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David Wilcock: Insiders Know We Are Heading into an Event of Epic Proportions (Video)

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The Secret Space Program scientists are well aware that we are heading into an event of cosmic proportions. Within just a few more years, the Sun is expected to give off a huge flash of white light that will fundamentally change the nature of matter, energy and consciousness, as well as dramatically affecting the way we experience time.

David Wilcock has compiled an astonishing collection of prophecies from ancient traditions all across the world telling us to expect such an event and predicting a spontaneous evolution of the human species as a result.

He will also discuss the groundbreaking research of Dr. Michael Newton into the ten stages we all go through in the afterlife – regardless of whether we remember them consciously or not. We discover that every person has a soul with a very specific agenda.

ln order to be ready for Ascension, it vitally important to understand these stages of the afterlife and what they are intending to teach you. David will help you tap into your true soul purpose for being alive on Earth. This will help to unlock your innate genius as well as align you with your soul’s deepest mission.

You can then begin directly downloading your boarding passes for the Ascension! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet David at the junction point of science and philosophy, where dreams are just another level of reality and we all have a glorious future ahead of us… if we are ready to take it.

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.

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    • Just Dandy

      No comments needed at bin, never posts anyway.

      • b4

        i have posted maybe 2000 times on bin–they always post them–once they warned me to watch my use of 4 letters words!!!

    • The Watcher


    • Anonymous

      This is what non Christians want you to believe, and it’s absurd. Read the ble or you will be deceived to believe anything and everything, there is real aliens but they are spirits that can manifest themself and pretend to give you a warm fuzzy feeling so you will follow them, there is only one way to get to heaven and that is to be born again and live for God….. John 3:3 & John 3:16.

    • Slimey

      Sorry, went into a coma after 20 minutes. :???:

    • Canderson

      David Wilcock –>Trash Can.

    • Sasha

      My response to David, yes something big is definitely on the horizon but it’s NOT going to be Armageddon,like ancient prophecies predicted.
      I believe this shift in humanity is going to be the big awakening of our species, we as a race are awakening to our real reason for being here now on this planet, our planet is currently going through its own acension progress,
      4years ago I started on my own to learn about spirituality, 39 years old at the time I truly was in the worst place of my life ever, Mentally.
      I am not religious but I do now no for a fact that God and Angels , ascended masters and elemental beings do really exist. Like many other things in life unfortunately I have no way to prove any off this.
      I do know however that when this life changing experience happens Humanity as a whole will finally know that God really does exist, so sceptic’s and nay-sayer’s and anti-god beings Beware for your world’s mentally are going to be shattered the lies from your your mouths and the those in governments and religions around the world are finally going to be exposed .
      There are things that we have been told or taught in religion ,in the Bible and the whole history of our planet is going to be re-written, humans have been around a lot longer than originally thought. We can not see alien nations/races on planets in our solar system because we are looking in the wrong way, we see things in linear time and with that mindset and in linear vision, big progress will be made in this area, thing is those who study the universe need to start thinking outside of the box
      This big shift that we and the planet are going to experience all though it sounds scary (as does all things that we do not understand,it instills fear..) but this event will benefit the whole of planet earth and her occupants for the better, it will be the starting blocks to it becoming the earth and the people that God originally intended for us be..
      Before that event we are going to see major planetary changes , unfortunately the weather will probably increase and in the short run it will seem like things are worse and that were doomed, but in reality it is what is needed for our evolution, not only is it going to benefit us in the long term but this event is going to cause great change in our solar system and that to will be for the better, although it is hard to believe right now, but we as a species and planet are actually way-shower’s for the other beings that are out there that we don’t yet see, the great shift is going to change the energy and vibration of all, and when it does occur we will start to see the universe in its true form and glory and we will see the things that we presently can’t, like alien races etc,we are going to awaken fully we will learn how we can ascend without having to actually die or be born again, we will start living as unascended masters, we will all be equals none will live with lack,want or need of any kind ever again.. It will be actually us living in heaven on earth….


      • Jeffery Pritchett

        I have had UFO experiences all my life since being healed from cancer when I was younger. There is a forum at BIN if you’d like to stop by. I have a section called The Unknown Thanks for sharing




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