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Peer Review of Billy Meier’s UFO Evidence and Information

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May all of our peers peer deeply into the truth before we disappear

Here is a combination of definitions of peer review:

The evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to the producers of the work (peers). It constitutes a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field. Peer review helps validate research, establish a method by which it can be evaluated, and increase networking possibilities within research communities. Despite criticisms, peer review is still the only widely accepted method for research validation.

We have two elements to consider. The first is that Billy Meier’s physical evidence was reviewed, analyzed and authenticated by experts whose knowledge and experience in their respective fields, as well as access to respective technologies, far exceeded Meier’s. Meier wasn’t their peer in terms of formal education, technical knowledge and expertise, etc. He had no training, education or background in photography, sound recording, or metallurgy, the three main categories of his physical evidence, nor did he have any experience in model making or special effects, the means that he was accused of employing in his photographic evidence, etc.

The peer review premise is quite correct in some ways, i.e. that there are scientific experts who know more about certain matters than non scientifically trained individuals who are not their peers in this regard.

Meier’s evidence was, and continues to be, authenticated by experts using the state-of-the-art technologies of the day, all of which exceeded that which was proven to be available to him, as was established both by the nearly decade long, on-site investigation by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens and his team of professional investigators and by author Gary Kinder’s own independent investigation. While it must be noted that Meier certainly didn’t have access to the technologies used in authenticating his evidence decades ago, neither did the majority of other people.

The Latest Analyses

Conversely, while the technology used in the latest analyses done by Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock to authenticate the WCUFO, the Pendulum UFO and the Energy Ships is far beyond what was available to anyone in the 1970s and 1980s, it’s now available to almost anyone who wants to test the evidence for themselves. This makes relying on peer review irrelevant, as the protocols used by Zahi and Lock are noted and reproducible by any interested parties.

Of course one only needs PhotoShop to do this test on one of Meier’s 35mm film photos. It’s so easy that even a…scientist from SETI can do it, leaving them to debunk themselves when they get the same results that any 10-year-old with a computer can.

In terms of his information, especially what is referred to as his prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information, traditional peer review is in one sense impossible…simply because Meier has no peers. None of the scientists, or any other human beings in the world, have his experience in terms of contact with extraterrestrial human beings, being on board their craft (since he was five years old), venturing into space, traveling in time, etc.

However, due to the existence of the internet it is now possible for anyone to conduct a very accurate form of peer review of much of Meier’s prophetic information. The democratization of access to information, to finding and examining the pieces of the puzzle, doesn’t guarantee that people will necessarily understand everything, or see the big picture. But they certainly can validate the existence of much of the information prior to “official discovery” or occurrence of the foretold events and they can do it as well as any “expert”.  A copyright is a copyright, whether you’re a PhD or not. If they don’t have considerations such as fears of loss of employment, tenure, income, “reputation”, or their egos, experts can not only perform as well as anyone in informational searches, they‘ll reach the same inescapable conclusions.

Almost Extinct

Meier doesn’t point to the ongoing corroborations of his prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information, nor try to profit in any way from it. All of this runs completely counter to the known patterns, motives and behaviors of human beings who make what are called extraordinary claims. And of the oft repeated “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, while Meier’s evidence is more than extraordinary because it’s also authentic, it’s only necessary to apply already existing, standard scientific methodology in evaluating it. There is no “paranormal”, nothing requiring “special” standards; things are indeed either hoaxes or conform to laws of science that we haven’t yet discovered, or recognized.

But comprehending this requires something that’s becoming almost extinct, the ability to think. Then we are faced with the realization that all of the specific, complex, consistent and so far unerringly accurate information, as well as the physical evidence, originated with this one man, in pre-computer times. This already escapes the understanding of a generation that is absolutely ignorant about the realities and additional challenges this posed, thinking that they were themselves birthed from CD drives, which are of course also now becoming extinct.

Occam’s Razor

Since the core of the Meier case has to do with complete self-responsibility, no one needs to rely on the “experts” to determine the truth about Meier’s physical or informational evidence – and thereby the case – for themselves.

While inept skeptics may try to claim that Meier “backdated” information, or plagiarized it – always without factual substantiation and only through mere supposition – those interested parties who actually think their way through, evaluate and weigh the known and proven circumstances, means, motive and opportunity, etc., will be faced with one of the skeptic’s most frequently referred to rules or principles, Occam’s Razor, and for the skeptics the truth may be the cruelest cut of all.

No Precedent

If you search for most famous photographic hoaxes you’ll find things like this and this…where one notices that the foolish person who included one of Meier’s famous, authenticated UFO photos simply couldn’t grasp the difference between the actual, primitive hoaxing attempts and a stunning, full color broad daylight photo like Meier’s. She was apparently also unaware that unlike every other example she (or anyone else has ever) posted, Meier had presented not merely one, or even a few, photographs but hundreds and even films, video, etc.

There is a complete lack of precedent for Meier’s evidence, spanning as it does multiple categories of physical evidence and volumes of informational evidence. People are quick to accuse someone of a hoax but when in all of history has anyone come forward with hundreds of pieces of supposedly hoaxed evidence which, when examined by independent experts, has been authenticated?

Actually, when has someone accused of hoaxing evidence in one category also presented, and been accused of hoaxing, evidence in several other categories, which also have been independently authenticated? And when has someone accused of hoaxing a variety of physical evidence come forward with voluminous amounts of specific prophetically accurate scientific and world event information?

Add to the questions why Meier, a partially disabled man who lives in a remote part of Switzerland, has never sought to publicize, promote or profit from his evidence and, in fact, has let it be the responsibility of other interested parties to dig through all of it and authenticate it themselves.

Peer Deeply

For the relatively few people left on earth who have a real sense of ethics, integrity, honesty, logical thinking, professionalism, etc., such operations as SETI, its counterparts in the UFOCI such as MUFON, etc., are seen as the unfortunate testaments to the cynicism, greed, suicidal stupidity and materialism of these times. Most likely within a generation, or less, people simply won’t know (or care) about such things as finding and living in truth, peace, love, freedom, harmony and wisdom, etc.

Having succumbed to their insatiable desires for irrelevant distractions, techno toys, entertainment, celebrity worship, using their bodies as billboards for other people’s art, and becoming pierced and punctured walking hardware stores, the inevitable and willing surrender to being bio-chipped will most likely occur, as Meier foretold. Later, as people look to attain “singularity” with their toys will be the ubiquitous condition, followed by the overthrow of whatever is left of the human beings by their independent robotic creations. Those who seek transhumanism as the next trendy thing will ultimately, and all too late, wish that they’d first taken the time to become…true human beings.

May all of our peers peer deeply into the truth before we disappear.


With this item now in the news about an area near Stonehenge where ritual human sacrifices occurred, perhaps a review of the information Meier published years before this “new discovery” would be of interest. Please note that Florena told Meier that Stonehenge was built in “several phases” and she mentions “Stonehenge and other related Kraftorte”, i.e. places of power.

Recent discoveries pertaining to Mars were also superseded by Meier…decades ago (UFO Skeptics Throw in the Towel – How Did Meier Beat NASA by 32 Years? ). More detailed information can be found here pertaining to what occurred on Mars and another planet known as Malona or Phaeton, which was destroyed by its own inhabitants and remnants of which are now to be found in the asteroid belt.

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Peer Review of Billy Meier’s UFO Evidence and Information originally appeared on They Fly Blog on September 11, 2015.

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