER DRY LAND
      ! Rescue searchers looked and looked but too no avail!! Over dry land!! How does a plane go missing within 5 miles of a major airport , over dry land and dissappear!! Or how about the plane which took off our of New York City reported their flight path, altitude and their exact time. They checked back in about 2 hours later as about 2 hours out, and once again re-checked their time too match their destinations time exactlly!! All of a sudden they disappeared off the radar for a while,then POW!!! they reappear on radar and proceed too land too the astonishment of the airport because they was 1.5 hours ahead of ETA!!! When they checked the clocks of the flight crew and plane they found a 1.5 hour discrepancy!!! The plane only dissapeared off radar for about 10 minutes , and about 500 miles out from the airport , and then all of a sudden re-appear and land 10 minutes later!!! Their are hundreds of TRUE accts like these. They can say all the scientific crap they want too but……

      • CrowPie

        I have to agree with trashcan man…..the triangle has an electrical short in its wiring.

    • 247news

      It’s all solstice lines energy causing plane electronics failure from EMPS from solstice energy lines aka ley lines.

      Best sites IMO with info on these global triangles.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Ever notice the inverse correlation between “unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle” and the advent of GPS? SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      the video has no message and does no make any sense

      • StonersAlive

        A little butt hurt now are we?

        No aliens, no monsters, no jebus bs, no nothing…. only mother earth!!

        It’s logically explained en proven…. deal with it

    • abhie

      I wouldn’t trust any NG documentary , especially about the Bermuda triangle.
      “With the control of science in their hands, and the discouragement of seeking new findings they took it a step further. Next, the Robber Baron flunkies of the Illuminati used their ill-gotten gains, under the guise of philanthropy, to establish “Foundations” and “Societies” such as the National Geographical Society and the Smithsonian Institute “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men,” but in reality to help cover-up and hide away anything that doesn’t fit the accepted theories.”

    • CrOnO_NaUgHt

      The truth is, there are around a dozen of these areas, scattered at exact and precise points across the globe. What these areas are, relates to the actual history of this planet. Whatever your opinion, it is completely irrelevant, because this is a physical reality. This planet has a core which is naturally unstable, due to its relatively-abnormal size, and attributed atypical composition. Basically the size of the inner and outer core, when in comparison with the total size of the planet; reveals that our planetary dynamo, is about 40% larger than what should be standard for our planet. These areas were created in order to stabilize the rotational constant of this planet. Without them, this planet would have such an incredible wobble, and devastating geological upheaval; that complex life (let alone humans), would be unable to exist.

    • Gorganzola

      The dreaded “Locnar” is planted in the middle of that triangle.

    • christhepotter

      Why is this at the top of the site for 2 weeks straight? There is nothing but garbage in the video. NO secrets revealed=spam article. Thanks for wasting my time and everyone elses on the site. Lamer.

      • Eagle Scout

        There ya go. That’s how you do it. Just keep your eye on the bouncing ball. Pay no attention the the sounding alarms.

    • Christian Fear Porn
    • Nadeem Ahmed

      good work

    • ahmedpourahmadi

      I played the triangle in band once

      • twodads



      Has the Sasquatch mystery been solved? Follow the link connect the dots.

      Did dinosaurs and humans live together? Yes!




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