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Ark of the Covenant in Giza? Where Is it Really Now? (Video)

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Has the Ark finally been found? to find out watch the video, this information will blow your mind.

There are many places upon our planet, that were once home to the many ancient cultures that we are yet to unravel. A large number of these places clearly showing the erosion of an enormous antiquity, with some even rendered unrecognisable, slowly slipping back into the geological features in which they were once placed amongst. However, some of these civilisations were seemingly aware of this fact of time, deciding to create the largest stone structures to have ever graced the earth.

These monuments predictably outlasting the many smaller sites, which have slowly been reclaimed by nature. These surviving sites can still reveal to us some astonishing things regarding our past, and indeed our future. One begins to wonder whether these monuments size, was a planned strategy for their apparent longevity? Or whether their size served another, perhaps more profound purpose… Nearly all of the unexplained or seemingly impossible ruins, which dot every continent on earth, are almost always attributed to a civilisation incapable of such feats, and often attributed to the same mundane purpose for creation, with rock cut structures, this almost always being a tomb.

Tumulus hill being a good example of this… Also known as the hill of Kasta, this enormous feature, is not a natural formation. Amazingly, this hill, long thought to have been a natural feature., is actually a massive man-made structure. Additionally, the original stone structure, once buried beneath millennia of strata, is actually a 500 metre long, precisely constructed stone boundary, forming an almost perfect circle. Encapsulating what has indeed been explained away as a tomb. Many pyramidal structures, all over earth, create compelling alignments, and although these mysterious structures, mounds and monuments, have been explained away as mere burial chambers,,, the truth is, we just don’t know. And the question remains, what were these enormous triangular and structures used for?

Guarded by sphinxes most probably Anubis, amazingly, the sizes of Giza’s pyramids are relative to the distance of each of onions stars, is this a mere coincidence? Along with our recent research into clues left regarding an Ark, be it Noahs Ark or the Ark of the covenant… A theory we touched upon previously, has begun to present some rather compelling leads connecting these structures, the alignments, star constellations, and a possible purpose for the pyramids. If one pursues past postulations regarding star gates, gateways to an apparent godly realm, etc etc… You begin to notice links between many ancient beliefs, ancient structures, ancient covenants, and possible interstellar travel…

The double hexagram, now largely recognised as the star of David, is also the shape realised when connecting many ancient sites upon our earth. Is this shape also an illustration of an Ark? Connecting or visually overlapping 2 pyramids into one point? What was the ark of the covenant? Did it power the pyramids? Did it once reside within the great pyramids? Many questions still left remain unanswered, although we may finally be on our way to answering them.

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.



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      Ron Wyatt’s Discovery and description of blood that ran from a crack in the ceiling onto the ARK OF COVENANT from Jesus being pierced on the cross is the story of relevance and its being hidden is the attempt to prevent that knowledge from the world which is unforgivable. The Arks relevance thereby being accounted for in all regards was the passing of power from God to Jesus and God’s granting Jesus dominion over the earths people and granting thereby Jesus having given all peoples the guarantee of redemption for everlasting life who are not Jews or devout Jews. The Jews now whom reject Jesus are rejecting Jesus are despite that subject to Jesus’s decisions. The only matter of the ancient world of relevance is that Jesus the Son of God the father having the power of his Father is what is, all antiquities of the alter are of minimal importance for the curtain has been rent in half the future of the stage of man is known already and destiny though not fully played out is of consequence only for the saving of souls now, nothing else is of importance. To which you are told to believe in Jesus, have faith and refuse the mark of the beast. To all tech lovers it must be told Jesus is the highest master of technical knowledge and to those who admire tech must become aware of a microchip in the body is a egregious error that will cause your soul to be tinkered with and destroyed. Realize that Jesus is a mere 2000 some odd years old but with Gods eternal years behind Jesus, Jesus is the ultimate master and tells you with his wisdom reject the implanted devices, such devices can be used in ways you will not be told and they will cause failure of your wills being supreme, thereby you become a machine and not a vessel with a single soul but a vessel with a part machine soul, a partial person whom without your implanted device you will be only part of a soul, as if you were not a human. Human are to be granted life everlasting, machines have no part for the very matter and energy that make a soul is not possible for a machine to have such a soul. The human race is forgiven as relatives of God through Jesus as relatives, how can a machine be a relative of blood, blood is what is relative.




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